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15 Trendy Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Honey blonde hair color really sparkles with an array of golden, caramel, amber, and copper undertones. Rock a bright gilded honey blonde or a rich, dark honey with a bold copper tint. See 15 unique shades of this trendy, universally flattering blonde color to try in our guide! 

What Is Honey Blonde Hair Color?

  • Honey blonde hair color has golden, amber, caramel, and copper undertones
  • Try light to dark honey blonde shades to perfectly suit your complexion
  • Rooty honey blonde colors are trendy and make maintenance easier

Thinking about trying out the trendy honey blonde hair color? This unique shade of blonde is capturing everyone’s attention because of how universally flattering and easily customizable it is. This is a dimensional shade of blonde that will never wash you out or leave your strands looking artificial.

Honey blonde hair color is known for its array of warm undertones – you’ll see hints of gold, amber, caramel, and copper sparkling in this shade. You can tweak the color to boost undertones that best flatter your skin, so it’s easy to tailor honey blonde to perfectly suit your complexion. 

While medium honey blonde shades are the most popular right now, we’re also seeing lots of light and dark honey blonde colors making a splash.

Light honey blondes require a little more maintenance, but do a great job showcasing the range of warm undertones in this color. Light shades of honey blonde add a perfect dose of brightness on warm fair and medium skin tones. 

Medium and dark honey blondes tend to look more natural on medium and deep skin tones. The darker your blonde shade is, the less time you’ll spend with bleach processing on your hair. That means less damage for your strands and a more sustainable hair color long-term. 

The multitude of golden, copper, caramel, and amber undertones add instant dimension to honey blonde hair color and make it a great fit for trendy two-toned “rooty” color.

Keeping your honey blonde color off-root (like balayage, teasylights, or ombre color) and using a darker shade at the roots is a great way to make honey blonde lower-maintenance if your natural hair color is dark.

Colors like golden and chocolate brown, auburn, mocha, and espresso are perfect root shades for multi-toned looks with honey blonde. These shades mirror some of the warm undertones in honey blonde for a cohesive, natural, and flattering effect. 

Best of all, a simple root melt or root smudge with honey blonde hair color is enough to reduce the need for touch-ups considerably and prolong color for up to 12 weeks. Fewer visits to the salon and longer-lasting color means you can enjoy your gorgeous honey blonde that much more! 

15 Silky Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Honey blonde is a versatile color that comes in many shades. You might love how the color looks with a heavy copper undertone or one with prominent golden tones. Maybe a light honey blonde delivers the sparkle you’ve been looking for?

Or go with a medium to dark version of the shade to get that naturally sun-kissed look for an instant glow. Try this color trend for yourself. See how honey blonde hair color gives you a subtle glow that plays up your best features! 

1. Rich Honey Blonde With Face-Framing Highlights

Woman places fist under chin with long curly honey blonde hair color in front of gradient gray background

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

This is one of our favorite takes on honey blonde thanks to the darker blonde base color and the pretty face-framing highlights. This rich color has lots of dimension and is hard to pinpoint with undertones of copper, amber, bronze, and gold shining through. 

2. Highlighted Dark Honey Blonde

Woman posing in darkness with black tank top has honey blonde hair color with styled curls

Fresh Stock/Shutterstock

Dimension is important for honey blonde, especially since it contains so many gorgeous undertones. Here, highlights in light blonde and copper tones lift and contrast the depth of this medium blonde shade. This shade is warm through and through, so try it if you have warm undertones for a flattering effect!

3. Light Honey Blonde With Mocha Root Melt

Serious woman looks at camera in dark dress with puffy sleeves wearing honey blonde hair color and glamorous curls


Honey blonde is usually a darker tone, but you can take the color lighter for a different look! This lightened honey tone has the characteristic hint of gold, amber, and copper undertones with a neutral mocha-colored root melt. It’s a great color combo for neutral and warm skin tones.

