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22 White Men’s Braids to Try | From Simple to Intricate

White Men’s Braids to Try _ From Simple to IntricateYour options for white men’s braids are almost endless, but why waste time scrolling through the same old looks you’ve seen a million times? Check out our list of creative braids for white guys with styles ranging from simple to intricate and unique. 

We’ve got some tips to make your braids last longer and stay frizz-free as well as braid considerations to ensure this is the style for you. 

The Basics of White Men’s Braids

  • White men’s hair texture works well in flat and box braids
  • Tighter, smaller braid widths last longer for white men
  • Use the right products and tools to preserve your braids

We’ve been seeing tons of different styles of white men’s braids trending online and popping up everywhere lately. It’s not unusual for a white guy to braid his hair – in fact, Viking and Celtic men were sporting intricate braids in ancient times for battle and to demonstrate status. 

Today, white men’s braids are more about achieving a cool, rugged look and making haircare easy. Braids are a great way for men to wrangle and secure hair – whether it’s just a few inches long or down to your waist – and they make daily styling a thing of the past. 

Caucasian hair can be braided in long-term braid styles like flat braids (French braids, Dutch braids, and cornrows) that sit tightly against the scalp or in hanging braids (box braid) that are attached only at the roots.

Since the texture of a white person’s hair can be a little slippery and difficult to secure tightly in braids, it’s always a good idea to go with smaller, tighter weaving to ensure the braids stay put.

This means large and jumbo braids aren’t a great choice for long-term wear on white men. Instead, small to medium-sized braids of different types and patterns can be used to keep your hair out of your way and styled securely for a few weeks at a time.

When you use the right products and tools to create and maintain your braids, you’ll get better results that last longer without frizz or loosening up prematurely. 

Since properly woven and maintained braids can last for weeks, white guys are finding out that wearing braided styles is an amazing way to simplify hair care. But this is a style that leaves guys with a lot of questions, so let’s talk about some of the most common.

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White Men’s Braids FAQs

Got questions about getting braids as a white man? We’ve got answers! Here’s what you’ve been wondering about white men’s braids. 

  • Does Caucasian hair even work for braids? Caucasian hair is typically not as textured as African hair, but it is thicker in diameter per strand. This strand roundness combined with a straighter or less coily texture makes it harder for a white person’s hair to stay secure in a braid for long periods of time. However, small, tight braid styles like cornrows (flat braids) and small box braids (hanging braids) can work on white hair when properly maintained. 
  • How long can white men’s hair stay in braids? While protective braid styles can be worn for up to 2 months at a time in African hair textures, white men’s braids shouldn’t be in place for more than 3 weeks. This shorter timeframe takes into account the additional oil (sebum) production of Caucasian hair types and the length of time it takes before the braids get frizzy and loose. 
  • Are white men’s braids a protective style? Braids that stay in place for days or weeks can definitely offer strands some protection. While your hair is braided, it won’t be subjected to heat styling or blow drying, physical damage from brushing or combing, or breakage due to tangling or knotting. Braids can also offer some UV protection as less of the hair is exposed to damaging sun rays while plaited. 
  • Can white men’s braids damage hair? It seems crazy that a protective style could damage your hair, but it’s possible if the braids are done too tightly, stay in place too long, or create a lot of tension on the scalp. Too-tight braids put additional tension and strain on individual strands and your scalp and that can lead to scalp pain, headaches, and even hair loss over time. Leaving tight braids in place too long (3 weeks+) on Caucasian hair can lead to breakage and length loss. 
  • Are white men’s braids considered cultural appropriation? Cultural appropriation is something you’ll have to consider when you’re thinking about getting braids as a white guy. Some people believe it’s wrong or insulting to wear braided styles that are traditionally African or African American, while others say you should wear the styles you like and feel comfortable in. Some of the styles that work well for Caucasian hair, like cornrows and box braids, are considered part of African culture and can be considered cultural appropriation to some. Keep this in mind when you’re checking out braid styles you like. In the end, it’s a personal choice only you can make.

