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30 Widows Peak Haircuts Trending in 2024

Looking for widow’s peak haircuts? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn how to disguise or show off your widow’s peak with 30 examples of haircuts and styles.

Looking for Widow’s Peak Haircuts?

As an image for the best hairstyles for men with widows peaks, a guy looking at his receding hairline in the car mirror


Widow’s peaks are a hairline variation where the center of the hairline points downward. Some people with this hairline love to show it off with slicked-back hairstyles that put it front and center.

Others prefer to hide or disguise it by experimenting with different parts and haircuts.  No matter which camp you’re in, there’s a haircut out there to match your personality and style.

Instead of sticking with the status quo and wearing your hair like you typically do, it’s helpful to look at photos that can inspire you to try something different. Both men and women can have this type of hairline, but it’s more rare for men.

One study found that only about 3% of men have a widow’s peak, while up to 81% of women may have one. So if you’re a guy with a widow’s peak hairline, you’re a remarkable rarity! 

Widow’s peaks might be a rarer trait for men, but there are plenty of examples of noteworthy men with this distinctive hairline. Men with widow’s peaks include: 

  • Jack White
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • John Travolta
  • Harry Styles
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Colin Farrell 
  • Luke Evans
  • Paul Ryan
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Ronald Reagan

But before we dive into the best hairstyles for men with widow’s peaks, we should probably explain what exactly this unique hair feature is. That’ll give you a better idea about how to rock it.

Why Is It Called a Widow’s Peak?

Image of Keanu Reeves with a widows peak and long hair at the premier of John Wick 3


As early as 1833, people were referring to this pointed hairline as a widow’s peak. That’s because the point resembled the biquoquet, which were hoods of mourning widowed wives wore.

They featured a pointed piece of cloth that laid over the forehead. At the time, an old wives tale claimed that women with a widow’s peak hairline were doomed to become widows early in life.

While this myth didn’t include men, assumptions might be made based on male TV and book characters who sport the hairline. Men with widow’s peaks can give off a “bad boy” vibe.

Of course, this is thanks to famous fictional characters like Count Dracula and The Joker. But do-gooders are also portrayed with the peak, including Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Keanu Reeves in pretty much every role. 

The bottom line? It’s a hairline, and nothing more. All that matters is how you cut and style it! Next, we’ll show you 30 examples of haircuts for men with widow’s peak hairlines.

30 Haircuts for Men With Widow’s Peak Hairlines

Here are 30 examples of haircuts that work for guys with the iconic widow’s peak. Some cover it, and some put your peak front and center. Choose your favorite from our list!

Clean Cut Taper

For a piece on haircuts for men with widows peak, a guy in a blue crew neck tshirt and a pushed-up crew cut with a beard smiles at the camera

Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock

This is a great haircut for men with a widow’s peak who aren’t afraid to show it. Kept short on the back and sides and longer on top, it’s styled with a little gel, then blow-dried back and to the side for a clean-cut look. 

Long Top Drop Fade

Side profile of a man with pooka shell necklace and a beard with a fade haircut


A drop fade lowers in the back for a twist on the classic. Styling the hair at the front upward and toward the forehead makes the widow’s peak blend in, so it’s less obvious.

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Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Faux Hawk

Man in an open button up jacket standing in front of a cornfield for a piece on haircuts for men with widows peak

Ilhan Ryustem/Shutterstock

A faux hawk is left longer in the middle and cut shorter on the sides, whereas a mohawk is shaved on the sides. This allows you to style the hair upward toward the center, which is perfect for guys with a widow’s peak. It puts the focus on the top of your head rather than your hairline.

French Crop

Man in a barbershop with a Caesar haircut sits and wears an apron

BAZA Production/Shutterstock

Similar to the Caesar cut, the French Crop includes a full fringe that covers the hairline up front. It’s short and faded on the sides and back. This is one of our favorite widows peak haircuts.

Pushed Back Pompadour

Man with a pushed-up crew cut wears a jean jacker and smiles

If you’re not trying to hide your widow’s peak but want to make sure it flatters your face, this longer haircut is great. With a long top pushed back into a pompadour style, it shows off the peak. You can also part the top to the side and let it fall over your forehead if you’d rather disguise your peak. 

Long Curls

Guy with long curly hair and a grey sweater smiles and looks upward


Guys with curly hair typically don’t have much trouble covering a widow’s peak if they allow their hair to get a little longer. Just add some mousse or gel and let your curls do their thing. 

Curly Shag With Bangs

Man relaxing on a sofa with a laptop on his legs

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re not a fan of the tapered or faded look, try this shag cut. Layers make your curls pop and give them more shape, while bangs lay across the forehead for some widow’s peak coverage. 

Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Side Parted Taper

Young man with a blue button up shirt grins and looks intensely at the camera for a piece on best haircuts for men with widows peak


You won’t see the natural hairline with a side-parted, long-on-top style like this. The tapered cut keeps it looking clean-cut and fresh on the sides and back.  No wonder this tops our list of widow’s peak haircuts.

High Fade With Hard Part

Man with a widows peak gets a haircut in a barber chair while wearing a cape


Show off your widow’s peak with a cut like this, where the fade starts high up, and a hard part offsets the widow’s peak just enough to make it seem like part of the style. 

Medium Long and Shaggy

Man in a red and blue plaid shirt and a shaggy haircut to cover up his widows peak looks to the right

Zdenka Darula/Shutterstock

If you’re not the type to get up early to style your hair each morning, just have your stylist include some layers on top. Use a dab of gel to get the piece-y effect, and use your fingers to push your hair over to one side, concealing the hairline and widow’s peak up front. 

Medium Top and Short Sides

Man with a widows peak wears wooden glasses and looks up above the camera and holds his arm up to his chin


Guys who don’t mind rocking their widow’s peak can appreciate the short sides and back with a medium-short top. All you need is a little gel or pomade to give the hair some texture and hold. 

Swept Back Medium Taper

Man in a dark black suit and a tie stands outside and wears a Paul Ryan haircut

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

This widow’s peak haircut really shines with a swept-back style. For the tapered cut, the top is left as the longest section. The sides and back gently taper down in length to keep the look crisp.

Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Man Bun

Guy with a man bun holds his finger up and points to his left

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

If you prefer to wear your hair long enough to pull back, don’t be ashamed of your peak. It only adds interest to this cool hairstyle! Don’t add too many layers when getting your long hair cut, or parts may fall out of your ponytail and bun. 

Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

As an image for a piece on haircut for guy with widows peak, a good looking guy with a buzzed faux hawk stands with his arms crossed


Who said one-length buzz cuts were boring? Use firm hold gel or styling wax to push the hair on top toward the center for a faux hawk look. This widow’s peak haircut is a favorite among middle-aged men.

Classic Fade With Long Bangs

Classic fade with long bangs to help cover up a widows peak


A classic fade will keep your hair looking neat. Leaving the top much longer allows you to style your bangs however you’d like. In this case, the bangs are side swept to cover a widow’s peak. 

Medium Side Parted Taper

Man with a widows peak smiles at the camera and works on his laptop

George Rudy/Shutterstock

Gently tapered length on the sides and back keep this cut lightweight and cool. With the long top, a side part can sweep over the hairline to cover a widow’s peak – or push it back to show yours off. 

Long Top Undercut

Man with a super high fade with shaved sides looks to his right


Undercuts are really eye-catching when you leave the top long like this. By bringing the shaved portion up a bit higher and parting the hair over to the side, the widow’s peak at the front all but disappears. 

Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Shaved Peak

Man with spiked hair and a tan jacket looks at the photographer without smiling

Denys Kurbatov/Shutterstock

If you hate your widow’s peak, you’ve probably tried this at some point: Shaving the peak to make it straight. This one requires a ton of maintenance, and the darker your hair is, the more the shaved area shows up. 

Side Parted Fade

Attractive man with a plaid shirt and a side-parted fade looks at the camera

Just Dance/Shutterstock

A long top and crown gives you the freedom to part your hair completely over to one side. It won’t hide your widow’s peak. But if you bring the hair slightly over the hairline in the front, it will slightly conceal it. 

Combed Back Taper 

Man with a combed back taper sits in the barber shop for an image on a piece on haircuts for men with widows peak

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

A tapered haircut isn’t shaved as closely as a fade, but it looks neat and clean-cut. By styling the hair back and to the side, the point of the widow’s peak is concealed by the hair up front. 

Medium Long Shag With Bangs

Handsome young smiling man wearing a dark blue shirt and crossing his arms


Straight hair works great for this cut, where the length is tapered to be a bit shorter at the ends for less weight. Have your stylist cut shorter side bangs so you can style them across the forehead to cover a widow’s peak hairline. 

Short High Fade

Man on his laptop with his legs crossed wears glasses and laughs

Pavle Bugarski/Shutterstock

Keeping your hair super short with a high fade that starts near the temples is great for men with widow’s peak hairlines. You can essentially create a new hairline by brushing the hair on top-down and forward, then cutting it to fill in one side of your hairline next to the widow’s peak. 

Long Taper With Middle Part

Guy in a gingham shirt looks intensely at a notebook


Channel your inner academic with a middle-parted style paired with a longer, tapered cut, as seen on this widow’s peak haircut. You can use gel and hairspray to coif your hair like the model shown, or wear it more casually and loose. 