4. Dark Beige Blonde and Honey Ombre

Woman glances away smiling with voluminous curls and honey blonde hair color

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Love a good ombre color with warm and cool undertones? Try this! Dark beige blonde is neutral in tone with warm, copper-heavy honey blonde through the ends to warm the color up.

See how versatile this color can be when you change the undertone balance? This shade reminds us of a brightened strawberry blonde. 

5. Golden Medium Honey Blonde

Woman smiles wearing red lipstick and honey blonde color in hair with bare shoulders on white background


One of things we love about honey blonde hair color is how you can tweak it by balancing the undertones differently. A heavy golden undertone gives you this shimmering, metallic result with the signature amber and copper hues of classic honey blonde. 

6. Glowing Medium Honey Blonde 

Woman wearing fur coat and dangle earrings stares intensely with honey blonde hair styled in curls

Svyatoslava Vladzimirska/Shutterstock

The copper and amber undertones are really visible in this bright shade of honey blonde! The color takes on a feminine softness and metallic sheen that’s so becoming on a warm skin tone. Wavy and curly texture really shows off the multiple undertones in this mesmerizing color in the zones of shadow and light! 

7. Multi-Toned Honey Blonde Teasylights

Brown-skinned woman with straight hair featuring honey blonde color and a dark brown root melt glances away with spaghetti strap dress

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Teasylights give you off-root color that blends out seamlessly and is easier to maintain than traditional foils. This lived-in color looks amazing on a warm skin tone in shades of honey blonde from light to dark. An espresso-colored root melt gives it a natural look with more depth. 

8. Light Strawberry Honey Blonde

Young woman with curly honey blonde hair color wears trendy hat and coat smiling in the city

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Amping up the copper undertone in honey blonde gives you a gorgeous shade similar to strawberry blonde. But you get those depth-boosting undertones of amber and gold as well! This color brightens up skin with a warm undertone thanks to the light but copper-heavy shade. 

9. Medium Auburn and Honey Blonde Balayage

Back view of woman with curled honey blonde hair color and golden brown base shade wearing black shirt


Radiant and full of sparkle, this seamless balayage look is luxe and seems to glow from within. Auburn as a base color picks up the subtle copper undertones in the honey blonde below. The golden undertones really shine in this bright and trendy look! 

10. Dimensional Honey Blonde

Woman with head turned looks at camera in front of black background with honey blonde hair color and flowing wavy hair

AS Inc/Shutterstock

This color perfectly illustrates everything we love about honey blonde: Rich, dimensional color with varying undertones that stand out differently in light and shadows. Light honey highlights decorate this medium shade to add brightness. 

11. Dark Caramel Honey Blonde With Light Blonde Accents

Serious woman with straight honey blonde hair stares directly at camera with bare shoulders in front of light peach background

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Wary of going too light with your blonde color? A dark honey blonde is gorgeous and rich with just enough depth to feel familiar if you’re naturally a brunette or redhead. This caramel-toned honey blonde shimmers with a few light blonde highlights that perfectly accent the color. 

12. Glimmering Dark Honey Blonde Balayage

Back view of woman with long curly hair in a honey blonde color done with the balayage technique


This honey blonde balayage look uses a deeper version of the shade to keep the contrast minimal with the base shade (chocolate and chestnut brown). The red undertones are heavier in this look, which is ideal for warm skin tones and anyone who loves a subtle red color with plenty of brightness. 

13. Smooth Honey Blonde With Smudged Roots

African American woman glances at camera with bare shoulders in front of dark gray wall with honey blonde hair color, straight texture, and dark brown roots

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Caramel and very subtle copper undertones in this honey blonde hair color make it an amazing option for medium and deep skin tones with a warm undertone.

This color is smooth with very fine highlights giving it a little more dimension. Try it with a smudged root to keep maintenance minimal on darker natural hair colors. 

14. Shimmering Copper Honey Blonde

Woman with a small smile and turquoise earrings looks ahead with wavy honey blonde hair and copper undertones

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Turn up the copper undertone in honey blonde for a unique twist on the shade that further warms up the color. This shade has dominant golden and copper undertones and suits skin with warm undertones incredibly well. It’s a medium shade with plenty of richness that still shimmers in the light like bright blonde. 

