Think These Are Bad Haircuts?

There comes a time when you’ll want to be adventurous with your hair. However, some of us go a little overboard and end up with outrageous, unusual styles that definitely stick out. Here is a list of people who have ended up with such a cut, whether they meant to or not.

Bad Haircut mistake #1

Bad Haircut example 1
From Reddit_u_TrollDolly

We’re going to kick this list off with a very strange haircut! It must be a ton of work maintaining a haircut like this, and you’d have to do A LOT of trimming. I’m pretty sure you’d have to use a boatload of hair wax, too. 

Bad Haircut mistake #2

Bad Haircut example 2
From Reddit_u_pissy12338

Ever wanted to look like an anime character? Well, this guy did! This “Last air bender” inspired haircut is either just experimental, a very deep love for anime, or probably both.  

Bad Haircut mistake #3

Bad Haircut example 3
From Instagram_@ericsterite

This common mistake is truly one that you want to avoid at all costs. The problem here is not an uneven cut, or a fade gone wrong. It’s the darn clippers! Always make sure your clippers are on the right setting if you’re doing an at-home-haircut.

Bad Haircut mistake #4

From Pinterest_ebaumsworld

There’s nothing wrong with being daring. But wow, this is one you’d best skip out on. The hair that’s sticking out is likely to grow in that direction. If, for whatever reason, you want this halo-look, at least make sure it’s cut evenly all around.

Bad Haircut mistake #5

Bad Haircut example 5
From Reddit_u_orgle7

I’m more curious why she did this rather than how she did it. But hey, this is one way to make sure you always have a hanger ready if you need one.

Bad Haircut mistake #6

Bad Haircut example 6
From Pinterest/

Cutting a fringe yourself can often lead to something going wrong. In this picture, the fringe is uneven and doesn’t compliment her face shape. Always cut a fringe evenly and make sure the style suits your face shape. Doing this will make your facial features more apparent.

Bad Haircut mistake #7

Bad Haircut example 7
From Reddit_u_leahangle

The problem with this haircut is that it’s way too short on the sides, compared to the length of hair on top. A haircut like this would work if the sides blended more with the hair on top, and he trimmed the hair more evenly all around.

Bad Haircut mistake #8

Bad Haircut example 8
From Reddit_u_liudeyi

Some of us just don’t want to be seen, and this guy made his own mask to make sure of it. How this haircut is going to grow out will be a story of its own!

Bad Haircut mistake #9

Bad Haircut example 9
From Reddit_u_Ku_sas

The bottles of gel that must lie around her room! If you want to turn heads but don’t want people to talk to you…this is the haircut you’ve been searching for! However, just a heads up: it’s very out of the norm.

Bad Haircut mistake #10

Bad Haircut example 10
From Reddit_u_smooshcakes

Having a haircut like this reveals three things about you: 1) You’re a diehard pizza fan 2) You love being outrageous and 3) Bleaching your hair that severely is no problem. Just a life tip for cutting and styling your hair: Never use this much bleach, it drastically weakens your hair.

Bad Haircut mistake #11

Bad Haircut example 11
From Reddit_ u_rosscosoletrain2

I’m not sure where the inspiration for this haircut came from, but it’s crazy. Cutting your hair like this will make it grow back unevenly. After a cut like this, the best thing to do is shave it all off and start again.

Bad Haircut mistake #12

Bad Haircut example 12
From Reddit_ u_Bossie fade_ rosscosoletrain2

Afros are awesome! But this is quite the contrary. I’m sure we can all point out the mistake here: The ‘fro is too high! This makes the hair look odd and out of place. It also makes the afro itself look much smaller than it could be. You want to cut an afro in a way that gives it enough volume.

Bad Haircut mistake #13

Bad Haircut example 13
From Reddit_u_Topper8

The mohawk’s on the sides, and one in the middle makes a very outrageous look. Although the style is unusual, you can easily fix this by cutting all your hair the same length and styling it to suit your face shape.

Bad Haircut mistake #14

Bad Haircut example 14
From Tumblr_dutchwim.tumblr

This military-look haircut is cut in all the wrong ways. His hair around the edges isn’t well-defined, and his fade was done pretty poorly. The sides of his hair look almost bald whereas the back looks much darker.

Bad Haircut mistake #15

Bad Haircut example 15
From Reddit_u_2BlackCats_

What happened to good old-fashioned mullets? This haircut defines “different”, with the combined style of a bald head and a short mullet. Instead of the bald head, hair would have looked much better.

Bad Haircut mistake #16

Bad Haircut example 16
From Reddit_u_plasticalien

He did the fade for this haircut terribly wrong. It starts too early on the side and front of his head. The gradient of the fade is also unappealing as the difference between the fade and where the hair begins is too noticeable.

