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30 Long Haircuts for Women We’re Loving in 2024

Long hair in need of an update? Refresh your locks with a cut that frames your best features without losing inches of length. See 30 examples of long haircuts on different hair types in our photo guide.

Looking for Long Haircuts for Women?

Long hair can be gorgeous, sexy, and accentuate your best features. But it can also look frumpy, dull, and heavy if you just let it grow without getting a good cut. If you’re feeling more frumpy than fabulous, it’s probably time for a haircut. 

But don’t worry about losing your length in the process! Long haircuts often focus on removing very little length, creating layers, highlighting curl and wave patterns, or removing bulk and weight from thick, heavy hair. 

The end result won’t be much shorter, but your hair will have more movement, less weight, and better waves or curls.

Every time I get a cut, I realize that my long hair is more cooperative, looks better, and is generally less frustrating all around. Because when my long layers and bangs start to grow out, it’s like no amount of styling or products can make them look good. 

If you’ve been rocking a grown-out haircut that isn’t doing you any favors, getting a long haircut that is tailored to your face shape and hair type will make all the difference. Trust me! A good haircut can absolutely refresh your look. 

You’re about to see examples of gorgeous long haircuts that will make your mane easier to manage, a breeze to style, and more flattering for your face shape. Get ready to screenshot! 

30 Long Haircuts We’re Loving

Get inspired to get a lil’ snip snip when you see these 30 gorgeous long haircuts. Which one can you see yourself rocking? 

1. Mid-Back Straight and Layered

Woman with a long haircut standing away from the camera


Straight hair has the most wow factor when the ends are perfectly trimmed, and the layers are tightly graduated, not choppy. We love this mid-back length on blonde hair, but any hair color would be gorgeous with this long cut! 

2. Balayage Layered Waves

Woman with a long haircut in the Balayage Layered Waves style

Kourdakova Alna/Shutterstock

Cocoa brown to honey blonde balayage takes this long haircut to the next level. If you have natural waves or wear your hair in waves a lot, have your stylist cut long layers to really amp up those waves. 

3. Trimmed Ends With Face-Framing Pieces

Trimmed Ends With Face-Framing Pieces


Sometimes, all you need is a little trim on long hair. Knocking an inch or so off the bottom (or as much as your stylist deems necessary) and cutting in some shorter face-framing pieces is a quick way to wake up your look without losing lots of length. 

4. Weightless Waves

Lady with Weightless Waves for a piece on long hairstyles for women

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Wavy hair looks better when the waves aren’t heavy and stretched out. Layering is the perfect pick-me-up for lifeless waves. See the shorter layers in this haircut? That’s what you need for weightless, pretty waves. 

5. Blunt Ends With Long Layers

Lady with Weightless Waves for a piece on long hairstyles for women on a blonde with a long haircut for women


Long layers are a great choice to slim your face and create additional volume wherever you want it. We love the 70s-inspired big curls up front. This cut is perfect for growing out longer bangs!  

6. Long Natural Taper

Long Natural Taper on a woman smiling and letting her hair flow naturally across the field of view


Tapered cuts make managing natural locks much easier and more lightweight. Make sure you’re working with a skilled stylist who knows how to properly cut natural hair! The tapered cut takes a lot of bulk out of the ends. 

7. Blunt Cut Healthy Waves

Blunt Cut Healthy Waves as an image for a piece on long haircuts for women

Blunt cuts stand out more on straight hair, but they can really bulk up the ends on wavy or curly hair, too. If you have fine or thin hair and want it to look healthier and more lush, try a blunt cut like this. 

8. Flirty Long Bangs and Wispy Ends

Early 30s woman with Flirty Long Bangs and Wispy Ends

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Long bangs that hit around the chin level break up this cut just enough to make it interesting. They’re long enough to tuck behind your ear when you want them out of the way. Wispy ends (which can easily be done with scissors or a razor) give this long haircut a flirty feel. 

9. Short Layers

Side profile of a woman with Short Layers in a blue striped shirt

The elevation of a cut makes all the difference. Check out the way these layers create interest and movement deep into the length. These layers are stacked very close together, so all the layering here takes place in the last 3-4 inches of the hair, making the hair look super thick and lush! 

