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The 7 Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes in 2024

Do you have green eyes, and are you looking for a new hair color to try out? This article will list the best hair color for green eyes so you’ll know what to ask for at your next hair appointment.

The 7 Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Woman with brown hair for a piece on the best hair colors for green eyes


As anyone with green eyes knows, finding a suitable hair color is a balancing act. Go too light, and you risk washing yourself out; go too dark, and you can look severe.

The best hair color for green eyes brings out the beauty of your features while complementing your skin tone and eye color. In other words, the ideal hair colors are different for different green-eyed people.

It depends on the lightness and darkness of your green eyes, the tone of your skin, and the overall style and look you wish to achieve.

For example, green eyes are very appealing and nice when they stand out, so you might assume that darker hair color will achieve that. But if you have olive skin, super dark hair can sometimes make your eyes look too green, as if they’re almost glowing.

In that case, a lighter hair color might be best to tame the effect and give your eyes a little more definition. Read on to see the best hair colors for green eyes, no matter what your preferences are.

1. Light Brown

One of the most popular, trendy, and versatile hair colors for green eyes is light brown. Light brown hair color is excellent for those who want a natural-looking color that isn’t too intense.

Light brown hair color will add just a touch of color to your locks, and it’s a perfect way to enhance your green eyes without going too drastic. This hair color is also very versatile, as it can be styled in a number of different ways.

You can wear it straight, curled, or in a messy updo – the options are endless! If you’re looking for a versatile hair color that is both natural-looking and flattering for green eyes, light brown is the perfect shade for you.

2. Dark Brown

Another popular hair color for green eyes is dark brown. This hair color is perfect for people who want to add a little bit of drama to their look. Dark brown hair color will give your eyes a chance to really stand out, and it can be a stunning choice for green-eyed ladies.

If you have olive skin, dark brown hair color can be particularly flattering, as it will create a beautiful contrast, as long as the hair isn’t too dark, which might make your eyes a bit too striking.

However, this is subjective, so it depends on what you want! Overall, dark brown is a great choice if you’re looking for a hair color that will make your green eyes pop.

3. Light Ash Blonde

If you have green eyes with fair skin, you might want to try a light ash blonde hair color. The light ash blonde color is ideal for those who want to add a little bit of lightness to their look.

A light ash blonde hair color will bring out the beauty of your eyes, and it’s a perfect way to add a sprinkle of femininity to your look.

Light ash blonde also works well with various skin tones. If you have olive skin, a light ash blonde hair color can create a beautiful contrast.

And if you have fair skin, a light ash blonde hair color will add just a touch of lightness and perfectly complement your skin tone. No matter your skin tone, light ash blonde can be a fitting choice to pair with your green eyes.

4. Black

Black hair is a bold choice for people with green eyes. It’s a perfect way to make your eyes stand out and can be a striking look. With light skin tones, black hair is exceptionally striking, regardless of your eye color.

And with green eyes, you’ll achieve a particularly contrasted look. If you have olive skin tone or dark skin tones, black hair may look more subtle, but still, bring your eyes out for a striking look.

Additionally, African American people with green eyes look excellent with black hair, as it makes their eyes stand out while maintaining subtlety and avoiding too much contrast. Either way, if you feel like your eyes are your best feature.

And you want them to stand out more than any other facial features, black hair can be a perfect choice. It also carries a more serious, bold, and confident look. If you’re daring and want to try something new, black hair might be your best hair color.

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5. Auburn

Auburn is a lovely hair color for various eye colors and skin tones, but it works especially well with light skin tones and green eyes. This match works well because it creates a beautiful contrast that can really make your eyes pop since red and green are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

Auburn is also a very flattering hair color for green eyes because they complement each other without drowning each other out. For example, dark brown and black hair works well to contrast with the green and bring your eyes out.

But your hair itself might not be equally as striking. With Auburn hair, on the other hand, both your hair and eyes will stand out and allow each other to shine!

6. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a more specific hair color, but it’s essential to add to this list. Green works well with warm, golden colors, so the color of butterscotch is a perfect fit.

Butterscotch hair works similarly to auburn hair in that it allows green eyes to shine and shine out but also remains striking on its own.

This is a great hair color for those who want their eyes to be the star of the show but also don’t want to compromise on having a unique and beautiful hair color.

7. Ombré

Ombré hair is a hair color trend that has been around for a few years now, and it’s still going strong. Ombré hair is a two-toned hair color, where the roots are a dark color, and the ends are a light color.

This hair color trend is perfect for green-eyed ladies, as it allows you to experiment with different shades. You can choose any combination of tones or colors you want, as long as the roots are dark and the ends are light.

Ombré hair is also a very low-maintenance hair color, as you don’t have to worry about your roots showing. If you’re looking for an exciting hair color that is both fashionable and flattering for green eyes, ombré hair is the perfect choice for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with green eyes and brown hair in a brown studio

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If you still have questions or worries regarding which hair color will match your green eyes, here are some answers to commonly asked questions on the subject.

What color hair makes green eyes pop?

There is no one answer to what color hair makes green eyes pop, as it depends on your skin tone as well as the shade of your green eyes. For those with light skin tones, black hair is an excellent choice to make green eyes stand out.

For those with olive skin tones or darker skin tones, auburn or butterscotch hair color can be a great option.

And for people who’d like to experiment with different colors, ombré hair is a perfect choice as it allows you to play with different shades and hues to see which combination will make your particular shade of green eyes pop.

What hair color suits cool skin tones and green eyes?

Warmer hair colors are usually recommended for green eyes, but these colors might not look as good if your skin has cool undertones.

In this case, you should go with a cool blonde to match your skin tone while still bringing out the green in your eyes. An ash, strawberry, pale, or white blonde hair color will do just that.

And if you want a particularly striking look, try platinum blonde to complement your green eyes. But only try this if you have light skin with cool undertones; otherwise, it might not look as coordinated.

What clothes make green eyes pop?

There is no one answer to what clothes make green eyes pop, as it depends on the shade of your green eyes and your personal style. For those with light green eyes, black and white are always a classic and flattering combination.

For those with dark green eyes, jewel tones such as green, purple, and blue can make your eyes pop. And for those with olive-toned skin, earth tones such as brown and tan can also be flattering.

What compliments green eyes?

Red undertones typically compliment green eyes the best, including but not limited to cool-orange, maroon, and pinkish-reds.

What color eyeliner goes with green eyes?

Because red hues go well with green, getting eyeliner with a slightly red undertone will look striking and beautiful. Of course, you don’t want it to be too red, as that may look too striking and a bit intimidating or scary. But a dark burgundy or rust color will make your eyes pop just the right amount.

So, What Is the Best Hair Color for Green Eyes?

This article lists a few of the best hair colors for green eyes. No matter which hair color you choose, as long as it compliments your skin tone and makes your eyes pop, you’ll look great!