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20 Trendy Short Blonde Hair Looks for 2024

Right now, short blonde hair is capturing everyone’s attention and dominating the trends. From barely-there cropped cuts and feisty pixies to longer bixie cuts, bobs, and lobs, there’s something special about wearing blonde hair in a short style. 

We’ll show you 20 gorgeous ways to rock trendy short blonde hair and spill all the style secrets you need to make your new look go from good to great! 

What Is Short Blonde Hair?

  • Consider how short you want to go (crop, pixie, bob, or lob)
  • Use volume and texture to your advantage for dimension
  • Pick light, medium, or dark blonde shades that suit your complexion

Short blonde hair is unbelievably versatile! It spans across lots of different aesthetics and styles. You’ve got bold and edgy looks, pretty, ethereal styles, and laid-back, casual looks to choose from. 

Whether you’re all about channeling your inner Tinkerbell or want a sassy, short style that’s highlighted and accented with bright blonde color, you have a few important things to consider before making this trend your new look. 

How Short Do You Want to Go?

While short blonde hair is the style, you’ll need to think about how short you’re willing to go. “Short” hair can encompass lengths from buzz cuts to shoulder-length lobs, depending on who you ask. What’s the length you’re going for?

We’ve seen tons of cute cropped buzz cuts, pixies, bixies (bob/pixie), bobs, and lobs in the short blonde hair category. If you’re willing to bare it all and go super-short, going with a suitable blonde color will make the cut stand out even more! 

If you’re thinking of holding onto a little length, you can consider a pixie with long bangs, a blended bixie cut, a true bob, or a long bob. Any of these options will leave you with enough length to style and frame your face nicely. 

Create Dimension With Volume and Texture

Another thing to consider is how important texture, volume, and dimension become when you’re dealing with short blonde hair. 

Blonde – even dark blonde – is a light hair color that really benefits from a little extra dimension in the style. Without it, short blonde hair can look a little flat and one-dimensional. 

When you’re rocking short length with blonde hair, creating dimension with volume (lift and fullness) and texture (waves, curls, pin-straight, or messy) is a game-changer. 

You’ll want to use styling products that add lift at the roots, hold hair in textured styles, or create extra texture with sea salt, wax, or pomade to add dimension to blonde short looks. 

Choose a Blonde Shade That Suits Your Complexion

The color is one of the defining features of your short blonde style, so you really want to focus on getting it just right! The shade of blonde that looks best on you depends on your skin tone and undertone. 

There are lots of exceptions, but it’s pretty safe to assume that your ideal blonde shade follows along with your skin tone depth. The lighter your skin, the more natural light blonde will look. The deeper your skin, the more natural a darker, richer blonde will look.

When it comes to picking out the perfect blonde shade for your complexion, look closer at your skin. What color temperature (warm, cool, or neutral) is your undertone?

If it’s yellow, golden brown, or peach-colored, you’ll look great in warm blondes like golden blonde, strawberry blonde, and caramel blonde. 

If your undertone skews more blue or pink in color, you’ll look best in cool blondes like champagne blonde, platinum blonde, or ash blonde. 

If your undertone appears olive or has hints of both warm and cool undertones, you’ll look great in blended blondes with both warmth and coolness in the shade. Think golden blonde with champagne-toned highlights or caramel with ash balayage. 

20 Short Blonde Hair Vibes to Inspire You

Now that you’ve got some ideas brewing, take a look at some inspirational examples of short blonde hair! You’ll get some ideas about the styles and lengths you like best. You might find a few new blonde shades you hadn’t considered, too! 

1. Trendy Champagne Blonde Wavy Bob

Trendy Champagne Blonde Wavy Bob, one of our favorite short blonde hairstyles


Going with a bright blonde tone like cool/neutral champagne with short hair is an easy way to make shorter cuts stand out and helps highlight delicate features.

Try messy waves for a trendy style in a chin-length bob with blonde hair! The waves add just the right amount of dimension and texture to keep the look from feeling flat. 

2. Platinum Asymmetrical Bixie Cut

Woman with Platinum Asymmetrical Bixie Cut, one of the top short blonde hair styles


Cool, silvery platinum blonde, undone waves, and an asymmetrical cut with elements of the popular pixie and bob make this short blonde hair totally unique.

You’ll get all the benefits of short hair with the extra styling possibilities of longer hair on one side! Rock this color if your skin has a cool undertone for the best results. 

3. Coily Butterscotch Blonde Crop

For a piece on short blonde hair, a woman wears the Coily Butterscotch Blonde Crop cut

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

Short coils get an instant boost and appear more defined with a medium blonde tone in a butterscotch shade. This almost-gradient color is slightly darker on the sides and closer to the roots, giving the look lots of healthy dimension.

Butterscotch blonde is a warm tone that perfectly suits warm skin tones. Since it’s a richer, darker blonde, you’ll find that it pairs well with medium to deep skin tones. It can also work for warm, fair skin!