22 Best White Men’s Braids, From Simple to Intricate

With some of your questions answered and tons of braided styles to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the best white men’s braids to try out.

Below, you’ll see a range of braided styles that work well for white guys from simple and straight-forward to intricate and complex. Find your favorites to adopt a neat, stylish look that makes hair care so much easier! 

1. Straight-Back Small Feed-In Flat Braids

Straight-Back Small Feed-In Flat Braids, a great white men's braids hairstyle

Olga Vasilyeva/Shutterstock

If your hair is long enough to flat braid but you want the appearance of a little more length, you can use feed-in hair to achieve the longer look. Keep the braid style simple with straight-back plaits and braid them to the side of each divided section instead of straight down the middle for this look.

2. Undercut Medium Braids With Man Bun

Undercut Medium Braids With Man Bun for a roundup of white men's braids


Rocking a long pompadour or thinking of doing something different with long hair? Shave the sides for a high undercut and flat braid the top section into 4 medium-width cornrows. Secure the braids in the back with a small man bun and you’ve got a fierce look that takes care of styling for a week or so! 

3. Pompadour Cornrows to Hanging Chunky Braid

Pompadour Cornrows to Hanging Chunky White Mens Braid


A long pompadour cut leaves plenty of length on top with short or cleanly shaven sides. Straight-back cornrows are a great way to dress up the cut and keep your long hair secured in style. Braid in even sections straight back, then weave the braids together in a larger 3-strand braid all the way down. 

4. Diverging Long White Feed-In Braids

Diverging Long White Feed-In Braids for a piece on white mens braids


Guys who want a really noticeable look can go for super-long braids that use colored hair extensions for extra-long length. These diverging cornrows peel off in different directions for a slightly different pattern and extend to hip length to take this braided style over the top.

5. Branching Small to Medium Cornrows 

A featured white men's braided hairstyle on a man in a studio


These flat braids remind us of tree limbs branching off in different directions! Notice that there are a few straight-back medium-sized braids in between the smaller branching segments. This variation in braid width along with the unique pattern makes this a stand-out look.

6. Twisted Fishtail Braid

Twisted Fishtail White Mens Braid on a guy holding a mirror to his forehead

Juan Pablo Olaya Celis/Shutterstock

Fishtail braids are a less well-known braid type but take on a neat, intricate look because they use smaller sections of hair in each part of the weave.

The hair is styled half-up using small sections from each side, then the loose hair is woven into a long fishtail braid to finish the look. Vivid hair colors look awesome with braids!

7. Long Twin Dutch Braids With Zig-Zag Part

Long Twin Dutch Braids With Zig-Zag Part on a white man

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

Getting long hair out of your face and secured in place doesn’t have to be boring. Try a zig-zag part down the center and twin Dutch braids to stylishly secure your mane for a hot date, gym session, or working day. Twist the loose ends of the braids together and secure with another hair tie to copy this look.

8. Box Braids With Messy Man Bun

Box Braids With Messy Man Bun for a roundup of the best white mens braided hairstyles

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

Small, evenly spaced box braids hang freely but can easily be worked into other styles to feel a little more secure. Pull long box braids up into a high ponytail and fold it over to form a messy man bun. Leave pieces sticking out of the bun and tug on it to fill it out and give it a more casual look. 

9. Two-Tone Box Braids in Mega Braid

As a featured image for a roundup of the best braids for white men, a guy wears a Two-Tone Box Braids in Mega Braid hairstyle

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

Weaving a lighter hair extension in with your braids gives you a two-tone, highlighted look that really takes braids to the next level. Try evenly spaced small box braids all over and create a different style by weaving them all into a large 3-strand braid in the back. 

