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18 Short Hairstyles for Chubby Faces Trending in 2024

If your current short style isn’t doing you any favors, you might just need to tweak it to make it more flattering! See the best short hairstyles for chubby faces and all the keys to slimming and sculpting a round or chubby face in our guide. 

From adding layers in the right places to strategically using length, symmetry, and volume for a slimmer silhouette, you’ll learn how to make your short hairstyle work for – not against – a round or chubby face! 

The Best Short Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

  • Long bangs or face-framing layers are key
  • Create angles with inverted length, layers, and side parts
  • Go super short (pixies, crops) or just past the chin with length

Short hairstyles for chubby faces have a job to do: Slim, sculpt, and chisel the face shape to give it a more oval silhouette. It might seem like that’s a lot to ask from a humble hairstyle, but the proof is in the pudding. 

We’re going to show you how certain style elements – the right types of layers and bangs, the right part choice, and most flattering short length – can visually sculpt and slim a round or chubby face effortlessly. 

As you might’ve learned through experience, certain hairstyle and haircut features make a chubby or round face look wider. Blunt bangs, chin-hugging length, and super-sleek, unlayered styles are all examples of unflattering choices for plump faces.

These are the features you’ll want to avoid. On the other end of the spectrum are the hairstyle elements that slim and sculpt a chubby face to give it a more slender, oval appearance.

Long bangs that graze the cheekbones, face-framing layers that break up the length, asymmetrical cuts and side parts that create strong angles, and the right short length are all key to flattering a chubby face.

We’ll talk more about these ultra-flattering style elements that have built-in slimming power next. 

3 Keys to Slimming Short Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

Woman with a chubby face smiles and tilts her head to the right


To keep things simple, let’s think about the best hairstyles for round or plump faces in terms of the 3 main elements they have in common. If you want to minimize, slim, and chisel your face, you need to incorporate at least one of these elements into your short haircut or style. 

Key 1: Highlight Your Striking Cheekbones 

  • Soft, face-framing layers that fall at the cheekbone level
  • Long bangs that graze the cheekbones or fall just below

The first key to nailing a slimming style for a round face is making sure to choose looks that highlight and frame your striking cheekbones. With a round or chubby face, your cheeks are typically the widest point of your face. 

While cherub cheeks might be something you’re tempted to hide with hair, you can actually use them to create a more slender, oval face shape with the right hairstyle elements. 

Even if your cheekbones aren’t super-prominent, accentuating them with soft, face-framing layers or long bangs that graze the tops of your cheekbones will make a huge difference in how sculpted and chiseled your face looks. 

Key 2: Create Angles to Counter Roundness

  • Inverted (longer in the front, shorter in the back) or blunt length
  • Strong layers, side parts, and side-swept bangs

Round, chubby faces have few natural angles present. By bringing in some angular hairstyle elements, you’ll counter the round look and make your face appear sharper and more sculpted as a result. 

Angular hairstyle elements can be in the form of inverted cuts (like inverted, A-line, or graduated bobs), strong layers throughout the style, parting along the side instead of the middle, or blunt cuts that leave the ends precise and perfectly even. 

Key 3: Choose the Most Flattering Length

  • Pixies, bixies, crops are great super-short options
  • Midi bobs and lobs longer than chin-length

Sculpting your face with the right short hairstyle means you’ll need flattering length as the style foundation. Not all short lengths are suitable for round or chubby faces – especially if creating a more slender silhouette is the goal. 

Focus on going either super-short (pixies, bixies, and crops) or all the way to the longer end of short length (midi bobs and lobs just past the chin to almost shoulder-length) for the most flattering and slimming effect. Avoid ear-length and chin-length styles that exacerbate and accentuate facial roundness and fullness. 

18 Slimming Short Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

See these flattering hairstyle elements in action with these gorgeous examples! Choosing the right short hairstyle and working in a few elements that “magically” slim and chisel the face will make all the difference. Check out 18 of our favorite options to slenderize and sculpt a plump face below! 

1. Asymmetrical Crop With Long Bangs

Asymmetrical Crop With Long Bangs, a great short hairstyle for chubby faces

If you like your hair cropped short but still want to be able to style it different ways, long bangs are the perfect solution.

Here, long bangs styled to the side graze the cheekbones to make them more prominent and striking. With the side part and cropped, shorter length on one side, you get an angular effect that really slims the face shape. 

2. Side-Swept Pixie Bob With Bangs

Side-Swept Pixie Bob With Bangs for a piece on the best short hairstyles for chubby faces


Is it a long pixie cut or a super-short bob? That’s what we love about pixie bobs – they’re the best of both worlds. This cut and style is ideal for a chubby face and has tons of sculpting power.

The side-swept bangs and part create a slanted angle across the face, the bangs hit at the cheekbones to accentuate their structure, and the volume is concentrated on top for added length that detracts from facial width.

