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30 Red Headed Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Red headed hairstyles for guys come in all shapes and sizes. So it can be hard to narrow your choices down to one. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up 30 diverse styles to help you find one you’re sure to love.

Red Headed Hairstyles for Men

Whether you’re a guy with copper, auburn, strawberry blonde, or a ginger hue somewhere in between, it’s not hard to find red headed hairstyles that suit you and your personality.

Any style that works for other hair colors – brunette, blond, and black – will also work for you. The hardest part is actually finding good examples of hairstyles for red hair. That’s because, as a whole, we make up just 2% of the population.

And as a red-haired man, you’re representing about 1% of humanity.

You want to see what hairstyles will look like with your hair color to better understand how they’ll look on you, freckles, and all. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and compiled 30 different hairstyles for red headed men. Check them out below, and make sure to read some interesting redhead trivia throughout this guide! 

30 Red Headed Hairstyles for Men

All the most popular hairstyles for ginger men can work with red hair, but it’s helpful to see examples of how your hair color will look with each one. Below, you can see 30 examples of men’s hairstyles as they look on copper, auburn, strawberry blonde, and ginger hair colors. 

Brushed Back Taper

Young red headed man smiles and looks into the camera while standing outside of a barn looking building


With enough length on top, you can brush it backward and slightly to the side to copy this look. A tapered cut that gets gradually shorter on the sides and back makes it easier to style and takes excess volume out of the sides. 

Long Top Fade

Man with a red headed hairstyle wears a tshirt with sleeves rolled up and looks at the camera without smiling

WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock

This guy’s enviable strawberry blonde hue looks great with a classic fade and long top. Slick the top back for a look that’s put-together without being stuffy. 

Ginger Fact: Redheads require about 20% more anesthesia than people with other hair colors. 

Tapered and Tousled

Man wearing a red headed hairstyle holds the back of his neck and looks below the camera while standing in a studio

Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

A tousled, long top with a little gel for height helps your mane stand out and catch the light in interesting ways. The shorter back and sides keep this red headed hairstyle from being messy.  

Featured Red Headed Hairstyle: Curly Quiff

Portrait of a man with a red hairstyle holding his hands up to this mouth in a prayer motion and rocking a flannel button up shirt

Yurii Maslak/Shutterstock

If bold and adventurous is your hair motto, this one’s for you. Put the spotlight on your auburn curls by leaving the top super long and going with a short fade on the sides and back. 

Medium Taper With Beard

Medium taper with beard red headed hairstyle


If you’ve got the ol’ red beard, you can definitely pull off this red headed hairstyle. Leave the top at a medium length (cut with scissors) and use clippers to taper the length down on the sides and back. 

Buzz Cut

Red headed man with a buzzcut hairstyle


Easy does it with this suitable style for reds. One clipper length all over the head is an effortless style to wear and maintain, and the vivid color makes it anything but boring. 

Combed Over Fade

Handsome young man with a grey button up shirt and a swept up red haircut

NDAB Creativity/Shutterstock

Leaving the top long enough to do a hard part and comb to the side looks awfully dapper, especially paired with a coppery ginger color. 

Undone Pompadour

Man with a red shirt and a red headed hairstyle reads a book and stands against a grey background


Letting a few scarlet strands slide down out of a slicked-back style gives your hair an effortlessly cool look. You can also push this red headed hairstyle straight back with firm-hold gel to keep it in place. 

Windblown Wedge

Windblown wedge red headed hairstyle standing against a white background

Goran Djukanovic/Shutterstock

This style is medium in length but a little longer on top. The sides and back taper down in length while the top is styled with a dab of gel to make the style look messy and casual. 

Ginger Fact: Redheads have an average of 90,000 hairs on their heads, which tend to be thicker than other hair colors. Compare that to the 110,000 for blondes and 140,000 for brunettes. 

