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Supercuts Prices | Average 2024 Prices for All Locations

Supercuts prices are hard to find. After all, many of the salons are franchises. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a number of salons across the nation to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

What Are Supercuts Prices?

Supercuts prices are some of the best in the business. This nationwide chain of hair salons offers a full menu of services to customers beyond haircuts.

When you visit one of their 2,200 locations, you can get a haircut, trim, color or highlight, style, shampoo and conditioning, waxes, and more. 

With Supercuts prices starting at just $21 for a haircut and $35 for highlights, it’s hard to find a salon that offers a more affordable hair care experience. 

If you want to know exactly how much Supercuts charges for their services, I found out that you can’t rely on some of the estimates and speculative prices from third parties online.

Many of these prices are based on generic averages from other salons or are years out of date. All Supercuts salons will post their menu of services along with prices inside, so you can always check there.

But most of us would rather know the pricing ahead of time. That’s why we’ve checked with a few Supercuts salons across the country to find out their exact prices and come up with a nationwide average. 

Keep reading to see how much you’ll pay for each service at Supercuts, compare pricing from different locations, and find out what the nationwide averages are for this chain of highly-rated salons. 

Average Supercuts Prices

ServiceLow EndAverageHigh End
Supercut II$20.95$22.45$23.95
Supercut III$29.95$36.98$44
Supercut Jr. and Sr.$13.95$16.45$18.95
Conditioning treatment$12$12.5$13
Tea Tree Experience$10$10$10
Blow dry/hot tool styling$23$30$37
Beard/bang trim$9$9.5$10
Tip color$25$35$45

Supercuts charges anywhere from $21 to $45 for a haircut, depending on the add-ons you apply to your visit. On the low end of pricing ($21-$28) is the basic Supercut®.

On the high end ($35-$45 and up) is the Supercut III®, which comes with bonuses like a shampoo and blow dry. If you’re getting a color service (partial or full highlights, tip color, gray coverage), prices at Supercuts start at $25.

All-over Supercolor® services usually start at $45For basic services that can be bundled with a haircut or purchased a la carte, like shampooing, blow drying, bang and beard trims, and the Tea Tree Experience, prices range from about $7 to about $20.

Blowout styles for long hair cost more. Brow, lip, and chin waxing are $10 to $20 at most Supercuts locations. Brows are typically a dollar or two more than lip and chin waxing. 

For a more in-depth look at how Supercuts prices their services and what each service includes, check out Supercuts Prices by Service below. 

Supercuts Prices by Service

Supercuts offers a range of hair services. They usually list their haircuts as the Supercut, Supercut II, Supercut III, and Supercut IV. Most locations also offer a Supercut Jr. for children 12 and under and a Supercut Sr. for seniors aged 65 and up. 

Before we get into the pricing for these services, let’s look at what each service includes. 

Haircut Services

  • Supercut®: Haircut and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut II®: Shampoo, haircut, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut III®: Shampoo, haircut, simple blow dry, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut IV®: Shampoo, haircut, simple blow dry, hot tool styling, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut Jr.®: Kids’ haircut (12 and under) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut Sr.®: Senior haircut (65 and up) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Beard/bang trim: Cut limited to the beard or bangs between visits

Hair Styling Services

  • Blow dry: A simple blow dry after a shampoo
  • Blowout: A blow dry into a smooth style after a shampoo
  • Hot tool styling: Flat iron or curling iron to style the hair after drying

Hair Color Services

  • Supercolor®: All-over hair color applied to achieve a uniform look
  • Highlights: Lighten small sections of hair with bleach to add dimension
  • Lowlights: Dark small sections of hair with color to add dimension
  • Tip color: Application of color strictly to the ends (tips) of hair 
  • Gray blending: Scattered application of color to blend and lessen gray 

Add-On Services

  • Shampoo: A shampoo before cutting or styling the hair
  • Conditioning treatment: Deep-conditioning treatment applied to the hair after shampooing
  • Tea Tree Experience: Tea tree shampoo and scalp massage 
  • Waxing: Hot wax applied to brow, lip, or chin to remove unwanted hair

Different locations charge their own prices, so you may see some Supercuts charging more or less for a service than others.

We want to help you get a sense of the price range for different services. So we’ve taken a close-up look at the prices for six different locations across the U.S. These locations are in Hawaii, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Florida, and California.

Overall, we saw the highest Supercuts pricing in Hawaii and Pennsylvania, followed by Texas and Florida. The lowest Supercuts prices we reviewed were in Oregon and California. 

Here’s a look at how the services are priced individually at these different locations. We’ve ranked them from the most expensive locations on our list to the least expensive. 

