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The 7 Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes in 2024

Given that about one in every four Americans has blue eyes, it’s easy to see why so many people are curious about the best hair color for blue eyes. Read on to learn the best hair color for blue eyes and the many options available for you!

What Is the Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes come in many shades, but are most often rather bright. Because of this, blue eyes typically go great with brighter hair colors. Blonde, light brown, and pastel tones work best for this eye color.

Blonde hair is most commonly associated with blue eyes. Additionally, blue eyes most commonly occur naturally in people with lighter hair colors. While it’s far from impossible to meet someone with blue eyes and naturally dark hair, it’s a rarer combination.

If you’re going for a striking look, you may want to consider dark shades. But the different shades of blonde are often seen as the best accompaniment to blue eyes, as the bright combination helps bring an intense and notable pop to one’s face.

Platinum blonde and ashy tones are perfect if you want something that isn’t as bright as sunny blonde hair. If you want something darker, consider deep shades of brown hair.

The Best Colors for Blue Eyes

To go more into detail, here are some of the best hair colors for blue eyes. Any of these colors will match wonderfully, but it’s not an exhaustive list by any means!

If your hair color isn’t on here, that doesn’t mean that your eyes and hair clash aesthetically – you’re still just as beautiful as anyone else!

1. Blonde

Blonde woman with blue eyes smiles at the camera

El Nariz/Shutterstock

Blonde hair is the most common pairing with blue eyes. In people with naturally-occurring blonde hair, blue eyes are exceptionally common. Because of this, you can never go wrong dyeing your hair blonde for blue eyes.

Blue eyes are generally bright, so a brighter shade of blonde hair is a great way to go! Consider honey or strawberry for a bright, sunny look. You may also want to go with a hairstyle that has shades of pink.

If you want a darker blonde, look into shades that bridge with brown hair shades. Caramel and bright burgundies, for example, will go wonderfully with your blue eyes.

2. Platinum

For a piece titled best hair color for blue eyes, a woman smiling at the camera

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Platinum hair is a bright and shiny accompaniment to your blonde eyes. However, there are many shades you can use that won’t be as bright if you prefer. Light ash or plain platinum blonde is perfect for blue eyes.

These bright colors match the intensity of your eyes and help frame them in a way that makes them pop. For something darker, consider a shade of ash or dark ash. You can dye your hair a bright grey and still match your eyes perfectly.

3. Chestnut Brown

Woman with dark chestnut brown hair smiles at the camera for a piece on best hair colors for blue eyes


If you want to move away from the brighter hair colors, go for one of the many shades of brown. Unfortunately, darker brown shades aren’t always great matches for blue eyes. If your eyes are a deep blue, you can easily go into a deep brown or even towards black.

If your eyes are lighter, you should try to stick to the lighter shades. A chestnut brown is a wonderful place to start, especially if you go for bright highlights. This shade of brown will complement your eyes without taking attention away from them.

4. Orange

Woman with orange hair smiles for a piece on the best hair colors for blue eyes

Nikola Spasenoski/Shutterstock

Another common combination for blue eyes is orange or red hair. Often referred to as “ginger,” this natural hair color pairs perfectly with blue eyes.

The fiery intensity of red hair helps match the brightness of blue eyes flawlessly. If you’re dyeing your hair, you may move away from the natural shades of red toward colors such as:

  • Crimson
  • Burgundy
  • Tangerine

These shades will match your hair well, but your eyes may come across as much brighter, which isn’t a bad thing.

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Pastel Colors for Blue Eyes

You may want to veer away from the more natural or neutral colors into something with a bit more pop. In that case, consider these options when trying to decide on the best hair color for blue eyes.

1. Green

Woman with blue eyes an green hair pictured looking at the camera

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Green hair can match blue eyes wonderfully! As neighbors on the color wheel, green and blue are both cool colors. That means they form a calm and refreshing color combination without overpowering the other in intensity.

If your eyes are a darker blue, you should aim for darker shades of green. Forest colors like juniper, pine, and moss are all great shades.

However, these work better as highlights or accents. For something brighter, consider a shamrock or seafoam green. Mint is also a fantastic color for your hair without overpowering your blue eyes.

2. Red

Woman with red hair, one of the best hair colors for blue eyes, standing sensually in a forest

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

Red hair is a great match, especially if your hair is already a dark color naturally. Black hair looks phenomenal with deep red highlights and accents, which can also help your eyes pop much brighter.

These colors won’t complement your eyes perfectly but will help make them much more intense. For brighter reds, consider:

  • Mauve
  • Crimson
  • Salmon

These colors will contrast your eyes and help them have a more striking appearance that you may prefer.

3. White

Woman with white hair in a black crop top pictured for a piece on the best hair colors for blue eyes


In the same way that platinum and gray work well, white hair is a wonderful partner to blue eyes. Certain styles of white hair will work exceptionally to help your eyes pop without overshadowing them.

A snowy hair with bright blue eyes gives a wintery look that can’t be matched. You also may want to go for a dimmer icy white to match with darker blue eyes. Some of these shades may border on dim platinum.

Ashy whites are also stunning no matter what season it is. Still, white hair is particularly effective in winter for a snowy look that borders on fairy-like. If you’ve ever wanted to try white hair, you can do so without fear of it overshadowing your blue eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

With everything we’ve discussed, there are still questions to answer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best hair color for blue eyes.

What colors make blue eyes pop?

Blue eyes are typically cooler shades of blue, making them great matches with gold, red, and yellow. If you want your eyes to pop, consider using these warm colors for accessories or makeup. Gold eyeliner is especially effective at bringing out the color in your eyes.

What causes blue eyes?

Technically speaking, blue eyes are a mutation. Scientists have even managed to potentially narrow down the single common ancestor that caused blue eyes in humans up to 10,000 years ago!

Blue eyes are believed to be caused by a gene called OCA2. The gene also causes green or hazel eyes. There are many other possible causes for blue eyes, but whatever the cause, they’re widespread and beautiful today.

How common are blue eyes?

Blue eyes are an exceptionally common color, particularly in some places of the world. In the United States, roughly 27% of people have blue eyes, making it the third rarest. 

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, more than 50% have blue eyes. The most focused area of blue eyes is Finland and Sweden, where up to 90% of people will have blue eyes.

How do I intensify blue eyes?

There are plenty of ways to intensify your blue eyes. The best way is to use makeup in colors that will help your eyes pop. As stated above, gold, red, yellow, and other warm colors are a great way to do this.

Gold eyeliner or red eyeshadow will give your eyes an intense, warm appearance. If you prefer to make your eyes pop without makeup, use accessories!

Glasses with frames in these same colors will bring contrast to your blue eyes as well. You can also use facial piercings or even dye facial hair! Some people even use contact lenses that are colored in a way to emphasize their blue eyes.

How do I draw attention away from blue eyes?

If you want to draw attention away from blue eyes for some reason, there are plenty of ways to make them less intense. Consider using makeup in cool colors that will complement or match your eyes.

Doing so will help lower their intensity without covering them, increasing their already-stunning beauty.

You can also use facial accessories to draw attention away from your eyes. Sunglasses, black frames to prescription glasses, or facial piercings may help direct attention away. 

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes: Final Thoughts

Though blue eyes are common, their beauty is striking in a way few other aesthetics can capture. If you want to color your hair to pair with your eyes better, bright blonde shades and chestnut brown colorations are a great way to do so. 

Deeper brown or dimmer platinum shades are also wonderful options to match your eyes without using bright colors. If you’re interested in learning more about hair care, check out the rest of our site. You’ll be glad you did!