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The 13 Best Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes in 2024

Picking vivid colors that pop with blue eyes is easy with our list! The best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes include high-contrast warm shades (think bold orange, neon to blush pink, and candy apple red) and complimentary cool tones (like vivid violet, electric to pastel blue, and pear green). 

See examples of the best fantasy colors for blue eyes, get color tips, and learn how to make your blue eyes stand out with the right hue in this guide! 

What Are Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes?

When we say unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, we’re talking about vivid, fantasy colors that suit blue eyes. Blue eyes are somewhat rare, with only 1 in 6 people having this eye color in the U.S.

Finding bright, vivid, and pastel fantasy shades that go well with blue eyes is essential if you’re in the blue-eyed club!

While you can rock any color you like, making your eye color “pop” means choosing specific shades that compliment and contrast – but don’t clash with – the cool, blue tones in your eyes. Natural colors that suit blue eyes include warm, coppery reds, golden and platinum blondes, and toasty, rich brunettes.

But if unnatural or fantasy colors are your jam, you get to be a little more creative when choosing tones that compliment blue eyes – and this is the fun part! 

Fantasy Hair Colors That Make Blue Eyes Pop

The best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes are high-contrast warm shades that are across from blue on the color wheel. This includes warm colors like orange, yellow, pink, and red. The best shades to compliment blue eyes include:

  • Bold safety orange, coral, and soft creamsicle orange
  • Highlighter yellow, golden yellow, and soft, lemony pastels
  • Neon pink, fuchsia, bubblegum, and blush tones
  • Candy apple red, blood red, and pinkish raspberry red

Each of these vibrant colors has an underlying warmth and brightness that perfectly compliments the icy, cool tones in different shades. The catch is that warm colors like these work best with skin that has warm undertones. 

If you look better in gold than silver, have golden speckles or flecks in your blue eyes, and have a greenish color in your veins, you probably have warm undertones and will suit the colors listed above. 

So what if you have cool undertones? What unnatural hair colors for blue eyes will work for you? You’ll look to the opposite side of the color wheel – the cool-toned shades. Cool undertones with blue eyes suit colors like violet, blue, and green very well. 

Unnatural colors for blue eyes with cool undertones include pretty shades like:

  • Bold violet, amethyst, and lilac purple
  • Steel blue, royal, cobalt, and aquamarine blue
  • Seafoam, grassy green, forest green, and emerald green
  • Turquoise, teal, and peacock blue-green

 You’ll know that you likely have cool undertones if your blue eyes don’t feature any golden or brown speckles, silver and white gold look better on you than yellow gold, and your veins appear bluish or purple instead of greenish or skin-colored. 

The best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes with neutral undertones – skin undertones that aren’t quite warm or cool – are endless.

You can pick warm or cool fantasy colors if you have neutral undertones and blue eyes. You can also add in true black or white-blonde (both neutral colors) for contrast with any unnatural colors!

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13 Best Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Now that you know what unnatural hair colors work best with blue eyes (according to the tint of your skin’s undertone), let’s take a look at some gorgeous examples of these colors for inspiration! 

Warm-Toned Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

If you have warm undertones in your skin, colors of the same “temperature” will be the best way to highlight and accent your blue eyes. Rich red, pink, orange, and yellow are all excellent hues that contrast and accentuate blue eyes. 

1. Bright Scarlet

Bright Scarlet unnatural hair color for blue eyes on a woman sensually looking at the camera in red lip

Piotr Krzeslak/Shutterstock

Vibrant scarlet red is an intense and very warm color that nicely plays up the cool tones in blue eyes. If you want a striking contrast that accentuates and highlights your eye color on warm-toned skin, this is the ideal color to try! 

2. Neon Pink With Blue and Violet Roots

Neon Pink With Blue and Violet Roots unnatural hair color for blue eyes

Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

Overall warm with cool-toned roots that help mirror the color of your eyes, this bright, neon example is perfect for anyone with blue eyes and a warm undertone. The shocking pink color contrasts with the cool tones of blue eyes to make them stand out. 