Featured Red Headed Hairstyle: Pushed Back Taper

Charming and handsome young man and a blue and red button up shirt that was unbuttoned and crossing his arms

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Keep your hair out of your face with a style like this. The top should be 4-5 inches long to have the most staying power when you add a little gel to push it back. 

Shape of You

A person standing with his hands in his pocket in a studio and a red headed hairstyle


This style reminds us of Ed Sheeran’s nonchalant, medium-length curly ‘do. Clippers taper the length on the sides and back, but the top has a mind of its own.

It’s perfect for guys with curly or wavy hair that don’t want to spend a lot of time styling it. No wonder this tops our list of the best red headed hairstyles.

Copper Cascade

Man in a suit crossing his legs and pulling his red hair

K Petro/Shutterstock

Carefully coiffed copper hair has an undeniable wow factor for men who like the polished look. If your hair is long and has some curl in it, use some mousse and a diffuser to dry it. Get some height at the front by pulling the hair upward while you dry it. 

Wavy Fade

Well-dressed man in a scarf and a wool overcoat looks to the right of the camera

Yuri Kabantsev/Shutterstock

While “wavy fade” would make a great band name, it makes an even better hairstyle for guys with red hair. The wavy texture and faded back and sides let the light hit your strands at different angles to really showcase your hair color. 

High Fade

Man with a red headed hairstyle looks at the camera while wearing a white button up shirt and stands in front of a red brick wall

Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock

Starting the fade up high creates the illusion of volume and height on the top of the head. Leave about an inch or two on top to give you something to style when you feel like it. 

Ginger Fact: If two parents don’t have red hair but carry the mutated MC1R gene, their offspring has a 25% chance of being a redhead. 

Curly Tapered ‘Fro

Profile of a red headed hairstyle guy in a grey shirt


Rust-colored curls don’t need much styling – a little curl cream or mousse, and you’re good to go. A tapered cut keeps this style balanced without being too heavy on the bottom and makes it more lightweight. 

Featured Red Headed Hairstyle: Samurai Knot

Man in a man bun grins and looks at the reader

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

If you’re working with enough length on top to tie it back, try a samurai knot style. Here, the hair is pulled back and twisted around itself to form a bun that is anything but feminine. 

Brushed Forward

Inquisitive red haired male is purplexed by the reader while he looks intensely

Connie Wade/Shutterstock

Medium-length hair with a little natural texture really lends itself to this ginger-friendly style. Use a small dab of gel or pomade and work it through the hair, brushing or combing it forward and just over the hairline. 

Fred and George Weasley Taper

Person smiles while standing in front of a lake with gorgeous trees

Taras Verkhovynets/Shutterstock

Inspired by the redheaded twin brothers of Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series, this tapered style gives straight hair a little more interest with volume on top and an off-center part. 

Carmine Crew Cut

Young man with a red headed hairstyle and a pale complexion wears a ratty shirt and does not smile

Unique Vision/Shutterstock

A little twist on the classic crew cut looks great on guys with any shade of red hair. Some extra length on top gives you something to muss up with gel for an edgier vibe. 

Clean Cut Taper

Man in a red shirt gives the camera a grin


Look clean cut without putting a ton of effort into styling with this option. A tapered red headed haircut gradually gets shorter toward the base of the head, and the longer top can be brushed back and to the side. 

Classic Medium Fade

Man with glasses sits in a cafeteria wearing a mens redheaded hairstyle and grey shirt


Fades can look good even if you don’t want to go down to the skin or start the fade high up. This classic style keeps the length medium and fades down to short on the back and sides. 

Ginger Fact: Red-haired people are more likely to be left-handed. 

Choppy Fade With Wispy Fringe

Sad looking man in a green shirt holds his head


A messy style with longer hair on top balances the clean-cut look of the faded sides. Let a few strands hang down over the forehead for a different look, or push them back for something more polished. 

