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Bottleneck Bangs | 2024‘s Hottest Hair Trend

Bottleneck bangs are the latest trend in the world of fringe and we’re not mad about it. See pretty examples of this fun yet polished split bang style and learn how to style them. It’s all in our complete guide to bottleneck bangs!

Bottleneck Bangs Are the New ‘In’ Fringe

Move over, curtain bangs – bottleneck bangs are taking over. These softly tousled, split bangs are practical, cute, and very on-trend right now.

We’re seeing more and more of our favorite celebs and influencers showing off their new bangs of the bottleneck variety. It’s safe to say that bottleneck bangs are the bangs to wear right now.

This laid-back trend might be right up your alley if you’re ready to change up your look a bit and want something that won’t require a lot of maintenance or a complete hairstyle change (we’re looking at you, heavily layered wolf cut.

Bottleneck bangs can perfectly pair with so many different haircuts, styles, and lengths! They’re an instant, trendy update to any look. Worried this type of fringe won’t work for you? Don’t!

That’s actually one of our favorite things about bottleneck bangs – how universally flattering they are. 

This style of bang can add a little interest to a longer style that’s hanging a little limp lately. Bottleneck bangs can help soften up shorter haircuts and bring a playful touch of classy chic to medium-length styles. 

If you’re thinking about hopping on the bottleneck bang train, now is the time to try them! Keep reading to learn all about this type of bang, see examples, and learn how to style them. 

What Are Bottleneck Bangs?

Woman with French girl bangs, slip bangs, or split bangs


Bottleneck bangs are soft-yet-choppy split bangs that part and open up in the center, getting longer toward the edges. You’ll sometimes hear them called French girl bangs, slip bangs, or split bangs, but it all refers to the same laid-back style. 

This type of fringe is named due to the shape of the open space it creates. The two sections of the bangs open up in the center and thin out toward the ends to create a shape that resembles the neck of a bottle between the two sections. 

As it turns out, that particular bottleneck shape is magically flattering on a variety of face shapes – something that isn’t true for most bang types.

That makes sense because bottleneck bangs are very similar to curtain bangs, which are basically a longer version of this new and trendy style. This type of bang is sometimes confused with a split blunt bang, which is cut in a straight line across the forehead.

However, the bottleneck type is actually cut shorter with soft, gradual layers in the center. If you brush them straight down, there’s a visible difference in length at the center (the shortest point) to the outside edges (the longest sections). 

Why Everyone Loves the Bottleneck Bang Trend

If you’re looking for a flattering way to update your look without undergoing a dramatic change you might hate, there’s no better option than giving the bottleneck fringe a go. Here’s why we love them (and we think you will, too):

  • Universally flattering: Bottleneck bangs can flatter any face shape (round, square, oval, heart, diamond, pear – you name it) just by tweaking the length to best suit your facial bone structure. Any length, hair type, and haircut can cohesively pair with them. They add a touch of casual class to any haircut! 
  • Low maintenance: Unlike precise blunt bangs or steeply-angled side bangs, a soft-yet-choppy bottleneck fringe is super low maintenance because there’s no bluntness or straight edges to tirelessly maintain. They even look cute when you grow them out because they essentially turn into curtain bangs once they reach a longer length! 
  • Easy to style: This type of bang is known for being easy to style. A quick shot of volumizing mousse, a blast with a blow dryer, and a twirl of a round brush is all it takes from start to finish. With the right wavy or curly hair texture, they can even be effortless – literally wash and go! 
  • Youth-enhancing: If you’re starting to see those inevitable signs of aging, it’s worth noting that sporting bangs like these can be a serious youth booster. Bangs that hit at the most flattering points on your face – likely somewhere between your brow line and your cheekbones – can make you look years younger and hide any pesky forehead lines you’re not thrilled to show off.  

Who Shouldn’t Get Bottleneck Bangs?

While we could go on and on about how *delightful* bottleneck bangs are, we’d be lying if we said they’re the perfect fringe choice for everyone. Let’s talk about the potential problems you can run into with these bangs. 

