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15 Ways to Rock Trendy Black and Blonde Hair in 2024

Black and blonde hair is a high-contrast, high-impact color combo that can be done several ways. See 15 gorgeous ways to rock black and blonde color with different color methods and placement ideas in our guide! 

What Is Black and Blonde Hair?

  • Pair sultry black with bubbly blonde for high-contrast color
  • Decide on color application method and placement
  • Choose warm, cool, or neutral blonde to suit your skin

Black and blonde hair is a fast-rising trend that turns heads and creates a really bold contrast. It’s a look you’ll either immediately love or hate – and there’s a good chance you’ve already made up your mind about which camp you’re in. 

As for us, we’re definitely Team Black and Blonde. This high-contrast look gives you the chance to rock super-sultry black hair without fully committing to such a dark and hard-to-reverse color.

At the same time, you’ll get to experiment with a range of blonde shades and tones placed in the areas and zones you deem the most flattering. 

For some, that might look like split dye color with half black/half blonde hair a la Cruella. For others, peekaboo black and blonde hair is the ideal with inky black or bright blonde peeping out through the bottom-most layers. 

We’re big fans of throwback chunky streaks in black or blonde shades to add instant dimension. Popular color methods like balayage, underdye, and ombre also make gorgeous application methods for trendy black and blonde hair color!

Who Does Black and Blonde Hair Suit?

One reason we love black and blonde hair color so much is how versatile and universally flattering it is. This color combo can work for anyone! 

If your skin is very fair and you’ve shied away from rich black color in the past, this look is the answer. You can place the black tones away from your face for a less-contrasting look that puts blonde closer to your skin for a more flattering, less harsh effect. 

You can make black and blonde hair work for you by paying attention to your skin tone and complexion warmth, too. Black is an overall neutral color that suits warm, cool, and neutral skin tones. 

Blonde comes in a range of shades and tones that suit different skin tones, so choose shades of blonde that match or mirror your skin’s undertone. 

For example, cool undertones (skin that looks better in silver than gold with bluish-colored veins) can choose cool blonde tones like platinum, ash, or white blonde for a really flattering black and blonde look.

Warm undertones (skin that looks better in gold than silver with greenish-colored veins) look amazing in warm blonde shades like golden, butter, and caramel blonde in combination with black color. 

The lighter the blonde you choose, the more contrast your color will create with black. So if you’re opting for a really noticeable, show-stopping color, go for a white or platinum blonde with rich black to set it off! 

Keep reading to see our 15 favorite examples of trendy black and blonde hair color. You’ll get some inspiration for your next hue and see some of the different ways you can rock this pretty color combo!

15 Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas

There are so many ways to approach black and blonde hair color. Check out 15 of the best examples below and take notes! 

1. Buttery Blonde With Black Balayage

Buttery Blonde With Black Balayage for a piece on black and blonde hair color ideas on a woman in a red lace-up piece

Head Over Heels/Shutterstock

Warm, yellow-toned blonde gets instant shadow and depth with black balayage color winding up through the ends and midshaft zone. Thinly woven black streaks don’t overpower the look and lend a nice balance to the light blonde color. 

2. White Platinum With Black Streaks

White Platinum With Black Streaks on a woman with blue eyes and a large necklace

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

White blonde hair is difficult to achieve and may look a bit one-dimensional on its own. Add chunky black highlights throughout to break up that brightness and add some sultry depth to the color. The rich black color makes the white platinum shine even brighter!

3. Black With Golden Blonde Peekaboo Color

Black With Golden Blonde Peekaboo Color on a pudgy Mexican woman for a piece on black and blonde hair color ideas

Arena Creative/Shutterstock

Inky black color, natural or dyed, gets a quick boost with a gilded blonde color peeking through the layers. The color is heaviest in the bangs to brighten up the face with smaller flecks of golden blonde popping through in the bottom layers around the face.

4. Soft Black and Platinum Blonde Ombre

Soft Black and Platinum Blonde Ombre hair color idea on a woman in a purple dress


Soft black is balanced with gray tones so it’s not as harsh on fair and cooler skin tones. Pair this smoky color with gradually-lightened blonde that reaches platinum at the ends for a smooth, high-contrast ombre look! Where the colors blend in the middle, you get a silvery gray tone that’s super becoming on cooler skin tones. 

5. Face-Framing Blonde and Black

Face-Framing Blonde and Black hair color idea on a woman in black wet-look leather pants

Samuel Ponce/Shutterstock

Blunt bangs across the forehead with a few short face-framing layers are the focal point of this long hairstyle, so it makes perfect sense to go with a bright bleached blonde in those areas. A dark black color puts the rest of the hair into the background and lends a nice depth and contrast. 

6. Platinum Blonde With Black Underdye

Platinum Blonde With Black Underdye hair color idea on a woman in a motocross suit

Izhevsk, Russia – May 21, 2022: Young beautiful long-haired platinum blonde biker in a leather suit stands near a black motorcycle at the opening celebration of the motorcycle season/Miraleks/Shutterstock

Can’t quite decide between going dark or light? Why not both with a cute two-toned underdye look like this. The topmost, shorter layers are bleached to a light platinum shade for maximum brightness.

The longer layers underneath are dyed black for the ultimate contrast and rich depth. Bonus: This look can even make your hair look thicker! 

7. Butter Blonde With Face-Framing Black Lowlights 

Butter Blonde With Face-Framing Black Lowlights for a piece on black and blonde hair

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Yellow, golden undertones in blonde are perfect for warm skin tones and really make the color suit golden or peach-toned complexions. Add a few prominent black lowlights around the face to make your eyes pop and frame the face nicely!

