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30 Trending Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2024

There’s no single best hairstyle for balding men. After all, your ideal cut varies according to your face shape, personality, and hair volume. Read on to see our top looks and who each one is best suited for.

What’s the Best Hairstyle for Balding Men?

Losing your hair? You’re not alone. About two-thirds of men experience hair loss by the time they’re 35. Fortunately, losing your hair doesn’t have to mean losing your style.

There is a range of hairstyles for balding men that can camouflage hair loss or make the most of the hair they have. Men experiencing thinning hair or varying stages of baldness have found a multitude of ways to deal with the situation. One of the best? Humor.

Coming to grips with his receding hairline

Best hairstyles for balding men twitter humor

When you’re well on your way

Best hairstyles for balding men twitter humor 2

Or when you’ve just accepted the reality

Best hairstyles for balding men twitter humor 3

Balding humor only gets you so far, though. You need a fitting hairstyle that helps you look your best. From close shaves and short styles that fade in all the right places to longer styles that disguise thinning spots, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you 30 examples of great styles for balding men, along with things to consider and how to choose the right style for you. Who knows; maybe you’ll even be inspired to try a bold new look after reading our guide.

30 Hairstyles for Balding Men

Check out these styles that are suited for thinning or balding hair. You’ll be the bold of the bald with any of these hairstyles.

1. Clean Shaven

The back of a bald man in suit


If you ever feel out of options, you can always get a close shave. This style is popular among balding and non-balding men. 

2. Clean Shaven With Beard

Portrait of 40-year-old man standing over light gray background in white shirt for a piece on hairstyles for balding men


If you’ve got a beard going, it’ll look great paired with a shaved head. Keeping it trimmed and groomed will make this style look polished. This is a favorite hairstyle for balding men.

3. Shaved Head with Defined Hairline

As one of the hairstyles for balding men, Studio shot of handsome bald man wearing black shirt against gray background

Ranta images/Shutterstock

If your hairline is still intact and your thinning is concentrated at the crown, this can be a perfect solution. Have your barber or stylist define your hairline and keep the rest shaved close. 

4. Medium Top, Short Sides

The guy in the medical office. Male pattern baldness. Mesotherapy of the scalp. Bald on the man's head.

Yashkin Ilya/Shutterstock

If you’re experiencing some thinning at the crown, you can leave the top a little longer and go shorter down the sides and back. This gives you a little extra hair to style on top. 

5. Short With High Fade

Portrait of young man with caesar hair cut, Side view


Another popular hairstyle for balding men, the Caesar-style cut features a slightly longer top with short-to-shaved faded sides. Since the fade starts close to the top of the head, it helps disguise a receding hairline. 

6. Long Top Faded Undercut

A hairstyle for balding men, Side view portrait of confident bearded man with beautiful hairstyle in white shirt looking on copy space

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Keeping the top long enables you to comb and style the hair backward, covering any thinning patches at the crown of the head. This style does well with a receding hairline, too. 

7. Mini Pompadour

Bearded man caucasian hipster with moustache holding scissors and straight razor on gray background

F8 Studio/Shutterstock

If you haven’t grown your hair out long enough to pull off a full pompadour, you can get the look with short to medium length hair on top. This style is great for bald or thinning spots near the front. And since the hair is pushed up and back, it looks thicker. 

8. Side Part With Short Sides

A hairstyle for a balding man featuring a guy in a an unbuttoned shirt smiling with a combover that looks stylisth

Just dance/Shutterstock

Best for hair that is beginning to thin without bald patches, this style allows you to style your hair in the direction where it will cover the thinning spots best. It’s a popular style that is easy to maintain. 

9. High Undercut

Close-up of a young hipster guy in a barber shop hairdresser shakes his hair, does talc. Concept men's place, toned photo


A bolder look to cover thinning patches at the crown, this high undercut is shaved close to the skin all the way to the top of the head. The top is left long enough to be slicked back with pomade or gel. 

10. Shaved Fade

Studio shot of handsome bald businessman against gray background

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If your hairline is receding a bit, go for a close shave all over and have your barber fade the sides and back down to the skin. This is a look any face shape or balding pattern can pull off. That’s why we think this is a great hairstyle for balding men.

11. Polished Shaved Head

For a piece on the best hairstyles for balding men, Elegant handsome man wearing glasses

AS inc/Shutterstock

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to channel your inner Vin Diesel or Mr. Clean, a little head polish can take your clean-shaven look to the next level.  

