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2024 Great Clips Coupons | How to Save Big Money

Great Clips coupons can save you money on haircuts, styles, and hair products. But does the company offer discounts in addition to coupons? Read on to learn all you need to know.

Current Great Clips Coupons

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When you use a Great Clips promo code, your haircut or service becomes even cheaper. But before you use a random coupon you find online, be sure to call your nearest Great Clips salon to make sure they’ll honor the discount.

After all, while Great Clips is a chain, most locations are owned by independent franchisees, so not all locations offer discounts on haircuts and other services. However, they might be running their own promotions.

Great Clips confirmed this when I reached out to their media team to ask if they have any nationwide coupons, discounts, or promotions. This is a big hair site, and often times brands will offer special discounts to me.

Unfortunately, they said that they had no special offers to give me, but rather my readers should check with the locations in their area for special discounts and pricing.

While other sites claim to offer special Great Clips coupon codes and promotions, most are local discounts that do not apply to your store. However, we found some hacks to save you big money without using a coupon.

What Coupons Does Great Clips Offer?

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Who doesn’t love saving money? When you visit a Great Clips salon, you can expect to pay between $17 and $24 for a haircut ($15 to $22 for seniors and kids). You can find a list of average Great Clips prices here.

While these are fantastic prices that are lower than most salons, Great Clips makes it easy to save even more with their coupons. Coupons at Great Clips come out on a regular and predictable basis.

You’ll see awesome deals via email, print mailers, and social media throughout the year. Their big haircut sale happens twice a year (read more about it in the next section). You can also get coupons by entering Great Clips sweepstakes!

You can find a variety of Great Clips coupons, including:

  • $2-$5 off haircuts
  • $8.99-$12.99 haircuts
  • Free haircuts for veterans
  • Discounts on hair care products

While not every location participates, there are some common promotions that many locations run. Read on to learn more about each type below.

$2-$5 Off Great Clips Haircut Coupons

Great Clips Coupon for $2-$5 off

Great Clips is known to offer coupons that give you anywhere from $2 to $5 off the price of a regular haircut. We’ve seen tons of $1, $2, $3, and $5 off coupons for haircuts at these salons over the last few years. The great thing about these coupons is that they’ll apply to any haircut – adult, senior, or child.

Since the average Great Clips adult haircut is just $17-$24, a coupon like this could bring the cost down to as low as $12. For a senior or child’s haircut (normally $15-$22), you could pay as little as $10 for the haircut with a $5 off coupon.  

How to Get $5 Off Haircut Coupons at Great Clips

Check above to see if there’s a current $2-$5 off coupon for Great Clips. Most coupons Great Clips offers have an expiration date. So you need to make sure you’re signed up with a Great Clips account to get the inside scoop when these coupons become available.

Great Clips sometimes offers coupons like these when you enter one of their sweepstakes. You can enter Great Clips sweepstakes to win things like vacations, sporting event tickets, celebrity meet and greets, and more. Try entering any current Great Clips sweepstakes to get a dollar off coupon.

You can also sign up with a Great Clips account on their website or download the Great Clips app on iOS or Android to get digital coupons. Once you have an account, you may start to receive mailers from Great Clips with exclusive coupons, too.

Great Clips $8.99 Haircut Coupons

Great Clips Coupon $6.99 Haircut (1)

This is the big promotion everyone gets excited about: The $8.99 haircut coupon! Great Clips has already announced their mega deal for 2023. While it’s not $6.99 haircuts, it’s close.

The 2023 Great Clips deal will be $8.99 haircuts. That’s still a significant discount off the normal $18 average at Great Clips salons! 

How to Get Great Clips $8.99 Haircut Coupons

Great Clips runs their big haircut promotion every year. This deal rolls around twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Look for it sometime in late February and again in late October. In years past, Great Clips has offered the $6.99 haircut coupon twice a year.

But since costs are rising everywhere, the new coupon offers a haircut for $8.99. This could be a temporary increase after Covid-19 salon closures, but as time goes on, it’s looking like it’s a more permanent inflation adjustment rather than a temporary thing. 

Having a Great Clips account by signing up on their website or with their app can help ensure you get the coupon when it comes out. Check the current coupons at the top of the page to see if there’s a valid $8.99 haircut coupon out now! 

Great Clips Free Haircut for Veterans Coupon

Free Veterans Haircut at Great Clips Coupon

Great Clips offers a special promotion for veterans on and after Veteran’s Day (November 11) each year. A veteran can visit Great Clips on Veteran’s Day to get a free haircut.

