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20 Galaxy Hairstyles We Love in 2024

Dyeing your hair is nothing new, but Galaxy hair is. The trend took the world by storm a year ago and has been trendy ever since. If you want to make a bold statement, consider this unique look.

What Is Galaxy Hair?

Galaxy hair consists of colors that are commonly found in space. While the basic color family usually consists of:

  • Purples
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Jewel tones
  • Pastels

Think vibrant hues like magenta, teal, and sapphire. Occasionally, you’ll find splashes of pink, red, and orange. Some galaxy hairstyles consist of only one color.

But most consist of at least two hues that are blended together for an ombré effect. This blending results in an eye-popping coiffure that brings outer space down to earth.

How to Get Galaxy Hair

Since galaxy hair is a fairly involved process, it’s best to consult an experienced colorist who can help you select and implement the right colors.

Galaxy hair is difficult to dye yourself, and you also run the risk of having it turn out badly, so we absolutely recommend consulting a professional.

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20 Unique Galaxy Hair Ideas

If you’re considering rocking galaxy hair, good for you! It’s a unique, trendy style that will definitely set you apart from everyone else. Even better? It’s all the rage right now.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite galaxy hairstyles, what to ask for at the salon, and things to consider before making the change. After all, it’s a unique style that has both pros and cons.

1. Pure Galaxy Hair

Galaxy hair has many variations. But if there’s one look that’s considered “standard” galaxy hair, it’s probably a mixture of blues and purples that evoke the depth of outer space.

Often, there’s also a bit of green for that extra cosmic swirl. This style blends all of those hues nicely without making the hair look too busy.

2. Vivid Galaxy

Another common galaxy hairstyle involves using brighter colors like pink to make the other colors look even more vibrant. This style and the previous one share many of the same hues.

But this one is much brighter because of the addition of magentas and pinks throughout. The colors are also ribbon dyed, which helps create definition.

3. Blue Space

If you find yourself gravitating toward the blue side of the spectrum, then this blue-and-purple look might just be the right one for you. Deep blues on top combine with emerald and dark magenta highlights for a darker (but still vivid) look.

4. Aurora Borealis

Many galaxy hairstyles take their inspiration from the breathtaking aurora borealis. It’s a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, and as it turns out, its colors and hues translate very well to hair. This style is a great example of that kind of look.

Why? Because it uses evocative blues and greens to recreate the aurora. There are also small sections of darker purples and reds all the way at the bottom for a bit of contrast.

5. Pinks and Blues

Of course, you don’t have to go all light or all dark. You can combine light and dark for a striking look. This style uses sections of pinks and blues together. While the hair is mostly pink, the sections of blue and purple add a nice amount of contrast, and allow the pink to really stand out.

6. Green Universe

Green galaxy hair inspiration on a smiling woman in a black tshirt

Robin Owens Beauty on Instagram

This solid color look uses an eye-catching neon green for the body of the hair and a darker aurora green for the top of the hair.

This goes to show how you can use shades of just one color. And you can still achieve a fresh and unique style. It is important that the shades blend together well, however, which is another reason you want to work with an experienced colorist.

7. Purple Swirl 

If pink and purple are your preferred pigments, then you might want something like this. Light shades of magenta dominate this hairstyle, but there are tinges of blue that blend nicely with the purples.

This color combination is a bit more straightforward. At least, in terms of galaxy hair; it still retains a lot of boldness in its simplicity. This is a fantastic option if you like galaxy hair but want something a little less flamboyant.

8. Purple Galaxy Hair With Natural Roots

This hairstyle has a blend of darker and lighter purples on top, but what’s most striking is that the hair’s natural color serves as the foundation. Those natural roots form a neutral base for the hair color to contrast against.

For this galaxy hairstyle, you’ll want to make sure your natural hair color pairs well with the colors you choose for the top. An easy hack is to start with the opposite of your natural hair.

If your hair color is normally light, choose dark colors and vice versa. Of course, talking with a stylist/colorist will ensure you get a great look.

9. Peach and Pink Ombré

Here’s a galaxy ombré style that features light peachy-pink tones on top that blends into a solid pink and eventually some purples and blues. The contrast between the highlighted top and the multicolored bottom makes this look stand out.

With this particular style, the hair on top is mostly peach, but is accented with pink. If you want even more contrast than what’s shown here, you can opt for a single color on top so that the multiple colors at the ends of the hair stand out even more.

10. Space Rainbow Galaxy Hair

While rainbows might not exist in outer space, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for inspiration. This hairstyle takes typical cosmic colors and creates a spectrum out of them.

You’ve got spacey purples, starry blues and greens, and even a bit of yellow to cover many of the rainbow’s hues while still retaining galaxy hair’s trademark look and feel.

11. Blue and Red Stripes

Here’s a more structured approach to galaxy hair that uses striping instead of color swirling. The reds and blues are dyed in distinct sections that blend together as the hair falls and curls.

This is a good choice for women who prefer more structure to their hair or who just want to experiment with a galaxy-style look.

12. Hot Pink

Dig neon pinks? Check out this vibrant hairstyle that uses lively magentas and pinks to create the galaxy vibe. The purple on top provides a nice bit of contrast, which can be really helpful when it comes to galaxy hair. This is especially true if most of the hair is dyed one color or shades of one color.

