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2024 SmartStyle Prices | High, Low, & Average

Before you visit SmartStyle, make sure you know what their prices are like. We have a complete cost guide for every service they offer, from haircuts to highlights. Read on to learn more.

Are SmartStyle Salons Expensive?

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SmartStyle salons are part of a nationwide chain owned by Regis, the largest salon corporation in the world. They have locations across the continent, and each one is located conveniently inside a Walmart store.

Generally, you’d expect salon chains to offer low pricing on hair services. SmartStyle definitely fits the bill!  You can go to SmartStyle for a range of hair services. Unlike many other salon chains, they offer chemical services like perms, relaxers, colors, and highlights.

They serve women, men, and children. You can get haircuts, colors, perms, hairstyles, and waxing services here. SmartStyle prices are extremely affordable. In comparison to average haircut and color prices, they are much cheaper.

Prices start at about $20 for a kids haircut or $25 for an adult haircut. The highest priced service on their menu is full highlights, which only run around $99!

These prices are well below average, so if you’re on a budget, this could be the perfect salon to visit.

SmartStyle also offers professional haircare products for purchase. They carry well-known lines like Paul Mitchell, Biolage, DESIGNLINE, Sexy Hair, and Nioxin. These are the products SmartStyle stylists use when you get a service from them.

By making them available for sale, they ensure you can get the same look and finished result at home. They regularly offer coupons for discounts on the professional product lines they sell. 

Let’s take a look at SmartStyle pricing and what services they offer, plus how to get coupons and discounts and find the location nearest you! 

SmartStyle Prices

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SmartStyle prices are well below average in the salon industry. The average haircut costs around $53, but not at these salons! You’ll pay a fraction of that at SmartStyle.

We’ve located pricing lists for different SmartStyle locations around the country. Then, we’ve tallied them up to find the highest, lowest, and average prices for SmartStyle services. 

Look at the furthest right column to see the average prices for each service. Your local SmartStyle may offer prices that are slightly lower or higher than what you see here, but we’ve done our best to get a representative sample of their prices nationwide. 

Below, you’ll see a complete price list for all the services SmartStyle offers. Next, we’ll take a deeper look at the services they offer and what each one includes. 

SmartStyle Prices: High, Low, and Average

To come up with our list of SmartStyle prices, we sampled the service menus of locations in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arkansas.

Express Haircut$15.50$13.37$14.34
Kids Cut$12.27$10.95$11.49
Kids Cut and Express Dry$13.95$13.95$13.95
Cut and Shampoo$18.50$16.27$17.34
Cut, Shampoo, and Basic Style$21.27$20.27$20.77
Cut, Shampoo, and Full Style$31.27$30.27$30.77
Partial Highlights and Cut$47.27$45.27$46.27
All-Over Color and Cut$62.27$49.95$57.49
Full Highlights and Cut$67.27$49.95$60.83
Virgin Relaxer$49.95$49.95$49.95
Basic Style$14.95$14.95$14.95
Specialty Style$26.95$26.95$26.95
Conditioning TreatmentsPrice VariesPrice VariesPrice Varies
WaxingPrice VariesPrice VariesPrice Varies

Please note that prices vary by location and store, so this list should only be used as a rough guide to what you’d expect to pay.

SmartStyle Services

SmartStyle offers a wide range of haircare services. You can visit one of their locations inside Walmart to get a haircut, trim, basic hairstyle, special event hairstyle, color, highlights, perm, relaxer, or a deep conditioning treatment. They even offer waxing! 

Some of their services come with free extras. Let’s break down each service they offer and what’s included with it.

Haircut Services

SmartStyle haircut services work on your schedule. You can opt for the fast Express Haircut and skip the shampoo bowl entirely. Or, settle in for the full haircut experience and get shampoo, conditioner, a relaxing scalp massage, and full style if you’ve got time! 

  • Express Haircut: Your stylist saves you time by spritzing your hair with a spray bottle instead of shampooing. This service includes a towel dry after your haircut. 
  • Haircut and Shampoo: Your stylist gives you a more luxurious hair experience by shampooing and conditioning your hair and giving you a scalp massage before your haircut. This service includes a towel dry but no blow dry. 
  • Haircut, Shampoo and Basic Style: Your stylist shampoos and conditions your hair, gives you a scalp massage, and uses a blow dryer to give you a basic style.  
  • Haircut, Shampoo and Full Style: Your stylist shampoos and conditions your hair, gives you a scalp massage, and uses a blow dryer to dry your hair. Then, they finish it up with a full style using a curling iron or flat iron. 
  • Kids Haircut: Usually offered for kids ages 10 and under, this service includes an express haircut (no shampoo) and towel dry. 
  • Kids Haircut and Shampoo: Usually offered for kids ages 10 and under, this service includes shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, and towel dry. 
  • Bang or Beard Trim: Your stylist gives you a quick bang or beard trim to keep your look fresh. 

Please note that there may be an additional charge for haircut services when you have hair that is longer than shoulder-length. Ask your stylist if your hair length will accrue an additional charge. 

Hair Styling Services

SmartStyle salons offer a range of hair styling services for any event, whether it’s a basic style or one for a formal event. You can bring a photo of a style you love and your stylist will replicate it for you. Here are the styling services your local SmartStyle will offer. 

