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30 Trending Military Haircuts We Love in 2024

Military hairstyles have been around for a long time, and many of them have become classics. Read on to learn about this classic cut, see 30 unique takes on the style, and learn a few things to consider before rocking one.

What Is a Military Haircut?

Most military branches have haircut regulations in place for several practical reasons. Usually, those regulations mean that the hair has to be short and neat, so the term “military haircut” actually refers to a wide range of haircuts.

Military haircuts include styles such as buzz cutscrew cuts, high and tights, regulation cuts, and bald fades. Generally speaking, true military haircuts are rarely longer than an inch. Usually, they’re much shorter.

That said, these military cuts have also inspired more casual styles that share some of the same features but also have noticeable differences.

30 Military Haircut Ideas You’ll Love

In this article, we’ll be looking at both true regulation military haircuts and styles that are simply inspired by the military. Here are 30 of the best military haircuts out there.

1. Faded Buzz Cut

Faded Buzz Cut Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

The buzz cut is arguably the quintessential military haircut. Whether you go for the same length all over or opt for a mid to high fade, you’ll get that classic military look. It’s also one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain since you don’t need to style it in any way.

2. High and Tight

High and Tight Military Haircut

bishops_sanjosedowntown on Instagram

Another classic military haircut, the high and tight is so named because the sides are shaved so that there’s only a small and narrow portion of hair on top. The sides are typically faded all the way to the skin, but this style also looks good with extremely short fades.

3. Military Mid Fade

Military Mid Fade Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

This low-key hairstyle takes inspiration from military haircuts like the regulation cut. It features gradually tapering sides and a short top, almost resembling a Caesar cut. This still meets most military requirements even though it’s not a standard military cut.

4. Military Crop

Military Crop Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

Inspired by cuts such as the French crop and Caesar, this military-style crop offers something a little different while keeping everything neat. The sides are cleanly and evenly faded while the top is expertly trimmed. Finally, a straight fringe rounds out the cut.

5. Brushed Back

Brushed Back Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

If you want a military hairstyle that’s a little longer and can be styled, this might be the one for you. The top is a little longer so that the hair can be brushed back, and the sides have a slightly longer fade. It’s clear that this style takes inspiration from the armed forces, but it’s a little more casual.

6. Tight & Even

Tight and Even Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

Here’s a short and extremely tidy style that’s simple yet stylish. This haircut relies on an excellent drop fade that follows the contours of the ears and the nape of the neck. That neatly blended look is what makes this cut.

7. Low Bald Fade

Low Bald Fade Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

Many military haircuts feature a bald fade (another term for skin fade), so here’s a style that makes full use of one. The hair is extremely short all over, fading all the way down to the skin. The top is barely longer, creating a military-ready look that’s great for almost all hair types.

8. Faded Crew

Faded Crew Military Haircut

hairhousebyadamchan on Instagram

The crew cut is another military staple. Here’s a more relaxed take on it that combines the crew cut with the undercut for a style that’s a bit edgier and more contemporary. This has the general formula of an undercut (short on sides, long on top) with the crispness and neatness of a crew cut.

9. Textured High Fade

Textured High Fade Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

The high fade is another common element of military hairstyles that can be used in more casual ways. This high fade hairstyle features longer, textured hair on top to contrast with the short and sharp sides. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to go for a skin fade.

10. Kinky Fade

Kinky Fade Military Haircut

hairhousebyadamchan on Instagram

Yes, high fades work if you have kinky or coiled hair! Since the sides are so short, this style can work with just about any type of hair. You just have to make sure the hair on top is how you want it. If your hair is a little harder to deal with, then having a shorter top will help by tidying it up a bit.

11. Hard Part

Hard Part Military Haircut

hairhousebyadamchan on Instagram

A hard part, which is a shaved line that parts the hair, can add an edgy touch to a military hairstyle. The base cut here is a short regulation cut with a high fade. Even though the hard part is an objectively small feature, it makes a noticeable difference, helping this military haircut to look a bit more casual.

12. Textured Crop

Textured Crop Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

If you want a military-inspired hairstyle that has a little more going on, consider this textured crop. Short cropped styles have the length and evenness of a military cut, but they’re much more relaxed and usually have more styling options. For instance, the hair can be layered as shown here to create tons of texture.

13. Long Buzz Cut With Beard

Long Buzz Cut with Beard Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

Another way to change up a military haircut is with a beard. This long buzz cut is paired with a hefty yet neatly trimmed beard that provides a nice balance to the short cut. Different sizes and types of beards will yield different results, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

14. Cropped Fade

Cropped Fade Military Haircut

seamusokeeffe_ on Instagram

Simple and straightforward, this cropped fade features a straight fringe and a high skin fade. It takes elements of the crew cut, the fade, and the bowl cut to create a fusion of spick-and-span military cuts and laid-back everyday styles.

15. High Skin Fade

High Skin Fade Military Haircut

bishops.sanjosedowntown on Instagram

This high and tight–inspired hairstyle is built around a high skin fade. This creates the classic high and tight look but also gives it a fresh update that’s less utilitarian and more stylish. The hair on top is kept long enough to be styled (in this case, brushed to the side).

