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How to Heal Ripped Skin From Waxing in 2024

Waxing is an effective way of removing unwanted hair from its roots. The procedure adds to your beauty and attractiveness but can come with certain risks.

Inflammation of the hair follicles, irritation, and skin redness are common complications of skin waxing. With the help of this article, you can learn how to heal ripped skin from waxing!

Ripped Skin from Waxing? 

Improper waxing techniques or hot wax can rip your skin along with the hair. It is a panic situation for most people, but don’t worry. You can manage it well! 

So, what steps can you take to soothe the skin damage from waxing? The ripped and torn skin can be painful and prone to infections. Following is a list of effective methods of treating ripped-off skin. 

Immediate Steps to Take:
  1. Wash it with cold water 
  2. Apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection 
  3. Moisturize the skin
  4. Keep your skin safe from the sun 

11 Ways to Heal Ripped Skin From Waxing

Most women suffer from skin ripping in the eyebrow area, which can be no less than a nightmare. So, how to heal ripped skin from waxing? With the following techniques, you can return to the realm of beautiful skin with zero scars. 

1. Clean the Ripped Skin

After noticing skin ripping, you must immediately clean and protect it. The best method to clean it is to wash it with cool water. Unfortunately, hot wax is the culprit in several cases, so pouring chilled water cleanses and soothes the affected region. 

Use a gentle cleanser or a natural skin disinfectant like essential oils, alcohol, or apple cider vinegar to wash away bacteria and germs. You can use commercial skin antiseptics too.

2. Use Antibiotics

Applying an antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, over the ripped area is a critical step, as it protects the skin from impetigo and the development of boils. It also keeps folliculitis and follicle infection at bay.

According to a meta-analysis, topical application of antibiotics prevents wound infections. You may also apply a natural antibacterial like honey to speed up healing.

Research has shown that honey contains antibacterial properties and keeps the wound in a moist condition, with its high viscosity providing a protective barrier against infection. 

Continue to apply the antibiotic cream or honey for a couple of days, twice each day, in the morning and at night. 

3. Moisturize the Skin 

There are multiple benefits of keeping the skin moisturized. First, you can effectively heal the ripped skin by applying a lotion or cream. Ripping off the skin with waxing leads to loss of skin cell integrity. The affected skin is also prone to drying out.

Research shows that moisturizing improves the skin integrity (of stratum corneum), acts as a water barrier, and speeds up healing. Plant-based oils such as coconut oil and olive oil serve as excellent moisturizers. 

4. Apply Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is widely known for its benefits on skin health. But, unfortunately, wax burns almost always accompany skin ripping. And a wax burn feels terrible! 

Aloe vera gel can alleviate the symptoms of ripped skin, i.e., burning, itching, and flushing. In addition, according to a study, extracts from the aloe vera plant possess potent anti-inflammatory properties and help cure skin burns. 

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Exposure to sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to the skin. The situation worsens if the skin is open and the wounds are fresh. The peeled-off skin is prone to further damage with exposure to the sun, such as scarring and discoloration. 

You can take help from commercial products to protect against the sun or use homemade sun protectors. Sun protecting factors (SPF) creams are available that you can apply on the skin. Those who prefer natural products can apply coconut oil to the area for extra protection. 

6. Avoid Makeup

Refrain from applying makeup on the affected skin until it heals completely. Many cosmetic products contain toxic, harmful chemicals that can cause inflammation or infection by further irritating your skin.

7. Eat Lots of Vegetables and Fruits 

Still wondering how to heal ripped skin from waxing? Here’s your answer! Good nutrition is an essential prerequisite for speeding up the wound-healing process.

For example, green vegetables like broccoli and berries, including strawberries, are rich in vitamin C, effectively promoting wound healing. The vitamin improves inflammation and promotes tissue remodeling.  

8. Drink Ample Water 

Staying hydrated also plays a vital role in promoting wound healing. Studies show that adequate water intake helps in maintaining optimal skin health. Thus, drink enough water each day to boost the healing process.

9. Avoid Smoking 

Smoking has a direct link to delayed wound healing. There are different mechanisms by which smoking delays healing. So you should avoid smoking to aid skin healing. 

10. Get Rest 

Getting enough rest allows wounds to heal quickly. Sleeping reduces inflammation and promotes healing by repairing the skin.

11. Give It Time

Your skin usually takes some time to heal. Therefore, stay patient while the dermal cells regain their integrity. Complete repair of the skin usually takes around a couple of weeks.

Most people are agonized due to the pain and the burning sensation on the exposed skin. You can take help from over-the-counter painkiller medications, such as Ibuprofen.

In addition, applying moisturizer on ripped skin can also soothe it. So, let the skin heal at its own pace, and do not use any solution excessively, as it might prove counterproductive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Woman screaming and wondering how to heal ripped skin from waxing

David Perinas/Shutterstock

The following are some frequently asked questions regarding healing ripped skin from waxing:

How can I make my skin heal faster after waxing?

You can speed up the process of skin healing by taking good care of the skin. Keeping it moisturized and avoiding the sun improves healing time.

Consuming vitamin C foods such as broccoli and strawberries is good for promoting skin healing. Drinking plenty of water and abstaining from smoking can boost skin repair too.

What are the causes of skin ripping during waxing?

There are different causes of skin ripping. One of the main reasons is a poor waxing technique. Non-professional beauticians can rip the skin off during a wax. Those habitual in using exfoliants and chemical peels are at a greater risk of skin ripping during waxing.

How long does it take for ripped skin to return to normal?

The recovery rate differs from person to person, depending on your age, skin quality, and dietary habits. However, it generally takes one to two weeks for the skin to return to its normal condition. Therefore, we recommend you be patient during this period.

Is sun exposure bad for ripped skin?

Yes, exposure to sun and ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin. Several studies have highlighted the link between sunlight exposure and the development of skin cancer. You should avoid going out in the sun when having ripped skin. Use an SPF cream when going out.

Is skin ripping and wax burning the same?

Skin ripping is the process of peeling off the skin during waxing. That is mainly due to poor waxing techniques and waxing on sensitive skin. On the other hand, wax burn is a skin burn caused by hot wax. Therefore, wax burns may accompany skin ripping.

So, How Do You Heal Ripped Skin From Waxing?

Poor waxing techniques can lead to ripping off of skin during waxing, especially in eyebrow hairs. To heal skin damage from waxing, wash it with cold water and clean the wound with a disinfectant. Do not delay applying an antibiotic ointment, as the broken skin is prone to infection.

Topical application of moisturizers and aloe vera can alleviate symptoms of skin damage and promote healing. Avoid sunlight exposure and use SPF creams when going out. Skin healing usually takes time, so be patient while your skin heals. Good luck!