  • If you have oily hair: Bangs of any type can be a problem for women with oily hair, and since this type hits right at the brow bone down to the cheekbones/jaw area, there’s going to be a lot of contact with your skin. And if you tend to touch your bangs a lot anyway, you’re sure to end up with slick lil’ greasies by the end of the day. Work around it by keeping dry shampoo handy and you’ll be fine! 
  • If you’re prone to bang regret: If you’re the type to get bangs and get hit with instant regret, you may want to try a longer fringe option like curtain bangs instead of the bottleneck type. Bottleneck bangs are somewhat short – usually hitting around the brow line and cheekbones – and it can take months of pinning them back or tucking them behind your ears as you grow them out. Tread carefully to avoid fringe regret! 
  • If you prefer long bangs: Since this type of bang is shorter, you won’t be able to neatly tuck them behind your ears or push them back when they’re in the way. If you’re one to opt for longer bangs usually, think long and hard before taking the bottleneck leap. You can always get longer curtain bangs to ensure you’re comfortable with the length! 

10 Unique Bottleneck Bangs Ideas

Any face shape (and most hair types) can effortlessly rock the French girl bang look and look all the more gorgeous for it! Check out some of our favorite examples of women rocking this flattering trend with different hair textures, lengths, cuts, and looks! 

1. Everyday Bottleneck Bangs

Everyday bottleneck bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

This example is really the core essence of the style – it’s soft and choppy, hits at the eyebrow level and curves down to the cheekbones, and blends seamlessly with the rest of the cut. Get flattering volume like this by styling your bangs with a round brush (we’ll share tips in the next section). 

2. Voluminous Bottleneck Split Bangs

Voluminous Bottleneck Split Bangs

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

If you really want the iconic split bang look, you need plenty of volume and a little swooping shape on each side. This example nails it! Slight curvature in the bangs keeps them from lying flat against the forehead for a look that’s flattering on all face shapes. 

3. Off-Center Bottleneck Fringe

Off-Center Bottleneck Bangs With Fringe

the stock company/Shutterstock

This version is full of volume and parted a little off-center to better flatter the model’s square face shape. With a lot of open space between the sections, this slightly-longer length won’t hide your pretty eyes or have you constantly moving your bangs out of your face. 

4. 90s-Inspired Curled Bottleneck Bangs

90s-Inspired Curled Bottleneck Bangs


The curled-under look of 90s bangs are a fun way to style this trendy bang! The cut and shaping are 100% modern with the only “twist” being the way the bangs are styled. Grab a larger-barreled curling iron and clamp the bangs around the barrel for a few seconds to get this vintage curled-under look. 

5. Messy Thick Bottleneck Bangs

Messy Thick Bottleneck Bangs

Katya Yatsenko/Shutterstock

Fans of casual, messy styles will appreciate this example! Her bangs are a little thicker to give them extra body and volume. The auburn color is rich and deep to lend this look a more polished vibe while the feathered styling adds a touch of casual messiness to balance it out. 

6. Choppy Bottleneck Split Bangs

Choppy Bottleneck Split Bangs

Sharon Cobo/Shutterstock

Soft choppiness typically defines this type of bang, but you can lean into the edgy look by adding layers for more choppy texture. Styling with a little pomade can help you accentuate the shaggy, uneven texture. 

7. Sleek Bottleneck Bangs

Sleek Bottleneck Bangs

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Put a glamorous twist on your bangs by keeping them thin and styling them with a “low profile” look. These bangs don’t feature as much volume so the shape is sleeker and more fitting for fine or thin hair. Dress them up or down to match your style for the day!  

8. Short and Sweet Bottleneck Fringe

Short and Sweet Bottleneck Bangs

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

This example is a little shorter so the longest part of the bangs hits right at the top of the cheekbones. This is the perfect length if your cheekbones are one of your favorite features to show off! It also helps keep the bangs out of your eyes if you’re not a fan of longer bangs. 

9. Bottleneck Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bottleneck Bangs

Volume and fullness may not be the right picks for some face shapes, so opt for wispy, flattened bangs with the signature bottleneck opening instead.

Run a flat iron over your bangs while gently curving the ends under. A tiny dab of pomade or wax will help you nail the separation and “piece-y” look here. 

10. Coily Bottleneck Bangs

Coily Bottleneck Bangs

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Coily and kinky hair can rock these trendy bangs with ease by using thinner pieces of hair. The center is cut short to hit right at the eyebrow level, while the outside edges hang longer to blend the bangs into the rest of the high-volume style.

