Great Clips prices can be hard to find. After all, with so many locations, each franchisee can set their own rates. But don’t worry — we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on to see the high, low, and average prices you can expect to pay at Great Clips.

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What Are Great Clips Prices?

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Great Clips prices are known for being lower than many other salons. They don’t offer as many services as a full-service salon (no colors, highlights, nails, etc.), but this is one of the ways they keep prices low and wait times short. 

While they don’t offer chemical treatments (though some offer perms), you might be surprised at how many services are available at Great Clips. When you visit one of Great Clips’ 4,100 hair salons, these are the services you may be able to choose from.

Average Great Clips Prices

Great Clips salons offer the following services to customers. They offer men’s, women’s, senior’s, and children’s hair services. We list the low/average/high prices for each service below.

Great Clips ServiceLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
Adult haircut$13$15$16
Child haircut$11$13$14
Senior haircut$11$13$14
Bang trim$5$6$7
Neck trim$5$6$7
Beard trim$5$6$7
Conditioning treatment$10$14$17
Regular length style$20$25$35
Long length style$34$35$45
Formal style$45$50$60
Partial perm$30$40$45
Full perm$49$60$70
Long perm$79$90$115

Before you visit a Great Clips near you, it’s a good idea to take a look at their price list. Each service is priced differently. 

While there are thousands of Great Clips locations across the country, each one is owned by a franchisee. The franchisee determines how much they will charge for each service based on the location of their salon. 

You may see a slight difference in services from one city to the next. Great Clips salons in larger cities tend to charge a little more. 

Great Clips Prices by Service

Let’s take a look at Great Clips prices and how they differ in areas across the United States. 

Great Clips Haircut Prices

Great Clips adult haircuts are priced anywhere from $13 to $16. Kids’ and seniors’ cuts range from $11 to $14. Kid and senior haircuts are priced at $2 less than adult haircuts. Most locations charge about $15 for an adult haircut and $13 for children and seniors.

Haircut TypeLow EndHigh End

In Missouri City, TX, Great Clips customers pay $13 for an adult haircut and $11 for a child or senior haircut. In Jacksonville, FL, customers pay $14 for an adult haircut and $12 for a child or senior cut.  

In Tampa, FL, Norco, CA, and Mt. Laurel, NJ, customers pay $15 for an adult haircut and $13 for a child or senior cut. In Beaumont, CA, the price for an adult haircut is $16. For seniors and kids in this location, the price for a haircut is $14.

Great Clips Trim Prices

Great Clips also offers bang trims, neck trims, and beard trims for customers who don’t need a full haircut. These are priced lower than haircuts and range from $5 per trim to $7 per trim. The price you pay depends on your location. Here’s a look at how trim prices vary among different Great Clips locations.

Service TypeLow EndHigh End
Generic Trim$5$7

Bang, neck, and beard trims are $5 in Missouri City, TX. You will pay $6 for a trim in Algonquin, IL and Aurora, CO. In Chesapeake, VA, bang, neck, and beard trims are $7. 

Great Clips Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment Prices

If all you need is a shampoo, or if you want to add a shampoo to another service, you’ll pay anywhere from $3 to $5. Again, the price you pay will depend on your location and what the franchise owner decides to charge to stay competitive in their area.

Treatment TypeLow EndHigh End

In Gahanna, OH, you’ll pay $3 for a shampoo. There are some locations, like the Daytona Beach, FL Great Clips, that charge $4 for a shampoo. This service is $5 at an Aurora, CO Great Clips. 

If you want to add a conditioning treatment to your shampoo, the price will range from $10 to $17. This treatment is applied to the hair after a shampoo. After it’s applied, the stylist will let it penetrate the hair to deep-condition for about 15 minutes. You may sit under a hooded dryer during this time. 

A conditioning treatment is $10 in Bowie, MD. In Gahanna, OH, this treatment is $11. In West Hills, CA, you’ll pay $14 to add this service. In Aurora, CO, the same service is $15. In Pittsburg, CA, the price is $17. 

Great Clips Hair Styling Prices

You can get a variety of hairstyles at Great Clips combined with a new haircut or as a service on its own. For example, you can come in and have your hair straightened with a flat iron, waved, or curled. You can also get a blowout or a formal style like an updo.

Type of Hair StyleLow EndHigh End
Regular Length Style$20$35
Long Length Style$34$45
Formal Style$45$60

Regular length styles are the lowest priced, ranging from $20 to $35 depending on the location. Regular length style prices apply to hair that is at or above the shoulders. For long length styles, the price rises a bit. You’ll pay about $30 to $45 to get long hair styled, depending on the location. 

Formal styles take more time and may be more precise, so they are priced the highest. Expect to pay somewhere between $40 and $60 for a formal style. Longer hair may result in an additional charge, so be sure to talk to your stylist about this in advance so you can achieve the look you want with your hair length. 

The Gahanna, OH Great Clips charges $20 for a regular length style, $34 for a long length style, and $45 for a formal style. In Aurora, CO, a regular length style is $20, a long length style is $45, and a formal style is $60. The Pittsburg, CA Great Clips salon charges $25 for a regular length style, $35 for a long length style, and $45 for a formal style. In Bowie, MD, regular length styles are $35, long length styles are $45, and formal styles are $55.

Great Clips Perm Prices

Some Great Clips hair salons, but not all, offer perms in addition to their haircutting and styling services. If a Great Clips near you offers perms, the price will range from $30 (partial perm) to as much as $115 (long perm). Most likely, you’ll pay somewhere around $50 to $70 for a regular perm.

Type of PermLow EndHigh End
Partial Perm$30$45
Regular Perm$49$70
Long Perm$79$115

The Gahanna, OH Great Clips charges $30 for a partial perm, $49 for a regular perm, and $79 for a long perm. In Pittsburg, CA, a partial perm is $40, a regular perm is $65, and a long perm is $90. In Santee, CA, the price for a partial perm is $40, a regular perm is $60, and a long perm is $115.

How Great Clips Prices Compare to Other Salons

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Great Clips is known for affordable pricing and limited wait times. By keeping prices low, they make regular hair care possible for a wider range of people. And if you like to get your hair trimmed or styled often, the affordable prices at these salons will certainly appeal to you. 

Because they do not offer time-consuming services like colors and highlights, customers don’t have to wait as long for an available stylist. This enables Great Clips to accept walk-ins and online check-ins rather than scheduling appointments. 

  • Great Clips charges about $15 on average for a haircut. Other salons may charge $35 and up for a haircut in comparison. 
  • Trims are usually $5 at Great Clips, while other salons charge anywhere from $11 to $20 for a trim. 
  • Conditioning treatments are around $14 at Great Clips, compared to a cost of about $45 at other salons. 
  • Great Clips hairstyles are about $25 (regular length), $35 (long length), and $50 (formal) on average. This is in line with the average salon, which may start at $20 for short hair styling and add to the cost as hair length increases. 

Overall, the Great Clips pricing is among the best we’ve seen from any salon, franchise or not. In combination with the shorter wait times and straightforward service, it’s a popular choice for anyone looking for reliable and quality hair care. 

Sound like your cup of tea? We’ve made finding a Great Clips near you easier than ever. Simply enter your location and we’ll show you the nearest locations. What are you waiting for — get started today!

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