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14 Edgy Female Mohawks to Rock in 2024

The female mohawk is one of the most famous alternative hairstyles. This unique cut is both edgy and extreme. Today, there are all kinds of mohawks, and we’re going to take a look at the full range of styles.

What Is the Female Mohawk?

For decades, the mohawk has been a symbol of bold style. This alternative hairstyle has been rocked by just as many women as men, so we thought we’d spotlight some of the badass femme mohawk styles out there.

The mohawk has an interesting history, originally gaining popularity thanks to the film Drums Along the Mohawk. Even though the style gets its name from the indigenous Mohawk people, it was more or less invented by this movie.

It’s now usually associated with punk culture and has gone through many changes. Today, the mohawk is much more than just the neon spiked version that rose to popularity in the 1990s.

14 Edgy Female Mohawks

There are all kinds of mohawks, and we’ve selected 14 of them for our list. We’ll also review some things to consider before getting a mohawk hairstyle. Without further ado, here are our 14 favorite female mohawk hairstyles!

1. Clean Mohawk

To kick off this list, here’s a neat and tidy mohawk that strikes a nice balance between cleanliness and expressiveness. In typical mohawk fashion, the sides of the head are shaved up to near the center of the head.

And the strip of hair is styled so the hair stands upright. But it’s the neatness of this style that makes it stand out so much. The actual mohawk is evenly trimmed, and at about two inches tall, it’s surprisingly understated.

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2. Brushed Back

While mohawks traditionally feature hair that sticks straight up, you can style the hair in any way you want. The style shown here is a fresh combination of the mohawk and a brushed back look. The hair is combed straight back and layered to provide thickness and fluffiness. It’s definitely a mohawk, but it also has a character all its own.

3. Textured Spikes

Here’s a contemporary take on the classic mohawk that features thick, loose tufts of hair that curve backward. The combination of textures is what really makes this haircut.

You get the large spikes at the front, the messier spikes near the crown, the cleanly shaven sides, and the flowing mullet-like hair at the back of the head. This is a textural powerhouse that brings new life to the mohawk.

4. Dyed Mohawk

Mohawks and dyed hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dyed mohawks are so common that it’s actually quite rare to see an uncolored one! This mohawk showcases frosty amethyst tones, with the purple dappled across the top of the head and the white serving as the base.

Style-wise, think of this as a bedhead mohawk. The loose, tousled hair is styled into a rough mohawk, and the shaved sides and nape balance that out with neatness.

5. Styled Sides

Unlike other mohawks, which tend to get their wow factor from size or color, this variation utilizes the sides as a canvas for design.

The sides usually take a backseat in most mohawk styles. And that’s exactly why this one is so eye-catching. The notches cut into the sides provide a great counterpoint to the fierce, swooping mohawk itself.

6. Flowing Mohawk

Female mohawk inspiration on a woman in a yellow room wearing a cutoff putting her left hand in her pocket

Indie Yellow on Instagram

This female mohawk hairstyle takes a different approach by styling the hair into a loose, curving mohawk that almost resembles a tall quiff more than a typical mohawk. The emphasis here is on flow and casualness, so if that’s what you’re after, this just might be the female mohawk for you.

7. High and Tight

Taking some inspiration from the high and tight styles of the military, this mohawk features a neatly combed strip of dyed hair bordered by buzzed sides.

The contrast between the two different lengths, textures, and colors makes this haircut stand out. The mohawk itself is simply brushed back, making this one of the “tamer” female mohawk styles.

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8. Pink Mohawk

We couldn’t not include a pink mohawk on this list. Pink is a common mohawk color and for good reason—the intensity of the color matches the intensity of the hairstyle. Plus, with looser mohawks like this one, you can get a sort of “cotton candy rock star” vibe.

9. Mohawk Mullet

If the 80s had to be encapsulated in one haircut, this would probably be the one. This crazy combination of a mohawk and a mullet has serious vintage mojo.

The hair forms a loose mohawk that blends seamlessly into an extra long mullet. Of course, you can opt for shorter hair, but there’s something about the length that adds to the drama of the style.

10. Fluffy Mohawk

Changing up the texture of the mohawk is a good way to set your mohawk apart from the rest. With this style, the hair is styled upward and backward almost like a series of small quiffs to create a fluffy matte texture. You also get a good amount of volume with this style.

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11. Soft Female Mohawk

If you want to emphasize the “female” part of your female mohawk, you might opt for a gently curving mohawk like this one. This takes the classic mohawk style and softens its edginess.

The hair doesn’t stick up but instead swoops toward the front, and a petite flower crown tops it all off for that rebellious princess look.

12. Peaky Mohawk

Ever wonder what it would look like if the Peaky Blinders rocked mohawks? Well, wonder no more! This stylish female mohawk evokes the Shelby gang with its high undercut fade and forward-swept mohawk. The texture of the hair is crucial here if you want maximum Peaky vibes.

13. Colorful Mohawk

If you want a really bold female mohawk, try experimenting with vivid colors. The style lends itself well to a lot of bold hues, and you can really express yourself here.

This particular style combines a mohawk and bright blue and purple galaxy hair for an eye-popping look that’s unique even for a mohawk!

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14. Two-Toned Mohawk

Get more mileage out of your mohawk with this two-toned look. The contrasting colors emphasize the differences in length and texture, which means that this female mohawk absolutely pops. In addition, the side swept top completes the casual vibe and enhances the uniqueness of the cut.

Things to Consider

You really have to commit to a mohawk, so you’ll want to think it through before heading to your stylist. Here are some things to consider before you decide to rock the hawk.

  • Make sure it’s acceptable for your needs. While some of these mohawks may pass in a more relaxed work setting, the majority of them aren’t ideal for the office or even some school settings.
  • Focus on the long term. It’s not easy to switch from a mohawk to another style, so you could be stuck with the style for several months. If you see yourself needing a different kind of hairstyle in the near future, then the mohawk may not be for you.
  • Your hair type is important. Generally, the thicker your hair is, the easier it is to style it upward. However, different hair types can create some really fresh looks.
  • Think about the particular style. Think about the exact style of mohawk you want and what you’ll need to go through to achieve that style. A mohawk with tall spikes will require a lot more work and styling than a flowing mohawk with an undercut.

If you’ve decided the mohawk is for you, then I hope you got some inspiration from this list. These female mohawks offer fresh takes on the classic style, and as you can see, there are so many possibilities for experimentation.

When you’re ready, be sure to find a stylist who’s familiar with the mohawk. Then you’ll be well on your way to rocking this classic punk style in a way that matches your personality.

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