Short With Shaved Designs

Man with a shaved head in a black shirt looks to the right of his shoulder

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Get creative with the clippers to turn any fade or buzz cut into a work of art. We like the low-key line designs in this example. 

Long, Parted Fade

Young man with a red headed hairstyle and a buttoned up shirt standing in a field


A little gel or styling pomade goes a long way, so use a dime-sized amount or less and work it through the top before brushing to the side. The sides and back are faded down to short lengths while the top is kept 3-4 inches long for styling. 

Featured Red Headed Hairstyle: Fiery Taper

Man has a fiery red haircut and pulls a hood over his head

Sveta Y/Shutterstock

Why “part” with your hair when you can keep the length and pair it with a deep side part? The length of this red headed hairstyle gradually shortens from the ears downward for an easily maintained look. 

Ginger Fact: Redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures than people with other hair colors. 

Widow’s Peak 

Man in a flannel shirt holds a paint tray and wears a red headed hairstyle while standing outside

Vladimir Salman/Shutterstock

If you have a widow’s peak, there’s nothing to hide. Play it up by having your barber cut in and define the edges of your peak with an all-over buzz cut for a striking look. 

Bieb-y Shag

Smiling red headed man with a grin on his face


We’ve seen this style somewhere before, right? There’s a clean-cut skater vibe to it that has us singing, “Baby, baby, baby, ooh.” 

Pushed Back Fade

Man with a red headed hairstyle looks intensely at the camera and wears a tight grey tshirt

Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

If you’ve got a fade haircut and are sick of parting the hair or brushing it forward, try pushing it back and holding with a little medium to firm hold gel. 

Featured Red Headed Hairstyle: Shaven 

Bald red headed male grins and has a red beard and moustache in a black crew neck shirt

MPH Photos/Shutterstock

Shaved styles are always a popular option. Remind us that you’re still a ginger by keeping your facial hair around. Or let us guess from the freckles. 

Slicked Back Undercut

Man in a striped wool sweater stands against a black and yellow concrete wall


Use clippers to shave the hair to one uniform length around the sides and back, but leave your auburn top as long as you can. The longer it is, the easier it will be to slick back with gel or pomade. 

Finding the Right Hairstyle for Red Hair

Before you find the perfect red headed hairstyle, there are a few things you need to know about. Here’s what to consider before making your choice. 

  • Any style with texture or differences in length looks great. Because red hair is made up of many different tones and colors, any style that has differences in length (like tapers and fades) or showcases your hair’s natural texture will look best. This allows the light to hit your hair at various angles to make your hair color stand out. 
  • Very light red hair may show more of your scalp. If you choose to opt for a super-short fade or undercut, you might see more of your scalp than you expected. That’s because very light shades of red and orange tones don’t have as much coverage and will allow the scalp to show through even if you don’t shave down to the skin. Keep this in mind. 
  • Sunburn can be a concern. Any shorter style that does allow your scalp to show through makes sunburn a serious concern for redheads. Since we produce less melanin than people with other hair colors, our skin doesn’t protect us from the sun’s rays as well. That includes the scalp, so make sure to use sunscreen on your scalp if it’s visible. 
  • Own your hair color. Many people are envious of natural redheads, but the color stands out so much that some try to downplay it with certain hairstyles. Instead of trying to tame your color by routinely buzzing it super short or coloring it darker, own that fiery color and choose a style that shows it off! 
  • Red hair naturally fades over time. Even if your color is genetic and not from a bottle, the intensity of red hair gradually fades as you get older. If you’re missing the copper, auburn, ginger, or strawberry blonde hue you used to have, a stylist can apply a semi-permanent color gloss to revive it. 

There’s no denying that red hair is a fashion statement in itself. If you’re fortunate enough to have this fiery color naturally, make the most of it with a red headed hairstyle that suits and flatters you. 

You can choose to style it casual and messy, polished and clean-cut, or a mix of both. With your rare and coveted color, you’re going to look great no matter how you style it.