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Bisexual Haircuts | Choosing and Styling a Bi Haircut

Choosing a bisexual haircut can be a great way to proudly display your identity to the world. See the best bisexual haircut options here, from the popular bi bob to bold undercuts and styles studded with bi flag colors.

Finding an Empowering Bisexual Haircut

Women who identify as bi are looking for haircuts that showcase their sexuality in a way that makes it clearer to others and empowers them with confidence to share and show who they are.

But what haircut can you get that tells others you’re bi right from the start? 

A “bisexual haircut” is technically any haircut that would be worn by a bisexual person. However, choosing a bisexual haircut that is already popular within the queer community can help you make a statement that others will instantly see and equate with bisexuality. 

A bisexual haircut acts as a visual identifier that helps you communicate your identity without words. And it’s a great way to start aligning your physical appearance with your inner thoughts, feelings, and preferences.  

But whether you’re thinking about coming out as bi or just want to choose a cut that will align with the sexuality you’ve been proudly showcasing for years, knowing which specific haircuts send that message is key. 

Keep reading to see photos of the best bisexual haircut options, from the popular bisexual bob to bold undercuts and colorful strands that pay homage to the bi flag.

Before we get into that, we’ll talk about the origins of the bi bob and what sets it apart from a traditional bob. Let’s get started! 

What Is the Bisexual Bob?

The bisexual bob, or bi bob, has become a symbol for the bi community and a clear way to visually showcase your identity. This bob takes many forms, but the agreed-upon definition is a blunt bob that hits somewhere between the chin and shoulders.

Bisexual Bob Haircut Origin

Bangs are typically part of the bi bob, and many in the community argue that the bangs should be styled to one side to truly fit the definition of a bisexual bob. The bisexual bob:

  • Hits between the chin and shoulders
  • May feature side bangs or a side part
  • May be cut choppy with lots of layers

The movement started a few years back when a an Imgur user, enthusiangst, discovered that her favorite bi characters on TV all had the same haircut – a bob just past the chin with side-swept bangs.

It was completely coincidental at the time, but after she took notice, the bi community welcomed the bisexual bob with open arms.

Women are even using the bi bob as a visual confirmation of their sexual identity when they first decide to come out. Some see the in-between length of the bob as a symbol for her own preferences and sexuality.

The bi bob is not short or long, like bi women aren’t fully gay or straight. One woman sees the bi bob as “straight-up ambiguous with femme energy.” We couldn’t agree more. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite examples of the bi bob in its many forms. 

Bisexual Bob Examples

The bisexual bob is the most iconic haircut for bi women because it is so versatile and universally flattering. Everyone looks good in a midi-length bob like this. Everyone! Take a look at some of our favorite versions of the bi bob below. Which one can you see yourself rocking?

1. Tousled Volume Bi Bob

Tousled Volume Bisexual Bob Haircut


Sleek and straight are out and messy, tousled volume is in for bi bobs. This blonde version hits below the chin and above the shoulders (check), features a side part (though no bangs), and choppy layers that are brought to life with extra body and volume. 

2. Bisexual Bob With Swooped Bangs and Body Waves

Bisexual Bob With Swooped Bangs and Body Waves


Chunky bangs are a great feature to pair with a bi bob, especially with the rounded swooping shape you see here.

This stunning haircut features that in-between length – past the chin and above the shoulders – and body waves that don’t quite curl, but provide some flipped-out texture at the ends. 

3. Bi Bob With Middle Part

Bi Bob With Middle Part


This straight version of the bob is the perfect cut for a bi woman who wants to spend as little time styling as possible. It’s sleeker than the traditional bisexual bob.

But it does feature curled-up ends to bring a little texture to the style. The length is spot-on to fit bi culture and will really make your collarbones pop! 

4. Soft Wavy Bisexual Bob

Soft Wavy Bisexual Bob Haircut

Evgeniya Grande/Shutterstock

This midi bob is softly waved for extra volume and body on the sides. The midi length that is becoming synonymous with the bi community is what makes this cut so special.

It hits just above the shoulders, so it’s slightly longer than some of the other bi bobs we’ve seen. If you’ve got femme energy, this is a great cut to consider. 

Other Bisexual Haircuts

We’ve looked at a few examples of the bi bob because it’s become such an iconic symbol for bi culture. That’s not to say that the bi bob is the only haircut a bisexual woman can wear, though. Far from it! 

Bisexual ladies from femme to butch rock a wide variety of styles in a range of different hair textures, lengths, and colors.

Those interested in strengthening, confirming, or showcasing their queer identity through a haircut have tons of options that will be recognized by others in the community. Take a look at some of the most popular bi haircuts below! 

1. Undercut With Shaved Designs

Undercut (a popular bisexual haircut) With Shaved Designs

Beatriz Vera/Shutterstock

Featuring the blue hue from the bi flag in the longer hair on top, this undercut with shaved designs is bold and asymmetrical. Tousled texture in the quiff – the longer section on top – is key to creating this laid-back look that works for lads and ladies.