  • Basic Style: Perfect for everyday, your stylist will give you a basic style without hot tools using the blow dryer only. 
  • Full Style: If you’re looking for curls or sleek, straight hair, opt for the full style, which includes curling iron or flat iron hot tool styling
  • Luxury Style: A luxury style is perfect for weddings, proms, parties, and other special events. Luxury styles include complex styles and braids using curling irons or flat irons. 
  • Thermasmooth: To make the most of your new look, your stylist can give you a Thermasmooth treatment before styling your hair with a hot tool (curling or flat iron). This treatment results in ultra-smooth, shiny hair that will impress. 

Please note that there may be an additional charge for hair styling services when you have hair that is longer than shoulder-length. Ask your stylist if your hair length will accrue an extra charge. 

Chemical Services

If you’re looking to get a hair color (all-over or highlights), perm, or relaxer, SmartStyle offers options to give you exactly what you want.

They offer a range of chemical services based on the areas you want to color or change the hair’s texture in. Here are the chemical services you’ll find at your local SmartStyle. 

  • All-Over Color: Your stylist will apply your chosen color shade and permanence (demi-, semi-, or permanent) all over the head for even yet dimensional color. This services includes complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and blow-dry so you can see the final results.
  • Partial Highlights: Partial highlights are scattered in small sections of the head instead of all over. Your stylist will apply bleach in up to 15 foils in the placement you choose, then shampoo, condition, give you a scalp massage, and blow dry your hair so you can check out the results.
  • Full Highlights: If you’d prefer highlights all over to lighten your hair color, your stylist will apply bleach in foils all over your head, then shampoo, condition, give you a scalp massage, and blow dry your hair to show you the results.
  • Perm: Your stylist will roll your hair onto special rods that bend the strands into the perfect curl shape, then apply chemical treatments that set the curl permanently. This service includes a shampoo, condition, scalp massage, haircut (if desired) and express blow dry. Choose from a partial (up to 10 rods), full, or specialty perm. 
  • Specialty Perm: Ask your stylist about a specialty perm, which may be a spiral or specialty perm roll or a perm for very long, thick hair. This service includes a shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and express blow-dry.
  • Virgin Relaxer: A relaxer will soften existing curl in the hair for a smooth, frizz-free finish. SmartStyle lists “virgin relaxer” on their service menu for hair that has never been chemically treated or relaxed, but they can apply relaxers to processed hair as well for an additional cost. This services includes shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, and express blow-dry. 

Any chemical service may have an additional charge added if your hair is longer than shoulder-length. Be sure to ask your stylist about the total cost for your hair length during consultation.

Other Services

SmartStyle doesn’t stop at haircuts, hairstyles, and chemical services. They also offer waxing and deep conditioning treatments to improve hair shine, smoothness, and health. Here’s what your local store offers outside of regular hair care services.

  • Waxing: Your stylist or esthetician will consult with you to determine your desired result (such as eyebrow shape, thickness, and arch), then apply hot wax to remove hair in the designated area. Choose 1, 2, or 3 areas to be waxed out of eyebrows, lips, and chin. Prices vary by salon, so ask your stylist about waxing prices before you begin. 
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments: Your stylist can bring your hair back to life with a deep conditioning treatment that repairs, smoothes, and adds shine to dull, dry, or damaged hair. Choose from a basic, specialty, or 2-step Malibu deep conditioning treatment. Your stylist can help you select the treatment that will have the best results on your hair type.

SmartStyle Coupons

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If you’re trying to save a little money when you visit SmartStyle, you’re in luck! This national chain of salons is always offering coupons and promotions for their clients.

Since SmartStyle locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees, the coupons and promos offered at each location will vary quite a bit. 

SmartStyle makes it easy to see what discounts and coupons are available in the salon of your choice on their website.

Visit the SmartStyle coupon page to see what discounts are currently available at your local salon. Allow the website to view your location or enter your zip code to see nearby salons.

Coupons and promotions commonly offered include dollar off coupons (we’ve seen $2-$5 off haircuts), BOGO deals, product discounts, and even free haircuts for new clients.

Visit a SmartStyle Near You

Now that you’ve seen how low SmartStyle prices are and what each service they offer includes, you’re ready to find the SmartStyle salon near you. 

Remember: SmartStyle salons are located inside Walmart stores. So if you have a Walmart near you, you may have a SmartStyle inside! 

Once you find the SmartStyle near you, you can download their new mobile app to book an appointment up to 3 days in advance. Download the SmartStyle app from your app store and enter your zip code.

Once you bring up the location nearest you, you can:

  • Find out what your estimated wait time will be
  • Book an appointment today or up to 3 days ahead of time
  • Book for friends or family members
  • Check in before you arrive to shorten wait times
  • Fill out a preferences profile to choose a location, stylist, booking time preferences, and more
  • Receive reminder emails or notifications for upcoming appointments

Overall, SmartStyle prices are one of the main draws to visit these salons. Their prices are incredibly affordable and much lower than many of their competitors.

For basic haircuts that average around $25, a full haircut experience for around $33, and colors and highlights for as low as $75-$99, you can’t beat their pricing. 

And with their crazy-convenient locations inside Walmarts, plus tons of positive customer reviews, you know SmartStyle stylists can give you exactly the look you want. See more salon price lists here: More Salon Price Guides