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18 Perfect Heart Shaped Face Haircuts for 2024

Heart faces always look best with cuts that balance features and create flattering contours around the face. See the top 18 heart shaped face haircuts right here in our guide to reveal the best version of you! 

3 Keys for Heart Shaped Face Haircuts

  • Try any length cut with soft, face-framing layers
  • Bangs are always flattering for heart faces
  • Style hair with extra volume/texture on the sides

The heart face shape is ultra-feminine and unique. With a petite, narrow chin and a wider forehead, this face shape has a dainty, youthful look that draws the eye.

Wearing the wrong haircut can throw you out of balance, but there are a range of heart shaped face haircuts that perfectly flatter the features of a lovely heart face. 

We’ve got lots of tips and examples to share with you, but there are 3 basic keys to cuts for heart shaped faces that are essential to learn if you want the most flattering look. 

First is soft, face-framing layers. While heart faces can rock any length cut (short, medium, or long) well, they’ll always look the most flattering with soft layering around the face to help contour and balance the shape. Soft, not choppy, face-framing layers that hit from your cheekbones and continue through the length of the cut are ideal for heart faces. 

Second is the addition of bangs. We love the unique, petite shape of a heart face, but cuts that leave the forehead bare have a way of visually widening the forehead and making the jaw area look smaller. For this face shape, creating balance is key and bangs (blunt, side-swept, bottleneck, or long curtain bangs) make it easy. 

Third is adding volume or texture on the sides. Too much volume on top can make heart faces appear long and emphasize forehead width. Adding volume with teasing or texture with waves or curls on the sides helps “fill out” the bottom half of the face while minimizing the width of the forehead. 

Need to see these tips in action to get ideas? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about the heart face shape and see the most flattering heart shaped face haircuts at different lengths. 

Are You Sure You’ve Got a Heart Face Shape?

It’s possible to confuse a heart shape with oval, round, or diamond face shape. Before you continue down to the best heart shaped face haircuts, make sure these cuts will apply to you.  

These features indicate a true heart face shape:

  • The forehead and cheekbones are the widest points
  • The chin is the narrowest part of the face
  • The jawline is angular, not rounded

It can be helpful to trace your face with your hair pulled back in the mirror. Use a dry erase marker to create dots around the perimeter of your face, then stand back and connect the dots to get a representation of the shape overall. 

If you see the shape widest at the forehead and cheekbones tapering down to a narrow chin, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’re a heart shape. You’ll probably notice that your jawline is angular, not rounded, and that your face is a bit longer than it is wide. 

If that checks out, continue on to see the most flattering heart shaped face haircuts to wear! 

18 Flattering Heart Shaped Face Haircuts

Get ready to glow up real quick because these heart shaped face haircuts are about to deliver. 

If you’ve been rocking cuts that aren’t doing anything for your face shape, you’ll be amazed at how a few simple tweaks will change your look and complement you. 

1. Feathery Layered Bixie With Curtain Bangs

Asian woman touches her face with floral arrangement in background wearing a short haircut for heart face shapes


Bixie cuts are a gorgeous cross between bobs and pixie cuts. This in-between style gives you the extra length of a bob with the pretty, tailored shape of a pixie. It’s ideal for a heart face thanks to the extra volume on the sides and feathery curtain bangs to contour and balance the face. 

2. Wavy Textured Chin-Length Bob

Blonde woman tilts her head and smiles as she wears one of many heart shaped face haircuts in a bob with side part and waves

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Pumping up the volume and texture on the sides is a common feature among heart shaped face haircuts. Take the length up to your chin for a cute bob and add layers throughout to help your styled texture stand out. Here, a side part and waves direct the eyes diagonally across the face while giving it a more oval shape overall. 

3. Shoulder Length With Soft Cheek-Skimming Layers

Brunette woman shows one of the medium length heart shaped face haircuts with a layered lob in front of gradient pink and blue background


Shoulder length looks are such a great choice among heart shaped face haircuts. Soft layers that skim the cheekbones and run the length of the hair help create a balanced shape and tailor in the widest points of the face. A slightly off-center part or deeper side part works really well with this cut. 

4. Long With Face-Framing Layers and Voluminous Waves

Brunette woman smiles looking straight ahead with voluminous waves and middle part hairstyle


Long hair is pretty much a no-fail heart shaped face haircut, especially with face-framing layers to soften it up. These blended layers begin around the jawline and billow out with extra volume when styled in waves. A middle part can suit a heart face shape, but if you find it’s elongating the shape too much, switch to a side part. 

