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2024 Walmart Hair Salon Prices | High, Low & Average

Walmart hair salon prices vary by location, city, and service requested. But there are some general ranges into which prices tend to fall. Read on to learn what each of these is.

What Are Walmart Hair Salon Prices?

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When you go to Walmart, you can generally find anything you’re looking for. In many locations, that includes haircuts! That’s right — after buying groceries, you can get your mane sculpted.

Hair salons are located inside Walmart stores for convenience and affordability. And their prices are considered to be on the low end of average.

You can typically get a haircut in one of these locations for around $25. If you add a shampoo and basic style, the cost is $8 more, around $33.

Kid’s haircuts range in price from $20 to $28, depending on whether you add a shampoo and style to the package. But Walmart does not actually own any hair salons.

They are usually Regis-owned salons that “set up shop” inside this well-known chain of retail stores. Salons you’ll find in Walmarts across the nation include SmartStyle and a few CostCutters salons. 

Most salons inside Walmart today are SmartStyle. There are over 2,000 SmartStyle locations in the U.S. and Canada, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a Walmart hair salon near you. 

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how much you can expect to pay for hair services and more at Walmart salons across the country. You might be surprised at how low the prices are! 

Walmart Hair Salon Prices and Services

We mentioned that haircuts are $25 to $33 at SmartStyle salons inside Walmart locations. But they offer much more than just haircuts!

At SmartStyle, you can choose to get services a la carte or bundle them together for a lower price. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look at the Walmart hair salon prices. 

  • All haircut services except the Express Haircut include a free shampoo, basic conditioner, and scalp massage.
  • Some services, like hair styling, colors, and perms, will cost more than the price listed if your hair length is past your shoulders.
  • Some salons may not offer every service listed here, and some may offer additional services that aren’t listed. Be sure to check with your local Walmart hair salon for a complete list of services and prices.

Here are the prices for each service offered at different Walmart salon locations across the country. We compared the service menu and prices of salons in the East, Midwest, and South to give you a solid idea of ballpark pricing.

Express Haircut$15.50$15.50$15.50$15.50
Adult Cut & Express Dry$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50
Kid's Cut$10.95$10.95$10.95$10.95
Kid's Cut & Express Dry$13.95$13.95$13.95$13.95
Foil Highlights$49.95$49.95$49.95$49.95
Basic Style$14.95$14.95$14.95$14.95
Specialty Style$26.95$26.95$26.95$26.95
Conditioning TreatmentPrice variesPrice variesPrice variesPrice varies
WaxingPrice variesPrice variesPrice variesPrice varies

With prices that start at just $20 (kid’s haircut) and go up to $99 (foil highlights, color, and relaxers), Walmart salons are some of the most affordable out there. One thing we noticed about Walmart salon pricing for hair services is that it doesn’t vary much by location.

Most other salons vary quite a bit in price by location. So, if you go into a SmartStyle salon in another city or state, chances are, you’ll still pay the same price. Why is this?

It may be the uniform leasing cost for franchised SmartStyle salons inside Walmart stores that keeps salon costs down. Linda Brown Blakely, a Walmart spokesperson, said, “Wal-Mart provides competitive rent rates with flexible terms and renewal options.”

So, when SmartStyle pays less to lease their salon space, they can pass those savings on to you. You may have noticed that prices weren’t available for two services.

The conditioning treatments and waxing options offered at these salons vary widely in price by location. But even without actual SmartStyle prices for these services, we can fill in the gaps by looking at the price for conditioning treatments and waxing at salons with similar prices.

Basic conditioning treatments start at $14 at Supercuts salons. Since their haircut prices are similar to SmartStyle ($21-$28), it’s likely that basic conditioning treatments here are also around the same price.

Waxing (eyebrows, lip, and chin) costs around $10-$20 at Supercuts locations. We believe the price for waxing at SmartStyle salons is also likely to be $10-$20.

SmartStyle’s service and price list is short and sweet. Don’t forget that additional services may be offered at the location nearest you. You can find a more in-depth list of the services offered at Walmart salons below. 

Walmart Hair Salon Services

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There’s a range of hair and beauty services offered at Walmart hair salons like SmartStyle. Here’s what you can expect to get with each service offered at these salons. 

Haircuts and Trims

Walmart hair salons are known for offering haircuts and trims. Each service comes with different add-ons included, unless otherwise noted. Haircuts that include basic or full styles increase in price if the hair’s length is past the shoulders. 

  • Express Haircut: Includes haircut only
  • Haircut and Shampoo: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, scalp massage, and haircut
  • Haircut, Shampoo, and Basic Style: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, scalp massage, haircut, and blow-dry basic style
  • Haircut, Shampoo, and Full Style: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, scalp massage, blow-dry, haircut, and curling iron or flat iron style
  • Kids Haircut: Express haircut for kids 10 and under
  • Kids Haircut and Shampoo: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, scalp massage, and haircut for kids 10 and under
  • Bang or Beard Trim: Includes trim only 


Walmart full-service hair salons also offer a range of hair styling options, from basic blow-dry to specialty styles. Note that there is an additional charge for any hairstyle on hair that reaches past the shoulders. Make sure to ask your stylist how much your style will be at your current hair length. 

