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The 7 Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes in 2024

Brown eyes are fairly common, making it natural to wonder what the best hair color for brown eyes could be. Read on to learn more about what the best hair color for brown eyes is.

What Is the Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes?

Generally speaking, intensely dark colors of hair go well with brown eyes. A dark brown is one of the best colors that you can go with, as this leaves room for dozens of different shades and hairstyles.

Otherwise, black or jet black are wonderful colors. If you want something brighter, lighter shades of brown are fantastic. Hazels and chestnuts are wonderful for bringing out your beautiful brown eyes.

If you want to go for something mixed, there are plenty of excellent pastel options. Hair with deep reds, burgundy, and colors akin to maroon is fantastic for bringing out your brown eyes.

At the highest estimate, nearly 80% of the world has brown eyes, found on every continent! With so many people sporting the eye color, it’s easy to see why someone would want to know what the best hair color for brown eyes is.

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The Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Gorgeous woman with brown eyes and black hair in a studio

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To go into deeper detail, let’s focus on some of the more natural hair colors. These are suitable hair color options for your brown eyes.

1. Black

Natural black is one of the best hair colors you can go for with brown eyes. Brown eyes are universal, and many people with naturally-occurring black hair will have brown eyes.

However, did you know that there’s technically no such thing as natural black hair? What we call black is a deep, dark brown! Because of this, you can consider any shade of “black” hair to be fantastic for brown eyes.

Lighter shades of black that are closer to brown are a good match for lighter brown eyes, closer to hazel. If your eyes are a dark brown, hair in a similar shade makes for an excellent complement. 

2. Auburn

Auburn is a beautiful shade of brown that often comes into style during the autumnal months. While many people have auburn hair naturally, it’s commonly dyed as well, especially with highlights.

Auburn hair makes a stunning match for brown eyes of all shades. A deep auburn shade should complement your eyes no matter what shade of brown they may be. That said, auburn also exists on a spectrum with plenty of different shades.

If you’re dyeing your hair, it could take a couple of tries to find a shade that complements your eyes flawlessly. Still, auburn of any shade should make an ideal match for brown eyes of any shade, so don’t stress!

3. Burgundy

Burgundy is a deep, seductive red that often is only obtainable by dyeing your hair. Though some have naturally-occurring burgundy hair, it usually won’t have the same richness and depth that dyed burgundy has due to the shades of red that one can obtain while dyeing.

Deep, dark shades of burgundy are a perfect match for brown eyes of any shade. If you’re going for a lighter burgundy, you can likely make it a shade to match brown eyes that are a little brighter than average.

No matter what shade of brown your eyes are, burgundy is a wonderful accompaniment. This color is especially stylish during the winter months or with a darker wardrobe.

The Best Pastel Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

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Not everyone wants to go with natural or deep colors for their hair. Would any pastel colors win the competition as the best hair color for brown eyes?

Regardless of any competition, pastel colors still make a terrific pairing for brown eyes. Here are some of the best colors you can dye your hair to make it match your brown eyes flawlessly.

1. Blue

Blues are popular amongst many fashion trends, as well as people who simply love the color blue! However, there are countless shades of blue that can interact differently with your eyes on an aesthetic level.

For the best match, consider using deep, dark blues. Indigo and navy are two wonderful shades, but you can go as bright as cobalt or lapis and still be in the same aesthetic. These colors match wonderfully with naturally dark hair, such as a deep blue highlight to black or dark brown hair.

If you want to go with something lighter, consider sky blues or sapphires. These blues have much more of a pop to them and will stand out much brighter. However, they can sometimes clash with some natural hair colors, so try a few out before you decide on the one you love!

2. Pink

Pink hair is a bright and strong fashion statement that will match your brown eyes perfectly. Given that brown eyes are as common as they are, some feel that they need to pair them with brighter hair to help them truly shine. If you feel this way, going with pink is a way to go!

Deep pinks like magenta and rosewood make outstanding accompaniments to dark hair. Even something as bright as strawberry or fuchsia will match fantastically with any dark shades!

For something lighter, consider a peach or bright rouge. These colors may not go well with black or brown eyes, but blondes or bright chestnut tones will match well. You could also stick to streaks or highlights of this flashy color to keep from distracting from your eyes!

3. Purple

Shades of purple go beautifully with dark hair, especially blacks. If you’re dyeing your black hair with highlights or tips, a deep purple can help bring an undeniable pop to your look.

A royal purple, deep purple indigo, or dark violet will all help your dark brown eyes pop like never before. If you want something lighter, consider a lilac or a mauve.

Since these are still purples, they’ll go much better with dark brown eyes than light brown eyes. If the genetic lottery hasn’t blessed you with rare eye colors, don’t let having light brown eyes stop you from going for a purple hairstyle.

An orchid, heliotrope, or even a brighter shade of violet will all match your eyes fantastically. These colors have just enough whimsy to make your light brown eyes pop without overshadowing them.

4. Red

There are so many shades of red that you can find something that will match your brown eyes almost perfectly. Red ranges from deep shades that nearly touch brown to shades so bright they’re almost pink.

Consider a wine or burgundy if you intend to dye your hair a darker color. Plum, sangria, and dark magenta are also strong choices. For lighter red hair, you can always go with something that’s nearly orange.

These colors are so close to being natural that they don’t quite draw the same looks as other bright pastels, making them more comfortable for some. Scarlet, crimson, and bright shades of carmine are also options to consider.

You could also try these shades of red hair:

  • Natural red
  • Copper
  • Raspberry red
  • Mahogany
  • Maroon
  • Crimson red

Frequently Asked Questions

Attractive woman with brown hair pictured for a post titled the best hair color for brown eyes

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With all these colors covered, you may still have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when looking for the best hair color for brown eyes.

Where are brown eyes common?

Brown eyes are found anywhere in the world! Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa have the highest concentration of natural brown eyes. Some areas, like Scandinavian countries, more frequently have brighter hazel eyes instead of brown.

What colors make brown eyes pop?

Brown eyes will stand out more amidst bright pastels. Cobalt and cerulean can help your brown eyes have a more striking and intense look. Because of this, these are fantastic colors for your hair, facial accessories, glasses, or clothes!

What colors best complement brown eyes?

If you want your hair to complement your eyes without making them stand out, you can aim for deeper colors. Black, brown, mahogany, burgundy, and other deep colors are viable options.

How can I make my eyes look brighter?

To make your eyes look brighter, consider surrounding them with brighter colors! White eyeliner or pastel glasses can help your eyes brighten by contrast. If your eyes are a bright brown, you may opt for darker colors instead.

Can I make my eyes look less bright?

Making your eyes look darker is often a bit more difficult. A way to do this is to use colors like pink or plum to soften or intensify your look, respectively. Dark blue shades can also help your eyes appear darker.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes: Final Thoughts

One of the best things about brown eyes is that they’re common enough that no hair color fails to complement them. No matter what shade your hair and eyes are, there’s a chance that they combine to give you a stunning new look.

If you’d like darker hair color for your eyes, keep your hair towards black, burgundy, or brown. For a lighter color, blonde or red are fantastic options. To learn more about styling your hair, be sure to browse our website for more information!