5. Angled Point-Cut Lob With Middle Part

Asian woman looks down with white tank top in front of gray background to show the lob as one of her heart shaped face haircuts

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

A slightly angled or inverted lob is a great way to lengthen the face and bring the eye down past the narrow chin on a heart face. There are no layers to speak of in this look, which is pretty unique for a heart face shape. The ends are point-cut for some texture to soften it up. A middle part creates nice symmetry. 

6. Long Blunt Cut With Side Part

Brunette woman in strapless black gown with heart shaped face haircut featuring a side part and waves

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

Long and unlayered hair can work well for heart faces. Just pair it with a side part for the most flattering “lines.” A side part creates a diagonal line across the face, visually minimizing the widest parts and filling out the narrow areas. Style a blunt long cut with waves to soften it up. 

7. Textured Layered Bob With Bottleneck Bangs

Woman sits in front of yellow doors with tank top and yellow sunglasses to show one of her favorite short heart shaped face hairstyles

Look Studio/Shutterstock

This voluminous, textured bob hits all the right notes for heart shaped faces. You’ve got a split bottleneck bang to balance the top half of the face, tons of wavy texture on the sides, and layers throughout to keep the look lightweight and airy. Bring the length down to the chin if you want to fill out the chin area. 

8. Long With Lightweight Curved Long Bangs

Red haired woman with bare shoulders wears one of the best heart shaped face haircuts with soft face-framing layers in long hair


Long bangs help break up length and go a long way in flattering this face shape. Long hair with bangs can be a big leap – after all, you’re cutting some of the length a lot shorter than the rest – but keeping the bangs long and thin with a little curve in them helps them blend right into the cut. 

9. Inverted Bob With Full Side Bangs

Woman with dark hair wears an inverted bob with swooped side bangs in front of a gray background with bare shoulders


A little longer in the front with voluminous, full side bangs, this inverted bob is easily one of our favorite heart shaped face haircuts for women.

There are soft layers around the face beyond the side-swept bangs and the ends are point-cut for a more relaxed texture. Hanging just below the chin helps fill out the area while the bangs minimize forehead width. 

10. Collarbone-Grazing Lob With Soft Layers

Asian woman with medium length hair has face-framing layers and waves in front of a blue background with off-shoulder top

Auttapol Tatiyarat/Shutterstock

This is one of the best heart shaped face haircuts if you’re into medium length looks. Letting the ends hit at the collarbones and adding soft layers that pick up around the face will help shape and balance a heart face. Styling the face-framing pieces with subtle waves helps create a more oval shape for hearts. 

11. Blunt Chin-Length Bob

Smiling woman with dark hair holds a tablet in pink blazer in front of pink wall to show her short haircut on a heart shaped face

Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock

A low-volume, sleek blunt bob that hits at the chin level is one of the best heart shaped face haircuts. If you’re thinking of trying a short haircut, this one will visually round out the chin while keeping the volume low on top to keep the facial features balanced. 

12. Long With Graduated Face-Framing Layers

Woman with brown hair wears a tan tank top in front of white background with long straight hair to show one of the best heart shaped face haircuts

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

You can get the flattering benefits of a medium-length layered lob without losing your length! Just opt for graduated face-framing layers that stagger down in a stair step fashion. These shorter pieces around the face elongate the face and round out the narrow chin of a heart face. 

13. Wavy Layered Lob With Side Part

Dark haired woman places her hand under her chin with black halter top and medium length lob haircut for a heart face shape

Unique Vision/Shutterstock

This cut has a few things going for heart shaped faces. First is the length, hitting just beyond the shoulders to visually lengthen the face and draw attention away from the narrowest point. Second are the layers, which add texture and volume to the sides. Finally, the side part creates a clean diagonal line across a heart face. 

14. Short Styled-Forward Pixie With Bangs

Woman with short blonde pixie cut wearing a gray turtleneck is an example of great heart shaped face haircuts


Short pixie cuts work best for heart shaped faces when the volume is kept minimal on top and focused on the sides instead. Styling the longer hair on top forward is a great way to achieve this and has the added benefit of creating textured blunt bangs that minimize forehead width. 

15. Medium Length With Graduated Layers

Middle aged woman wears leather jacket and dress with medium length hair depicting heart shaped face haircuts

Soloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

This medium-length look has a lob feel but it’s slightly longer. Graduated layers get longer toward the ends and really add a lot of texture and movement to the cut. Even with the prominent layers, this cut takes on a blunt look with flat ends. The shortest layers act like face-framing long bangs and really flatter a heart face shape. 

