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18 Ways to Wear the Wispy Bangs Trend in 2024

Wispy bangs instantly polish and soften up any haircut. See 18 different wispy bang styles and lengths to flatter your face and elevate your cut here!

What Are Wispy Bangs?

  • Wispy bangs are feathery and “piece-y,” cut to separate as they lay
  • Tons of subtypes, like Korean and French bangs, to frame different face shapes
  • Lower-maintenance fringe with minimal styling and upkeep

Blunt bangs had their time in the spotlight, curtain bangs were popping up everywhere for months, but now it’s time for wispy bangs to shine. 

Wispy bangs – a thin, feathery fringe across the forehead with that classic piece-y look – are the latest bang trend and absolutely no one is mad about it. Turns out that this particular bang style is flattering on pretty much everyone and instantly elevates a basic haircut into something more feminine and stylish.

Bored with your blunt bob? Add a wispy bang to vamp it up. Run-of-the-mill long layered hair? Pop in some wispies to break up the length and better frame your face. New pixie cut leaving you feel a little too “exposed?” You get it. Wispy, feathery bangs are an easy upgrade for just about any haircut. 

One of the prime benefits of rocking bangs of the wispy variety is how amazingly versatile they are. There are tons of subtypes that share the trendy wispy look, like barely-there Korean “air bangs” or chic, parted French bangs.

With lots of different lengths and styles, you can choose options that not only go well with your haircut, but also perfectly suit your face shape! 

Bangs that are cut a little wispier also have the bonus of being a lot easier to maintain and style than other bang types. If they’re cut properly, they’re like a built-in style that automatically separates and lays in an alluring, wispy look.

And since this type of bang is typically on the longer side, they won’t appear grown-out as quickly as precision-cut styles like blunt bangs or micro bangs. Fewer trims = less hassle and money spent. That’s a win in our book!

Who Do Wispy Bangs Suit Best?

Can we talk about the elephant in the room? Deciding to get bangs (again or for the first time) can be pretty scary. Once the snip is made, there’s no going back – and bangs can take years to fully grow out

That’s why making sure you’re getting bangs that will elevate and empower your look without putting your facial features off-balance is essential. Doing a little research before you get the bangs is the only way to end up with results you’ll love.

To keep post-bang regret to an absolute minimum and ensure you’re going to love the way you look with wispies, let’s talk about the face shapes, hair types, and facial features this fringe flatters best. 

  • Face shape: Oval, square, and round face shapes are perfectly suited for wispy bangs. Keeping the fringe soft and wispy puts eyes and cheekbones in the spotlight. Heart faces can adopt a wispy fringe, but look best with a thicker overall bang section to visually minimize the forehead. 
  • Hair type: Straight (1A-1C) and wavy (2A-2B) hair types are best suited for wispy bangs because these textures will best show off the feathery, piece-y nature of the fringe. Very wavy (type 2C), curly, and coily hair (types 3A4C) can still wear a wispy fringe, but it won’t lay the same way and may not appear as feathery due to the texture of the hair. 
  • Focal features: The facial features you want to show off can help you decide if wispy bangs will suit you (or which length will work best). Since they’re usually longer bangs, they’re not great for highlighting brows, but do a great job making your eyes and lashes the focal point. When cut longer on the sides to graze the tops of your cheekbones, they can also accentuate those angles and make your face appear more chiseled and contoured. 

If you’ve got the face shape and hair type for them, a feathery fringe might be just the thing to shake up your style without making a dramatic change. And if these bangs don’t seem to be a great fit for you, there are tons of other types of bangs you can try instead! 

18 Trendy Wispy Bangs That Add Instant Style

Wispy bangs are one simple style element that can instantly elevate and polish your look. You don’t need heavy, bulky bangs to make a difference – wispy, airy bangs are the way!

These lightweight bangs can look chic, tousled, or edgy depending on how long they are and the style of bang you choose. Take a look at some of our favorite examples of wispy bangs below and see which styles stand out most to you! 

1. Blunt and Wispy Lash-Grazing Bangs

Serious light blonde woman with wispy bangs stands in front of white brick wall with turtleneck sweater on

Serhii Bobyk/Shutterstock

These eyelash-skimming bangs are feathery and light so they won’t overwhelm the face. Longer tendrils on the sides frame out the cheekbones for a contouring effect, while the length across the center really puts the eyes in focus. Slide-cutting and point-cutting into thin blunt bangs will net you this gorgeous result! 

