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15 Gorgeous Asian Long Hair Looks for 2024

The Asian long hair look is one we all covet! Long, silky, dark hair with incredible strength and thickness is GOALS. See the 15 best long hair looks to inspire your mane grow-out or strand transformation here in our guide. 

The Look: Asian Long Hair

  • Layers lighten up heavy long hair and add movement
  • Bangs can help break up the length and flatter your face
  • Take steps toward healthy, strong hair to avoid breakage and length loss

When you picture a lush, silky, and thick head of hair, there’s a good chance you’re imagining Asian long hair. It’s a demonstrable fact that Asian hair is stronger, shinier, and faster-growing than Caucasian and African hair types. 

Since Asian hair is coarser, straighter, and very thick, it can be heavy and bulky when worn in long styles. Layers are the perfect solution and add lots of swishy, airy movement to thick, coarse hair at longer lengths. 

Wearing your hair long can visually “pull” your facial features downward, especially at extreme lengths. Bangs are a great way to work around this and help break up the length by creating a shape that better flatters your face.

We especially love how layers and bangs work in combination on Asian long hair! 

The Asian hair type is naturally strong and resistant to damage, but it can succumb to damage from too much heat-styling, physical strain, and chemical processing just like any other hair type. If you want to wear it long, you’ve got to take steps to keep it healthy! 

To keep your hair healthy, shiny, and strong, you can make use of both modern products (like hair masks, serums, and treatments) and time-tested cultural remedies (like fermented rice water and herbal treatments). We’ll talk more about these treatments later on in this guide. 

What’s the History of Asian Long Hair?

Since Asian hair has a built-in propensity to grow strong, long, and fast, it’s no wonder that lengthy styles have become super popular among Asian women. In fact, it’s really nothing new!

Asian women have understood the inherent beauty and youthfulness of sporting long, healthy locks for centuries. In the old days, an Asian woman wearing her hair long and loose could symbolize that she’s single and ready to mingle – or fresh from a love-making sesh. 

Women in Asia rarely cut their hair throughout history, only snipping it to signify the death of a parent, spouse, or important figure. Forced haircuts were doled out as punishment and were a common source of humiliation for women in ancient Asia. 

The Significance of Asian Long Hair Today

Today, the past symbology of Asian long hair isn’t the driving force behind the trend. It’s the beauty and style versatility that appeals so strongly to modern women with the Asian hair type. 

Long hair on women still represents health, reproductive ability, and youth across all cultures. It’s worth noting that men find women with long hair more attractive overall, regardless of facial features.

So if you’re lucky enough to have this healthy, fast-growing hair type, growing it long will only increase your attractiveness. If you need some style and cut ideas for inspiration, look no further!

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best Asian long hair looks for you to check out below.  

15 Asian Long Hair Looks for Inspiration

These gorgeous looks feature layers, texture, volume, and – of course – LENGTH. See all the different ways you can style Asian long hair with trendy style elements below! 

1. Long Wavy Shag With Wispy Bangs

Woman with Asian long hair poses in green sparkly dress in front of brown wall with long shag hairstyle

Viktor Gladkov/Shutterstock

The long shag haircut is such a natural choice for Asian long hair. This kind of heavily layered cut works tons of texture and movement into thick, dense hair. Add some wispy, piece-y bangs to complete the look and you’re golden! 

Long shag cuts are best styled in a messy, casual way. Go for loose, beachy waves and lots of volume to show off the choppy layers. Pinch the ends of your bangs with a lightweight mousse or styling gel to finish the style. 

2. Waist Length With Subtle Bendy Waves

Young Asian long hair model with striped shirt smiling in front of pink wall


You don’t have to go with layers and bangs to make the most of waist length hair! This long, unlayered cut perfectly showcases long hair with subtle bendy waves that give strands a more lightweight look. Point-cutting through the ends can prevent the “too blunt” look if you want a relaxed and casual style! 

3. Chest Length With Wispy Air Bangs and Short Layers

Young Asian woman wears her long hair with wispy bangs in white collared shirt in front of white wall while smiling


Short layers in long hair serve a special purpose. They allow the ends of the hair to “stack up,” creating the illusion of thicker, denser hair. Combine that superpower with Asian long hair around chest length that’s naturally thick, and you’ve got a lush, silky mane going on! 

Airy wispy bangs (like the Korean air bangs trend) are a great match for this length. Split them open to reveal your forehead and get a similar look to curtain bangs with a shorter length. 

4. Wavy Midback Length With Soft Layers

Happy Asian woman with mid back length hair wears a white shirt and jeans in front of a dark gray background with hands through her belt loops

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If you’re not a huge fan of heavily layered long looks, try a soft and subtle layer like this. Only the bottom third of the hair is layered and the depth of each layer is very shallow so it won’t thin out that glorious density.