16. Textured Medium Length With Long Layers

Side view of blonde woman with medium length layered hair styled with waves while sitting outside


This look is styled in a side part with loose waves to give it a relaxed and casual vibe. There are graduated layers around the face to aid in creating plenty of texture and volume near the face. Layers throughout the look make it lightweight and focus the volume around the chin and jawline for the most flattering look on heart faces. 

17. Long With Side Part and Waterfall Layers

Young Asian woman with long hair and waterfall layers stands in front of pastel blue background with sleeveless shirt


Billowy waterfall layers add tons of volume and texture to hair, even if it’s naturally straight. This is a gorgeous option among heart shaped face haircuts and really flatters the overall contour and angles in a heart face. Wear a side part and style the layers to curve away from the face for the best look on long hair. 

18. Wavy Lob With Side Part

Blonde woman with glasses wears one of the best heart shaped face haircuts with a long bob styled with waves and a side part


A longer lob that reaches the collarbones can be a gorgeous look for heart faces. You don’t need layers (though this cut would be perfect with soft, blended layers) to flatter your face! Part your hair on the side and style this medium-length cut with tight waves to add texture and volume on the sides. 

Things to Consider

Choosing a flattering cut for a heart shaped face seems daunting when there are so many looks to choose from. You’ll find the process a lot easier by keeping these things in mind! 

  • Don’t stay locked into your length. If you’ve gotten a little too comfortable with your current length, consider stepping out and going short or growing your hair out. A length change makes a major difference and you may find that short, medium, or long strands complement your heart face shape better than what you’ve got going on presently! 
  • Get it done by a professional. Once you find a cute new haircut you’re dying to try, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you’ll be fine cutting it yourself at home. Don’t! A professional will be able to take your face shape into account when they cut, layer, and style your hair so it looks amazing on you. Plus, there’s a much smaller risk of ending up with a cut you hate when a pro does it. 
  • Decide if bangs are for you. There are so many types of bangs to choose from that it’s almost definite you can find one style you like! Bangs go so well with heart faces and help minimize forehead and cheekbone width to balance the overall face shape. Don’t like short, blunt bangs? Try lash-grazing wispy bangs, trendy bottleneck bangs, or long, cheekbone-skimming layered bangs to frame your face.
  • Go soft, not choppy, with layers. Layers are amazing for heart face shapes, but not all types of layers will do. Layers that are too blunt and choppy aren’t as flattering as soft, blended layers that naturally curve at the ends. Go for softer layers to add curves that visually round out a heart shaped face. 

Still not sure about which cuts will work best for you? Read this post next to find great options for your face shape: What Haircut Should I Get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Blonde woman with wind blowing in her hair wears waves in a frequently asked questions section in a piece on heart shaped face haircuts

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Finding heart shaped face haircuts can be hard. If you’ve still got some questions about choosing cuts and styles that will work for you, look below to find your answers! 

Which haircut is best for heart shaped face?

Tons of haircuts suit a heart shaped face, but one that always works is a long bob or lob. These medium-length cuts hang just below the jawline and help visually lengthen the face, round out the chin, and balance heart faces.

What hairstyles should heart shaped faces avoid?

Middle parts can be hit or miss for heart faces as they can emphasize the narrow chin. Slicked-back styles may make the forehead appear wider, and any style with lots of volume on top can throw a heart face shape out of balance.

Can heart shaped faces have long hair?

Women with a heart face shape can absolutely wear long hair! The way you part and style your hair makes a big difference.

Try a side part with long, soft bangs that hit at the cheekbones with long hair. Prioritize texture and extra volume on the sides for the most balanced look.

Does short hair suit a heart face?

Any length can work with the heart face shape when done with your face shape in mind. Pixie cuts are perfect if you want to emphasize your heart shape, while chin-length bobs can help create a more oval appearance. Bangs always look great with short haircuts on heart face shapes!

So, Which Heart Shaped Face Haircuts Will You Try?

Short, medium, long, layered, blunt, bangs, or no bangs – there are so many looks that work well for heart face shapes. The hard part is settling on the one you want to try next! 

As long as you pay attention to the 3 keys for heart shaped faces, you’ll end up with a cut that really flatters and complements you. To recap, that’s looking for cuts with soft, face-framing layers, considering bangs, and opting for styles with extra volume or texture on the sides (not the top). 

The heart face shape is uniquely gorgeous and one that’s envied by many. Don’t feel like your job is to change or conceal your face shape – finding great cuts to flatter you is all about creating balance!