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The 18 Very Best Hair Colors for Grey Eyes in 2024

Want to make your striking grey eyes pop? Certain hair colors will create a flattering contrast with your eyes so you can really show them off. Check our list to find the best hair color for grey eyes and see which shades strike your fancy! 

What’s the Best Hair Color for Grey Eyes?

  • Grey eyes look stunning with hair colors that mirror their undertones
  • Use cool-toned hair colors for bluish or greenish grey eyes
  • Get warm-toned hair colors to make brownish grey eyes pop

If you have grey eyes, you’re part of a very exclusive club made up of less than 1% of the world’s population. Grey is certainly the rarest eye color around. If you know the best hair color for grey eyes, you can make your striking irises stand out even more! 

Grey is a neutral color that can skew warmer or cooler depending on the undertones of the specific shade. may have slight blue, green, or brown undertones that make the overall eye color look somewhat cooler (blue or green undertones) or warmer (brown undertones). 

You can use this underlying coolness or warmth to your advantage by choosing hair colors that mirror the same undertone “temperature” as your grey irises.

There’s no single best hair color for grey eyes. Instead, there’s an entire color spectrum that will look great with your eye color. If you have cool-toned bluish grey, greenish grey, or true neutral grey eyes, cool-toned hair colors will always be a great match.

Look at icy or ashy blondes, ashy, espresso, and mocha browns, deep auburns and raspberry reds, or soft black for a bold, striking contrast with cool-toned grey eyes. 

If you have warm-toned brownish grey or true grey eyes, warm-toned hair colors will really make your eye color pop.

Consider golden, strawberry, and honey blondes, chocolate, chestnut, and golden browns, copper, burgundy, and deep reds, and jet black to help your warm grey eyes stand out. Notice that both warm- and cool-toned hair colors complement true neutral grey eyes well.

If you can’t discern any kind of undertone in your grey irises, they may be a truly neutral shade of grey that’s equal parts warm and cool. In this case, all colors will look stunning with your eye color – lucky you!

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Find the Best Hair Color for Grey Eyes With 18 Gorgeous Options

Whether you’re seeing the world through cool bluish or greenish grey eyes or warm brownish grey irises, picking a hair color that suits your eyes is going to make a beautiful difference. 

Going with one of the shades from this list showing the best hair color for grey eyes will make your rare and gorgeous eye color pop like never before! Which colors are you considering?

1. Cool Dark Auburn

Cool Dark Auburn, one of the best hair colors for grey eyes

Verona Studio/Shutterstock

Auburn is technically a warm color, but it has a lot of cool-toned properties for a shade of red. Gold, red, and brown tones shine through and make this a rich hue perfect for cool, warm, or neutral grey eyes that sparkle.

2. Warm Golden Blonde

As an idea for the best hair colors for grey eyes, a woman wears Warm Golden Blonde


Shimmering golden yellow tones put this medium blonde shade into warm color territory and make it a perfect shade to complement brownish grey or true grey eyes. Choosing a medium shade of blonde means a little less processing time and makes toning so much easier! 

3. Cool Ash and Pale Golden Blonde

Woman with Cool Ash and Pale Golden Blonde

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

For true neutral grey eyes, getting multi-toned color with a little coolness and warmth in the mix is absolutely gorgeous. Play up the cool side of your grey eyes with the medium ash blonde tones and mirror the underlying warmth with a little pale golden blonde around the face. 

4. Warm Honey Bronde

Warm Honey Bronde, a favorite idea for the best hair colors for grey eyes


Bronde – a mix of dark blonde and light brown shades – is so pretty with warm brownish grey eyes! This trendy hue gives you the best of both worlds if you just can’t decide between going blonde or brown. It’s a little easier to maintain, too! 

5. Cool Ash Blonde

Cool Ash Blonde hair color, one of the best colors for hair for grey eyes

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Ash blonde has a faint silver undertone that cools the color down and keeps it from appearing warm or brassy. This is the ideal color to flatter grey eyes if you’re looking to go light with your color but not quite to platinum territory. Try it with cool-toned grey eyes or neutral grey eyes.  

6. Cool Light Ash Brown With Golden Blonde

Cool Light Ash Brown With Golden Blonde

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Silvery undertones in cool ash brown are a match made in heaven for grey eyes, especially if the iris color is cool-toned (bluish or greenish grey) or true neutral grey. Brighten it up with a little warm golden blonde in the form of money piece highlights in the front for contrast.

7. Warm Light Golden Brown

Warm Light Golden Brown, a great hair color for grey eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Take slightly-warm brownish grey eyes to a new level with shimmering golden brown strands. The toasty golden undertones in this light brown warm color contrast with the neutral blend of warm and cool tones in unique brownish grey eyes. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a shade with a little depth, but don’t want to go dark!

8. Cool Light Mocha With Beige Blonde Balayage

Cool Light Mocha With Beige Blonde Balayage, one of the best hair colors for grey eyes

Marina Demeshko/Shutterstock

A unique way to put cool-toned grey eyes front and center is with two cool-toned colors in a beautiful balayage style. Light mocha brown at the roots to midshaft lightens up through the ends with beige blonde. 

9. Warm Medium Copper

Fair-skinned woman with Warm Medium Copper, one of the best hair colors for grey eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Shimmering copper red in a medium shade is an eye-catching color, but with grey eyes? Absolutely gorgeous. Pair this color with brownish grey or neutral grey eyes for a striking contrast that makes your eyes pop. 

10. Cool Ruby Raspberry Red

One of the best hair colors for grey eyes, Cool Ruby Raspberry Red

Inga Ivanova/Shutterstock

Red is usually a warm color, but it can be a little cooler when it has bold blue undertones like in this ruby raspberry color. This shade perfectly complements bluish grey and greenish grey eyes as well as true neutral grey. 