2. Long Piece-y Fringe

Brunette woman with straight long hair and wispy bangs smiles wearing hat and touching her cheek

This style of wispy bang hangs in the eyes and just touches the lashes to direct attention right to your eyes. The fringe line slopes down on the sides, forming a gorgeous little frame for your cheekbones! Slide-cutting down small sections of the bangs ensures they split and separate properly without too much prodding from you. 

3. Thin and Airy Curved Bangs

Woman thoughtfully places hand under chin with long, straight hair in a dark brown shade with wispy thin bangs

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Darker hair colors often need to go slightly wispier with their bangs to prevent them from looking thicker and fuller than they actually are.

Here, airy bangs are curved under for vintage vibes. These are cut heavier around the sides to blend into the longer hair but kept wispy and thin in the center for that face-flattering magic. 

4. Textured Brow-Skimming Bangs

Dark-haired Asian woman touches hands together outdoors with hair in a ponytail and textured wispy fringe

Haru photography/Shutterstock

Bold piece-y texture in your bangs is a great way to draw attention to your favorite facial features! The bangs here end just at the eyebrows, making the entire eye area the focal point of the face. Wispy, separated texture shapes the face without weighing you down with a lot of bulk like a true blunt bang can. 

5. Straight and Wispy Fringe

Woman lying down in white turtleneck sweater looks at camera with blonde wispy bangs and straight hair


Using a small triangular section from the hairline to create your bangs is a good way to ensure they’re thin, airy, and wispy. Straight hair textures do a great job showing off the piece-y look of this type of fringe. Note how the bangs gently slope downward to skim the cheekbones on the sides. 

6. Feathery Blunt Bangs

Young Japanese woman in a white tank top sports a bob with curled-up ends and textured wispy bangs across the forehead


If you want to make your bangs a little thicker but still keep that wispy look, slide-cutting down to remove some bulk all the way across the bang is ideal. This gives you a lightweight, wispy bang that tapers toward the ends and naturally separates for that breezy look. 

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7. Choppy Razored Bangs

Black-haired woman with short pixie and wispy choppy bangs glances down with bare shoulders


Super choppy, razored texture frees a lot of bulk from bangs. That’s especially great for petite faces and heart face shapes that don’t want total forehead coverage. Without a blunt line across the bottom of the bangs, you get a more freeform texture that looks a bit more edgy. 

8. Wispy Coily Split Bangs

Cheerful woman with brown skin holds an orange mug and smiles with her coily hair in a ponytail and curly bangs cut in a wispy style

Dasha Petrenko/Shutterstock

We mentioned that very curly or coily hair can be tough to work with in wispy bang styles, but there are exceptions to every rule! Keeping the bang section very thin and staggering the length at a slope down the sides makes coily texture very flattering in a wispy fringe. 

9. Airy Curved Bangs

Asian woman slightly smiles with natural makeup and long straight hair featuring wispy curved bangs

220 Selfmade studio/Shutterstock

If you can’t see your eyebrows through your bangs, are they even wispy? These airy bangs are light and full of movement with wispy ends that taper down just past the eyebrows. We love the gentle curve in the bangs for those 90s vibes! 

10. Piece-y Blunt Fringe

Mature woman with blonde hair and wispy fringe drinks from mug while relaxing on couch


Sometimes the overall softness of a wispy bang can work against a round or oval face shape. Keeping the line of the fringe strong in a blunt horizontal line balances the wispy texture and makes it work well when you want a little more structure. 

11. Brow-Skimming Featherlight Fringe

Smiling woman with wispy blunt bangs stands in front of blue background wearing a red gingham dress


The trendy Korean air bangs are almost transparent, they’re so light and thin! This wispy look has some separation but really takes on that airy effect thanks to the thin section the bangs are cut from.

You don’t need much hair to create this look, and as your bangs grow out, you can easily turn them into bottleneck or French bangs that retain that wispy look!

12. Ultra-Wispy Tapered Bangs

Smiling brunette woman with white t-shirt against white background crosses her arms with a short bob and very wispy bangs

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

When you use a very thin section from the front to create your bangs, you can make them incredibly wispy without losing any of the thickness and volume around the sides. Here, a hair razor is used to shave and sculpt small tendrils in the bangs so they curve and lay nicely across the forehead. 

13. Split Wispy Retro Bangs

Dark-haired woman cross es one arm over her abdomen in a white cutout dress with wispy thin bangs

Auttapol Tatiyarat/Shutterstock

Easily one of our favorite looks for wispy fringe, the curved retro style is so flattering. It really makes a wispy bang look polished and chic! Here, there’s some variation in the thinness of the bangs on either side for visual interest. Keeping the bangs super-thin above one eye allows you to show off those brows even with a longer fringe length!

