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2024 Cost Cutters Prices | High, Low, & Average

Cost Cutters prices are hard to find. We’d know – we scoured the web high and low. Luckily for you, we found them and built this complete guide. Read on to learn all you need to know.

What Are Cost Cutters Prices?

Cost Cutters is known for offering low prices for hair services like haircuts, colors, perms, relaxers, and styles. They also offer additional services like waxing and conditioning treatments.

On average, a Cost Cutters haircut costs $24, though this price varies by location. All-over colors are about $60. And highlights cost $65-$95, depending on whether you get foil or cap highlights. Regis Corporation owns Cost Cutters salons, which are scattered all across the United States.

Their parent company also owns salon chains like SmartStyle, Supercuts, MasterCuts, and Sassoon Salons. Keeping in theme with the concept of affordable hair care for women, men, and children, Cost Cutters offers a range of hair services at comparably low prices. 

Since there are more than 700 of these salons in 37 states, there’s likely a Cost Cutters salon near you. Average prices vary slightly at different locations, so we’ve pulled price lists for a few different locations to compare. 

Keep reading to see Cost Cutters prices for each service they offer and how price varies by location. We’ll also show you what’s included with each service. 

Cost Cutters Prices and Service Menu

Take a look at the prices for each service at Cost Cutters salons here in our price guide. There’s a wide range of services you can get at most locations, but salons in different regions price things differently.

While a Cost Cutters haircut might cost you less than $25 in Tucson, the same service may be $26 in Ithaca, NY.  Below, we list the prices for each service using prices from 3 Cost Cutters locations across the U.S.:

The highest price we found for each service is in bold. In the far right column, you can see the average price across all Cost Cutters locations. Some locations did not offer all of the services found at others. Be sure to check with the salon you plan to visit to ensure they offer the service you want.

WestEastMidwestAverage Price
Adult Cut$13.95$16.50$14.95$15
Kid’s Cut$11.95$11.50$11.95$11.80
Shampoo & Condition with Cut$15.95$21.95$16.95$18
Shampoo & Style Finish with Cut$24$26$25$25
Shampoo & Blow Dry$13--$13$13
Deep Conditioning$10$12$10$11
Tea Tree Experience----$6$6
Bang Trim$5$6--$5.50
Beard Trim$5$6--$5.50
Single Color$35$50$50$45
Foil Highlights$35+$70$70$58
Cap Highlights$40$50$50$46
Camo Color (Gray Blending)$24--$29$26.50
Perm & Cut (short hair)$40$60--$50
Perm & Cut (medium hair)$50$70--$60
Perm & Cut (long hair)$64$80--$72
Spiral Perm--$90$75$82.50
Waxing (brow, lip, chin)$11$9$10$10

Average Cost Cutters prices range from as low as $8 (trims) to as much as $115 (spiral or specialty perms). The median price of service at Cost Cutters is about $61.

If you’re just getting a haircut, you’ll pay less than that – about $21 to $51, depending on whether you opt for a shampoo and style with your cut. Comparing prices from the 3 locations we used pricing data from, the East (Ithaca, NY) location has the highest prices overall.

In a few cases, the West locations and Midwest locations we checked had higher prices than the Eastern locations. We saw the biggest cost difference at the different Cost Cutters salons was in the price of a basic perm for short hair (as low as $55 in one location and about $75 in others), which had about a $20 price difference at different locations.

Remember that these prices can go up if you have very thick or long hair that takes more time or products to highlight or perm. In terms of pricing, Cost Cutters really does seem to offer affordable hair services that cost less than many other similar salons. 

They keep prices low by giving the customer the option to stack or add services as needed. Instead of automatically including a shampoo with a haircut, they offer basic cuts around $24 and give you the option to add shampoo and conditioner to the service for an extra $3 or so.

If you want to add shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and style to your haircut, it’s an extra $25 (about $50 total). Customers wanting chemical treatments like perms, relaxers, highlights, and colors will appreciate that these salons offer them in addition to the basic haircut and style lineup. 