10. Face-Framing Layers and Waves

Attractive blonde woman in NYC standing in front of electronic billboards with a long haircut

Nick Starichenko/Shutterstock

If you’re more of a “wash and air dry” woman with natural waves, all you need at your next haircut is a quick trim to snip off any split ends, a few face-framing pieces cut in, and long layers all around. 

11. Balayage & Graduated Layers

Balayage and Graduated Layers on a woman in a black turtleneck and a black jacket


Graduated layers are stacked to create more volume and accentuate any curls or waves. Paired with a chestnut brown to warm blonde balayage, this is a great cut to refresh long locks.  

12. Platinum Point Cut

As an example of a long haircut inspiration piece, a woman with Platinum Point Cut

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Point cutting goes perfectly with long hair. It’s where the stylist angles their shears upward, cutting into the horizontal line of hair to remove bulk from the ends. It gives long hair more movement. 

13. Piece-y Blunt Bangs

Piece-y Blunt Bangs on a beautiful eastern european woman with shiny brown hair

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

This is nothing like the waxy, piece-y styles of the early 00s! Instead, point cutting and layers at the ends create a textured style that emphasizes the hair’s gorgeous dimensional brown. Bangs at this length really show off those killer cheekbones!   

14. Wispy Graduated Layers

Lady with Wispy Graduated Layers holds her head at the top


Graduated layers on fine or thin hair create this ethereal, wispy look that is so feminine and pretty. Pair with curtain bangs to update your long hair without taking away length. 

15. Blunt Cut, No Layering

Woman with Blunt Cut, No Layering that flows to her right as inspiration for a piece on long haircuts

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

If layers don’t seem to jive well with your mane, maybe your next cut should be something like this. Blunt ends give this cut a precise, clean look, and the lack of layers makes the hair appear thicker and so healthy.  

16. Bodacious Waves With Face-Framing Pieces

Women's long haircut inspiration featuring a Bodacious Waves With Face-Framing Pieces

Galina Deinega/Shutterstock

Yeah, you’re gonna be a bodacious babe with this particular cut. Having some face-framing pieces cut in around the jawline to shoulder area adds interest and makes your face the focal point. With beachy waves, it’s a stunning look! 

17. Curly V-Cut

Woman with long curly hair and a shirt with her sleeves draped over the shoulders


A V-cut is cut into a rough V-shape at the back. We love this curly twist on the V-cut! Make sure you’re working with a stylist specializing in cutting curls, so they don’t mess up your curl pattern. 

18. Ultra-Long Layerless Cut

Young chinese woman with Ultra-Long Layerless Cut for sample of long haircuts for women

If you’re wearing your hair this long, you should avoid too much layering. Since the ends are thinner, any layers can make them look unhealthy or too wispy. Stick to a blunt trim on hair close to this length. 

19. Coily With Deep Layering

Photo of a woman with Coily With Deep Layering


Coily natural hair looks gorgeous when properly cut to accentuate the curl pattern. Deep layering removes a lot of weight from the hair so it can comfortably be worn. The layers should start around the neck/shoulder level and gradually get longer.  

20. Point-Cut Locks With Blunt Bangs

Point-Cut Locks With Blunt Bangs

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

Point cutting the ends gives you that lived-in, this-is-not-a-fresh-haircut look. We love how she’s done a side part in her blunt bangs to soften up the look! 

21. U-Cut With Short Layers

U-Cut With Short Layers on a woman looking away from the reader for a piece on long haircuts


Like the V-cut but softer, a U-cut is a great way to update long hair without losing much length. Adding in short layers keeps the cut lightweight, dynamic, and full of movement. 

22. Super-Long Graduated Layers

Super-Long Graduated Layers

Nick Starichenko/Shutterstock

If you have super-long hair like this gorgeous lady, you can opt for graduated layers that start a bit lower down. This keeps plenty of volume and thickness up top while taking out some of the weight and bulk at the ends. 

23. Blunt Bangs and Ends

Blunt Bangs and Ends on a woman for a piece on long haircuts

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Blunt bangs and blunt ends are perfect for fine hair that you want to make look thicker. These two tricks ensure there’s no wispiness or ragged edges for hair that looks full, healthy, and thick. 

24. Long Curly Shag

Long Curly Shag haircut being worn for a pretty woman smiling and tilting her head to her left

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Shag cuts are typically done on shorter hair, but you can try the look on long hair, too! Shag layering is shortest at the top and gradually gets longer down the length of the hair. It creates such a full and voluminous look. 