12. Short Top With High Fade

Handsome bearded man at barbershop. Portrait of stylish young guy in jacket touching his hair while visiting barbershop or salon

BAZA Production/Shutterstock

Fades are great for men with thinning or balding spots. They draw the eye downward and create visual interest that distracts from any sparse areas on the scalp. 

13. Tapered Medium Length

Female hairdresser shaping mens hair cutting uses scissors in a beauty saloon

Alex Cherepanov/Shutterstock

If your hair is short to medium in length, you can opt for a tapered cut and style like this. A little extra length gives you options for parting or slicking the hair back to disguise thin areas. 

14. Height on Top With Medium Fade

Close-up master Barber does hairstyle and styling with dryer hair to guy for a piece on the best hairstyles for balding men


The hair at the back is styled forward, while the hairline is brushed and styled up and back. This creates height on top that effectively conceals thinner areas. With the medium fade, there’s an element of interest that draws the eye down. 

15. Medium Pompadour With Fade

Barbershop. Man with beard in barber shop


A little extra length on top can be parted to the side or slicked back with this style. Have your barber shave a hard part to camouflage a receding hairline. 

16. Shaved Part, Short Back

As one of the best hairstyles for balding men, a man in barber chair, hairdresser styling in barbershop. close-up for parting and transition


A shaved part does wonders for receding hairlines as it makes them appear part of the style. Have your barber cut your hair progressively shorter toward the back to keep the thinner hair at the crown from looking straggly. 

17. Hard Part, Long Top

Barber shop, Man in chair, hairdresser styling his hair.


Keep the hair on top long enough to part to one side, and have your stylist taper the length of the sides gradually. Part it deep and use the length on top to cover thinner areas. 

18. High Fade for Receding Hairline

Man with a high fade haircut to hide a bald patch

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Start the fade high up to camouflage a receding hairline as part of the style. The area just under temples, the sides, and back are all shaved close to the skin for this look. And the top is kept medium in length. 

19. The Prince William

 The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge attend The Mission Serve

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

He didn’t invent the hairstyle, but he popularized making the most of a balding top by leaving a little length and keeping the fuller sides short. This guy knows how to rock a hairstyle for balding men.

20. Shorter at the Crown

For a piece on hairstyles for balding men, styling of hair after barbershop on the grey background. Hair loss treatment concept.

Vladimka Production/Shutterstock

Long hair doesn’t always play nice with thinning areas because it usually ends up exaggerating those spots. Keep it short on the sides and taper the length down toward the crown to make thin spots blend in. 

21. Ultra Short Undercut

Ultra short undercut hairstyle for balding men

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

This ultra-short undercut is shaved almost to the skin around the sides and back, keeping the top just a little longer. This creates some cool geometric lines that draw the attention away from the top of the head and hairline. 

22. Buzz Cut

Handsome smiling man. Isolated over white background.

Milles Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re not trying to hide or camouflage balding areas, just have your barber do a single-length buzz cut all over. This hairstyle for balding men is easy to maintain and takes no time to style. 

23. The Beanie

Close up portrait of happy smiling bearded hipster man with eyeglasses and looking confident at the camera


It’s not technically a hairstyle, but beanies and caps are a favorite way to deal with thinning or balding. If it’s cold outside, don’t worry about perfecting your hairstyle – throw on a beanie and be on your way! 

24. Longer Sides With Sideburns

A man in his 30s aganst a stone wall to show the best hairstyles for balding men

Kelly vanDellen/Shutterstock

Embrace a balding top by running the clippers over it to keep any remaining hairs at a short length, then have the sides and back cut or buzzed to one length. With sideburns and a beard, this is a popular look. 

25. Brushed Forward

Attractive young man in studio looking at camera/ Portrait of a normal boy over grey background.


Perfect for hair that is receding at the hairline, a pushed forward style gathers the hair and brings it all to the front. This creates more volume at the hairline and can hide thinning temple areas. 

26. The Terry Bradshaw

Image of Terry Bradshaw in 2017 to show how he rocks one of the best hairstyles for balding men

Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Former quarterbacks, sitcom celebrities, and famous men of all calibers have been known to rock this style. It is what it is, so why not embrace the GQ-dubbed “power donut” and let your bald spot shine?

27. Basic Crew Cut

Happy young man isolated on white background

Den Rozhnovsky/Shutterstock

Easy to style and maintain, this classic hairstyle is popular with balding men for a reason. It’s suitable for thinning or balding hair because all the hair is kept short (and shorter on the sides and back). 