10. Straight-Back Loose Medium Cornrows

Straight-Back Loose Medium Cornrows, a featured white man's braided hairstyle

The pattern and size of your cornrows will affect the end result, so take a look at a few different examples to decide if this is the type of braided style you want to wear. We like medium-sized braids going straight back for a simple, no-fuss style on long men’s hair. 

11. Faux Hawk Braid With Brickwork Box Braids

Faux Hawk Braid With Brickwork Box Braids, a great white men's braided hairstyle

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

Take a unique box braid style using rectangular sections that look like brick masonry and mix it up with a cool faux hawk braid!

This look evenly divides the hair into rectangular “bricks” before braiding and securing each section. All the braids are gathered and woven into a chunky 3-strand braid that sits on top and runs down the middle like a faux hawk.  

12. Sleek Braided Pompadour Undercut

Sleek Braided Pompadour Undercut

Lesia Kapinosova/Shutterstock

High undercuts that leave a long pompadour on top are a great foundation for cool braided styles. Try French braiding your pompadour length straight back for a simple look that keeps longer hair wrangled when you’re taking care of business.

13. Curved Split Front Flat Braids

Curved Split Front Flat Braids, one of the best white men's braided hairstyles


These braids take on a curved shape in the front like a rainbow or menorah that’s split in the center. Ahead of the crown, the braids direct straight back and hang freely to be worn down and loose or secured in a ponytail, bun, or larger braid.

14. Viking Bubble French Braids With Burst Fade

Viking Bubble French Braids With Burst Fade, one of the best braids for white men

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

Intricate braid styles take on a Viking look (complete with a burst fade), especially when you mix in a few types of braids and introduce some different patterns and textures with inverted or bubble braids.

Create two small hanging braids in the front and weave them into a larger French braid going down the back of the head. Use hair ties to create bubbles and invert the bubbled sections for a cool, intricate style. 

15. Basic Dutch Braids With Varied Width

Featured hairstyle for braided hairstyles for white men featuring a Basic Dutch Braids With Varied Width

Juan Pablo Olaya Celis/Shutterstock

Dutch braids are done just like French braids, but they’re woven to sit on top of the hair rather than tucking down into the hair. This look creates a little more volume.

So if you hate the sleek look of tiny cornrows and flat braids, you’ll like this style a lot. Try a jumbo braid down the center with medium or small braids down the sides to vary the width. 

16. Perpendicular Chunky Flat Braids

Perpendicular Chunky Flat Braids, one of the best hairstyle featuring white mens braids

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

This is one of the more unique looks we’ve seen in white men’s braids and it’s cool enough to try out! The hair is divided into 3 roughly even sections.

Then, it’s split crosswise to form horizontal rectangular rows that angle on the side sections. The rows are braided against the scalp toward the middle, where they join with a larger flat braid running vertically down the back. 

17. Converging Half-Cornrows With Ponytail

Converging Half-Cornrows With Ponytail, a great white men's braided hairstyle


Try a half-cornrow look to reduce tension on your scalp while still nailing that sleek, flat braid look. Sections are evenly divided into wedges that are thickest around the hairline and flat-braided against the scalp toward the center.

The braids lift off part-way back to let the bottom portion hang freely. Gather the finished braids in a low ponytail to get this look.

18. Low Bubble Braid With Plaited Goatee

Low Bubble Braid With Plaited Goatee, a white men's braid we love

Yashkin Ilya/Shutterstock

White men’s braids can be a little time-consuming, especially if you have really long hair. One much quicker option for guys who like different styles is the low bubble braid!

All you need are a few hair ties secured in intervals down the length of your ponytail. Complete the look by braiding your goatee or beard to bring the fun around front!

19. Meta Box Braid Plaits

Meta Box Braid Plaits on a white man

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

This style features 3-strand braids made out of smaller box braids – it’s a meta braid! The hair is sectioned cleanly and plaited into hanging box braids all over with feed-in hair for more length.

The smaller box braids join to create chunky 3-strand braids that run straight back for a textured, creative style. 