11. Warm Milk Chocolate Brown

Warm Milk Chocolate Brown, one of the best hair colors for grey eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

The richness and depth in milk chocolate brown is the ideal color pairing for brownish grey eyes that have a little underlying warmth. Milk chocolate shades have faint golden and very slight reddish undertones for a true, medium brown that looks so flattering with grey eyes.

12. Cool Dark Ash Brown

Cool Dark Ash Brown, a great hair color for grey eyes

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Dark ash undertones use green to neutralize any redness in the color, something that tends to happen with shades of brown. This cool-toned color is deep and rich with a very subtle silver sheen in the light, making it a great shade for cool or neutral grey eyes. 

13. Warm Dark Chestnut Brown

Warm Dark Chestnut Brown, a great hair color for grey eyes

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

A dark chestnut brown color has distinct red undertones that make the shade warm and inviting. It’s a great color to pair with brownish grey or neutral grey eyes – the contrast of this rich depth against light-colored grey irises is so striking.

14. Cool Icy Platinum Blonde

Cool Icy Platinum Blonde for the best hair color for grey eyed people

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Reflecting the same silvery-ice tones as bluish or greenish grey irises, a cool-toned platinum blonde is a gorgeous way to make your eyes stand out. Like grey, white is another neutral tone that lets your eyes and the faint silvery undertone in the color take center stage. 

15. Warm Deep Maroon

Warm Deep Maroon on a pale-skinned woman

Vitalii Smulskyi/Shutterstock

Deep maroon is warm with red, brown, and just a hint of violet color in the shade. If you’re looking for a darker shade that’s going to highlight and accentuate brownish grey or neutral grey eyes, maroon is a unique choice that’s always beautiful. 

16. Cool/Neutral Espresso Brown

Cool/Neutral Espresso Brown, one of the best hair colors for dirty blondes


Espresso brown is a unique shade for grey eyes because it can skew cool on the color temperature scale but really acts as a neutral color. It’s devoid of the usual reddish or golden undertones found in brunette shades and offers an incredible depth and shine. 

17. Warm Mahogany With Auburn Accents

Warm Mahogany With Auburn Accents

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

A deep, hearty mahogany shade gets brightened a bit with chunky auburn accents winding through the color. While mahogany is warm overall, it does feature some cooler violet undertones that make it suitable for all shades of grey eyes. 

18. Cool Soft Black

Cool Soft Black hair for a piece on the best hair colors for grey

Trifonov Igor/Shutterstock

Soft black uses a touch of grey/silver to blend out the inky color and make it a little softer. It’s great if you’re unsure about the stark contrast of jet black and suits a cooler-toned or neutral grey eye color very well. 

Things to Consider

Now that you know how undertones and color warmth/coolness affects the way certain hair colors look with grey eyes, you’ve got some thinking to do.

It’s easy to visually pick out the colors that appeal to you the most, but how can you narrow your options to find the hues that are really best for you? Keep these considerations in mind to make the choice easier:

  • Think about the maintenance. Blonde and red shades are the highest-maintenance colors Super-light shades of blonde are always going to be higher-maintenance than a rich, dark brown that fades the slowest (thanks, root growth). Red shades need more touch-ups and color refreshes than other colors because red dye molecules don’t penetrate strands as deeply. Go with the colors that flatter grey eyes that you like best, but keep increased maintenance in mind if you want a blonde or red color! 
  • Mind your skin tone/undertone. It’s a great idea to keep your skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) in mind along with your skin’s undertone (warmcool, or neutral) when you’re picking out a new hair color. Your eye color can often help you decide what your undertone is – grey eyes tend to indicate a cool or neutral undertone. Pick hair colors that match your skin’s undertone temperature for the most flattering look. 
  • Assess your hair health and damage. It’s always exciting to browse through new hair color ideas, especially when they’re handpicked to complement your eye color. But it’s so important to factor in the current health and damage level of your hair! If you’re seeing lots of split ends, breakage, increased knots/tangles, or a brittle, straw-like texture, you’ll need to take some time to fix your damaged hair before you dye it. Dying damaged hair can lead to scary hair loss, mushy/gummy texture, or enough breakage to give you a chemical haircut
  • Consider getting bangs. One of our favorite ways to make a hair color highlight and accentuate eye color is by adding bangs. Bringing shorter strands onto the face places the hair much closer to the eyes, increasing the contrast and really making your eye color pop. Consider getting bangs, even if they’re super long and wispy along the sides, to help your grey eyes stand out. 
  • Preserve your color. Once you walk out the salon with your new, flattering hair color, it’s up to you to keep it fresh and preserved until it’s time for your next appointment! A gentle sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair is a must to avoid stripping the color. Washing less often is a good idea, and consider using a pigmented (for darker colors) or toning purple shampoo/conditioner (for blondes) every few washes to keep your color vibrant. 

This wide variety of flattering hair colors for grey eyes gives you tons of options that suit all grey eye color shades. While it’s a good idea to keep your new color within your eye color temperature, don’t be afraid to step out and try a color from the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Since grey is neutral, it’s going to look great with most hair colors. Even fantasy colors can pair beautifully with your rare baby greys! 

If you’ve been itching to go blonde, now’s the time to choose your favorite shade in the color temperature that matches your eyes – warm or cool – and give it a go! 

If you’re thinking about trying red, pick a shade that complements your grey tones and you might have your new signature color. You can’t go wrong with shades of brown for depth and vibrant richness that lasts without fading quickly.

Plus, with so much variety among brunette shades, you can create tons of different looks within one color family. As the owner of a gorgeously rare pair of grey eyes, you’re definitely among the few and the proud.

Once you’ve found the best hair color for grey eyes to perfectly highlight and accent that unique color, you’ll love the way your irises pop!