28. Caesar Fade

Pleased young pretty dark haired bearded male with short haircut showing happily his teeth and raising fist while looking aside, isolated over white background


Modeled after Julius Caesar, this style keeps the front longer and styled forward. It’s paired with a high or medium fade, so it will need regular trims to look its best. 

29. Tousled Taper

Pleased redheaded man wearing a toustled taper, one of the favorite hairstyles for a balding man


A little layering and tousling can distract from any thinner areas on top of the head. Use a styling product with light to medium hold to get a casual, disheveled look. 

30. Short Faux Hawk Fade

Portrait of a handsome man with unshaven stubble and tousled hair on a white background in a barbershop


Keeping the top short (but long enough to style into a faux hawk) will help conceal balding areas in the middle or at the crown. This style is shorter at the crown, longer toward the front, and fades down to a shorter length on the sides. 

Considering a Haircut for Balding Men? Some Things to Consider

If you’re ready to try a new hairstyle that suits balding or thinning hair, keep these things in mind. 

  • Facial hair is flattering. If you’re thinning or balding on top, growing out your facial hair is always a good idea. Sideburns, a beard or goatee, and a mustache will create balance and draw attention to your face instead of your head. 
  • Keep your expectations in check. These hairstyles and cuts are intended to make the most of hair that is thinning or falling out. They will be flattering; they won’t make you look like you have a lush, full head of hair. Don’t expect a new hairstyle or cut to erase baldness, but rather to complement or make it less noticeable. 
  • Long hair isn’t a good idea. Even if you’ve always worn your hair long or prefer to be able to pull it back into a biker ponytail or hipster top knot, long hair isn’t a good match for thinning hair. The longer your hair, the more it exaggerates and draws attention to the sparse and bald areas. 
  • Pay attention to your hair brush. If you still have some length to your hair, you should pay close attention to the type of hair brush you’re using – and when you use it. Wide toothed combs and specially designed detangling brushes are best to prevent more hair breakage. When it’s wet, brushing your hair can also strain and snap your hair, so only brush your hair when it’s dry.
  • Sunscreen is your friend. If you do opt to shave your head, get a short buzz cut, or go for an undercut, your scalp is going to be subjected to a lot more sunlight and damaging UV rays. Make sure you don’t neglect your noggin when applying sunscreen to keep from getting a painful sunburn on your head. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of haircut should a balding man get?

Short styles are best for men with receding hairlines. They could get a high and tight cut, a buzz cut, or a crew cut if they want something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or they’re starting to look patchy.

Should balding men get their hair cut short?

In general, men should keep their hair short. Short hair reduces the appearance of balding and gives hair some volume, so it looks like there is more hair. This provides balance and draws attention away from the thin hair on top of your head.

Does balding look worse with long hair?

If your hair is getting thinner, it is not a good idea to grow it long, particularly at the back and sides. That makes the top of your head look thinner in comparison to your sides and emphasizes the baldness. If you check yourself in the mirror and can see your scalp, shorten the sides and back equally to reveal the same amount of scalp.

How should I cut my balding hair?

Go to a barber or hairdresser and ask them to cut the back and sides short with one to two inches of length on the top and an inch of length on the sides. This makes the hair on top look thicker.

Can hair grow back after balding?

It depends on the reasons for the hair loss. Pattern hair loss is usually permanent, but hair loss from alopecia, an autoimmune condition, may not be. You can consult with a doctor or dermatologist to see what options may be available to you for hair regrowth.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle When You’re Balding

For a piece on the best hairstyles for balding men, a guy brushing his head and wearing a grey shirt stands in a darkened studio

Vitality Hrabar/Shutterstock

Whether you’ve just noticed the beginning of thinning or you’re already far along on the path to baldness, there are a multitude of options you have for styling and cutting your hair. 

Some men prefer to embrace the hand they’ve been dealt and opt for a simple buzz cut or close shave. Others might prefer to choose styles that minimize the appearance of thinning hair or disguise it altogether.

The hairstyle you choose will depend on how comfortable you are embracing your hair as it currently is. Can’t bear to let go of the length you have on top? Make the most of it by keeping it to a manageable length.

That will better camouflage thinness than leaving it too long, which exaggerates sparse areas. Experiencing total baldness on top, but feeling uncomfortable going the way of George Costanza, Larry David, or Terry Bradshaw with the “power donut?”

Opt for a close shave with or without facial hair to look your best. Not sure what hairstyle you want? A shaved part, high fade, and overall short length will be flattering on anyone with thinning or balding areas. 

Above all, don’t be afraid to try something new. Talk to your barber or stylist about hairstyles for balding men and let them know you’d like to find a hairstyle that suits your face shape and hair type.

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