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30 Red Hair Ideas for 2024 | Complete Style Guide

Looking for a little red hair inspo? See dozens of examples of the different shades of red to find the one that is perfect for you. From deep auburn to ginger blonde and strawberry, there’s a red out there for you. Let’s find it!

Looking for Red Hair Inspiration?

What is it about red hair that has fascinated and captivated the human race for centuries? No other hair color has sparked so much curiosity, awe, and even fear in the hearts of men.

Maybe it has something to do with the liveliness of the color. Red hair can appear to be lit from within, and natural red hair contains sparkly strands that can be flecked with gold, brown, bronze, and blonde. 

It’s also an incredibly variable color. There are so many shades of red! Two red-haired people can have wildly different locks – think about a seductive deep auburn shade compared to an enchanting light strawberry blonde. It’s amazing how multifaceted a single hair color can be. 

Red hair also carries a lot of meaning. This raw, visceral color is associated with powerful emotions and personality traits. Whether it’s natural or dyed, women with red hair are associated with:

  • Audacity, boldness, and nerve
  • Courage and strength
  • Sensuality and passion
  • High energy
  • Anger and short temper

Sound like you? If you’re ready to go red, you have so many options. Since there are tons of different shades of red hair, finding your favorite can be a challenge. 

The best thing to do is check out lots of inspiration photos of gorgeous shades of red to find the ones you like best. Then, consider your natural skin tone and eye color to land on the shade of red that will be a perfect fit for you. 

We’ve got you covered in this guide! Keep reading to see red hair examples and pick your favorite. 

30 Gorgeous Shades of Red Hair

You’re about to see just how varied the color red really is. We found gorgeous examples of every shade of red. We included natural and vivid color examples, so no matter what look you’re going for, you’re sure to find a shade you love! 

Tousled Burgundy-Tinged Auburn

Image of a woman with red hair standing outdoors in a wooded area

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

This cool-toned auburn is tinged with burgundy-purple tones that make it an amazing fall or winter color. Paired with plenty of length and messy, tousled waves, it’s a stunning shade of red. 

Coppery Ginger Glamour Waves

Woman with Coppery Ginger Glamour Waves


Something about this coppery ginger color screams sass! It’s bold, beautiful, and full of body. This dimensional color has blonde tones peeking through and appears to glow where the light hits it. Yes, please! 

Chin Length Wavy Copper Bob

Lady smiling with red hair and standing in a white room against a white wall and looking off to her left


If you prefer a shorter cut, this chin-length bob is always a good length to try. It looks amazing with curls to give it that whimsical, flirty vibe. And when your locks are the shade of a perfect copper penny, this look is a solid 10. 

Red to Copper Ombre 

Woman with red hair standing in a grey room with her head tilted at a slight angle


The ombre hair color trend is still going strong, and this is such a unique way to wear it! A true, vibrant red fades into a shining copper tone at the ends for a gorgeous gradient that is guaranteed to turn heads. 

Long Copper Waves

Lady in a field of red flowers with long copper red hair flowing in the breeze


Wild and free is the casual vibe you’ll create with long, flowing copper waves like this. The intense metallic orange tone lends unexpected vibrance to this free-flowing hairstyle. 

Perfect Ginger Curls

Early 20s woman in a sports bra and jean jacket holds her hand to the right side of her head and holds the jean jacket in the other

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

If you close your eyes and picture ginger hair, this is likely what you see. It’s a bold and vivacious color choice that works best on skin with warm undertones. Don’t forget the freckles to tie it all together! 

Shoulder Length Red Curls

Edgy sensual hair with Shoulder Length Red Curls girl


A coppery auburn color with this sexy, shoulder-length style gives off serious, sultry vibes. Pin one side back and curl the rest with plenty of volume at the roots to recreate this look. 

Dark Strawberry Blonde Waves

Woman with dark strawberry blonde red hair down to her shoulders looks directly at the camera and wears a trenchcoat

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Strawberry blonde is a warm shade of red, but this slightly deeper hue almost has a frosty look to it. If you love strawberry blonde but want to carry your color into cooler seasons, this is a beautiful way to do it. 