20. One-Sided Partial Cornrows

One-Sided Partial Cornrows, a featured white mens braided hairstyle


You can try partial braids for a cool style that doesn’t take as long to do and still leaves you some loose hair to style and show off. This partial cornrow look horizontally weaves a few rows of braids in one side of the hair for a sleek, pushed-back look and voluminous curls on the other side. 

21. Medium Snake Cornrows

Medium Snake Cornrows, a featured white mens braided hairstyle

Bojan Culibrk/Shutterstock

These flat braids snake and slither down the back of the head in symmetrical wavy patterns that mirror the other side. This kind of style shines in the braid pattern, not the length, so feel free to rock it with short to medium hair that’s long enough to weave! 

22. Undercut Diverging Half Crown Braids

Undercut Diverging Half Crown Braids, a white men's braided hairstyle we love


This complex braided style looks great on guys with an undercut or long pompadour hairstyle. It’s split evenly down the middle with diverging braid branches reaching out to the upper sides of the head. A thicker medium-width half crown braid surrounds the style and finishes it off. 

Tips and Things to Consider

Getting neat, polished braids that stay secure for weeks starts with properly prepping before the braiding process and taking the right steps to preserve and maintain them. Here are the tried-and-true tips and considerations you need to know before you get braids as a white guy! 

  • Braiding can take a while to finish. While it doesn’t take long at all to do a simple 3-strand braid in short to long hair, it takes a while to create fully braided styles like flat braids and box braids. It helps to know in advance that you could spend anywhere from 2-8 hours getting a fully braided style. Partial braids don’t take as long and short hair means a shorter braiding session, too. 
  • Make sure your hair is long enough. MHair can be braided at surprisingly short lengths when you’re working with a skilled braider, but it’s always easier when you’re working with more length. Your hair must be at least 2 inches long to braid, but your braider will find it easier to work with hair that is 3+ inches long. Longer hair is more time-consuming to braid, but it’s also much simpler to grip and weave. 
  • Properly prep your hair for braids. You should always get braids in clean hair that’s fully dry and has been properly prepped. Take time to carefully detangle and moisturize your hair after shampooing and conditioning it to prepare it for braids. Adding a little oil to your roots is a good idea to keep your scalp and roots moisturized while your hair is braided for a longer period of time. You can use a little gel on the divided sections near the roots to help prevent frizz and keep the sections neat. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will reduce friction on your braids and keep them neat a little longer. 
  • Keep them in for 3 weeks max. Everyone loses anywhere from 50-100 strands of hair per day normally. When your hair is braided for days or weeks at a time, those fallen hairs become trapped in the braid and become visible (sometimes with the whitish follicle bulb showing) over time. Caucasian hair can also become loose and frizzy at the roots and down the length of the braid beyond about 3 weeks. For these reasons, it’s best to limit your braided styles to 3 weeks at the maximum. 
  • Try different styles with your braids. The type of braids you get doesn’t mean that’s the way you have to wear your hair for the next 3 weeks. Instead, work in a few different styles to make the most of your braids and get some variation! Low and high ponytails, man buns, and large chunky braids that weave your smaller braids in are all great ideas to change things up. You can even shave the sides for an undercut or high pompadour look to tweak your braided style if you get tired of the look! 

White men’s braids can be as creative and varied as you want. Try a simple straight-back flat braided look for everyday wear that keeps your mane contained. Go with intricate, artistic braids that criss-cross and curve to make a stylish statement.

Or try big, chunky Dutch or French braids with smaller braids woven throughout to channel your inner Viking warrior! Whether you’re thinking about going for a long, fully-braided look or a rugged undercut with long hair braided on top, there are tons of ways to rock white men’s braids with style.

As long as you consider the upkeep, time required to braid, and how long to keep your braids intact to avoid damaging your hair, you’ll love how it feels wearing braids. Check out more of our favorite long hairstyles for men next!