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15 Trending E-Girl Hairstyles That Slay in 2024

E-girl hairstyles are one of the newest phenomena to come out of the Internet. But what is it, and which hairstyle do they wear? We’ll cover this and more in our complete guide. Read on to learn all about e-girl hair.

What Is E-Girl Hair?

Woman with blue e-girl hair gives 2 peace signs while sitting in front of a computer


While there are different types of e-girls, they’re mostly young women who spend time playing video games and streaming. They typically have brightly colored hair, which is what we’re interested in here.

It’s fair to say that there’s a good bit of controversy surrounding the subculture of so-called e-boys and e-girls, but it’s a subculture that’s hard to ignore.

Whether you fall in the e-camp or not, you can’t deny that there are some unique styles that have emerged from it. In this article, we’re going to look at several popular e-girl hairstyles and break down how to get each one.

E-Girl Hairstyle Inspiration

Whether you’re an e-girl looking for haircut inspiration, or are just curious about the look, we’ve got 15 examples of styles to inspire you.

1. Dyed E-Girl Curtains

This is one of the most popular and common e-girl hairstyles. It consists of dyeing the hair in the front so that there are only two strips of dyed hair. Usually, the color doesn’t blend into the rest of the hair.

But sometimes it gently fades into the hair’s natural color. While that’s the basic formula, there are many variations on this look. The rest of the hair may be dyed a different color so that the hair in the front stands out even more.

And the length of the hair also varies greatly. There’s not really a right or wrong way to wear this look, which makes it one of the most versatile cuts on our list.

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2. Purely Pastel

Woman with a half-half e-girl haircut with half yellow and half pink


Pastel colors are big in the e-girl community. For many e-girls, it’s part of their entire look. Most e-girls use pastel colors in extremely bold ways, as shown here with this half-and-half style that combines neon pink and bright yellow.

The colors themselves are loud and dramatic, but the even split featured here makes them pop even more. The colors shown here are more saturated pastels, but you could also opt for truer pastels that are a little more muted.

While you won’t get as dramatic of an effect, your hair will still be eye-catching, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost in a crowd with this kind of look.

3. High Tails

Woman with an e-girl haircuts and two high pigtails on each side of her head

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

It’s also common to see e-girls sporting ponytails and pigtails of all sorts. Most often, the tails are created high up on the head for a more noticeable appearance. The specific style shown here consists of a loose ponytail with a large curve.

Also, since the ends aren’t tied together, the hair at the bottom spreads out and adds extra volume to the look. Alternatively, you can tie the ends together and form tighter tails if you want a slightly edgier look or if you want to have multiple tails.

4. Colorful E-Girl Bob

Young woman with an e-girl haircut that is pink and purple and blows up in the wind

Viachaslau Govorkov/Shutterstock

Many e-girls opt for shorter hair since it’s more closely tied into related subcultures, so you’ll find many who sport the bob haircut. More often than not, all of the hair is dyed.

This style features violent magenta as the base color. And there’s a bit of darker purple at the top and some blue at the ends. 

Since this hairstyle is pretty simple, you can play around with it. For example, say you want to have a look that pops more. In this case, you might go for a single color instead of using multiple hues. On the other hand, if you want something more unique, you could turn this into a galaxy hair bob.

5. Long Dyed Locks

Girl with purple hair holds her hands up to her face

Joshua Seiler/Shutterstock

Although short hair is popular, it’s also common to see longer hair that’s intensely dyed. As we’ve already seen, most of the popular colors tend to be extremely vibrant colors or pastel tones, so these purples and magentas fit right in.

The hair starts out purple on top and blends smoothly into the magenta. The bangs are also an important part of the hairstyle since they add balance and allow the purple dye to become more noticeable.

6. High Contrast Curtains

Here’s a fun twist on the dyed curtains hairstyle that relies on contrasting colors. The majority of the hair is dyed a light-medium purple, and the curtains (the front of the hair) are dyed a smoky silver.

Of course, you can use any two contrasting colors, but we think purple and silver make for a smashing combo. Although the hair is wavy here, this style works just as well with straight hair or just hair that isn’t curled/crimped.

That’s what’s so nice about high-contrast hairstyles; they work well independently and don’t require any specific hair type. That’s why it’s one of our favorite e-girl hairstyles.

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7. E-Girl Galaxy Hair

Here’s a great example of the crossover between e-girl hairstyles and galaxy hair. This style has many colors that fit into the e-girl aesthetic: purple, magenta, grey/white, and yellow.

If you want to really nail the look, opt for more pastel versions of these colors. This hairstyle is a fun way to experiment with the e-girl look, and it’s ideal if you want something more inspired by e-girl fashion.

8. Rainbow Accent

Keeping the pastel theme going, here’s a prismatic style that features rainbow streaks interspersed throughout light hair. This is a slightly different take on an e-girl aesthetic since the style isn’t as loud, but of course, you can turn things up by dyeing more of your hair.

The base color here is a silvery beige sort of tone, but if you want to go all-out e-girl, you can start with a different base color, like neon pink or pastel lime green, and add rainbow streaks in on top of that for a look that screams e-girl.

9. Purple Curtains

Yet another variation on the dyed curtains hairstyle, this purple-and-black combo is muted yet showy at the same time. Both the curtains and the ends of the hair are dyed purple. So, there’s a bit more color than in the standard dyed curtains look.

You can switch up the color if you desire, but purple is one of the standard e-girl colors you really can’t go wrong with.

10. Short and Tousled

Here’s another short style that adds a healthy dose of sass and rebelliousness to the already sassy and rebellious e-girl aesthetic. The hair is kept short and messed up all over for that “just rolled out of bed” look.

