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How to Keep Hair Straight Overnight | Step-by-Step Guide

Whether your hair is naturally straight, you spent cash, or you used a flat iron to get straight, sleek hair, you probably want to know how to keep hair straight overnight. We don’t blame you! 

Not only will waking up with perfectly straight hair help to prevent extra use of heat and styling products that dry out and dull your hair, it might even allow you to catch some more ZZZZs. And who doesn’t want that? Following the right steps allows you to keep your hair straight and healthy and reduces the amount of time you spend maintaining your look.

How to Keep Hair Straight Overnight: A Summary

If you want to keep your hair straight overnight, you have several different options to try. Use this guide to protect your hair and prevent it from curling and kinking while you sleep. In a nutshell, you’ll just follow these steps:

  1. Use an Overnight Serum
  2. Create a Part Down the Middle of Your Hair
  3. Brush and Wrap Your Hair
  4. Use a Silk Scarf
  5. Keep Your Bedroom Cool
  6. Try Dry Shampoo
  7. Get a Silk Pillowcase
  8. Keep Your Hair Hydrated
  9. Always Straighten Dry Hair
  10. Use a Heat Protectant

10 Hacks to Keep Hair Straight Overnight

Step 1. Use an Overnight Serum

Before you go to bed, apply an overnight protecting serum to your hair. These overnight serums come specifically as a straightening serum, and they give your hair protection against the heat you use to straighten or dry it.

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Rub it between your fingers and apply it to your hair. Make sure that it has low alcohol content, as alcohol dries your hair out. It should contain keratin protein to nourish your hair.

Straightening serum is different from a standard oil serum because it helps to strengthen your hair as it adds shine and protects it. In addition, it helps to detangle your hair, repair it, and keep flyaways away. It will keep your hair straight overnight and prevent it from becoming tangled.

Step 2. Create a Part Down the Middle of Your Hair

Once you have applied your overnight straightening serum, you should part your hair straight down the middle of the back of your head. Your goal is to create two sections that you will use in a wrapping method.

Use your comb to part your hair, and make sure that you have an equal amount of hair on each side. If you part your hair on the side, you should still make this part go down the middle in the back because your goal is to have even sections of hair for wrapping. You will take it out in the morning.

Step 3. Brush and Wrap Your Hair

Once you have your sections, secure one in a clip and brush out the other. Start brushing your hair forward away from the part in the center. After you brush the back forward, brush the forward back. You want to make sure that it is straight and free of any kinks or tangles.

Then, move to the other side and do the same. After you brush out your hair, you will wrap each section around the back of your head. Take the section of hair on the left, and hold it about halfway up. Then, pull it tightly across the back of your head so that the end reaches the right side.

Now you will hold it in place with bobby pins. Repeat this on the right side and secure it in place on the left. If your hair is longer, you may need to wrap it around the front of the top of your head and then back, but make sure that it lays flat the entire way around.

You should use curved bobby pins to hold your hair in place. They will prevent dents and bumps from appearing in your hair in the morning. Be sure to use as many as you need to hold all of your hair against your head.

Step 4. Use a Silk Scarf

Once your hair is pinned in place, you will need to cover it with a silk or satin scarf. These fabrics are gentle and reduce any friction so that you won’t wake up with frizz or flyaways. You have different options, including a bandana style, a turban, or a straight wrap.

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The important part is to make sure that you are able to wrap it the entire way around your head and tie it in place. It should be firm against your hair so that your hair remains in place underneath.

Step 5. Keep Your Bedroom Cool

If your bedroom is too warm or humid, it actually causes your hair to frizz and curl. In addition, sweating brings out these features in hair. Keep your room as cold as you are able to tolerate while you are sleeping, and you will wake up with your hair straight and in place.

If you don’t use air conditioning and you live in a humid climate, you might consider getting a dehumidifier for your room. Another option is to buy an anti-humidity hair spray to counteract the humidity.

Step 6. Try Dry Shampoo

People who have straight hair should use dry shampoo to keep it in place overnight. The issue with naturally straight hair is that the hair gets oily very easily. If you apply any oil to your hair, it will slide along the hair and sit on your scalp.

Once your hair is oily, it will lose its body and its shape. In extreme circumstances and with excessive use, heavy oil can cause your hair to break off from the weight. Using a dry shampoo helps because it absorbs any extra oil. It also helps to keep your hair’s volume while you are sleeping and in between your shampoos.

We recommend washing your hair with shampoo every other day or less frequently because frequent shampooing will dry it out and cause it to get split ends, flyaways, and possibly break. Dry shampoo will be very helpful when you are reducing your shampoos. It also helps people after they straighten their hair.

Step 7. Get a Silk Pillowcase

Another way to make sure that your hair stays straight is to check the type of bedding you have. Many people use cotton sheets and pillowcases, but the rough fibers in the fabric create friction and cause your hair to frizz.

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In addition to silk, satin is a great option for your pillowcase. It doesn’t create friction and your hair will stay smooth overnight. You should still use a scarf to hold your hair in place, but some people with naturally straight hair will keep it straight simply by changing their pillowcases.

Step 8. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

One of the leading causes of frizz and curls is dehydration. When you keep your straight hair healthy and hydrated, it will hold its shape and be shiny and sleek. Make sure that your hair care routine includes using shampoo that has nutrients and moisturizers, and use one with limited chemicals.

You should always use a moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo. If you find your hair is dry and brittle, you should try a hair mask overnight. Just apply the mask, wrap your hair, and cover it while you sleep.

Make sure that you protect your hair to counteract the styling products and tools that you use. People often use leave-in conditioner to make sure that their hair retains moisture throughout the day.

Step 9. Always Straighten Dry Hair

Some people don’t have straight hair, but they achieve it by using a hair straightener. When you are rushed and need to save time, you might be tempted to cut your drying session short and move right to the straightening process. However, this will cause your hair to frizz, and you won’t be able to fix it.

You should always make sure that your hair is completely dry before you straighten it. If you go to sleep with wet hair, even after straightening it, it will become wavy overnight. Make sure that you dry your hair before you straighten it.

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Step 10. Use a Heat Protectant

Hair dryers and straighteners use heat, which dries out your hair. When you use a heat protectant, it will protect your hair while you are using these tools. It works by trapping moisture into your hair follicles and it helps your hair stay straight overnight.

Things to Consider

Woman in a pink room tilting her head and holding a pillow up to her face for a piece on how to keep hair straight overnight

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Things to Do

  • Use an overnight straightening serum
  • Wrap your hair and cover it with a silk scarf
  • Sleep on satin pillowcases
  • Use a heat protectant before drying and straightening
  • Keep your hair hydrated
  • Use dry shampoo
  • Choose rounded bobby pins to hold hair in place

Things Not to Do

  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair
  • Avoid using cotton towels and bedding
  • Don’t straighten wet hair
  • Try not to shampoo every day

So, How Do You Keep Hair Straight Overnight?

The best way to keep hair straight overnight is to use an overnight straightening serum and wrap your hair in a silk scarf. There are other steps to add into your hair care routine so that you reduce the time you spend styling and fixing your hair. When you keep your hair hydrated and healthy, it is much easier to keep it in place.

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