How to Style Bottleneck Bangs

Styling bottleneck split bangs is so easy for every hair type. If you have wavy, curly, or coily hair, you may be able to get away with adding a little product while your hair is damp and let air drying do the rest!  

Get an idea of how much effort you’ll need to put in if you get these bangs by looking at the basic styling steps below. 

Heat Styling Split Bangs

Heat styling is key if you want to give your bangs that notable bottleneck shape. You’ll need the following products and tools to style your bottleneck bangs like a pro:

  • Round brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Flat iron
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Hairspray

Start by spraying your damp bangs with a little heat protectant spray. If your hair tends to be on the frizzy side, you can also work in your favorite anti-frizz product now while it’s damp.

Split the bangs into your preferred part – classic bottleneck fringe opens in the center, but it’s cute if you make the part slightly off-center or further over to the side, too. 

Nestle your round brush underneath one side of your bangs and turn it slowly to securely grab your hair in the bristles. Grab your hair dryer and hold it above your bangs with the nozzle pointing downward (this helps prevent frizz and flyaways).

Twirl the brush around in one direction to keep strands gripped by the bristles until the section is dry. Repeat this process on the other side. Then take a look at your bangs. Are they perfectly styled?

If not, you can run your flat iron over them to make them a little smoother and sleeker without taking out all that volume your round brush just gave you. Make slight adjustments with your fingers, then finish with a mist of hairspray. 

Air Drying Split Bangs

If you prefer an effortless way to style your bangs or just like that slightly undone look, air drying is the ticket. This method works best with a little existing texture in your hair to give the bangs shape, lift, and volume.

Straight-haired ladies can make it work by using a textural product before air drying. You’ll need texturizing or volumizing mousse if you have straight or very slightly wavy hair. If you have curly or coily hair, use a small amount of your favorite curl product or anti-frizz cream.

This will keep your texture smooth and frizz-free as your bangs air dry. If you’re using texturizing or volumizing products, dispense a tiny amount of mousse or texturizing spray into your bangs and work it through with your fingers.

Don’t add too much – it’ll only weigh your bangs down and have the opposite effect! Make your preferred part and reposition the hair into the direction you want it to dry in.

That’s it – when it dries, your bangs should be voluminous and lively with that signature bottleneck part! If you’re using curl cream, work it in with your fingers to help define and separate those curls or coils. Create the part where you want it (middle, off-center, or over to the side).

Then, you can emphasize each curl by twisting them with your fingers and a little product. Scrunch each side to bring your curl pattern back and allow the bangs to air dry. Gorgeous!

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How to Get Bottleneck Bangs

We’ve looked at what they are, the pros and cons, and who shouldn’t try this fringe trend. You’ve seen several examples of bottleneck bangs on different hair types, colors, lengths, and styles.

If you’re sold and want to try this trendy look, you might be wondering how to ask your stylist for exactly what you want. No worries! Even if your stylist hasn’t seen this trend yet, they’ll be able to make your bottleneck dreams come true if you know what to request. 

Celebrity stylist Tom Smith explains how to ensure you get the bangs you want from your stylist: 

“Ask your stylist to create longer bangs that skim your cheekbones at an angle that flatters your face and curves around to create a layer that sits somewhere between your cheekbones and jaw. Then, ask for the central part to be cut slightly shorter, keeping the cutting line soft and choppy, with the shortest part in the middle gradually getting longer on the edges.” 

Basically, you’re asking your stylist for soft medium-length split bangs that are shorter in the center. Take screenshots of the examples in this guide if you want to be sure your stylist understands the assignment.

When in doubt, you can request short curtain bangs to get a close approximation of the bottleneck fringe look. We predict that bottleneck/split/slip bangs will be a trend with staying power.

Are Bottleneck Bangs Right for You?

It’s rare for a specific style of bangs to be so universally flattering for different face shapes and hair types! The soft-yet-choppy texture, the gently curving shape, and the open “bottleneck” shape left between the bang sections are all flattering features for most. 

If your hairstyle has been feeling a little tired or boring lately, refreshing your look with this trendy fringe is an easy way to break out of the doldrums. A quick update courtesy of bottleneck-style bangs may be all you need to reinvigorate your style!

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