Cost Cutters Services

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Now that you’ve seen the prices for Cost Cutters’ different services, let’s look at what each service includes. From haircuts to chemical treatments and additional options like waxing, there’s a lot available at Cost Cutters. 


  • Adult Cut: Includes an “express haircut” for adults, no shampoo or style included
  • Cut & Shampoo: Includes a shampoo and adult haircut, no style included
  • Kids Cut: Includes a haircut for children 12 and under (10 and under at some locations)
  • Kids Cut & Shampoo: Includes a shampoo and haircut for children 12 and under (10 and under at some locations), no style included
  • Bang and Beard Trim: Includes a quick trim to take a small amount of length your bangs or beard length

Hair Styling

  • Cut, Shampoo & Basic Style: Includes a shampoo, adult haircut, and basic blow dry with a brush-finished style
  • Cut, Shampoo & Full Style: Includes a shampoo, adult haircut, full blow dry, and hot tool styling with a flat iron or curling iron for a completely styled finish
  • Updo: Includes styling the hair into a basic updo or braid, prices increase for complex or intricate updos

Color and Chemical Treatments

  • Single Color: Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and application of a single hair color 
  • Foil Highlights: Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and foil application of highlights 
  • Cap Highlights: Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and cap application of highlights
  • Camouflage (Camo) Color: Includes scattered application of color to blend or hide gray hair
  • Relaxer: Includes shampoo, conditioner, chemical relaxer application, and blow-dry
  • Perm: Includes shampoo, conditioner, haircut, and basic perm for short, medium, or long hair
  • Spiral Perm: Includes shampoo, conditioner, haircut, and spiral or specialty perm 

Other Services

  • Deep Conditioning: Includes shampoo and deep conditioning treatment application and rinse
  • Tea Tree Experience: Includes Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner with a scalp massage
  • Waxing: Wax hair removal for eyebrows, lip, or chin areas

Be sure to ask a stylist at the Cost Cutters salon you’re planning to visit about any additional services. Since these are franchised salons with independent owners, many of them offer more services than those listed on the salon’s official service menu. 

How Cost Cutters Prices Compare

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The basic adult haircut at Cost Cutters costs about $15 on average. For a cut with shampoo included, the cost rises to $18. If you want shampoo, conditioner, and a style added to your haircut, the total cost is about $25 on average.

Let’s see how some of Cost Cutters prices compare to other franchise salons:

  • An adult haircut (no shampoo or style) is $24 at Cost Cutters. At Supercuts, the same service costs $21-$28 on average. Great Clips charges about $19, and Sport Clips charges about $22 for a basic haircut. Cost Cutters is on the low end of average in terms of haircut costs.
  • Colors are about $60 on average at Cost Cutters. Compare that to the Supercuts average cost of $45-$89 and $70 at Fantastic Sams. The Hair Cuttery charges about $60 for colors on average. Cost Cutters is on the low end of average for color costs.
  • Perms at Cost Cutters are about $55-$115, depending on the hair’s length. You’ll pay around $69 at Fantastic Sams salons for a perm and anywhere from $30 to $115 at Great Clips. At Hair Cuttery salons, perms are about $75 on average. Cost Cutters is well within the average range for perm costs.
  • Waxing (brows, lip, and chin) is about $13 on average at Cost Cutters. At Supercuts, the price range is $10-$20. At Fantastic Sams, waxing costs $13-$16. Prices start at about $13 at Hair Cuttery locations. Cost Cutters is at the low end of average in terms of waxing costs.

Overall, Cost Cutters really does cut costs for hair care. Most of their prices are lower than similar services at other franchise salons – haircuts, colors, perms, and waxing are examples.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to get a haircut, chemical treatment, or hair style, Cost Cutters should be on your list. Find a Cost Cutters salon near you using our nationwide salon directory.

Just type in your zip code to see where the nearest Cost Cutters (or another salon) is. Whether you need to stop in for a quick trim, a new hair color, or an intricate updo before a special occasion, the Cost Cutters salon near you will have you covered.