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2024 Regis Salon Prices | High, Low, & Average

Wondering how much Regis Salon charges for its services? Look no further than our complete guide; we’ll cover their full range of products and services and what you can expect to pay for each.

What Do Regis Salons Cost?

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Regis Salons are known for being a convenient, affordable chain of salons with a high-end feel. Their locations are scattered throughout the United States.

They’ve been around since 1922 and were originally called Kunin Beauty SalonsIn 1958, they updated (and upgraded) the name to Regis Salon.

Today, these salons are operating in more than 10,000 locations worldwide and have a great reputation in the beauty industry. While some salon chains only offer haircuts and styling, Regis Salons offer a wider range of hair services.

Haircuts, styles, colors, highlights, perms, relaxers, waxing, and deep conditioning treatments are some of the services you can get for comparatively low prices at Regis. 

In this guide, we’ll cover prices by service and product and a thorough description of what each one includes. Then, we’ll compare prices to that of their competitors. Let’s jump in!

List of Regis Salon Prices

Regis Salon prices are known for being affordable and fair. Below, you’ll see the low, high, and average prices at Regis Salons for each service they offer. After the price list, we’ll share details about each service and what it includes.

ServiceLow EndAverageHigh End
Women’s Haircut$30$33.50$37
Women’s Cut & Style$38$38.50$39
Men’s Haircut$20$23.50$27
Men’s Cut & Style$28$28.50$29
Ombre Color$150$150--
Mini Highlights$29$29.50$30
Partial Highlights$55$65$75
Full Highlights$90$92.50$95
Facial Waxing$14$14.50$15
Deep Conditioning$10$10--
Formal Styling$55$55--

With the lowest-priced service being their deep conditioning treatments (which start at $15), Regis prices are in the average range. The highest-priced service here is ombre color.

But since this service’s average price starts at about $125, the Regis price of $150 is fair. Since franchisees independently own all Regis Salon locations, the prices do vary by location a bit.

However, most Regis Salons charge similar amounts for different services. You might pay $45 for a women’s haircut at one location and $55 at another location.

This is why we included the average prices for each service. This way, you can get a sense of how much you might pay at any location.

Be sure to talk to your stylist about location-specific pricing before getting your service at a Regis Salon. They might even be able to tell you about specials, promotions, and discounts at your location! 

Regis Salon Services

Now that you’ve seen how much you can expect to pay at Regis for each service they offer, let’s take a closer look at their service menu. What does each service include?

Regis Salons offer a range of hair services, including haircuts, styling, colors, highlights, perms, relaxers, waxing, and conditioning treatments. Here’s what you get with each service. 


Regis Salons always offer haircuts for men, women, and children. The price of your haircut will vary, with children’s being the least expensive and women’s being the most expensive.

When you go to a Regis Salon, you’ll begin with a quick consultation with your stylist. They’ll find out the type of haircut you want and make sure it will work for your hair. Next, your stylist will wash, condition, and cut your hair according to what you’ve requested.

If you purchase a cut and style (additional cost), your stylist will blow dry your hair into the style you request. Otherwise, your stylist will cut and quick-dry your hair without styling it. 


You can choose to get all-over color at Regis Salons. You can select your favorite permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent hair color, depending on how long you want it to last.

Before the color is applied, you and your stylist will have a quick consultation to discover what type of color will work best for you. Your stylist can also help you make a selection if you’re not sure what color is best for you. 

Your stylist may mix a custom color up for you. After color application, the color will be allowed to process on your hair for the proper amount of time before rinsing it out of your hair. Then, your hair will be blow-dried to show off the finished look.  

Permanent Color

Permanent color is a popular choice for gray coverage, lightening your current hair color, or darkening your current hair color. Permanent color will stay on your hair for the longest time. 

Demi Permanent Color 

Demi-permanent color is one step down from permanent hair color. It lasts anywhere from 24 to 28 shampoos. It will fade eventually, but not as quickly as semi-permanent hair color.

It’s best for adding a color refresh to faded color, blending grays, or adding shine and vibrance to your hair color with a bit of toned dimension. 

Semi-Permanent Color

Semi-permanent hair color is also available, and it lasts 3 to 6 washes, unlike permanent and demi-permanent color. You might choose semi-permanent color if you’re opting for a fun, bright color or just experimenting with a new tone or shade. 


Balayage is a technique that involves hand painting the hair for a natural, sweeping look that puts color in areas where the light naturally hits the hair. You can have balayage done in the shade of your choice at Regis Salons for a reasonable price. 


Ombre hair color changes midway down the hair shaft into a contrasting color. It may be lighter or darker than the color of the roots.

Sombre is a subtle version of the ombre hair color, with a less stark contrast between the different colors. Ombre colors are the most expensive service at Regis Salons, but are still priced lower than most independent salons. 

Gray/Silver Tones

Gray, lavender, and silver tones are wildly popular right now. If you’re looking to go platinum blonde or want a silvery tone to your color, Regis Salons can do it. They’ll apply a toner in the color of your choice to ensure your blonde is the exact shade you want it. 


Highlights are always available at Regis Salons. You can choose from mini, partial, and full highlights. Regis Salons use foil highlights to create dimension with color throughout your hair.

Choose mini highlights for face-framing lightness; opt for full highlights if you’d like all-over lightening. You’ll start with a consultation with your stylist.

