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30 Hairstyles for Guys With Big Foreheads for 2024

There’s no one hairstyle for guys with big foreheads that works on everyone. After all, each person has their own face shape and build. We’ve rounded up 30 ideas to help you pick the style that fits you best.

What’s the Best Hairstyle for Guys With Big Foreheads?

If your forehead seems out of balance with the rest of your face, you might be looking for styles that play it down a bit. After all, picking the wrong style is very noticeable.

The forehead is relatively featureless, but with the right style, you can take the attention off it and visually shrink the forehead. There are a few ways to do this with a hairstyle:

  • Brushing the hair forward or angled across
  • Leaving the top long
  • Opting for the right type of fade
  • Even working in choppy layers

There are so many ways to take the focus off the forehead with today’s most popular hairstyles. We couldn’t pick our favorite hairstyle for guys with big foreheads.

So we thought we’d include 30 for you to check out! After the examples, we’ll share a few tips to keep in mind before choosing a style. 

30 Hairstyles for Men with Big Foreheads

If you want to disguise the size of your forehead, give any of the styles we’ll show you below a try. 

Fade With Fringe

Man wearing the best haircut for guys with large foreheads

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

A classic fade that starts tapering just above the ears is a great way to play down the forehead. It works best when you add a fringe by styling the front forward over the hairline. 

Side Swept Strands

Man with a big forehead holds his right shoulder and wears a purple-blue shirt

Lipik Stock Media/Shutterstock

You don’t have to get full bangs to work a little magic on your forehead. Keep the top long enough to extend over it, and use a pinch of styling wax to knead a few face-framing pieces into place at an angle across your forehead. 

Tapered Long Fade

As an image for a piece on a haircut for guys with big foreheads, a man wears a British looking shirt and wool jacket while smiling and walking outside


Styling the hair on top forward instead of pushing it back or parting it to the side breaks up the hairline and visually shrinks the forehead. Leave the top a few inches long to get the benefits of this style. 

Long, Curly Layers

Young man wearing suspenders with a haircut that looks like it came from tiktok


Curls, with all their multi-directional texture, will steal all the attention away from a big forehead. Make sure to leave your hair long on top (short on the sides and back) to give your curls plenty of room to do their thing. 

Side-Styled Fade 

For a feature on best haircuts for guys with big foreheads, a smiling asian man wearing a blue shirt


Straight hair can give a classic fade haircut a lot of interest with the help of gel or styling products. Style the top over to one side and forward at the hairline to best conceal the forehead. 

Pushed Back

Serious man holding the back of his head and looking intensely at the camera

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

You don’t have to physically cover the forehead to visually reduce its size. Here, the hair is tapered in length (long top, shorter back and sides). The front is angled to one side and styled back with gel to hold it in place. 

Two Block Cut

Portrait of a man in a studio looking at the camera without smiling and wearing a haircut for guys with big foreheads

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

The Korean-inspired two block haircut is shaved all the way around up to about the temple level. The top is left long, and you can easily style it like this, parted in the middle or on the side, or even slicked back for different looks. 

High Undercut 

Handsome young man looks intensely at the camera and is not wearing a shirt

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Bringing the shaved portion up a little higher and keeping the top much longer gives this style a great contrast. Let some of the top fall down over the forehead to make it seem smaller. 

Faux Hawk

Man in a trenchcoat wears a haircut for guys with big foreheads and looks into the camera against a plain white background


A short faux hawk draws the attention upward and away from your forehead. If you want to cover more of the forehead, bring the hair at the front downward just a bit.

This cut can be worn long or short, and fits with many personality and face types. That’s why it’s one of our favorite hairstyles for guys with big foreheads.

Curly Taper

Guy with a big forehead wears a long flowing hairstyle

Men with curly hair can get away with styles that don’t actually cover the forehead. This is because the volume of the curls themselves contrasts with the size of the forehead, making it seem smaller by comparison. 

Caesar Style

Man in a striped button up shirt with a wide collar looks up to his right and grins

Sergei Telegin/Shutterstock

The Caesar cut leaves the top longer while trimming the sides and back to one, short length. The bangs are styled forward to lay over the hairline, making it a perfect style to cover up a large forehead. 