 Bad Haircut mistake #17

Bad Haircut example 17
From Reddit_u_salbel

Do you admire anyone enough to put their face in your hair? This guy apparently does. His haircut is done very impressively, but the idea of the cut won’t work out well in the long run. Once the hair grows back, it will be best to chop it all off and not deal with the uneven growth.

 Bad Haircut mistake #18

From Reddit_@thepissedoffbarber_Thepissedoffbarber

For an uncommon style, this haircut is cut with precision. Although the edges are neat and the look isn’t messy, it is still outlandish. With a haircut like this, growing your hair would be a tricky affair, and just like the mistake before this one-it would be best to shave it all off.

Bad Haircut mistake #19

Bad Haircut example 19
From Reddit_u_Kassespar

I’m not 100% sure what this is, but I’m going to say it’s an afro gone wrong. You don’t want SO much hair on the top of your head and so little hair on the sides. Neither do you want the hair on top of your head to be so voluminous.

Bad Haircut mistake #20

Bad Haircut example 20
From Reddit_u_Whaleears2

We can all agree that this haircut is done really well, but wow … it’s eccentric. The only time I would suggest this haircut is for some crazy carnival performance or something along those lines.

Bad Haircut mistake #21

Bad Haircut example 21
From Reddit_u_IBLEEDDIOR

Just don’t do it. Just don’t. The bald spot in the middle and the hair on the sides are just all a big no-no. To make matters worse, the hair on the sides isn’t even cut straight.

Bad Haircut mistake #22

Bad Haircut example 22
From Reddit_u__idontknow2976

The dreads are not what got this haircut onto this list. The bald patch in the front is. There’s no doubt that when the bald spot grows back, the short hair is also going to look strange compared to the dreads.

Bad Haircut mistake #23

Bad Haircut example 23
From Reddit_u_BananaSquadMember

You have to give this guy credit. Anyone who can rock red hair has a lot of confidence.

Bad Haircut mistake #24

Bad Haircut example 24
From Reddit_u_RinBunny15

I don’t think the lop-sided look will ever be in fashion. Never cut so far from your hairline because it makes your forehead look bigger. Also, don’t leave one section of hair to stand up while the rest of your head is shaved … it doesn’t work.

Bad Haircut mistake #25

Bad Haircut example 25
From Reddit_u_termsofuse1

The patch of hair in the front is the cherry on the cake. There’s nothing wrong with a bald spot, but at least make sure it’s cut evenly around the sides and forget the random patch of hair!

Bad Haircut mistake #26

Bad Haircut example 26
From Reddit_u_spynexxx

I’m not sure how she got to this, but avoid it at all costs. This haircut makes it look like her hair can just be removed from her head and put back on. When you get a haircut, you want your hair to flow easily and look soft.

Bad Haircut mistake #27

Bad Haircut example 27
From Reddit/u/caritolu95

This picture is a fine example of what burnt hair looks like. This usually happens after leaving peroxide on your mane for too long. It causes your ends to burn, and even after a trim, the ends are still split and fluffy-looking. Always be cautious about how long you leave peroxide on your hair.

Bad Haircut mistake #28

Bad Haircut example 28
From Reddit_u_TrollDolly

These haircuts look like wigs. The way the hair is cut makes the hair around the crown look bulky and stick out. From what we’ve seen, this style is not bad but it’s far from great, so I’d be very wary before opting for haircuts like these.

Bad Haircut mistake #29

Bad Haircut example 29
From Reddit_u_CrazyCraz3R

Shaving the front of your hair off and leaving a weird toupee-looking section of hair is not something people want to rock. After all, this cut looks more wig-like than anything else, and it appears out of place.

Bad Haircut mistake #30

Bad Haircut example 30
From Reddit_u_italoxiz

I can’t imagine how long this must take to style every morning. No fringe should ever be that flat, and the gelled sideburns don’t do the cut any justice either. Aside from steering clear from cutting your hair this way, this amount of hair gel is terrible for your hair too.

How to NOT Get a Bad Haircut

What a list! If you want to start your year with a new, stylish haircut, then these are all the things you want to avoid. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be different or stick out from the crowd. But there’s a big different between wanting a unique cut and getting one on accident.

Either way, make sure you’re not doing any long-term damage to it. That way, when the time comes to grow it back out, it won’t look like a train wreck. Take care of your locks and get a haircut that works for both you and your hair.

And what better way to avoid getting a bad haircut than using our stylist and salon database? After all, it’s comprehensive, free, and easy to use. So, what are you waiting for? Find a hair salon near you today!

Author: Andrew Helling

Andrew Helling is the founder and editor of You Probably Need a Haircut. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he obtained a Finance and Banking degree. Andrew puts his creative mind to work by making platforms that make your life easier.