8. Rich Black With Blonde Color Pop

Rich Black With Blonde Color Pop on a black woman holding her arms above her head and looking right

Sam DCruz/Shutterstock

Easily liven up dark black hair with a bold pop of bright blonde color on one side! You’ll achieve a lot of brightness and lift around your face without having to bleach as much of your hair. Maintenance is easier, too – you’ll only need to touch up the roots in a small area instead of all over! 

9. Blonde Pixie With Black Underdye

Blonde Pixie With Black Underdye for a piece on black and blonde hair color ideas on a slim woman in a green coat standing in front of a wooden door

Anna Zhuk/Shutterstock

Black is the ultimate contrast color for lighter shades of blonde. If you’re finding your short hair looks a little flat or one-dimensional with all-blonde color, try going black at the roots and in the deeper layers of the hair for more dimension and depth!

10. Bold Rooty Rose Gold

Bold Rooty Rose Gold blonde and black hair color idea on an Asian woman in a baggy white shirt

MDV Edwards/Shutterstock

Want color that turns heads and stands out? Opt for a rooty look with rich black tones that suddenly transition into a rose gold shade. Rose gold is a gorgeous mix of blonde, pink, and red tones that contrasts nicely with black and still gives you the signature brightness of blonde. 

11. Black and White Split Dye

Black and White Split Dye hair color idea on a Russian woman

12th of September 2017 – Scene from Russian city with close up of a girl with a Cruella de Vil hairstyle, Saint Petersburg, Russia/Drevs/Shutterstock

Cruella called and she’s upset that you’re about to rock her signature look even better! Split dye is a high-contrast look that calls for the light/dark balance of black and white blonde. Make your color split clean down the middle with a center part or leave it loosy-goosy for a more relaxed take on the style.

12. Black With Apricot Blonde Underdye

Black With Apricot Blonde Underdye on a woman in a red and black tank top

You Kitin/Shutterstock

Apricot is such a unique and cheerful shade of blonde with golden yellow and copper orange undertones. It’s a great blonde shade for warm skin tones and you can hide it away or show it off as needed when you limit the blonde to the bottom-most layers of hair.

13. Black Roots With Golden Blonde

Black woman with black and blonde hair smiles and shrugs as she looks down and to her left


Rooty colors give you the depth and dimension of a root melt but without the gradual, blended nature of those looks. Here, bright and warm golden blonde takes hold off the roots for a lower-maintenance color that creates lots of contrast with a natural black root. 

14. Soft Black and Pearly Blonde Split Dye

Soft Black and Pearly Blonde Split Dyed hair

Anna Nahabed/Shutterstock

This is the result of an amateur dye session, but split color can still come out quite nice as long as you pay close attention to your application! A champagne-toned, pearly blonde is neutral and suits warm and cool skin tones. Soft black is a less-harsh color for fairer skin tones. 

15. Natural Black With Golden Blonde Streaks

Natural Black With Golden Blonde Streaks on a woman in a striped dress doing a

AC Studio/Shutterstock

We love this smoky natural black color with chunky golden blonde streaks painted just off the roots around the face. Ribbons of golden blonde frame the face nicely with finely-woven highlights brightening up the ends of this two-toned look. 

Things to Consider

Choosing high-contrast colors like black and blonde requires plenty of forethought and consideration. You don’t want to bleach or dye your hair unless you’re sure this is the look you want! Here are some helpful pointers and things to consider before you settle on your next color. 

  • Is your hair healthy enough? Going with black and blonde hair color means you’ll be both bleaching and dyeing sections of your hair. It needs to be healthy and relatively undamaged to undergo these processes! If you see a lot of split ends, severe dryness, breakage, or texture that feels gummy/mushy or stiff and straw-like, you need to take steps to fix damaged hair for a few weeks before dyeing or bleaching. Consider using a few products for damaged bleached hair to speed up the process. 
  • Will you DIY or go to a pro? Black and blonde color is tempting to DIY with black box dye and an at-home bleach kit for amateurs. It could go well, but it could also end in a lot of damage and disaster. For most people, going to a salon for professional color is the best choice when dealing with extremely high-contrast colors like black and blonde. 
  • What’s your plan for color care? Taking care of your black and blonde hair post-color is a big factor in how long it’ll last and how healthy your hair will look. How do you plan to care for your color once it’s done? Make sure you’ve got a good sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair that won’t strip your color. Heat can fade color faster, so try to rinse with cold water and avoid heat styling daily. 
  • How often will you need to tone? Having both black and blonde hair colors won’t change the fact that your blonde may need to be toned regularly to keep its vibrancy and tone. Cool blonde colors, like platinum and ash, are especially in need of toning to remove brassiness and yellow undertones. Regular toning at the salon and purple shampoo at home can help maintain your blonde. 
  • What’s the maintenance level? Depending on how you apply your color, you may have increased or decreased maintenance needs. Blonde and black that are visible at the roots on the topmost layers of your hair will need to be touched up every 4-8 weeks. Off-root, peekaboo, underdye, and balayage color may be able to last for months without touchups. 

Will Black and Blonde Hair Suit You?

Since black and blonde hair color can be tweaked with different color application methods, color placement, and shades of black and blonde, there’s definitely a version of this trend that will work for you! 

Be sure to choose a shade of blonde that works well with your complexion and undertone (whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral). If jet black feels too harsh for your skin, opt for natural, soft, or smoky black instead. 

You can also tweak your color placement to put the most flattering color near your face. If you’re afraid of using too much black, try underdye or peekaboo dye to keep the darker color minimal but still a focal point.

Overall, black and blonde color can work for anyone. If you’re worried about how it’ll turn out, talk to a trusted stylist and have a quick consultation before you commit. We think you’ll love how your customized color turns out!