Dark Copper Crop

Lady with a dark copper crop stands looking to her right for a piece on red hair inspiration

Nataliia Melnychuk/Shutterstock

Copper with brown undertones instead of blonde is an attractive option if you’re used to wearing darker hair colors. It’s still incredibly bold, and going super short with your cut takes it to a whole new level. 

Straight Copper Blonde

Lady with long red hair holds her waste and wears a sweater over her shoulder in the fall

Boiko Olha/Shutterstock

If you want red hair that appears to glow in the sunlight, any coppery shade will do. We are partial to this particular shade of coppery blonde because it looks like it’s glowing even in the shadowed areas. 

Vivacious Red With Copper-Blonde Highlights

Vivacious Red With Copper-Blonde Highlights red hair woman in a dark blue dress stands outside a white brick building

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

Who says you have to pick just one shade of red? Go all the way with an all-over, vibrant true red shade and embellish it with face-framing highlights in a light copper blonde color. Perfect! 

Pinkish Auburn Flipout

Lady with red hair and a red plunge shirt stands seriously looking down at the ground and grinning


The shades in the red family also include some pinkish hues. We love this pink-y auburn color with a sassy little flipout at the ends! 

Natural Copper Curls

Woman with red natural copper curls hair stands smiling and playfully holding her hand to the back of her head

Yakobchuk Viacheslav/Shutterstock

If you’ve been blessed in the curls department, make the most of it with an eye-catching copper color. It’s unexpected and allows the light to hit every bend and curl in your hair to show them off! 

Tousled Golden Red-Blonde

Toustled golden red-brown hair on a pretty woman with fair skin

Ekaterina Jurkova/Shutterstock

This is one of those fun “Is it red, blonde, or brown?” colors. It has hints of several colors, but overall, it’s a pretty golden red-blonde that can work on a variety of skin tones. If you’re not a fan of the bolder reds, this could be your color. 

Ariel Red With Fishtail Braid

Woman with Ariel red hair stands and looks at a black wall


If no red is quite red enough for you, we present a shade we can only call “Ariel red” (in my Sebastian voice). This one is turned up to 11 in the best way. And if you’re bold enough to rock it, you’re sure to get flooded with compliments. 

Voluminous Light Auburn Curls

Lady with Voluminous Light Auburn Curls looks to her right in a studio

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

YAS, hunny! This light auburn shade was made for big, bold, voluminous curls that steal the spotlight the moment you walk into a room. 

Deep Auburn Bob With Fringe

Woman wears a Deep Auburn Bob With Fringe

Zoom Team/Shutterstock

Are you a regular woman with a family and job, or are you a skilled assassin involved in international espionage? With this shade of deep auburn and this short haircut, even you will be wondering. 

Ginger Faux Hawk

Edgy woman with a curly mohawk looks to her right and does not smile while closing her eyes for a piece on red hair ideas


Okay, THIS is a cool and unique look! The faux hawk is created by pulling the hair up to the center and pinning to let it flow out like a mohawk in the middle. But the real gem is the fiery color – a perfect copper ginger tone. 

Polished Auburn Curls 

French woman turning around on a street with polished auburn curls and red hair

Look Studio/Shutterstock

You, too, can look like you’re about to take a walk down the Seine while toting a fresh baguette with these perfectly polished auburn curls. Oui oui! 

Rusted Copper Old Hollywood Waves

Gorgeous woman with long copper red hair grins as she looks at the camera with her stunningly blue eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Old Hollywood glam is always in style, and these voluminous waves with tons of body are the testament. These waves + that uniquely pretty rusted copper hue? Perfection. 

Chestnut-y Light Ginger

Lady with Chestnut-y Light Ginger red hair

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re a little nervous about going red, you might consider an “in-between” color like this. This shade features notes of light chestnut brown and a super-light ginger blonde for a color that’s in the red family, but won’t get you confused for Ariel.  