16. Casual Crop

Casual Crop Military Haircut

bishops.sanjosedowntown on Instagram

Another more relaxed style, this casual cut is all about the crop. The front features a laid-back fringe that sweeps forward, and the sides have a mid drop fade for a thick, full look. Still, the cut is quite short, so it’s a good low-maintenance option.

17. Rounded Crop

Rounded Crop Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

For a smoother and more polished look, try a crop that doesn’t texturize the hair as much. You do still get a little bit of texture, but the hair is kept much tidier overall. The top is extremely neat, and the sides have a crisp high fade that almost goes all the way down to the skin (but not quite). 

18. Faded Caesar

Faded Caesar Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

The Caesar haircut is a close relative of many of the military hairstyles we’ve looked at so far, but it’s usually a bit longer. This style takes the base Caesar cut and adds a mid fade for contrast. It’s on the more casual side, but it will also suit more formal situations.

19. Sharp Bowl

Sharp Bowl Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

This is a clean version of the bowl cut that’s less edgy and more retro. It has the straight sawtooth fringe of the bowl cut, but the bulk of the hair is neatly brushed forward almost like a crew cut. A high fade rounds out this unique hairstyle.

20. Small Quiff

Small Quiff Military Haircut

themailroombarber on Instagram

Quiffs aren’t found on any actual military haircut, but they can be found on civilian haircuts with military inspiration. That’s exactly the case for this style that features a neatly combed quiff and longer hair that’s closer to a regulation cut. It channels the look of the military while adding a generous dose of contemporary clean-cut style.

21. Sharp Fade With Hard Part

Sharp Fade with Hard Part Military Haircut

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

Here we have another dapper style that uses a military-style high skin fade in tandem with longer, styled hair. It’s sort of a cross between a military fade and an undercut. The top is long enough to have a little bit of volume, and the hard part helps to visually separate the top and sides. 

22. Low Maintenance Fade

Low Maintenance Fade

mengo_male_grooming on Instagram

If you really like the shortness of military haircuts, you might like this super short fade that is about as low maintenance as it gets. The hair is faded almost down to the skin on the back and sides, and the top is only about an inch or two long. Despite how short this cut is, it still has a fair amount of texture.

23. Crew Cut

Crew Cut Military Haircut

vurvesalon on Instagram

Here’s a fairly standard crew cut that keeps everything neat and clean. The hair tapers from front to back as in a typical crew cut, but it has a more dramatic high fade. It’s a classic style with modern touches, so you really get the best of both worlds here.

24. Short Crew

Short Crew Military Haircut

vurvesalon on Instagram

Crew cuts can also get even shorter—this one is basically a long buzz cut that’s shaped like a crew. The sharp mid fade and line up on the sides complement the short, textured top. This is one of those styles that’s great anytime, anywhere.

25. Shaggy Crew

Shaggy Crew Military Haircut

theparlous_hairdressing on Instagram

Yet another variation on the basic crew cut, this hairstyle takes a more shag-like approach for a much more relaxed result. While the standard crew is quite polished, this shaggy crew is noticeably more tousled. And while this isn’t recognizable as a military haircut, it goes to show what kinds of styles you can create using military cuts as the foundation.

26. High Texture

High Texture Military Haircut

theparlour_hairdressing on Instagram

Texture is one of the biggest elements missing in most military hairstyles. If you prefer to have a high amount of texture, you could go for something like this, which is based on a long crew cut look. The hair is much more textured (and much longer) than any military style, but it still retains that cleanness.

27. Grown Out Buzz

Grown Out Buzz Military Haircut

cellardoorhair on Instagram

Here’s yet another way to subvert typical military hairstyles. To get this look, take a buzz cut that’s grown out for a while and trim it into shape with a graceful drop fade that follows the contour of the ear. This gives you the overall vibe of a buzz cut without the extremeness of it.

28. Cropped Crew

Cropped Crew Military Haircut

cellardoorhair on Instagram

This combines elements of the crew cut and French crop, two similar styles that focus on keeping the top short, even, and neat. The hair is a little more unkempt, which makes the cut more casual and modern.

29. Shaped Fade

Shaped Fade Military Haircut

cellardoorhair on Instagram

This cut takes a typical military-style regulation cut and completely flips it on its head with a shaped fade that extends from the side. You won’t see any soldier with a cut like this! It’s an edgy way of reappropriating a military cut for a more punk-inspired look. 

30. Lower and Looser

Lower and Looser Military Haircut

cellardoorhair on Instagram

This variation on the high and tight takes it, well, lower and looser. The top of the hair extends further down, but the sides still have a high fade. This is less dramatic than a classic high and tight, but it still shares many of the same elements.

Things to Consider

Military cuts are as straightforward as it gets, but here are a few quick things to keep in mind:

  • Consider the length. Military haircuts are naturally extremely short, so if you want more than an inch or two on top, a military haircut might not be right for you.
  • Think old vs. new. Many of these cuts have been updated, so there are classic and modern versions. Make sure you know which one you prefer.
  • If you’re actually going into the military, check the guidelines. A lot of these styles are military-inspired but won’t actually meet military regulations, so make sure you check the rules if you’ll actually be entering the military.

Is the Military Haircut Right for You?

Versatile, classy, and simple, these military haircuts offer some great options for guys who want timeless low-maintenance cuts. They prove that you don’t have to spend time and effort to get a handsome haircut.

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