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Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones (Made Easy)

Are you on the hunt for hair colors for warm skin tones? Check out these colors, tips, and tricks for nailing the shade that will complement your complexion. 

Why Does It Matter What Color I Choose?

Skin tones considered “warm” usually have red, peach, yellow, or gold undertones. If you’re looking to match your new hairdo, it’s essential you choose a color that will bring out these warm undertones.

To determine whether or not you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone, take a look at the skin on your wrist. You likely have a cool skin tone if the veins there are blue or purple. If the veins appear olive green or brown, your skin is warm in tone. 

If you’re still unsure, try on some gold jewelry or a red top. Does your skin look pale or flushed? This could indicate that you’ll be better off trying some cool colors instead. 

Of course, if you feel on the fence or can’t tell, you can always ask for a professional opinion. Getting this right before dyeing your hair is essential because it can make all the difference in how it turns out.

You might love the idea of fire-engine red locks, but your skin could look washed out and splotchy if you have icy blue undertones.

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Natural Color Choices for Warm Skin Tones

Woman with mahogany hair, one of the best hair colors for warn skin tones

Patrizia Tilly/Shutterstock

Vivid and unexpected hair colors have risen in popularity over the years, but most people still prefer a natural look when dyeing their hair. If you fall into this camp and you’re looking for gorgeous, natural color, keep reading. 

1. Mahogany

Mahogany is a brown that will look gorgeous on many warm skin tones. Picture a rich, deep brown with slightly red hues. You can have fun with this color by adding some strawberry highlights and creating a sun-kissed appearance.

2. Chestnut

Chestnut is another type of brown, but rather than red undertones, you’ll notice a subtle golden shine. Chestnut hair is trendy; many choose to highlight it with caramel and honey. If you’re looking for that warm autumn glow year-round, try chestnut.

3. Copper

Copper is a gorgeous and versatile color. Some people consider it brown with red undertones, while others think it is red with slightly burnt or golden tones. If you have warm-toned skin, it should be on your list to check out.

4. Caramel

Hovering just between the edges of brown and blonde, you’ll find caramel. This color is great because it can lean lighter or darker, depending on what you’re looking for. In any case, these golden tresses are sure to turn a few heads.

5. Golden Blonde

If you want a blonde that will match your warm skin tone, you’ll want to reach for something with gold or red hues. Golden or honey blonde is a great way to highlight people with buttery or amber undertones.

6. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is a red highlighted with a light blonde. You can go with a light to medium red with this color, and it looks especially stunning with blue or green eyes. Try strawberry blonde for a striking look while still keeping it natural.

Unnatural Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Woman with peach hair, an unnatural hair color for warm skin tones

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

“Unnatural” is a subjective term, but we’ll call it any color that doesn’t naturally come out of someone’s head for these purposes. If this is your thing, you’re in luck because there are some tremendous unnatural hair colors for you to choose from.

1. Peach

A warm pastel is super cute with warm skin tones and sits just on the edge of being wild. This soft blend between pink and yellow is perfect if you like orange but don’t necessarily want it for your hair. 

2. Pink

Pink is a great choice for people with warm skin tones. With a color range from baby pink to bubblegum, this happy color is a great way to inject some fun into your day-to-day life.

Just keep in mind the color that you have underneath if you choose not to bleach it. Yellow-blonde hair can sometimes take on an orange appearance when you add pink. 

3. Yellow

Whether you prefer a playful pastel or bright neon, yellow works best with warm skin tones. Rather than washing away your color, yellows will bring out gold and pink undertones. Yellow is especially great if you want to create an ombre effect using red or orange.

4. Orange

Orange color is usually considered an undesirable mistake, often made when trying to dye your hair blonde. However, if you lean into it and choose a vivid, dense pigment, this color can be quite the statement. 

5. Coral

If you don’t want to go full-on pink or orange, consider a blend of the two. Coral is sure to give you some beachy vibes and will sit perfectly against warm-toned skin. Try coral for a punch of color.

6. Red

Red hair color comes in almost every shade. A vibrant candy-apple red, however, can’t be overlooked here. Try adding orange highlights or dark mahogany to create the illusion of fire and embers. 

7. Purple

Purple can be tough to pin down when differentiating between warm and cool tones. Fortunately, you can adjust this color to fit your needs. Pick a purple with more red than blue, and you’ll be ready to rock those magenta locks.