What really sets this haircut apart from the rest is the fact that only certain parts of the hair are dyed. The dye is applied just to the tips of the hair for a two-toned, high-contrast look.

The brighter the color, the sassier the result. Magenta (as shown here) is a solid choice that taps into the e-girl look.

11. Spiked E-Girl Mullet

For this hairstyle, we’re going spiky. This hairstyle blends the e-girl aesthetic with elements from punk and even rockabilly styles for a unique result. The top of the hair is similar to the previous style. The tips of the hair are dyed to contrast with the hair’s natural color.

(The golden yellow is a great choice to stand out against the dark natural hair). However, the bottom changes things up. All of the hair in the back is dyed to match the tips, which creates a nice balance that emphasizes the color.

Again, the bolder the color, the more noticeable the effect will be. This style is slightly edgier than some e-girl hairstyles, but you can decide how spiky you want your hair.

12. Cotton Candy Bob

Person in a blue e-girl hairstyle wig looks up to the right with an orange sweater


Here’s another twist on the short bob that many e-girls sport. Of course, the hair is dyed a bright color––in this case, cotton candy blue. This is a larger bob that has more volume to amplify the style even more.

A finer point of this style is that the ends of the hair are razor cut to create texture and make the hair overall messier and edgier. And in typical e-girl fashion, the hair is worn straight, though you could curl or crimp it a little if you want some extra texture.

13. Dyed Crop

Person with blue hairstyle, blue jean jacket, and blue sunglasses

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

If you want to go really short, you might consider a crop hairstyle. The crop shown here is essentially a contemporary bowl cut with a short neck taper in the back. All of the hair is the same length, and the hair is simply styled forward to create texture.

This is one of the simplest styles on this list. But, when styled the right way, it’s also one of the edgiest. Choosing a bright color like this blinding blue can up the edgy factor even more.

14. Purple and Pink Swirls

Woman with a purple and pink e-girl hairstyle stands outside


This one is another combination of the e-girl look and the galaxy hairstyle. Using a fluorescent pink and a blueish purple that pops, this hairstyle nails the e-girl color palette.

The hair itself is simply worn long, and you don’t need to do any additional styling to get this look. This hairstyle blends the colors differently from others we’ve seen.

The pink is mostly visible on the right side, and it forms the “inside” of the hair. There are also some streaks of pink on the sides to create color consistency, but the asymmetry is intentional and makes this style one of a kind.

15. E-Girl Turquoise Vibes

E-girl haircut example on a woman with a yellow sweater in a studio

Anna Zheludkova/Shutterstock

Finally, here’s a vivid turquoise style that puts a bit of a twist on the e-girl look. Although there’s only one color used, this style falls right into the e-girl category. The hair is brightly colored and worn straight, which are the two essentials of the e-girl look.

As always, if you want to up your game, you can introduce other colors for either a dyed curtains hairstyle or just a multicolored look. Although if you go with a color like this, you might not need extra hues.

Before Getting an E-Girl Haircut…

Before getting any hairstyle, it’s always good to ask yourself a few questions to ensure that the style will fit with you. Here are a few matters to consider before heading off to the stylist and getting an e-girl haircut:

  • Be aware of the culture. If someone sees that you have a hairstyle that e-girls predominantly wear, they may assume you’re part of the culture even if you’re not.
  • Make sure the e-girl hairstyle is appropriate for your needs. Many of these brightly colored styles probably wouldn’t fly in a classroom or office (they’re considered unprofessional), so think about where you’ll be going before you settle on this cut.
  • Consider blending e-girl hairstyles with other hairstyles. Since many e-girl hairstyles are so loud and dramatic, you might want to tone them down by taking inspiration from other styles. For example, you might get more subtle dyed curtains look by choosing a dye that’s closer to your natural hair color.
  • Choose your colors carefully. The e-girl look depends on the right colors, so make sure that the dye you choose is the exact color you want. A color may look bright and neon on the package but dull on your hair. Finding pictures of people who have used the dye is helpful here.

Now that you know how to get the e-girl hairstyle, all that’s left is to get famous on Twitch and TikTok. (Okay, maybe not.) And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other complete price guides and inspiration roundups.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

What Hairstyle Do E Girls Have?

E-girls, a subculture popularized across social media, typically have hairstyles characterized by bangs, highlights, pigtails, space buns, and lots of bright colors. The e-girl look has many fun and funky fashion inspirations, including anime, skateboarding, goth, and the 1990s. It's an aesthetic first created in 2010 but which saw a resurgence of popularity in 2019.

How Do I Style My Hair like Egirl?

The basic e-girl hairstyle is called the Half Down / Half Up. The hair on the back half of the head is divided into left and right sections worn up in two pigtails. Use small hair ties pulled as tight as possible to enhance the hair's volume. Adding a second hair tie to each ponytail will further boost its body.

What is the TikTok Hair Called?

Also known as TikTok Boy Hair, TikTok Hair is a popular hairstyle among male Generation Z social influencers. It's a hairstyle characterized by fluffy, soft, and high hair brushed towards the face. Popular TikTok stars who sport the style include Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, and Josh Richards.

Is Egirl an Aesthetic?

Yes, an e-girl is an aesthetic that combines geekiness with sexiness. It blends elements and styles from video games, anime, lingerie, and nu-metal with additional inspiration from Japanese fashion. While e-girls are commonly associated with TikTok, the aesthetic began on Tumblr in 2009 and grew in popularity through the early 2010s.

How Do You Do E Girl Pigtails?

Separate the bangs from the back section of hair at a midpoint above your ear. Take the left back section of your hair, tie it in a tight ponytail, do the same for the right section, and then drape each ponytail over your front shoulders. Your front bangs should hang forward in an oval shape that frames your face.