Short With Micro Fringe

Man in glasses against a grey gradient background smiles

Ioannis Pantzi/Shutterstock

Super-short bangs – just long enough to obscure the hairline – are a great way to conceal a widow’s peak you’d rather not show off. Keep the sides and back short so the micro fringe doesn’t look wacky by comparison. 

Feathered Taper

Man in a grey shirt that is shiny puts his hands in his pockets and eyes the camera through his thick-rimmed glasses


If young buck widow’s peak haircuts just aren’t doing it for you, try a 70s-inspired feathered taper. With an off-center part, the front sweeps to the side and helps hide a widow’s peak. 

Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Shaved

Colin ferrel in new york at the premier for minority report with a shaved widows peak haircut

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Colin Farrell has rocked many different haircuts with his prominent widow’s peak, but we love this shaved look. You can still see the outline of the pointed hairline, so it adds an element of interest to a basic haircut. 

Casual Long Top

Young man relaxed with his arm on the top of a park bench while wearing a baseball shirt

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

With a little natural curl or wave, this cut is super easy to style and maintain. Leave the top long and have the sides and back tapered. Blow-dry the hair in the opposite direction you plan to part it. This gives it that lift of volume at the roots and keeps it from matting against your forehead. 

Tousled Wavy Taper

Man with a casual expression smiles and wears a hairstyle for men with widows peak and a white tshirt

Tapered haircuts are great for men with a widow’s peak, and we love the way wavy and curly hair looks with a longer top. Add a dab of gel to keep it under control and style it forward if you’d like to hide your peak. 

Shaved Sides and Long Top

Man in a grey shirt in a studio wearing a haircut for men with widows peak

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

With super-short shaved sides, the long top in this haircut stands out and gives you more hair to style. Bring it down and forward to create the look of bangs that you can sweep over to the side to camouflage a widow’s peak. 

Featured Widow’s Peak Haircut: Short Crop

Young man with a widow's peak haircut in a hoodie and wearing a backpack


If you can’t stand to grow your hair out, this head-hugging short crop is a great haircut choice. Using a little styling product to hold it down as you brush it forward can help you conceal your widow’s peak, too. 

Things to Consider With Widow’s Peak Haircuts

Widow’s peak haircuts aren’t difficult to style, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before hitting the salon or barber.

The way you part your hair matters. The direction your hair is parted in will have a big effect on how obvious your widow’s peak is. If you love yours and don’t want to hide it, great! But if you’re trying to play it down, a steep side part is best.

Middle parts can camouflage a widow’s peak, too, since they start at the deepest part of the point and cover the higher hairline on either side. Make sure to show your stylist how you normally part your hair before they start cutting. 

Face shape is more important than your hairline. That’s right – there’s no need to obsess about the perfect haircut for a man with a widow’s peak. Just make sure you’re looking at haircuts that work for your face shape!

Round faces should steer clear of cuts with too much length and volume on the sides. Oval faces can rock almost any cut. Square faces need a little softness, so fades and tapers are perfect. And heart-shaped faces benefit from side-swept and medium-length cuts. 

Find a stylist who knows how to style your widow’s peak. Since not everyone has a widow’s peak, you might need to work a little harder to find a stylist who knows what to do with yours. If it sticks up like a cowlick, a good stylist will be able to show you how to train it in the direction you want it to go. 

Widow’s peaks are considered attractive. Before you get a haircut you wouldn’t normally opt for, know that people – men and women – tend to find widow’s peaks attractive. That would explain the enduring popularity of so many male celebrities who rock them. So there’s no real need to hide or downplay yours unless you really want to. 

Look for inspiration photos before you get a haircut. Bringing plenty of photos in to show your barber or stylist is so important to get the cut you want. If you saw a haircut you like here, just search for more examples of the same cut.

Then, pick out the features of each one you like. If you can tell your stylist, “I like the length of example A, but with the layers and bangs of example B,” you’re much more likely to get exactly what you want than showing a single photo.

Your Next Steps

Haircuts for men with widow’s peak hairlines aren’t limited to buzz cuts or super long hair that obscure the hairline. With the right part and cut, you can effectively disguise a widow’s peak even with short hair.

And if you’re growing to love your peak and want to show it off, any haircut that suits your face shape will work for you. Since so many people admit to finding widow’s peaks attractive, why cover it up?

As long as your hair is clean and healthy, no one’s going to bat an eye at your hairline. That said, have you found a widow’s peak haircut to fit your style? Find a barber shop or salon near you to book your next haircut appointment.