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30 Medium-Length Hairstyles We Love

Medium-length hairstyles are just right for any season. We compiled all of our favorite ways to style medium hair, from long bobs to midi-length cuts. Browse tons of styles and cuts for medium hair to find out which you like best!

Considering a Medium-Length Hairstyle?

When choosing a haircut or style, many of us opt for a medium-length – somewhere between the chin and just past the shoulders – for a reason.

Medium styles have the benefits and lighter weight of a short haircut blended with the styling possibilities and appearance of longer hair. They give you a chance to experiment with a new look without chopping off all your length.

And there are so many medium-length styles to choose from! They can work for any hair type, and choosing the right medium hairstyle can make your hair look healthier and thicker than ever. What’s not to love? 

We could sing the praises of medium-length hairstyles all day, but we’d rather show you why we’re so in love with this length. You can do so much with medium hair! Let’s look at some of the midi styles you should consider. 

30 Medium-Length Hairstyles We Love

Thinking about trying a new medium-length style but not sure which one? We can’t tell you which style will be your fave, but we can show you dozens of our favorite examples. 

We’ll look at various hairstyles that are considered medium, from chin-length to midi (just above the bra strap). Get ready to be inspired!

Low Bun With Headband

Low Bun With Headband for a piece on medium length hairstyles

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

A low bun paired with a fun headband or scarf is super easy to do and works for casual to special occasions. Try pulling out a few face-framing pieces like this for a polished look! 

Loose Glam Waves

Gal with Loose Glam Waves

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

This chin-length style is on the shorter end of medium and can work on any face shape (round, oval, heart, or square). Loose, glamourous waves pair perfectly with this “shmedium” length. 

Natural Waves With Heavy Fringe

Lady with Natural Waves With Heavy Fringe stands in a blue room

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

This is a beautiful look that has that sweet and innocent vibe. You’ll need lots of volume to make this style work, so we’d recommend it for ladies with thick wavy or curly locks. 

Low Pony

Low Pony on a euro-looking woman with a white button-up and white square earrings

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Simple, classic, and feminine, the low pony is easily one of our favorite styles for medium-length hair. Since the ponytail is done at the nape of the neck or a little higher, it can work for the shortest medium-lengths. 

Lilac Platinum Curls

Lilac Platinum Curls on a woman in red glasses and a red shirt in an orange room

Burdun Iliya/Shutterstock

This shoulder-skimming length is the perfect backdrop for frosty pale purple color and petite curls. Try a side part to create additional volume on one side, or a middle part for a more modern look. 

Midi Deep Waves

Woman with gorgeous mid curls looks to her left in a grey room

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

This is a longer midi-length style that reaches just above the bra strap. Deep, brushed-through waves add a ton of volume and make this style perfect for special occasions.  

Twisted Messy Bun

Woman with a Twisted Messy Bun looking in a mirror adjusting her shirt


What’s more fun than a twisted messy bun? Keeping it low makes it work for medium-length hair, but you can place it higher up for a different look.  

Chin-Length Chop

Chin-Length Chop on a woman in a sheer white shirt and a medium length hairstyle


It’s actually a little longer than chin-length, but we love the modern look of this medium cut. Layered, wispy ends perfectly complement the middle part. This would look just as cute with waves or curls! 

Pink Tint With Waved Bangs

Girl in braces with Pink Tint With Waved Bangs

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

Why not have a little fun with your medium shoulder-length style? A light pink tint with waved-out long bangs will do the trick! 

Collarbone-Grazing Waves

Collarbone-Grazing Waves on a woman in a black and white shirt for a piece on medium length hairstyles for women

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

If you like big, bodacious waves with tons of volume, this collarbone-grazing length is the perfect complement to them. Make sure your face-framing waves are pointing away from your face for the most flattering look. 

Medium Bob With Curled Ends

Medium Bob With Curled Ends

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

This style hits right at the chin when the ends are curled, so it’s slightly longer than this when straight. We love how the side part stacks the curls on one side for a little asymmetry. 

Low Chignon Bun

Low Chignon Bun on a woman in a white room

Ana Blazic Pavlovic/Shutterstock

You can always opt for a chic low chignon bun to dress up a medium-length hairstyle. Since it’s gathered at the nape of the neck, it can work for lengths on the shorter end.

Asymmetrical Bob With Curled-Under Ends

For a piece on medium length hairstyles, an Asymmetrical Bob With Curled-Under Ends

Curling the ends inward toward the face is such a small touch, but it makes a big difference in the overall look of this asymmetrical style. Part your hair to the side and smooth with a straightening serum before flat ironing the ends under to mimic this style. 

Deep Side Part & Waves

Deep Side Part & Waves

A deep side part really makes a statement, especially when paired with a relaxed texture like these loose and beachy waves. Doesn’t this reddish shade look gorgeous where the light hits? 

90s Space Buns

For a piece on medium-length haircuts, a woman with 90s space buns smiles in a white shirt in a pink room

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

We haven’t met a bad hair day yet that can’t be remedied with 90s space buns. Just part your hair down the middle, create two high ponytails (as high as your length allows), twist the hair, and secure it with bobby pins. 

Shoulder-Length Kinky Curls

Shoulder-Length Kinky Curls for a medium-length hairstyles

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

If you have ultra-kinky curls, don’t try to hide them. Showcase them with a shoulder-length style like this! You can use a curling iron with a small barrel to touch up your curls and perfect this look.   