Golden Auburn Taper

Woman in a low-cut tank top sitting on a stool and holding work gloves


Is this golden auburn shade not beautiful? Tapered cuts like this are great for round or square faces that want to visually slim the sides of the face. 

Short and Fiery With Fringe

Redhead smiling and leaning forward while holding a small film camera and resting her chin on her hand


Show them what you’re working with when you rock this fiery red crop with a longer top. We love the model’s curly bangs – they really add to the style! 

Mad Hatter Burgundy Coils

Lady with a boho hat and red hair that is curly standing and holding a coffee cup up to her mouth

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

We’re all mad here, but nobody’s gonna be mad about these bodacious burgundy coils, girl. Embrace the Mad Hatter vibes with this whimsical look that instantly enchants. 

Ginger-Tinted Pixie

Woman wearing a red Ginger-Tinted Pixie haircut


The pixie cut is a bold choice that many women dream of trying, and the intense ginger color is so pure and bright, it may as well be neon. This is an attention-getting look and … We. Are. Here. For. It! 

Light Copper With Curled Ends

Photo of a lady that has light hair with copper curls wears a light blue button-up shirt


Look at this luscious light copper tone! One of our favorite no-fuss hairstyles for straight hair is curled ends. It only takes a minute to do with a curling iron and really dresses the look up. 

Pink-Red Two Block Haircut

Photo of a woman with a red spikey haircut wearing sunglasses and looking up


The two-block haircut is trendy and bold on its own, but with this pink-y shade of red? BOMBSHELL. If you’re open to doing an undercut like this and love vivid colors, we say go for it! 

Orange-Copper Lob With Choppy Fringe

Red haired woman with tons of bright makeup on stands wearing a bob haircut and gazing deep at the reader without smiling

Vera F/Shutterstock

This intense color gets a boost with the lob haircut and choppy side-swept fringe across the forehead. This puts the bold color front and center. 

Auburn Copper With Curtain Bangs

Auburn Copper With Curtain Bangs on a pretty woman with fair skin


Curtain bangs are going to be here for a while. So you might as well join the trend and throw some pretty auburn/copper color in your hair while you’re at it! 

Beachy Half-Up Strawberry Blonde 

Beachy Half-Up Strawberry Blonde 

Ekaterina Filatova/Shutterstock

Beachy, boho, windblown, carefree – this hairstyle and color is an entire look, and we want it. Pull pieces from each side up, twist, and secure at the back before spritzing some sea salt spray in for natural waves or curls. 

Is Red Hair Right for You?

We get it – red hair can be incredibly gorgeous, and we all love to admire it. But are you sure that red hair is going to look good on you? There are a few things you should consider before going red. 

  • What’s your skin undertone? The red shade you choose needs to flatter your skin. So if you have cool undertones, opt for a cool shade (like burgundy, deep auburn, or raspberry red). Warm undertones should choose a warm shade (like strawberry blonde, golden copper, or true ginger). Neutral undertones can pick any red shade! 
  • What’s your eye color? Blue eyes look best with cool shades of red. Green eyes need strawberry blonde or intense copper or true red shades. Brown eyes can choose any red shade with a little brown mixed in, and hazel eyes look best with warm shades of red. 
  • Can you handle high maintenance red? Red hair is notoriously hard to maintain because red pigments fade much faster than other pigments. You’ll have to switch to hair products formulated for color-treated hair to make it last longer. And expect to need color touch-ups more often – about every four weeks. 
  • Red dye looks darker at first. Prepare to be a little surprised by your new red shade at first. Red dye molecules are larger, so they grab onto the hair intensely at first, making your new color look darker for a week or two before fading to the actual color.

Moral of the story: Red hair isn’t for everyone, but if your heart is set on a fiery shade, there’s a red hue that’ll work for you. 

As long as you understand the enhanced maintenance requirements (salon visits every four weeks is no joke and gets expensive!), choose a flattering shade for your skin and eye color, and understand it’ll lighten up as it fades, you’re going to make a great redhead.