A middle part and some heat-styled waves (with mousse beforehand) is all you need to show off this beautiful length! 

5. Long Spiral Curls With Face-Framing Layers

Woman with Asian long hair styled in spiral curls smiles while clasping hands at desk

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Spiral curls in alternating directions are a beautiful way to wear Asian long hair and really show off that shiny, thick length! Soft, face-framing layers help break up the length in the absence of bangs. A rough side part looks great with this style, but we’d love a middle part, too. 

Creating this look is easy with a curling iron. Just make sure you’re curling every other section in a different direction to copy the look! Use your iron to softly curl the shorter layers around your face. Don’t brush through the curls. 

6. Long With Face-Framing Layers and Brushed Waves

Woman smiles wearing white tank top with Asian long hair styled in big waves with side part in front of white background

Auttapol Tatiyarat/Shutterstock

Face-framing layers can do so much for any lengthy look! You’ll help visually lift and lighten up your long hair without taking away any of the length in the sides and back. You’ll be surprised at how much lighter and easier to style your hair will be with these subtle layers! 

An irregular side part keeps the look casual but chic with big, brushed waves adding texture to the ends. Curl the shortest layers away from your face to get this voluminous, healthy look in Asian long hair. 

7. Long Graduated Layers With Glamour Curls

Young Asian woman walking through the park wears long hairstyle with waves and red and blue striped shirt


Graduated layers give long hair a gorgeous “stair step” look that is so appealing. This type of layering removes a lot of bulk and weight from Asian long hair, making it much more airy with lots of movement. 

Try a glamorous curl in long hair with graduated layers to really make those layers stand out! Curve the curls away from your face and see how voluminous, thick, and healthy your mane looks. 

8. Hip Length With Long Face-Framing Layers

Young woman of Asian descent poses standing in a striped shirt and red skirt with long, hip-length hair

Viktor Gladkov/Shutterstock

Going for ultra-long length? We’re absolutely stunned by how beautiful this hip-length look visually elongates and slims the body. Soft layering around the face with long layers releases some of the weight and bulk to keep this look streamlined. 

Styling super-long hair like this can be really simple if your texture is naturally straight. Just create a side part after letting your hair dry naturally in a brushed-back position. You’ll get a boost in root volume this way! 

9. Long With Airy Layers and Curtain Bangs

Young woman in white boho dress poses in front of pastel blue background with Asian long hair and curtain bangs


Curtain bangs have the power to instantly revamp and shake up a long hairstyle that’s feeling a bit boring to you. By removing half (or more!) of your hair’s length around the face, you get a nice uplifting effect that helps shape and flatter your face.

With soft, bouncy layers worked into the ends of the style, you get a much lighter-weight look without cutting away your length. Try this style with big loose curls for extra volume and texture!

10. Long U-Cut With Featherlight Layers

Asian woman stands isolated on white background with red sweater to show off Asian long hair dyed copper with layers


U-cuts are a gorgeous look for Asian long hair. This type of cut follows a gentle U-shaped curve along the ends of the hair, making it slightly shorter on the front sides than in the back. It’s a great way to ditch some of the extra hair weight without altering the length too much.

Light, feathery layers through the bottom third of the cut also remove some bulk and give the hair lots of movement. We love the rich, coppery color with a darker root smudge

11. Soft Long Curls With Wispy Bangs

Woman with Asian long hair dyed blonde wears curls and bangs in ethereal landscape


We’re loving the caramel blonde tones here, but the real star of the show is the softly layered length with wispy bangs! These bangs just graze the eyebrows and draw the focus right to your eyes. Tousled curls in the ends of the hair add a nice texture that looks chic. 

To keep your bangs nice and wispy, have them cut out of a very thin and slender section of hair in the front. Don’t overload them with product, which will only make them heavy and greasy. Try a light mist of volumizing spray before you dry them! 

12. Long Layered Curls With Side-Swept Bangs

Woman of Asian descent wears a strapless white dress in front of gray background with long curled hair and side bangs with palm facing up


Subtle layering through the ends of Asian long hair looks great and helps keep the bottom from feeling too thick or bulky. Try slide-cutting down small sections to get this effect without taking your layers too deep!

A side-swept bang that’s near cheekbone length is a great addition to this look. You’ll create a diagonal visual line across your face, which slims and contours while breaking up the length of your hair. 

13. Midback Length Tousled Waves With Layers

Smiling woman with Asian long hair style wears waves and a middle part while sitting on the couch near a bookshelf


A really textured, wavy look takes a bit of work and the right type of layers, but it looks so amazing on Asian long hair! Soft, feathery layers are key to naturally curve the hair at the ends a bit and help it form into that relaxed, wavy shape. 