25. Straight Graduated Layering

Straight Graduated Layering on a woman for a piece on long haircuts

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

Graduated layers are often done on wavy or curly hair, but they can work amazingly well on straight locks, too! The layers aren’t obvious when lying flat, but they give long straight hair so much more movement. 

26. Scene Kid Shag

Scene Kid Shag long haircut on a blonde woman with dark eyeliner

George Mayer/Shutterstock

If you remember the days of MySpace and scene kids, you may want to try this throwback long haircut. Long, side-swept bangs, choppy layers, and wispy ends are all part of the look and can definitely update your long locks! 

27. Fine Hair With Long Layers

Fine Hair With Long Layers on a woman at a beach in a brown wicker hat


Fine hair has to be carefully and properly layered to avoid making it look ratty or too thin. Here, it’s done perfectly with wispy ends that seem to float on the wind thanks to the long layers. 

28. Side-Swept Bangs and Curled Ends

Lady with Side-Swept Bangs and Curled Ends and red lip stands in a red room


If you have thick, long hair, soft side-swept bangs can really update your look without removing any length. Use some mousse for lots of body and curl the ends under to give this long haircut a sexy twist. 

29. Short Face-Framing Layers

Short Face-Framing Layers

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

We love this look for thick, curly hair that tends to feel heavy. Short layers in the front give the illusion of a shorter haircut when the rest of the hair is behind your back. They’re perfect for framing your face as well! 

30. Midi-Long With Thinned Ends

Midi-Long With Thinned Ends for a piece on long haircuts

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Midi-length hair is somewhere between medium and long. Longer than a lob but shorter than some of the other long haircuts we’ve shown, this is a great option if you’re ready to let go of some length in the name of easier styling. 

5 Signs You Need a Haircut

There’s a common belief that growing your hair out means you never need to get it cut. That’s just not the case. 

We put our hair through so much on a daily basis – heat styling, chemical processing, hair products galore, swimming pools, hot tubs, rough brushing, cotton pillowcases, you name it. 

After a few months’ time, those freshly trimmed ends become raggedy and split. Only a trim can fix the problem, and you’ll need to schedule them about every 3-4 months if you have long hair. 

Your hair will be easier to brush and comb through, have more movement, be more lightweight, and curl and wave better after a haircut. Here are five signs you’re ready for a haircut when you have long hair. 

  1. You’re having more bad hair days than good. Grown-out layers and ends can really put a damper on any style you try, making it fall flat. If you’re noticing more bad hair days than usual, it’s a sign you’re due for a trim. 
  2. Things are looking uneven. Once your previous haircut grows out, none of the layers/bangs/ends are the right “scale” anymore since your hair grows at different rates across your head. So you’ll notice areas that look uneven and obviously grown out when it’s time for a haircut. 
  3. Your ponytail gives you headaches. Long hair is heavier than it looks, especially if you have very coarse or thick hair. If you start to notice that your hair is giving you a headache when you wear it up, it’s a sign it’s time for a cut. You might need to have some bulk removed from your hair.
  4. Your curls or waves are falling flat. Since long hair is heavy, its weight can pull on curls and waves so much that they appear to straighten out. If you start to notice flatter waves or curls, it’s a sign it’s time for a trim to bring them back. 
  5. Split ends are taking over. When you inspect your hair, you’ll start to notice split ends taking over and traveling up your strands. You may also notice more breakage and snapping during brushing, washing, or styling. It’s definitely a sign you need a trim or cut soon! 

Summing It Up

Three beautiful women with long haircuts stand in white dresses

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Long haircuts are essential if you want to keep your long locks looking healthy. Getting a haircut doesn’t mean you have to take off a lot (or any) length. 

You can always have layers cut in to update your look (short, long, or graduated), try bangs for a twist on your usual aesthetic (side swept for softness or blunt bangs for a more modern look), or try a different cut shape, like a U-cut or V-cut, to switch things up a bit. 

The number one key to maintaining your long locks is regular trims or cuts. How much you get cut is up to you, but if it’s been a while since your last trim, it’s wise to let your stylist take off a few inches of length to ensure you’re starting fresh with healthy ends. 

Feeling inspired yet? Don’t forget to screenshot your favorite long hair looks to show to your stylist!

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