Long and Casual 

Good looking male with deep blue eyes and a 90s cut looks up at the camera in a short sleeved baseball shirt


A side part with bangs, long hair with a little layering, and playing up the hair’s natural wavy texture make this style a savior for bigger foreheads. The bangs act like mini curtains that reveal only the center of the forehead, making it seem smaller. 

Gelled Fade

Young man stands outside an office building with gelled hair in our piece titled hairstyle for guys with big foreheads

Mikael Damkier/Shutterstock

All the attention will be on the top of your head and sleek back and sides with this hairstyle. Use a dime-size amount of hair gel, then brush your hair in a few angled directions to create some interest up top. 

Curly Top

Man with curly hair and a white vneck stands and holds his long curly hair

Nadya Lukic/Shutterstock

You can cut the back and sides with clippers to create more contrast with the longer, curly top. Style your curls however you want to take the focus off your forehead – let them hang naturally, part down the middle or side, or push back and secure with gel. 

Undercut With a Hint of Elvis

Person with a dark button up shirt and a faded haircut looks directly into the camera with a slight grin

Matt Benzero/Shutterstock

The sides and back are shaved very close to the skin in this undercut, while the top is left long. Let one tendril of hair hang down above your eye to break up the forehead’s visibility (and get just a hint of that Elvis-inspired style). 

Volume on the Sides

Portrait of a man wearing a light blue blazer and wearing a pink shirt against a darker blue background


A little extra volume on the sides can trick the eyes into perceiving the forehead as smaller in comparison. Length on top, slightly shorter sides, and a blowdryer to dry the hair away from the face make this style possible. 

French Crop With Side Swept Bangs

Man with a fade haircut and long top in sunglasses wearing black in a black room


A French crop is like a cross between an undercut and the Caesar cut. There’s always a little fringe left at the hairline, but this style keeps the bangs a little longer so they can be swept over to the side across the forehead. 

Crew Cut 

Guy with a haircut for guy with big forehead combs his hair

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Crew cuts never go out of style. Styling the hair on top over to the side at a slightly downward angle gives you the slightest forehead coverage without a curtain of bangs. 

Rocker Mop

Handsome man squints and does not smile while wearing a super deep cut v neck

Kiselev Andrey Valervick/Shutterstock

If you’re not in need of a hairstyle suitable for a professional, long hair styled over to one side with lots of layers can effectively disguise a large forehead. 

Feathered 70s

Yellow shirt person holds his chin

Kiselev Andrey Valerevicih/Shutterstock

If you’ve got plenty of length to work with, a blowout angled away from your face can take your hair back to the 70s. Part it down the middle to allow the bangs to gently curve and cover the edges of your forehead. 

Thick and Tapered

Man standing with his hands behind his back outside of a large pond


If you don’t want to lose too much length on the sides and back, just have your stylist taper them slightly and leave more length on top. Styled down and forward, it gives the effect of long bangs that can easily work on any hairstyle for guys with big foreheads. 

Long Undercut

Person rolling up his sleeves to fight


The options are endless with this style. The hair looks long all over, but if you notice, it’s shaved very short with only the top and crown left long. Let it hang around your face to hide the forehead or slick it back for a more professional look. 

Short with Bangs

Man standing without a shirt holding his chin and wearing a haircut for guys with big foreheads


Microbangs are the highlight of this style. While they won’t lay in a way that actually covers the forehead, they create the illusion that the forehead is smaller because the bangs are so short. 

Curly With Bangs

Man in a suit and a black and white tie and shirt looks at the camera with his hands in his pockets


Leave your curls to their own devices with a tapered cut and casual style like this. Style the bangs over the forehead straight down or angled to one side for the most forehead camouflaging power. 

Skin Undercut 

Man with long hair on top with short sides looking to the left

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

An undercut taken to the next level – shaved down to the skin around the sides and back – opens up the area where the forehead ends and the hairline typically starts.

The result is a forehead that looks smaller compared to the amount of skin showing around the scalp. No wonder it tops our list of the best hairstyle for guys with big foreheads.

Long With Middle Part

Person standing and wearing a haircut for guys with big foreheads and looking toward the camera

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Someone might hand you an acoustic guitar, but no one will notice if your forehead is big with a cut and style like this. Part your hair down the middle and leave your natural wave or curl in it for a casual vibe. 

Versatile High Fade

Person in a side by side before and after image showing a guy getting a haircut to cover his big forehead


A high fade keeps the volume concentrated up top. We like the versatility of this hairstyle – see how it can be pushed back or brushed forward? 