No bangs are needed, though this style would look awesome with a long curtain bang or wispy bangs across the forehead. 

14. Auburn Chestnut Chest Length Strands

Asian woman dressed in cutout white dress in front of split pink and blue background wears brown hair color with long hair


A brightened-up color like auburn chestnut brings a little warmth to this long look. No bangs or obvious layers are needed when you point-cut the ends for texture and use a curling wand to add a little curve to the ends. 

A middle part makes this style symmetrical and flattering. We’d also love it with some soft layers around the face or an angled, cheek-skimming long bang to break up the length!

15. Long Waves With Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Asian long hair example with smiling woman touching her hair in a blazer with white undershirt in front of purple background


This look has all the flattering elements for Asian long hair looks – wispy bangs, texture with waves, and face-framing layers that complement and contour the face. We love the muted cinnamon color, too! Layers soften up the style and de-bulk the weight of this length. 

A middle part makes the look symmetrical and wispy, brow-grazing bangs make it look super trendy and modern. Style the ends with loose waves for a textured, airy look. 

Things to Consider

The Asian long hair look is definitely trendy, but you’ll make the most of it when you keep these tips in mind! Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Damaged length won’t do you any favors. Damaged hair with split ends that look a little thin and scraggly? Even if it hurts to lose some of your length, it’s the best course of action. Length only looks good when it’s healthy. Take an honest look at your strands and decide if a trim will help your long hairstyle look even better! 
  • Treat your hair to something special. Wearing your hair long comes with some extra responsibilities! Get into the habit of doing a weekly hair mask for hydration (moisture) or strength (protein). Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment to leave your hair silky-soft and hydrated. Start sleeping in a silk bonnet or switch to a silk/satin pillowcase to prevent friction while you sleep. All these changes will reveal healthier, more moisturized hair that’s strong and shiny! 
  • Try an ancient Asian hair treatment. Fermented rice water has been used by Asian women with long, beautiful hair for centuries. The starch in rice becomes even more fortified and packed with hair-beautifying nutrients after it’s been fermented. Give this age-old treatment a try and see if you love what it does for your hair!  
  • Add a new style element to your long hair. If you’ve been rocking that length for a while, you might want to shake things up with something slightly different and new. Bangs, layers, switching your part, a new color – any of these quick changes can go a long way in transforming your mane. And the best part is, you won’t lose any length! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Asian woman in bath towel looks in the mirror while brushing her long hair

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Rocking the trendy Asian long hair look has some pretty deep roots in ancient culture. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions below to learn something new about this trend! 

What does long hair mean in Asian culture?

Long hair has historically symbolized beauty, youth, and a passionate love life in Asian culture. An Asian woman who wears her long today may give off more youthful vibes, especially when her hair is worn down and loose.

Why is Asian hair so coarse?

Asian hair is one of 3 total ethnic hair types alongside African and Caucasian hair. Asian hair is notably rounder in strand shape and thicker (coarser) in diameter because it features more cuticle layers in each strand.

This gives the hair a smooth, dense, and shiny appearance that may make it more difficult to hold curly and wavy styles.

Why did ancient Asians have long hair?

Long hair has long symbolized youth, beauty, virility, and religious reverence in Asia. In ancient times, Asians (men and women) wore long hair in different styles to indicate different societal, marital, and political roles.

How do Asians get long textured hair?

The coarseness and round strand shape of Asian hair makes it more difficult to wear textured wavy and curly styles.

You can add texture to Asian long hair with the help of sufficiently hot tools (curling irons, flat irons, and wands) at a high enough temperature to set the coarse hair in a new shape.

It's even more effective when combined with mousse or gel products and hairspray.

What Asian country is known for long hair?

China is home to a village called Huangluo in the Guangxi Region filled with long-haired women. The women in Huangluo typically cut their hair only once in their lifetime, growing it out to extreme lengths. The women here are known worldwide for their extended hair length!

So, Which Asian Long Hair Looks Are Your Favorite?

We’ve looked through some of the most gorgeous long hair looks for Asian women with thick, coarse strands. From adding in texture with layers and hot tools to getting bangs and pumping up the volume, there are tons of trendy ways you can rock your long hair. 

Which styles above really caught your eye?

You might love the way bangs frame and shape your face, or maybe soft layers are more your thing. A messy long shag style could be the key to your new look, but we’re also loving how healthy, unlayered length looks all on its own! 

The way you cut and style your long hair is totally up to you. And that’s the beauty of modern-day hairstyling!

It’s no longer connected to your martial status, religion, or political ideaology. You’re free to wear any length, any style, any look that you feel confident in, and that’s something to celebrate!