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2. Bleached Buzz Cut

Bleached Buzz Cut as a bisexual haircut example


Bleached-out locks are always eye-catching (if a little difficult to maintain) and the bright white color enhances the curl pattern and texture of the model’s coily hair. Rock this daring super-short buzz cut style with confidence and pride!  

3. Sleek Styled-Forward Pixie

Sleek Styled-Forward Pixie Bisexual Haircut


This pixie is styled forward with the bangs over the forehead for a casual but polished style. The eyebrow-grazing bangs, longer sideburn pieces, and stacked layers around the sides and back combine to make this a truly unique and pretty option for any bisexual woman.

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4. Bisexual Flag Colors

Bisexual Flag Colors Haircut

ESB Basic/Shutterstock

What better way to make your preferences and identity known than by using the colors on the bisexual flag? Shades of magenta and purple will have every eye on you when you rock this style, and those in the know will recognize the significance of these proud colors. 

5. Long Hair Undercut With Bi Colors

Long Bisexual Haircut With Undercut With Bi Colors

Guillerme Publik/Shutterstock

This is such a versatile, attractive cut – there are so many things you can do with it! The bottom section is shaved short and accented with the bisexual flag colors and shaved designs.

You can hide the undercut by wearing your hair down and loose, or show it off by pulling your hair up. It has the added bonus of making warm months a lot cooler when you have long hair. 

6. Volumized Pixie

Volumized Pixie Bisexual Haircut


This high-volume pixie cut adds flattering height to the top and helps you accentuate your face shape. It’s short, which traditionally has a more masculine lean. But the cut is balanced with a little feminine energy thanks to the body waves in the style. 

7. Long With Shaved Sides 

Long Bisexual Haircut With Shaved Sides 



If you prefer keeping your hair long, you can still experiment with fun identity-confirming cuts and styles by getting creative!

Shaved sides turn a basic long haircut into something much cooler. When you wear this style down, you can part your hair to cover the shaved sides. Or do a deep side part and show them off!

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8. Bleached Crop With Micro Bangs

Bleached Crop Bisexual Haircut With Micro Bangs

BAZA Production/Shutterstock

Bleached short hair has this edgy vibe that tells everyone you’re a bad*ss right off the bat. Pair it with ultra-short microbangs snipped right up to the hairline for a playful yet edgy crop that won’t outright advertise your sexuality, but will fit right along with your aesthetic. 

Things to Consider

Now that you’ve seen just how versatile bisexual cuts can be, there are still a few more things to consider before you make your choice. Follow these tips to ensure you end up with a cut that sends the message you want while making you feel confident and attractive! 

  • Any haircut can be a bisexual haircut. While we’ve shown you some of the most popular haircuts, colors, and styles for bi ladies, keep in mind that if you’re bisexual, any haircut you wear is a “bisexual haircut.” It doesn’t have to be edgy, short, or limited to the bi bob. Wear the cut that makes you feel confident. Period. 
  • Determine how balanced you want your style to be. There are tons of cute cuts and styles to choose from when you want to showcase your identity as a bi woman, but only you can determine if a cut that leans more femme or butch is right for you. Choose a balanced cut, like the bi bob or a volumized pixie, if you’re somewhere in the middle. More feminine bi cuts include long hair with an undercut, wavy bobs, and longer styles featuring the colors of the bi flag. More masculine cuts are shorter, feature visible shaved sections, or edgy accents like micro bangs or fades. 
  • Keep your personal preferences first. When you consider the styles on our list and try to make up your mind on your next haircut, don’t forget about your personal preferences during the search. Will you wake up and spend 30 minutes to an hour styling your hair? Do you hate when you get a cut that requires you to use a closet full of hair products? Are you looking for something that’s a good fit for your natural straight/wavy/curly/coily texture? These things should be top of mind as you browse potential haircuts for bi women. 
  • Don’t expect your cut to communicate for you. A bi haircut may get knowing nods of approval from others in the LGBTQ community, but you can’t expect your new cut to do all the communicating for you. Some women report getting a bisexual bob or haircut to help them feel confident about coming out, but remember that not everyone will understand what your new haircut means. You’ll need to be willing to talk about what your new cut means if you really want it to send a message to those outside the community! 

Which Bisexual Haircut Is Right for You?

As a bisexual woman, your identity is based on much more than your sexual preferences. But if you want a haircut that aligns with your identity and beliefs, choosing a bi haircut is key.

Stick with styles that you’ll find easy (or at least bearable) to style and maintain, flatter your face shape (learn more here), are a good fit for your hair type, and make you feel beautiful. Don’t be afraid to go bold and choose a style that might normally be out of your comfort zone.

This is about confidence and empowerment! If edgy styles aren’t your thing, you can still represent your identity with pops of vivid color or hidden undercuts that will silently empower you even when they can’t be seen by others. 

And once you find the haircut that is perfect for you, you’ll feel emboldened to share your identity confidently with the world knowing you look gorgeous while doing it. 

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