Scrunchy Bun

Scrunchy Bun on a woman with a scrunchie

Look Studio/Shutterstock

You’re never too old to rock a scrunchy! We love the casual and fun vibe a top knot secured with a scrunchy has on medium-length hair. 

Shoulder-Length Loose Coils

Shoulder-Length Loose Coils

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

If you have big, loose ringlets, a shoulder-length cut can really make the most of them. Slight tapering and layers make the ends a little thinner, so you don’t get that triangle look. 

70s Inspired Feathered Midi Shag

70s Inspired Feathered Midi Shag

Ivan Emashev/Shutterstock

This 70s inspired shag cut has tons of layering and lots of volume. This is considered a midi length – somewhere between medium and long. Farrah would love it! 

Dressed-Up Pony

Dressed-Up Pony on a woman in a hair salon looking straight ahead

Focus and Blur/Shutterstock

It’s easy to take a ponytail from lazy day to special occasion when you do two things. First, curl the ends to create some pretty bends and curves in your pony.

Then, take a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the hair tie several times, and secure it with a bobby pin to hide the hair tie. 

Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Extremely petite woman holding her hand above her eyes in confusion and looking onward for a piece on medium length haircuts

Pin-straight locks really benefit from a color that pops, like this auburn-to-strawberry blonde balayage. Without a trace of wave or curl in your hair, vivid or blended colors can help a medium-length cut stand out more.

Shoulder-Grazing Lob

Shoulder-Grazing Lob worn by a woman in her early 40s


We love when a medium-length cut hits just below the shoulders – it draws the eye to your collarbone and is a universally flattering length. This cut is perfect if you air dry your hair and prefer wash-and-go styles.

Kinky With Graduated Layers

Kinky With Graduated Layers

Somebody grab the diploma because these layers are graduated (sorry, we had to)! Stacked, gradual layers keep the extra weight out of your curls while the shoulder-length cut keeps them bouncy and makes them a focal point. 

Straight Lob With Side Bangs

Straight Lob With Side Bangs


This is a classic medium-length look that will never go out of style. It’s a lightweight, airy style that works best if you have fine to medium hair texture.

Middle Part & Curled Ends

Middle Part & Curled Ends on a Spanish woman in a brick alleyway

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Medium styles with lots of volume at the ends (like these curled-under ends) are best for oval or heart-shaped faces. Avoid bottom-heavy looks like this if you have a round or square face. 

Midi Pigtails

Midi Pigtails with an Asian woman smiling looking at a phone

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

Relive your childhood with fun pigtails that keep your hair out of your face and mix things up a bit. Feel free to place your pigtails higher up if your length allows it! 

Curly Layered Long Bob

Curly Layered Long Bob


This long bob (or lob) has lots of layering to create interest, with curls popping out here and there. Keeping things shorter around the face ensures your curls won’t get weighed down. 

Midi Tapered Coils

Midi Tapered Coils on an African-American woman holding her right cheek

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Tapered cuts work amazingly on coily hair with lots of volume. Tapering helps keep this midi-length (landing above your bra strap) lightweight so you can wear it down without being weighed down. 

Brunette Midi Lob

Brunette Midi Lob


Lots of body in the hair sets the stage for gentle, loose waves that are appropriate for a day at the office, out on the town, or lounging around. We love the longer midi length here. 

Bold Headband

Bold Headband on a woman wearing Balenciaga standing in traffic

Creative Lab/Shutterstock

Accessorize with a bold, fashionable headband for an easy style that looks chic without requiring much effort. We love the stud detail on this big headband, but any kind will work! 

Choosing a Medium-Length Hairstyle

With so many style options available to you, choosing the perfect medium-length style isn’t always easy. But if you browsed our list above and found a few favorites, you’ll always have a cute style to pull out for any occasion. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you make your choice. 

  • Up, down, or half-up? The first thing to consider is whether you’ll be wearing your hair up, down, or half-up. This might be based on the temperature of the event. For example, if it’s outdoors in the summer, opt to wear your hair up. For a cute, casual vibe, half-up styles are always on point. 
  • Straight, wavy, or curly? Your hair texture or the way you plan to style it should also be taken into account. If you’ll be wearing your hair’s natural texture, you know what types of styles work best with that. If you plan on curling or waving your hair with hot tools, you might want to wear it down to show off the texture. 
  • How do you want to part it? You can switch up your part anytime you like, but it’s easier to choose a hairstyle when you know how you plan on parting your hair. Side parts are always a safe bet, and a middle part looks great with any medium-length hairstyle where the hair is worn down. For a more dramatic look, try a deep side part. 
  • What’s the occasion? You need to consider the event or occasion when choosing your medium-length hairstyle. If it’s fancy, you should steer clear of messy, casual styles (like pigtails or messy buns) and opt for more polished and precise styles (like deep waves or pin-straight looks). For everyday wear or casual events, feel free to pick a tousled, messier style. 
  • How much time do you have to style? You’ll need to choose a style that you can finish in the right amount of time, so you’re not running late. Don’t plan on wearing an intricate braid or curling your hair if you only have 10 minutes to get ready! If you’ll have limited time to style, wearing your hair up is always a great option. 

You probably won’t find the perfect hairstyle for medium-length hair – you’ll find several that you love to switch out for different looks and occasions. 

Some days, you’ll rock your air-dried natural texture. Others, you might opt for full-bodied Hollywood glam waves or messy low pigtails. The best part is, with this hair length, it’s all going to look gorgeous. 

Medium-length hair is amazingly versatile and flattering. With many new style ideas in mind, we can already feel your glow-up coming on! Which style are you excited to try first?

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