13. Cotton Candy Waves

Here’s a particularly pastel take on galaxy hair that features a celestial lavender like you might find when looking at distant solar systems. There’s a lot of detail here that you might not see at first, like the implied white and blue tones that are created by the pink coloring.

When using just one color (or multiple subtle colors), you might want to get creative with the hairstyle. The casual mohawk on top contrasts with the short sides and helps the color really pop.

14. Purple and Pink Galaxy Hair

It’s no surprise that purples and pinks work well together, but it’s quite something to see the finished result that these colors can provide when it comes to galaxy hair. These royal hues make for a highly saturated look.

And the light teal highlights offer a touch of contrast that complements the violent violets and magnificent magentas. If purple is your favorite color, and you’re after splendorous galaxy hair, this style is a no-brainer.

15. Rainbow Palette

This style takes the rainbow look and distills it by only using a few of the rainbow’s colors. The main color here is blue, but it’s accented with cosmic tones of pink, yellow, and green.

What’s unique about this take on galaxy hair is that the colors are fairly distinctly separated into sections of the head.

The top and back are blue and pink, while the sides and ends are green and yellow. Sectioning the hair in this way creates definition and helps each color pop more.

16. Blue Aurora

If you liked the aurora-inspired look above but want something a bit more blue, check this one out. This one features loads of blue that’s complemented by green undertones.

This gives the hair the look of a galactic blueberry candy cane. Toward the bottom, the two hues blend to create various implied shades of blue and green that add a lot of depth to this simple style.

17. Trix Galaxy Hair

That’s right––this hairstyle uses the colors of that legendary kids’ cereal to create a unique twist on galaxy hair. The top is truly blended, using green, blue, and magenta to create a colorful concoction.

As the hair falls, a bit of yellow is introduced to mix in with the other colors and complete the Trix-inspired palette. We love this unique look as a multi-color take on the traditional galaxy hair.

18. Space Reef

If a coral reef were to exist in the far reaches of space, it would probably look something like this. The main color here is a saturated strawberry.

Then, it’s highlighted with dark blue and teal at the bottom. This is one of the brightest styles on our list, so if that’s what you’re after, you can’t much better than this.

19. Dark Galaxy

While galaxy hair tends to be vivid and bright, it can also be dark and rich. This hairstyle is proof of that with its focus on dark blues and purples.

There are touches of teal and magenta, but the hair is mostly in the dark blue end of the color spectrum. This color scheme is more subtle, but it’s no less vibrant.

20. Cosmic Galaxy Hair

Rounding out our article, we’ve got this otherworldly swirl of magenta, blue, seafoam, and purple that all combine to create a spectacular version of galaxy hair.

This has many of the hallmarks of the more classic galaxy looks, but there’s no denying it has a personality of its own with the way the colors blend together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Galaxy hair cost?

Galaxy hair looks best on layered hair, so you’ll probably want to get a fresh cut before you dye. If your hair is darker, it will also require some lightening and preprocessing. All told, your Galaxy dye will probably take around four to five hours and cost you between $350 and $600, depending on your hair, color preferences, and your salon’s rates.

What is Galaxy hair?

Galaxy hair is a hair-dying trend featuring jewel-toned blue, purple, green, and sometimes other colors. It gets its name from its resemblance to the swirling colors of the many different galaxies in the universe. Galaxy hair is the bold, vibrant, celestial answer to the pastels that have only recently begun to fade from the spotlight.

How do I section my Galaxy hair?

The beauty of Galaxy hair is that every style is one-of-a-kind, just like the galaxies in the universe. Sectioning your hair in different ways will lead to different-looking results. You can try layering ribbon highlights, parting your hair in half at an angle, or even an ombre look. You can also use as few as two colors or as many as you’d like to create a unique effect.

What is holographic hair?

Holographic hair color is similar to Galaxy hair in that it features a multidimensional, multi-tonal combination of colors to create an out-of-this-world look. However, unlike Galaxy hair which features deep, bold jewel tones, holographic hair mixes high-gloss highlights for a color-changing effect.

What is oil slick color called?

Oil slick hair is another variation of the multi-tonal hair trend, but this one is unique in that it doesn’t require pre-lightening. It’s a combination of dark jewel tones like blue, green, and purple that creates an iridescent effect on darker hair. It’s often done leaving some of the natural roots exposed for an edgier look.

What to Consider Before You Get Galaxy Hair

Alright, you want to get galaxy hair––great! Here are a few things to consider before biting the bullet:

  • Work with a professional. Like I mentioned in the introduction, make sure you work with a professional colorist/stylist. It’s imperative if you want galaxy hair that’s clean and colorful.
  • Take care of your hair. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in good condition. (Your colorist/stylist will be able to help guide you here, too).
  • Think about galaxy hair vs. multicolored hair. You can have multicolored hair without going full galaxy, and you may find that you want your hair to be somewhere in the middle. Either way, galaxy hair will stay with you for a long time, so make sure you know exactly what you want.
  • Consider temporary galaxy hair first. If you’re really uncertain, you can always try semi-permanent dye first to see what galaxy hair looks like on you. These kinds of coloring solutions usually fade after a handful of shampoos.

This unique look isn’t going out of style anytime soon, and it provides a fun mode of expression that allows you to have multiple colors that come together nicely. Hopefully this article has inspired you, and maybe you’ve even found your next look!

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