4. Long Textured Pale Golden Blonde Pixie

Long Textured Pale Golden Blonde Pixie on a woman with long gold earrings

Halay Alex/Shutterstock

Texture makes a big difference in how full and edgy a pixie cut looks with blonde hair. Go for a messy, voluminous style using root lift spray, mousse, and a little wax to piece out the ends with a long pixie where the back and sides are kept ultra-short for contrast.

5. Sparkling Strawberry Blonde Bob

Sparkling Strawberry Blonde Bob, a featured short blonde hair style

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Strawberry blonde is a unique, warm blonde that looks amazing on skin with warm peachy or golden undertones. Elevate the look with a smart chin-length bob styled with a deep side part for lots of volume on top and loose curls for texture.

6. Golden Blonde Shaggy Collapsed Bob

Golden Blonde Shaggy Collapsed Bob, one of our top picks for short blonde hair for women


Medium golden blonde with a smudged root is the perfect color choice for a simplistic shaggy bob. The bob is chin-length and “collapsed” with layering and special shears to delicately thin out the ends.

This look is perfect for square, round, and oval face shapes that need less bulk around the jawline. Long, shaggy layers give it a breezy and casual feel.

7. Cool Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs

Cool Blonde Pixie With Long Bangs, one of our top picks for short blonde hair

Yamel Photography/Shutterstock

Cool blonde tones are ideal on skin with a cool blue or pink-tinted undertone. This color features a darker smudged root for less maintenance hassle and a more natural look.

Leaving your bangs long with a short pixie cut lets you play around with bob-like styles while benefitting from the easy hair care of short strands!

8. Volumized Golden Blonde Lob With Tousled Waves

Cute woman with short blonde hair in the Volumized Golden Blonde Lob With Tousled Waves style wears a black tank top in a studio

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Root lift and volume is a big factor in how breezy and casual this short blonde style looks. It’s super flattering for round and square faces that benefit from extra volume on top to visually lengthen the face! 

Big, tousled waves add plenty of texture and dimension to this lob that’s just beyond chin-length. It’s a great look with golden blonde color, especially if your skin’s undertone is warm!

9. Golden Copper Blonde Swing Bob With Bangs

Golden Copper Blonde Swing Bob With Bangs

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

If there’s a single color/cut combo that instantly looks sweet and innocent, it might be this golden-copper blonde bob with side-swept bangs! The cut is slightly longer in the front to help it swing with lots of movement. 

That trend follows through with the softly layered, side-swept bangs that perfectly frame the face. This shade of blonde is medium in depth and features rich gold and copper undertones that suit warm skin tones best. 

10. Choppy Textured Platinum Lob

Choppy Textured Platinum Lob

Pop Corner/Shutterstock

White platinum blonde is as light as you can get on the blonde spectrum, so pair it with a slightly edgy cut for a high-impact look. Choppy layering through the ends of this shoulder-length lob and the lack of bangs make it almost geometric.

Platinum blonde this light (level 10) will look best on cool-toned skin. If your skin has a warm undertone, a shade this light and cool can make you look sallow or yellow. 

11. Golden Blonde Stacked Side-Swept Bixie

Golden Blonde Stacked Side-Swept Bixie


Feathery, lightweight layers are cut to stack the hair for a volume boost around the sides and on top. With a light golden blonde color, the texture and layering in this bixie (bob/pixie) is extra-defined. Style it swept over to one side for a flirty vibe.

12. Platinum Balayage Pixie With Quiff

Platinum Balayage Pixie With Quiff, a featured short blonde hair style


Darker brown roots give way to light platinum blonde with silvery undertones in this bold and edgy short blonde hair example. The only way to make more of a splash is adding a longer quiff section in the front! 

A quiff is a section of long bangs that you can leave when you get a short pixie or cropped cut. For the most impact, style your quiff with lots of volume and a messy, casual texture that shows off your blonde balayage.

13. Softly Layered Wheat Blonde Bob With Blunt Bangs

Softly Layered Wheat Blonde Bob With Blunt Bangs for a roundup of women with short blonde hair

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock

Wheat blonde is a warm color (ideal for skin with warm undertones) and in this light shade, it’s a sure thing for fair and light-medium skin tones. With a strong blunt bang across the forehead, it’s a bold look with built-in style. 

Bangs mean there’s a little more work to making this cut look perfect each day, so keep that in mind. If your undertone is cool or neutral, work in more ash or silver tones to neutralize the warm golden undertones. 

14. Ash Blonde Pompadour Undercut

Ash Blonde Pompadour Undercut


Cool-toned ash blonde is such a stunning color with lots of variations. This version has an almost-violet undertone with hints of silver that make it gorgeous on a cool or neutral skin tone. 

The real star of the show is the undercut styled with a slicked-back pompadour. It’s a bold and edgy style that keeps style work to a minimum with a maximum impact on your look! 

15. Silvery Blonde Buzz Cut

Woman with extremely short blonde hair wears the Silvery Blonde Buzz Cut

Max4e Photo/Shutterstock

When you’re dealing with super-light blonde shades level 10 or higher, you can really put the undertones to work and let them tint the overall color. Here, silver tones lend the white blonde shade a metallic look. 