8. Green

Green is another color that can go both ways regarding warm and cool tones. If you want one that will go with warm tones, pick one that leans a little closer to yellow. Bright neon green is eye-catching, but a subtle olive color will look fantastic if your skin has some shades of green.

Colors to Avoid

Woman with silver hair for a piece on the best hair colors for warm skin tones


Now that you have a good idea of what colors will look fabulous with a warm skin tone, it’s vital to get an idea of what colors to avoid. This will help you tell the difference when choosing between shades of an ambiguous color like purple or green. 

1. Ashy Blonde

That stunning blonde that’s almost gray has taken the population by storm, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. If you have a warm skin tone, it’s best to avoid this shade. The stark contrast can make you look aged.

2. Silver

If you want to jump on this bandwagon, there are a few things to remember before going silver. Not only can it make you look older, but it’s also tough to achieve if you don’t already have blonde hair. Be prepared to deal with extra bleaching and upkeep if you go with silver.

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3. Blue

Blue is a great color and can work well with warm skin tones if it’s done right, but for the most part, you should avoid it. Blue is a cool color, and if you have a lot of red or yellow undertones, it can make you come across as green or purple. Try a pastel blue instead.

4. Seafoam 

Seafoam, teal, and turquoise are all very mermaid-chic, but they can spell disaster for your warm skin tone. If you want to use this color, try pairing it with green or choose a turquoise with plenty of yellow mixed in.

Tips for Dyeing Hair

Getting the right color for your hair is more complicated than just choosing the right color. If you want it to turn out the way you’re imagining, it’s important that you dye your hair correctly.

Here are some tips for dyeing your hair so that you can feel confident in the color you choose:

  • See a professional if it’s an option. Having a stylist take care of your hair will always be simpler than dyeing it yourself.
  • Don’t rush the process. Decision fatigue is real, so take breaks and test different colors before committing.
  • Ensure you have the products to care for your hair once it’s dyed. There are special shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair. If you use something off the grocery store’s shelf, you risk stripping away the color. 
  • Don’t over-style. Using too many tools and heat can damage your fragile locks. Remember that your hair needs time to recover after coloring, especially if you bleach it.
  • Moisturize often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various skin tones (for a piece on hair colors for warm skin tones) in a graphic image with people on all parts of the scale

Elms Art/Shutterstock

Choosing a hair color is a journey. If you still have trouble landing on that perfect shade, you’re not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions other people had about hair colors for warm skin tones.

What is skin tone?

The concept of skin tone may not be familiar to you. Skin tone isn’t simply the color of your skin. It’s more like the base color that your skin color is set on.

For the most part, our skin comes in varying shades of tan to brown, but underneath that, there are pinks, yellows, reds, and blues. When you’re determining your skin tone, you’re trying to find what that color is. 

What colors go with warm skin tones?

Your hair may not be the only thing you want to match with your skin tone. Or, if you love the monochromatic look, maybe you’re searching for the entire outfit.

In any case, matching clothing, jewelry, or make-up to your skin tone follows the same rules as your hair. Reds, yellows, and warm browns will go best with warm skin tones.

Does white look good on warm skin tones?

White is considered achromatic, but achieving a true white is rare, especially when dyeing your hair. If you can get it to go white, opt for an off-white, slightly closer to cream.

This way, it will warm your skin and create dimension. It’s for this reason that most wedding dresses are slightly cream or gray in color instead of true white.

Does black look good on warm skin tones?

Maybe you’re looking to go all-in and just dye your hair black, but you’re not sure how it will look on warm skin. Is it a warm or cool color? In truth, black can fall on either end of the spectrum, but the darkest shades of black usually have a blue undertone, which is a cool color. 

Don’t worry, though. Black can be adjusted. Plus, it usually looks very natural with warm skin tones. Try a dark, midnight brown or blackberry with your warm complexion. 

What are warm vs. cool colors?

When you’re looking at a color wheel, it can be divided into two or more sections to create a scale of warm to cool colors.

Generally, blue, green, and purple are the cool colors, and red, yellow, and orange are the warm colors. This scale isn’t perfect, however, because you still have to deal with secondary colors like green, which can be warm and cool.

So, What Hair Colors Go With Warm Skin Tones?

In the end, you should go with your gut and choose the color you think looks best. The rule of thumb is to match warm tones with warm tones regarding complexion, but this isn’t set in stone. Try different colors and have fun with them!