  • Basic Style: Includes basic style without hot tools
  • Full Style: Includes curling iron or flat iron hot tool styling
  • Luxury Style: Includes curling iron or flat iron hot tool styling for complex styles or thick, long hair
  • Thermasmooth: Includes Thermasmooth treatment system for curly hair, then curling iron or flat iron style (curling/flat iron)

Color and Chemical Treatments

You can get a variety of color and chemical treatments at Walmart salons as well. These range from all-over colors to foil highlights and perms. Note that color and chemical treatments will have an additional charge if your hair length is past your shoulders. 

  • All-Over Color: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, all-over permanent color application, and blow-dry
  • Mini Highlights: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, up to 5 foil highlights, and blow-dry 
  • Partial Highlights: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, up to 15 foils, and blow-dry
  • Full Highlights: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full foil highlights, and blow-dry
  • Specialty Color: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, specialty mixed or specialty application color, and blow-dry
  • Semi-Permanent Color: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, semi-permanent color application, and blow-dry
  • Partial Perm: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, partial perm with up to 10 rods, and express blow-dry
  • Full Perm: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full perm, and express blow-dry
  • Specialty Perm: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full specialty perm wrap (such as spiral), and express blow-dry
  • Full Relaxer: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, full relaxer, and express blow-dry
  • Retouch Relaxer: Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, relaxer retouch of up to 1″ of regrowth, and express dry

Hair Treatments and Waxing

Beyond haircuts, styles, and chemical treatments, you can get conditioning treatments and facial waxing at Walmart salons. 

  • Basic Conditioning: Includes protein-fortified basic conditioning after shampoo
  • Specialty Conditioning: Includes customizable conditioning treatment based on hair texture and moisture needs 
  • Malibu Conditioning: Includes a two-step clarifying and conditioning process to remove product and oil buildup, then deeply moisturize hair with an intense repair treatment 
  • Eyebrow Wax: Includes eyebrow wax (including the area between the brows) and soothing treatment
  • Lip Wax: Includes upper lip wax and soothing treatment
  • Chin Wax: Includes chin wax and soothing treatment

How Walmart Hair Salon Prices Compare

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Now that you’ve seen the price list for SmartStyle salons located inside Walmart locations, how do their prices compare with similar salons? We’ll look at a few average prices for franchise salon chains like Great Clips, Supercuts, Cost Cutters, and Sport Clips to find out.

  • Haircuts at SmartStyle start at $25 for cuts only. The same kind of cut is about $21 at Cost Cutters and Great Clips. At Supercuts, you’ll pay $21-$28 for the basic haircut (no shampoo), and $23, on average, at Sport Clips. 
  • Adding shampoo and a style to a SmartStyle haircut brings the cost to $33. Compare this to $50 at Cost Cutters, $35 at Great Clips, $35-$45 at Supercuts, and about $35 at Fantastic Sams. 
  • Colors are about $75 at Walmart hair salons, which is right in line with other salons’ costs. Colors are anywhere from $45-$90 at Supercuts, and about $60 at Cost Cutters. 
  • Foil highlights are also fairly priced at Walmart salons at about $99. At Supercuts, highlights can be as low as $35 but up to $115 at locations in metropolitan areas. Foil highlights can be anywhere from $55 for partial highlights and $90 for full foils at Cost Cutters.

You can check out more salon price lists with any of our guides:

We can safely say that Walmart hair salon prices are among some of the lowest around. They tend to be lower than Supercuts, Great Clips, Sport Clips, and Fantastic Sams. Their prices are only slightly higher than average Cost Cutters prices.

With the full range of services they offer – haircuts, styles, colors, highlights, perms, waxing, and more – and the convenience of the locations of these salons, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option at this price level.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a stylist at Walmart?

SmartStyle salons, which are exclusively at Walmart, charge around $15 for an adult haircut, and the price increases, depending on extra services, such as color or additional styling. The average price for an Express Haircut is $15.50. Adult Cut & Express Dry is $18.50. A Kid's Cut is $10.95, and a Kid's Cut & Express Dry is $13.95. A basic buzz cut is $10.00.

How much is color at SmartStyle?

The price of coloring at SmartStyle depends on the type of coloring and the other services included. Prices vary by region, but the average price for All-Over Color and Cut is $62.27. If you choose to get Partial Highlights and a Cut, you can expect to pay about $47.27. If you get Full Highlights and Cut, the price will be approximately $67.27.

What is an express haircut at Walmart?

Express Haircuts save time and money by streamlining the haircutting process. The salon will use a spray bottle to wet your hair instead of giving your hair a traditional wash in the basin. The average price for an Express Haircut is $15.50.

How much are highlights at Walmart?

SmartStyle does a variety of highlights, including mini, partial, or full highlights. All highlighting includes a shampoo, basic conditioner, and blow-drying. Prices may vary slightly by region, but the average price for full foil highlights is $49.95 and up. Fourteen foils are $34.95 and up. Seven foils are $24.95 and up. You can add up to five additional foils for the price of $6.00 each.

How much do relaxers cost?

The price of a relaxer at Walmart depends on whether or not you are relaxing virgin hair or just getting a touch-up. The cost of a virgin relaxer is $49.95 and up, depending on the length of the hair. A relaxer touch-up with 1 inch of new growth or less is $44.95 and up.