They’ll determine your desired look and talk about any considerations – roots, maintenance, existing damage, etc. – before applying highlights. 

Mini Highlights

Mini highlights, or babylights, are increasingly popular. At Regis Salons, mini highlights include 7 foils placed around your face for a natural, sunkissed look. This quick service doesn’t include styling, but your stylist will blow dry the highlighted areas to show you the final result. 

Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are also available here, and they involve more foils throughout the hair. Partial highlights are perfect for adding dimension. Most partial highlights are concentrated in the T-zone – around the face and down the line where you part your hair. 

Full Highlights

Full highlights give you the closest result to an all-over hair color. They are perfect for blending grays into your color, brightening or darkening your overall color, and creating lots of dimension. Full highlights will be applied extensively with foils all throughout the hair. 

Specialty Services

Regis Salons offer a menu of specialty services as well. These include styling, perms, relaxers, and waxing. Here are the details on what each specialty service includes at Regis. 

Formal Styling

Formal event and special occasion styles include updos, braids, and twists. Your stylist will begin with a short consultation to determine what type of event or occasion the style is for and find out what type of style you want. Every formal style includes a shampoo and blow-dry. 

Perms, Relaxers, and Retexturizing

Whether you want a perm, relaxer, or smoothing treatment, Regis Salons can help. Perms create a permanent curl in the hair in the pattern and curl size you choose.

Specialty perms like spiral perms may have an additional cost. Long hair may cost more as well. Relaxers are a permanent treatment that smooth, soften, and relax natural curls. Relaxers smooth out frizz and make curls more manageable. 

Retexturizing treatments are available for naturally curly hair. These treatments reduce frizz by restructuring the curl shape and pattern. You’ll get a shampoo and blow-dry included with any of these services. 


Facial waxing is also available at Regis Salons. Facial waxing services include eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and sideburns. Regis stylists are trained to shape hair in areas like the eyebrows and sideburns while removing unwanted hair in areas like the lip and chin. 

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Regis Salons offer 3 deep conditioning treatments to choose from. Each one is slightly different. Your stylist can help you choose the right deep conditioning treatment for you.

Of course, this is according to your hair’s needs and structure. Every deep conditioning treatment includes a head massage for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. 


The DESIGNLINE deep conditioning treatment detangles, delivers moisture deep into strands, and coats with protective protein to rebuild weak or damaged hair. It’s formulated with cocoa butter for instant shine and softness. 

Redken Chemistry Shots

Redken Chemistry Shots are custom mixed according to the specific needs of your hair. Your stylist will determine if your hair would benefit most from strengthening, smoothing, moisturizing, or gentle conditioning for color-treated hair. 


The Malibu deep conditioning treatment takes place in 2 steps: Clarifying and conditioning. The first step removes buildup, oil, and dirt from the hair with a clarifying wash.

The second step is applying a deep-conditioning treatment that repairs damaged hair and leaves it feeling strong, soft, and moisturized with intense shine. 

How Regis Salon Prices Compare

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Regis Salon pricing does appear to be affordable and fair, but how does it compare to other salon chains? Let’s find out.  

Regis Salon vs. Supercuts

Supercuts prices and Regis prices are similar, but they do differ by service. The Supercut III is comparable to a women’s haircut at Regis (includes shampoo and simple blow-dry).

At Regis, this kind of haircut is $50 on average. At Supercuts, it’s $40. Deep conditioning treatments are about $20 at Regis. At Supercuts, they’re $30 on average. 

But when it comes to hair color, Supercuts has the edge. Supercolor can be as low as $45, with highlights around $50, on average. At Regis, all-over colors are $75, and full highlights are $92 on average.

Regis Salon vs. Great Clips

Let’s take a look at Great Clips prices vs. Regis Salons. Adult haircuts are cheaper at Great Clips ($20 on average), but they also don’t include a shampoo and simple blow dry like Regis haircuts do. 

Conditioning treatments are about $15 on average at Great Clips, whereas they’re around $20 at Regis. Perms are an average of $60 at Great Clips and $90 on average at Regis.  

Regis Salon vs. Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams prices are comparable to Regis, but which salon is more affordable? An adult haircut that includes a shampoo but no blow-dry is an average of $25 at Fantastic Sams. Conversely, a similar haircut that includes shampoo and blow-dry is an average of $50 at Regis.

Deep conditioning treatments are $15-$17 at Fantastic Sams. And they’re around $20 at Regis Salons.  And hair color is nearly identical in price at $72 on average at Fantastic Sams and $75 at Regis. 

Regis Salon vs. Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters prices are known for being low, but how do they stack up against Regis? The average haircut that includes shampoo and blow-dry is $23 at Cost Cutters, while it’s $50 at Regis. 

A deep conditioning treatment will cost you about $14 at Cost Cutters or $20 at Regis, which is very similar pricing. For all-over color, Cost Cutters charges about $62, which is considerably less than the $75 at Regis Salons.

Are Regis Salon Prices Worth the Cost?

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Overall, Regis Salon prices fit well into the range of salon chain prices. They are a bit higher than other franchised salons for haircut prices.

But their haircuts also include a shampoo and simple blow-dry while many others don’t. When it comes to perms and hair color, Regis Salon prices are below the average, and they are very affordable for other services too.

If you’re on the hunt for a new hair salon, check to see if there’s a Regis Salon near you with our Salon Locator. Now that you know their prices, you can confidently book an appointment and know what you can expect to pay!