3. Light Raspberry Pink

For a piece on the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, a woman wearing Light Raspberry Pink hair runs her hand through her hair

New Africa/Shutterstock

Raspberry tones are heavy on the pink with a red undertone that makes these shades undeniably warm – perfect for people with blue eyes and a warm undertone. Raspberry pink is unique and nicely contrasts with the cool, blue shade of your eyes to highlight them and bring them front and center. 

4. Bold Safety Orange

Bold Safety Orange, one of the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, pictured in a white tank top in an orange room

New Africa/Shutterstock

This color is designed to get your attention, and it certainly does the job as a hair color paired with warm-toned skin and blue eyes! Opt for all-over bold orange for the highest contrast with your blue eyes, or add orange highlights with another warm base color to keep this blue-intensifying color near your eyes.

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5. Neon Peridot Yellow-Green

Neon Peridot Yellow-Green, one of the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, pictured on a woman in a bright lime green shirt

Victoria Wonka/Shutterstock

While green by itself is a cool color, adding lots of yellow to it creates a warm and vibrant tone that perfectly suits a warm skin undertone with blue eyes. This color reminds us of the changeable shades in a peridot stone and really contrasts with icy blue eyes! 

6. Magenta Sunset

Magenta Sunset, a great unnatural hair color for blue eyes, pictured on a woman in red lip puckering her lips with fair skin

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

Magenta is the base color, and it offers intense warmth with red and pink undertones balanced with a little cool violet. Bright red and yellow money piece highlights around the face add a central focus that really highlights blue eyes well with a bright, warm color contrast. 

7. Goldenrod Yellow and Pink Split Dye

Goldenrod Yellow and Pink Split Dye, one of the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, on a woman in a white sweater


Goldrenrod yellow and bright bubblegum pink are both warm colors that pair excellently with blue eyes. The golden and red undertones in the split dye colors offer contrasting warmth that makes blue eyes pop!  

Cool-Toned Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

If you have a cool undertone in your skin, warm unnatural colors won’t work as well. Instead, look for cool-toned colors with a blue or violet undertone – blues, purples, teals, greens, and dusty pinks will mirror your eyes while flattering your cooler skin tone. 

1. Bubblegum Pink to Violet Ombre

Bubblegum Pink to Violet Ombre, one of the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, on a woman in a grey room


We love this color combo for blue eyes because it can work well with warm, cool, or neutral-toned skin. That’s due to the red undertone in bright bubblegum pink (warm) paired with the blue/violet undertone in the icy violet platinum and deep violet ends (cool). 

2. Ice Blue

Ice blue, a top pick for unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, on a woman in an orange sweater in a grey room


Blue hair can help mirror the color and shade of your eyes, especially if your skin is cool-toned and you’re able to choose a shade of blue similar to your eye color. Don’t be afraid to choose a color that’s a little deeper or brighter than your eye color – it’ll really make your blue eyes pop. 

3. Deep Peacock Teal to Aquamarine Ombre

Deep Peacock Teal to Aquamarine Ombre, a great unnatural hair color for blue eyes, on a woman with olive skin


Putting blue eyes in the spotlight with cool-toned skin can be as easy as choosing deeper shades with blue undertones, like this peacock teal blue-green and aquamarine ombre color. The depth from the roots to the midshaft zone lets your eye color pop while the lighter roots mirror the blue tones in your eyes. 

4. Dusty Blush Pink

Dusty blush pink, a hair color for blue eyes, on a woman in a pink room wearing an over-the-shoulder shirt


Cool , dusty blush tones have a violet and/or silvery undertone that make them perfect for cool-toned skin with blue eyes. Since pink and blue are the undertone colors in cool skin, a color like this will make your complexion look flawless while accentuating the color of your blue eyes.

5. Darkened Violet With Blue and Lavender Accents

Darkened Violet With Blue and Lavender Accents, one of the best hair colors for blue eyes


All-over deep violet tones can be a great companion for those baby blues! This example works in electric blue and lavender purple accents to add lots of dimension and interest to the color. All 3 tones are cool and nicely compliment a cooler skin tone with blue eyes. 