The super-short buzz cut isn’t for everyone, but if you’re itching to try something different, you might find it’s the perfect option for you. Can you imagine the freedom and easy daily styling?

16. Ear-Length Golden Blonde Bob With Baby Bangs

Ear-Length Golden Blonde Bob With Baby Bangs


Take things a different direction with a short ear-length bob that features short, blunt layers. The baby bangs in this look bring the pale golden blonde shade (warm in tone) all the way across and help it frame the face better. 

Layering and short micro bangs add plenty of texture and dimension to this short blonde hair look. Style it with some volumizing spray or dry shampoo to add lift and fullness around the top and sides! 

17. Honey Blonde Blunt Bob With Root Melt

Honey Blonde Blunt Bob With Root Melt

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

Honey blonde is warm and oh-so-flattering for skin with golden or peachy undertones! This light-medium shade of blonde becomes much lower-maintenance with a darker root melt blending the color out as your hair grows. 

A blunt, no-nonsense bob without bangs gives this soft color a slight edge. Make sure the cut is precise – it will easily show misplaced snips! 

18. Asymmetrical Tapered Golden Blonde Bixie

Woman with a Asymmetrical Tapered Golden Blonde Bixie (a great hairstyle for women with short blonde hair)

Yuliya Chsherbakova/Shutterstock

Asymmetry adds interest and curves to short cuts like the popular bixie. You’ll need a skilled stylist to create this curving asymmetry around the back of this tapered cross between a pixie and stacked bob! 

Go with a blonde shade that suits your complexion. If you’re warm in tone, the golden blonde shade pictured here will be *chef’s kiss.* If you’re cool or neutral, opt for an ash or paler blonde shade instead. 

19. Layered Brushed Nickel Blonde Bob

Layered Brushed Nickel Blonde Bob


For naturally straight hair that shows every snip and imperfection, we love a heavy blended layer paired with a cool blonde the shade of brushed nickel. 

A deep side part and some smoothing serum is all you need to rock this trendy, casual look. For a more voluminous look, fluff it up with some root lift spray and some texturizing powder or spray. It’ll look beautiful with a blowout, too! 

20. Silvered Lilac Blonde Spiky Pixie

Silvered Lilac Blonde Spiky Pixie, a great hairstyle for women with short blonde hair


Silvered lilac blonde is cool/neutral color that features a hint of warmth with some slightly pink tones. This color pairs nicely with a short and spiky pixie cut that’s styled with messy vibes.

Directing the hair over to the side creates a flattering diagonal line across the face. That’s perfect for round and square faces that want to downplay facial width!  

Things to Consider

Figuring out if short blonde hair is a trend you’ll participate in is easier when you know what to expect. Here’s what you might not have considered about cutting your hair short and going blonde!

  • Check on maintenance requirements. Toning, root touch-ups, and regular trims are essential with most short blonde hair styles. The shorter you go, the more often you’ll need trims (as often as every 1-2 weeks for buzz cuts). You might need to get your roots touched up every 4-8 weeks or less, depending on if you take the blonde color all the way up to the roots.
  • Tone cool blonde at home. Toning with purple shampoo isn’t just a marketing ploy. It really works to neutralize brassy tones in cool blonde colors! If you’re thinking about rocking a cool champagne, platinum, or ash blonde color with short hair, you can take care of toning at home in between salon visits. Just use quality purple shampoo 1-2 times a week. 
  • Dial back your product usage – a lot. If you’re not used to short strands, you’ll have to retrain yourself on how much product to use in every haircare category. Short hair might only require a pea- or dime-sized amount of products you once used a quarter- or half dollar-sized dollop of! You’ll save money, but there may be a learning curve in finding how much product works well for your newly shorn strands. 
  • Get familiar with heat styling short hair. Heat styling hair that’s shoulder-length or much shorter is a whole different ballgame than long hair. You might even need new tools with smaller flat iron plates (1″ or smaller) or smaller curling iron barrel circumference to suit much-shorter hair! Experiment with using a flat iron to either straighten or wave your short blonde hair.

So, Will Short Blonde Hair Suit You?

All things considered, is short blonde hair going to suit you? You can’t be 100% sure until you see yourself with your new color and cut. We make it easy to see how you’ll look with short blonde hair with our virtual try-on tool

Use the tool to instantly see yourself with a range of different short blonde hairstyles and cuts in real-time using your webcam. You can also upload a photo of yourself to see how you’ll look with short blonde strands! 

Generally, short hair suits most people very well. It’s all about your comfort level! If you’ve been using your hair as a security blanket and want to put yourself out there, we say go for it! 

Blonde hair won’t be a great fit for everyone, but the good news is there’s a shade of blonde to suit every complexion and undertone.

You might need to look at lighter or darker blondes, undertones that skew more warm and golden or cool and ashy, or blending blonde with richer colors at the roots for a more natural look. 

Whether you’ll be “trying on” short blonde hair with our virtual tool or jumping right in with a salon appointment, make sure you arrive with plenty of examples to show your stylist. That’ll help ensure you end up with the length, cut, and color you want!