15. Gilded Light Honey Blonde

Woman with strapless dress tucks hair behind one shoulder to show off honey blonde blowout

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

While the amber and copper undertones are there, this color puts all the focus on the golden undertone in honey blonde. This is a great way to make this color flatter your skin if you have a warm, golden undertone! Brighten it up with some light blonde highlights for even more dimension. 

Things to Consider

What else should you know about the honey blonde hair color before you book an appointment? You’ll want to think about your skin tone, undertone, and maintenance goals to ensure this color will be a good fit.

Identifying ways to keep this color fresh at home can make it much easier to go honey blonde, too! We’ll fill you in so you can find out if this is the right color for you.

  • Honey blonde looks best on warm undertones. Your skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) is separate from your undertone (warm, cool, or neutral). Honey blonde hair color is thoroughly warm, so it’ll be most flattering if you have warm undertones. If your skin looks peachy or golden, your veins have a greenish tint, and you look best in yellow gold jewelry, honey blonde will be ultra-flattering for you.
  • It can also work well with neutral undertones. Honey blonde tends to look more natural if your skin has warm undertones, but it also works for neutral undertones with the right customizations. Pair it with a neutral base color (like mocha, beige blonde, or espresso) for the best results on neutral undertones. Or try a neutral beige or taupe blonde highlight throughout to slightly cool this warm color off. 
  • Low-contrast shades look more natural. Using the contrast rule for hair color will help you nail a more natural result. If your skin tone is fair, opt for light to medium honey blonde. Medium skin tones look natural in medium shades with light blonde highlights and a darker root melt. Deep skin tones get the most natural look with rooty dark honey blonde paired with a rich espresso root melt or smudge for reduced maintenance. 
  • Know how much maintenance is needed. Choosing to go honey blonde all-over or with a bold balayage, ombre, or heavily highlighted color means you’ll need touch-ups regularly to maintain it. If you take your honey blonde hair color all the way up to the roots, expect to need a touch-up every 4-6 weeks to keep your color pristine. Off-root color, like balayage, ombre, and teasylights, gives you a little more breathing room with touch-ups needed around the 12-week mark. 
  • Take good care of your color at home. Getting your color done at a salon is the first step, but keeping it vibrant and healthy means making some changes at home. Sulfate-free shampoo is a must for honey blonde hair, but don’t use purple shampoo – it’s designed to play down those gorgeous gold and copper undertones that you want to stay vibrant. Wash your hair less often overall and up the moisture with regular hair masks for bright, healthy color. 

Will You Try Honey Blonde Hair Color?

There’s a lot to love about honey blonde hair color! It’s warm, universally flattering, and has an almost-iridescent quality with the wide range of metallic undertones visible in the shade. 

We’re obsessed with how natural and luxe this color looks no matter how you mix it up. From heavy golden undertones to boosted copper and caramel tones in honey blonde, there are just so many ways to make it feel like your own custom color. 

It’s a rich, dimensional color that works amazingly well for warm and neutral undertones and skin tones from fair to deep. You’ll always get better results with honey blonde when you choose specific shades that create minimal contrast with your skin and help mirror your skin’s undertones, though!

The possibilities with honey blonde hair color are almost endless, so feel free to get creative with this color.

Go with all-over honey blonde to get that bright, lifted look that instantly revitalizes your mane. Try a trendy balayage or ombre look to keep maintenance minimal while imbuing your hair with a stunning sparkle. 

Try a dark copper-toned honey blonde with speckles of medium golden blonde highlighted around the face. Even warm honey highlights on brown hair can be a great way to get in on the color trend without drastically changing your color.  

Only you can decide if honey blonde hair color is going to be a great fit for your current hair goals. But this is one shade of blonde that absolutely anyone can rock with confidence! As long as you keep your skin tone and undertone in mind while picking the best shade for you, you’ll end up with beautiful results and a flattering glow.