Supercuts Pricing in Honolulu, HI

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut II$38-
Supercut Jr.$24-
Tea Tree Experience$20-
Blow dry/hot tool styling$25$40+
Beard/bang trim$40$50

Supercuts Pricing in Philadelphia, PA

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut Jr. and Sr.$23-
Tea Tree Experience$20-
Blow dry/hot tool styling$25and up
Beard/bang trim$12and up
Supercolor$70and up
Highlights$85and up
Gray Blending$55and up

Supercuts Pricing in Miami, FL

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut II$24-
Supercut III$45-
Supercut Jr.$22-
Conditioning treatment$15and up
Tea Tree Experience$10-
Blow dry/hot tool styling$30.75and up
Beard/bang trim$10.75-
Supercolor$65.75and up
Highlights$65.75and up
Gray Blending$30-

Supercuts Pricing in Austin,TX

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut II$27-
Supercut III$35$45
Supercut Jr. and Sr.$18$19
Shampoo and Blowout$7-
Beard/bang trim$15-
SupercolorConsultation required-

Supercuts Pricing in Federal Way, Washington

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut II$26-
Supercut Sr.$20-
Conditioning treatment$15and up
Blowouts$35and up
HighlightsConsult stylist-
Gray Blending$59and up
Supercolor$89and up

Supercuts Pricing in Orange, CA

ServiceLow EndHigh End
Supercut II$26-
Supercut Sr.$20-
Conditioning treatment$15and up
Blowouts$35and up
HighlightsConsult stylist-
Gray Blending$59and up
Supercolor$89and up

Average Supercuts Prices

Nationwide, the price for a basic haircut (Supercut®) at Supercuts ranges from $21 to $28. Most are priced at about $21-$24. The price for a haircut with shampoo (Supercut II®) ranges from $26 to $38. Most are priced at about $26-$28. 

The price for a haircut with shampoo and blow dry ranges from $35 to $45. Most are priced in the range of $35-$38. Haircuts for kids and seniors range in price from $18 to $24. 

You’ll usually pay about $5-10 more to add a shampoo to any service and about $9-20 to add a blow dry. If you want a conditioning treatment, that will tack on anywhere from $15 to $20 and more, depending on the type of treatment you select.

Get the Tea Tree Experience with a scalp massage for $7 to $20. For a complete blowout and style, you’ll pay somewhere between $12 and $40, depending on the location. 

All-over colors start at $35 but may be as much as $90. Highlights also start at $35 but may cost up to $115 in certain locations for full highlights. Tip color ranges from $25 to $60.

Gray blending is $25 to $50 in most cases. If you’re getting a brow, lip, or chin wax, expect the price to be somewhere between $10 and $20.

Lip and chin waxes usually cost a little less than eyebrow waxes, but some locations charge a flat fee for all waxing.

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Supercuts Pricing vs. Other Chains

Supercuts Prices vs other salons

So, is Supercuts actually a good place for an affordable haircut and style? We think so. While some of the Supercuts locations in more metropolitan areas have higher prices than their other locations, the average prices are still pretty low. 

Consider that the average haircut in the United States costs $35 and up. If you look at high-end salons, the prices can soar into the hundreds and even thousands.

With haircuts at Supercuts starting at $21 and going up to $45 for a cut, shampoo, and blow dry in the Miami location, this is very affordable pricing by comparison. 

You may be able to find a haircut that is slightly cheaper than Supercuts at a salon like Great Clips (cuts starting at $17).

But for a salon that also offers hair color services, waxing, and a range of hair styling options, the price for a haircut at Supercuts is low. We think it’s worth checking out!

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current price of a haircut?

According to Men’s Health, the average price for a men’s haircut is $28. For women, the average price is $60 to $80. At Supercuts, the listed price for a cut is $14 for a basic cut, $16 with a wash and cut, and $20 or more, including blow dry and styling.

Is Supercuts or Great Clips better?

Both salons offer a variety of services and locations to explore. Supercuts is more popular for customers looking for hairstyling guides and products. Great Clips provides a lot of exclusive offers. Supercuts is the best option for women, as Great Clips doesn’t cater to female hair care. Great Clips is known for its alternative men’s services, such as beard care.

Is $60 expensive for a haircut?

At Supercuts, a $60 haircut would seem expensive. However, at other salons, women often pay somewhere between $60 and $80 for a wash and cut service. Many salons price their services by hair length, stylist experience, and salon preference. Men, on average, pay less than women for hair services.

What does Supercuts charge for a woman's haircut?

A Supercuts haircut ranges from $14 to $20 and up. This depends on the type of service you want to be included with your cut. A basic cut is at the cheaper end of the spectrum, while a wash, cut, blowout, and styling costs more. Compared to most other hairdressers, Supercuts women’s haircut prices are reasonable.

Is Supercuts good for haircut?

Supercuts offers good haircuts at an affordable price. On average, reviews for Supercuts are positive, but between 3 and 4 stars on business review sites like Supercuts haircut quality ranges from city to city based on stylist. Check your local Supercuts reviews for a more targeted view of local reviews.