Or, they can take a free haircut coupon with them to use at a later date. A non-veteran can also visit on Veteran’s Day and take a free haircut coupon to give to a veteran. 

How to Get Great Clips Free Haircuts for Veterans Coupon

A veteran can visit any Great Clips salon on Veteran’s Day to receive a free haircut. You can choose to get the free haircut that day, or accept a card/coupon to come back and get the free haircut up to 30 days later (December 11). 

A non-veteran can visit any Great Clips salon on Veteran’s Day and ask for a free haircut promo card to give to a veteran. That card is only valid for veterans and can be used up to 30 days after Veteran’s Day (December 11). 

Great Clips Hair Care Products Discount Coupons

A row of hair products and shampoos for a piece on Great Clips discounts

4 PM Production/Shutterstock

Ever noticed it’s hard to make your hair look as good as it did at the salon once you get home? That’s likely due to the professional grade hair products your stylist used. Great Clips offers several lines of professional hair care products for sale in its locations.

They regularly put out coupons that give you a hefty discount off the price of these products. Typically, Great Clips product coupons will be in a percent off or BOGO format. 

How to Get Great Clips Hair Care Products Coupons

To save money on the professional hair products Great Clips salons offer, you can use one of their discount coupons. We’ve seen discounts anywhere from 15% off any one product to Buy One, Get One 50% Off.

Recently, Great Clips has been doing a lot of 20% off any one product coupons. You can get these coupons by signing up with a Great Clips account on their website or mobile app.

You should also ask your Great Clips stylist if they are running any product promotions when you visit. They typically run the BOGO 50% product promotion around the holidays.

So be on the lookout for that special anywhere from November to December. Check the coupons at the top of this page to see if there are any current product discount coupons available! 

Great Clips Coupon FAQ

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Here are some of the common questions customers have about using coupons at Great Clips. 

Does every Great Clips location accept coupons?

Since Great Clips locations are owned by franchisees, some promotions and coupons are created at the local level. That means there might be even more coupons available for the Great Clips near you than you see advertised online.

It also means that while most Great Clips locations will accept nationwide coupons for the chain of salons, some may not honor them. That’s why it’s a good idea to call and check with your local Great Clips if you have a coupon you’re planning on using. 

Where can I find Great Clips haircut or product coupons?

Great Clips makes its coupons available in print mailers, email, social media, and upon entering their sweepstakes. Before you visit a Great Clips salon, you can always do a quick search online to see if there are any current coupons you can use.

Be aware that some websites will show expired or fake coupons, so you’ll still need to verify your local salon will accept and honor the coupon. We recommend checking the current coupons at the top of this page.

Or, you can sign up for an account on the Great Clips website or app, enter the Great Clips sweepstakes to get exclusive coupons, or call to check with your local Great Clips to see what coupons and promotions they’re running right now.

Keep an eye out for the big promotions in February, October, November, and December. Again, most locations are independently owned and operated, so it’s always best to check with your local salon.

Can I combine coupons at Great Clips?

While Great Clips often runs more than one promotion at once, you can only use one coupon at a time. Even if you receive a mailer or email with 2 coupons (usually $2-$5 off haircut and 20% off a product), you are only allowed to use one coupon per visit.

Some salons may make exceptions, such as if you’re using a free veteran haircut coupon and want to combine it with a product discount coupon. Be sure to call ahead and check with a stylist to find out if your local salon will allow you to do this. 

Does Great Clips offer student, senior, or military discounts?

Great Clips locations are run by franchisees who decide which discounts they will offer at their location. Many Great Clips salons do offer student and military discounts.

All Great Clips salons offer senior discounts. Student discounts vary by location, but you’ll commonly see $15 haircuts with a valid student I.D.

Military discounts also vary by location. We’ve seen different Great Clips salons offer anywhere from $2 off to $5 off a haircut for military service members who present a military I.D.

Senior discounts are offered daily as well for adults aged 65 and up. This typically gives you $2 off the regular adult haircut price. 

Verify Coupons Before You Visit

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While we make every effort to ensure the coupons we list are current and valid for Great Clips salons across the country, every location has the final say on whether or not they’ll accept a coupon.

To ensure you get the discount you want, make sure to verify the coupon first by calling your local Great Clips. You can find the Great Clips location nearest you with our Great Clips locator.

Just type your zip code to see the locations in your area. Click one to see their phone number and ask if they accept the coupon you want to use.

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