6. Teal Green

Teal green, a great unnatural hair color for blue eyes, on a woman in a revealing shirt


Cool shades of green with little or no yellow undertone are ideal for someone who has cool-toned skin with blue eyes. This rich teal tone makes blue eyes pop and really flatters a cool undertone with an underlying pink or blue tint. 

Color Tips and Things to Consider

You’ve seen the best unnatural hair colors for blue eyes and learned why these colors are such a good match with baby blues. But we have a few more tips to share and things for you to consider before you commit to any fantasy color on your list!

Here’s what you need to know first. 

  • You’ll probably have to bleach your hair first. The best and brightest unnatural hair colors need to be applied to pre-lightened hair for the more intense, pigmented effect. If you apply fantasy colors to dark blonde or brunette hair, the outcome won’t be as color-rich.
  • Your hair needs to be very healthy before doing a fantasy color. Since unnatural colors need to be applied to bleached hair for the most color payoff, make sure your strands are in healthy condition first. Bleaching already-damaged hair can have disastrous consequences, from a mushy, gummy texture or dry, straw-like texture to an unexpected chemical haircut. If the condition is questionable, hold off on trying an unnatural color for now and focus on repairing the damage. 
  • Bright, vivid shades fade fast and require more maintenance. The most frustrating thing about vivid, bright colors is how quickly they fade. You’ll love the results and they’ll likely be intense and pigmented for a few weeks before the fading changes the overall look and shade of the color. For this reason, more touch-ups and maintenance is required to keep unnatural colors looking good. 
  • Color-safe shampoo is a must. One way you can stave off fading is by switching to a sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair as soon as you get your hair dyed. These formulas are gentler and made without harsh ingredients that can strip dye and fade your hair faster. Using color-safe shampoo from the start will help preserve your new color longer. 
  • Color-depositing conditioner helps prolong vibrant color. Another way to keep an unnatural color looking vibrant is using a color-depositing conditioner in between salon visits. These pigmented conditioners layer additional color on top of dyed strands to make the color look more intense and help disguise any fading until you can get to the salon for your next touch-up. You can also use different shades of color-depositing conditioners to try out slightly different tones and colors on top of your existing fantasy shade! 

Choosing the Right Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Woman with bright red hair and blue eyes in a grey and white room


Unnatural or fantasy colors can be such a great way to accentuate and highlight a light eye color like blue. But not all colors will compliment blue eyes or help this eye color stand out!

So it’s important to make your choices from a pool of colors that is known to contrast or mirror the color blue with similar undertones. In this guide, we showed you a range of fantasy colors that do precisely that.

From bright, warm colors like orange and pink to intense, cool tones ranging from violet to green, blue eyes can be highlighted with a range of colors. But which color(s) are going to be the best match for you?

We looked at the difference between warm and cool colors and how these color temperatures suit different complexions and undertones. Let’s recap that info to keep it fresh in your mind as you make your color choices! 

If you have warm-toned skin (a warm undertone that’s golden, peach, or yellow), warm colors that contrast well with blue eyes are your best option.

This includes the shades in the warm-toned list, like neon pink, goldenrod yellow, magenta, safety orange, and bright scarlet. If you have cool-toned skin (a cool undertone that’s pink or blue), cool colors that mirror or reflect the cool blue tones in your eyes are perfect.

This includes the shades in the cool-toned list from above, like peacock and teal green, rich violet, dusty pink, and icy blue. Neutral-toned skin wasn’t covered in our list because both warm and cool colors look great on a neutral undertone.

So if you have blue eyes and a neutral undertone, pick any colors you like from either list – or choose a mixture of both cool and warm shades (like that gorgeous bubblegum pink and violet ombre) for a unique twist! 

As long as you ensure your hair is healthy and undamaged before bleaching and dying it any of these pretty, unnatural hair colors for blue eyes, you’re going to love the rich results and how well it accentuates your glowing eye color.

With such a coveted shade as blue, it’s only natural to put your eyes front and center with a hair color that compliments them well. Happy coloring!