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3. Basic Bob With Textured Ends

As a featured short hairstyle for chubby faces, a woman wears a Basic Bob With Textured Ends


Skip complicated layering and bangs altogether with a basic bob that still packs a ton of texture and sculpting power. The ends are vertically point-cut to build out the texture and eliminate the precise, blunt shape.

Parting the hair to the side forms a diagonal line that directs the eye across the face, not up and down, for the most flattering effect. 

4. Tousled, Wispy Razored Bob

Tousled, Wispy Razored Bob, a short hairstyle for chubby faces

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

Wispy, thin layers can reduce the “full” look for a round face and keep things lightweight and airy. This short bob falls at the cheekbones with the shortest layers hitting right where the cheekbones begin.

Choppy bangs break up the length and add angles to the style, while a little tousling on top adds flattering volume that slims and sculpts the face shape. 

5. Sleek Bixie With Side Bangs

Sleek Bixie With Side Bangs, a great short hairstyle for chubby faces

Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

If you like sleek styles, there are a few ways you can tweak it to make it work without making a round face look wider. Add some volume and height at the crown to lift the roots and make the face look longer. Part the hair with a deep side part and keep the bangs light and wispy rather than thick and full. 

6. Midi Blunt Bob

Midi Blunt Bob, a great short hairstyle for chubby faces

Vitalii Smulskyi/Shutterstock

This side-parted bob hits past the chin and just above the shoulders for perfect, flattering “midi” – medium – length. This length creates the illusion of a slimmer, longer face since it hangs just past the chin.

We’d love it with long, cheekbone-grazing bangs, but it works well with just a side part to form that diagonal line of sight. 

7. Tousled Spiky Pixie

One of the best short hairstyles for chubby faces featuring a woman wearing a Tousled Spiky Pixie

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

A short pixie cut can be scary when you’re trying to conceal a little cheek or chin chub, but trust us – it’s so flattering!

Tousled spikes on top redirect the eye upward and add a little flattering, lengthening height that creates a more oval shape. Keeping the sides and back tightly cropped makes sure there’s no widening volume there to fill out the face shape. 

8. Collapsed Midi Bob With Short Layered Ends

Lady with a Collapsed Midi Bob With Short Layered Ends for a piece on short hairstyles for chubby faces

Beauty Style/Shutterstock

Collapsing or thinning out a bob is a great idea for round faces that want to avoid extra bulk and weight around the sides of the face.

While a precise middle part can make the face look wider, an off-center, messy part like this works well. Soft face-framing layers could easily be added for another element of interest to break up the length!

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9. Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Asymmetrical Undercut Bob for a roundup of short hairstyles for chubby faces


Asymmetry sculpts round, chubby faces into a more slender silhouette by breaking up the bulk and weight of the style unevenly. The longer side has layers that begin at the cheekbones with a softly layered line that helps chisel out the jawline.

The shaved side keeps the volume on the sides minimal for a less-rounded shape and parting the hair to the side adds that diagonal line for more width-minimizing power.

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10. Messy Side-Swept Pixie Bob

Messy Side-Swept Pixie Bob for a piece on short hairstyles for chubby faces

Alena Gerasimova/Shutterstock

Fans of loose, tousled textures will love how a pixie with extra length around the top and sides (pixie bob) looks with lots of layers.

This highly textured look makes it easy to create big, flattering volume on top and gives the style a lived-in, energetic look. Style the bangs over to the side – bonus points if they graze your cheekbones to make them pop! 

11. Short Pixie With Crown Volume

Short Pixie With Crown Volume for a piece on short hairstyles for chubby faces

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

Keeping things simple with a short hairstyle is easy when you’ve got a few face-flattering elements to work with! This short pixie cut is longer on top.

But it’s cropped closely on the back and sides for volume control where it counts. Tease the crown for extra height and sweep the front/bangs to the side to create a more sculpted face shape. 

12. Side-Swept Bixie

Side-Swept Bixie on an Asian woman for a piece on short hairstyles for chubby faces


Bixie cuts combine the pixie and bob for a slightly longer cropped cut that still hugs the head for a slimming silhouette. Style it to the side to create a diagonal angle that sculpts the face, long bangs that hit right at the cheekbones, and with plenty of volume on top to create the illusion of facial length. 

13. Shattered Midi Bob With Side Bangs

Shattered Midi Bob With Side Bangs


“Shattering” a bob means point-cutting and thinning the ends to avoid the bulky triangle shape that thick hair can adopt when cut short.

It’s a great solution to make a chubby face look slimmer and really makes the style lightweight. Add brow-skimming side bangs to create that flattering downward angle across the face and piece the ends out with a little wax to finish. 