14. Side-Swept Feathery Bangs

Woman smiles and touches her strawberry blonde hair with wispy bangs and curled ends


Wispy, feathery bangs that just graze the lash line look so feminine and flirty with a long bob. This longer length puts your eyes in the spotlight and longer pieces on either end help accentuate the cheekbones. Style them as shown, or use a little wax to pinch and add piece-y texture to the ends. 

15. Wispy Curtain Bangs

Young Asian woman smiles with head turned in front of a purple background wearing a ponytail and wispy curtain bangs


Curtain bangs can be heavy and thick or thin and wispy as shown. We love how a thinner version of this popular bang doesn’t hide your face and creates a more open flow. Keep those sections thin and angle the length down from the lashes to the ears to really make your eyes and cheekbones pop! 

16. Flyaway Wispy Fringe

Thoughtful brown haired woman with hand under chin wears a red tank top with a short bob and wispy bangs

Olena Zaskochenko/Shutterstock

It doesn’t get much wispier than this! If you don’t want to lose any forehead “real estate” with bangs, keeping them super-wispy in the center is a great workaround.

You won’t conceal as much of your forehead and keep a more open, airy look this way. Let the bangs progressively thicken toward the sides to better blend into the rest of the cut. 

17. Wispy Straight-Across Bangs

Close-up of brunette woman with wispy bangs leaning against a brown wall with blue v-neck sweater


Bangs and bobs go together like peanut butter and jelly, but when the bangs are wispy, the cut looks so much younger and more vibrant! These bangs are made for movement with feathery ends that can swing and criss-cross on the forehead for a dynamic look. 

18. Chunky Wispy Fringe

Brunette woman with bold red lips shows off her blunt wispy bangs and long hair wearing v-neckline sweater

Sokolova Maryna/Shutterstock

Chunky and wispy don’t usually go together, but it’s the perfect way to describe these textured bangs with that trademark wispy look. Larger sections are taken and cut downward at an angle with shears to keep big “chunks” of the fringe together when they naturally separate. We love this look! 

More Things to Consider

What else should you know before you take the leap and reinvent your look with wispy bangs? We’re so glad you asked! Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re thinking it over. 

  • Invest in some good dry shampoo. Bangs tend to get oily faster than the rest of your hair because they’re constantly touching your forehead (or being touched by you!). If you already struggle with oily hair, this can make bangs pretty annoying to deal with. But dry shampoo makes all the difference! Invest in a better dry shampoo than your usual drugstore brand to get longer-lasting results without that white cast. 
  • Really think about it before you commit. Wispy bangs aren’t as thick as many other types of bangs, but they still involve cutting a section of hair much shorter than the rest right in the center of your face. If you don’t love the results, they’ll take a while to grow out. You may not like the way your new bangs look with some of your old favorite hairstyles, like ponytails, buns, or braids. Think all of these possibilities over carefully to see if you’re really committed to the fringe! 
  • The quality of the cut matters. If you like your bangs wispy (and don’t we all?), the styling process really starts when you get them cut. For your fringe to take on that breezy, separated look, the bangs have to be cut so they progressively thin out toward the ends. This effect can be achieved with expert angling of the shears while slide-cutting downward. Point-cutting upward into the ends can create a choppy texture that aids in styling. A hair razor can also be used to thin out the ends of a wispy bang and add that signature feathery texture. 
  • Don’t try it yourself. Nailing the perfect wispy bangs means knowing where to cut, the proper angle to hold your shears, how long to make the bangs to best flatter your face, and whether or not to slope the line downward at the sides. If you try to cut your own bangs, you might end up with passable results, but they probably won’t be cut in the most flattering shape for you. Leave this to a pro to avoid bang regret! 

Choose the Best Wispy Bangs for You

Will you go with an airy brow-grazing fringe to show off your perfect arch? Lash-skimming wispy bangs that put your eyes front and center? Maybe longer wispy bangs that slope down on the sides to frame your cheekbones are on your list.

Whatever you’re considering, remember to take it slow and think it through before committing. With a wispy fringe, you’ll be able to get all the face-contouring, feature-highlighting benefits of bangs without dealing with a heavy, bulky bang that hides half your face.

Instead, you get a fresh and light style element that puts your best features on display and instantly revitalizes your hairstyle! One last word of advice: Try a longer bang length than you think you want at first.

Wispy types of bangs look great when they’re a bit longer than traditional bangs. Plus, you can always cut more, but you can never go back and cut less!