Wispy Fringe

Man in a scarf and a button up shirt wears sunglasses on his head and looks upward

Henri Schmit/Shutterstock

Who says you have to jump on the fade bandwagon? Let your hair grow out and have some wispy bangs cut in the front to bring it all together. 

Beatles’ Bangs

Guy with a haircut and long bangs takes a selfit


If you have straight hair and want to disguise your forehead, just have it nicely trimmed and style the hair on the top and sides forward with product to hold it in place. This one reminds us of an early Beatles hairstyle. 

Shaved Head

As an idea for hairstyles for guys with big foreheads, a man crosses his arms and looks to the right


Get the ultimate victory over your forehead by shaving your head. Where the forehead begins and hairline ends blend together, making your forehead seem smaller. 

Things to Consider

Which hairstyle for guys with big foreheads seems to suit you best? Before you pick one, there are a few things to consider. Here’s how to pick the one that will flatter your face and fit your needs the best. 

Decide if bangs will work for you. Many of the hairstyles for men with large foreheads involve bangs or styling the hair forward. But there are plenty that don’t.

Think about the reality of having hair styled forward like this. Will it get on your nerves? Will it work for your lifestyle and activities? If you’re not sure, stick with a style that doesn’t involve hair in your face.

Any popular hairstyle can work. Your barber or stylist has a lot of experience and knowledge about hairstyles and what works best for each person. Let them know what style you like best and that you’d like to play your forehead down. Anything can be tweaked to look great on a face with a larger forehead.  

How committed are you to hiding your forehead? Some of the best styles for disguising a big forehead involve some commitment. The undercut is a great example. Are you prepared to shave the sides and back of your head to create the illusion of a smaller forehead? If not, don’t take the leap. 

Choose a style you like, not the one that covers your forehead most. Sure, camouflaging your forehead is one of your criteria for a new hairstyle. But don’t let it be the only criteria. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that you find attractive, which will be easy to style and maintain. 

It won’t be a permanent decision. It’s important to consider these things before you choose a hairstyle that conceals a big forehead. But don’t forget it’s just hair. You might have to get a haircut to wear the style you choose, but if you don’t love it, it will grow back.

If you’re keeping your hair the same length and just styling it a new way, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You can always try a new style tomorrow!

Big foreheads can be attractive. Multiple studies and surveys, including one by Esquire in 2017, have found that both women and men find perceived “flaws” including large foreheads to be attractive.

The best way to make the most of yours? Be confident and walk tall. You’ll be so pleased with your new hairstyle, you might just forget about covering your forehead.  

It’s less about hiding your forehead and more about finding hairstyles that will flatter your face by playing down the size of your forehead. You don’t have to completely cover it to create the illusion of a smaller forehead! 

Make sure to bring photos of the style you like best to your stylist. This will help them customize the style for your face shape and hair care needs.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hairstyle for big forehead male?

The best hairstyle for a man with a more prominent forehead depends on what he’s trying to accomplish with his haircut. You can cover, disguise, or distract from your forehead with the right style. If your hair is naturally curly, consider letting it be its natural self, as the volume of curly hair draws attention away from the forehead.

What hairstyle suits big forehead?

A variety of hairstyles look attractive on larger foreheads. A buzz cut exposes the whole head, allowing the forehead to blend in with your natural head shape. You can even leave a little fringe if you want to hide where your hairline lies. Other stylish options include the French crop with the fringe brushed forward and a classic crew cut.

How can a guy hide a big forehead?

There are a lot of ways to disguise a larger forehead. Try a look that’s spiky on top to make your whole head look longer, which will, in turn, make your forehead look proportionally smaller. Anything with fringe will also help to hide where your natural hairline lies, shortening the appearance of your forehead.

Is long hair or short hair better for big foreheads?

Neither short nor long hair is better for people with big foreheads. You could go bald so that there’s no way to tell where your forehead begins, or grow your hair out and use fringe or curls to create the illusion of a larger head and smaller forehead. There are great options at both ends of the spectrum.

Is a 4 finger forehead big?

You have a four-finger forehead if you can fit four fingers between the top of your eyebrows and the bottom of your hairline. This is roughly the average size of an adult forehead, so a four-finger forehead is not considered unusually large.