14. Long-Top Tousled Pixie

Long-Top Tousled Pixie, a great short hairstyle for chubby faces


Sculpt and chisel your face from all angles with a short pixie that leaves some extra length on top. The side-swept top is tousled and mussed up with a little mousse for height and volume that visually lengthen the face. The close-cropped sides and back give the face a less wide appearance since all the volume is focused on top. 

15. Shaggy Layered Bixie Cut

Shaggy Layered Bixie Cut

Vitalii Smulskyi/Shutterstock

Heavily layering a bixie cut removes some of the bulk and weight from the style, something that can be really slenderizing on a chubby face with thick hair.

The extensive layers also add angles and texture to the look to counter the soft, round face shape. Side bangs are the perfect companion, but we’d love to see a slightly longer bang here to softly skim the length of the cheekbones. 

16. Shattered Bob With Swooped Side Bangs

A short hairstyle for chubby faces, the Shattered Bob With Swooped Side Bangs

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

When you want to lengthen and slim a chubby face, you should always avoid covering the forehead with full, heavy blunt bangs. A softly side-swept, wispier bang like this works well without total forehead concealment.

After all, this can appear to shorten (widen) the face. Keep the length sleek on the sides with sliced layers to “collapse” the bob and avoid the triangular shape. 

17. Tapered Long Pixie With Side Part

Tapered Long Pixie With Side Part, a trending short haircut for chubby faced women


Keeping length from being bulky and widening a chubby face is simple with short, tapered styles like this. All the length and volume is focused on top, where it serves to lengthen and slim out the face shape. Add a side part for that angular look and cheekbone-skimming bangs for a flattering shape.

18. Midi Bob With Bottleneck Bangs

Midi Bob With Bottleneck Bangs


Split bottleneck bangs open up the eyes and don’t cover the forehead, lengthening the face for a more oval shape. Paired with midi length past the chin but above the shoulders, this is a super-flattering short style for chubby faces.

The bangs angle downward at the brows and skim lightly across the cheekbones for a shapely, sculpted appearance. 

Style Tips & Things to Consider

Styling short hairstyles for chubby faces becomes second nature when you know what elements are slimming and which ones will work against you. You can make almost any short haircut look amazing on a round face shape with these style tips and considerations! 

  • If your hair is chin-length, let it grow or cut it shorter. Trust us – you’ll see a big difference in how flattering your hair looks when you avoid length that hits right at the chin. Take it shorter into pixie bob or pixie territory, or let it grow out a bit to reach midi bob or lob length. The eye is directed to the point where your hair hits, so if it’s at the chin, it can visually widen your face. 
  • Focus on creating volume and height on top. For short hair that helps slim out a round or chubby face, you need plenty of volume and height on top to draw the eye. If your hair is naturally fine or tends to lie flat, invest in a good root-lifting spray, volumizing mousse, and volumizing dry shampoo to add grit and make strands easier to fluff up. Volumizing products usually contain some type of starch or protein to physically build up hair fibers and help them lift up for more volume. 
  • Give long bangs or face-framing layers a try. We’re firm believers that every short haircut looks better with long bangs or soft, face-framing layers. If you’ve been avoiding bangs or shorter layers around the face, give them a try to see how it elevates the look and narrows your face shape. Make sure they hit at the brows or cheekbones for the most slimming effect. 
  • Experiment with new ways to style. It’s easy to find one or two styles that look great and stick with them, but it’s important to keep experimenting and find new styles that work. Tons of different short hairstyles are ideal for giving chubby faces a more slender look, so swap things up this week and try a few new ones. Part your hair a different way, brush the front forward instead of off to the side, go big with crown volume, or add some waves to your strands to achieve different looks.
  • Accentuate, highlight, and flatter – don’t hide. A chubby face can be visually slimmed with these helpful hairstyle tips and tricks, but it’s really nothing to hide. You can accentuate and highlight your best features (those eyes and cheekbones are *chef’s kiss*) and choose lengths, bangs, and layers that flatter and sculpt your face shape. But don’t hide or try to cover parts of your face with hair – this is about being confident and having fun with gorgeous styles that look amazing on you!

You’ve seen some of our favorite short hairstyles for chubby faces, the key elements to creating flattering styles and looks on round faces, and tips to tailor your cut and style to perfectly suit you.

Are you excited to put your new knowledge to the test and try out some new styles? We hope so! Remember that with all style elements considered, you’re always going to get better results when you have the right haircut foundation.

Check out the Best Haircuts for Round Faces guide to get inspiration and ideas for flattering cuts that help sculpt and narrow a chubby or round face. 

It’s pretty amazing how the right haircut and style can transform a plump, round face shape into a slimmer oval with just a few strategic tweaks. Prepare for an onslaught of compliments and see how great it feels to rock a style that perfectly suits you!