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What’s the Buzz About Tyler Herro’s Haircut?

Wondering what all the fuss is about the Tyler Herro haircut? He’s known for his bald fade crop but some intricate braids he briefly sported made quite a splash on social media. We’ve got the full scoop in our guide below.

Tyler Herro’s New Haircut

Is Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro better known for his skills on the basketball court or his hair? It might be a tossup. This rookie basketball star’s hair has been in the spotlight since he first came onto the court in 2020.

Not only has Tyler made a cozy place for himself in the NBA as a breakout rookie star, he’s also gotten a lot of attention for his bold and ever-changing hairstyles. He’s worn a variety of unexpected styles, from braids (very briefly) to his signature bald fade crop.

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What’s the Big Deal About Tyler Herro’s Haircut?

Fans have dubbed his bald fade crop as the Tyler Herro haircut and barbers say they’re getting requests for the cut more and more often.

You’ve no doubt seen at least one version of the cut: Long on top, with or without short bangs (like in the Caesar cut), and faded sides that are shaved down to the skin in a bald fade.

It’s an *entire look* and people seem to either love it or hate it. Some have said it reminds them of Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber…

Tyler Herro: You ever seen Dumb and Dumber?
Barber: Say no more…
— DraftKings Sportsbook (@DKSportsbook) May 8, 2021

Who told Tyler Herro that hair was a good idea
— 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙩¹³🎡 (@thehurryupnba) May 12, 2021

…while others see it as another form of the Edgar haircut popularized by Latino men.

I want the barber who gave Tyler Herro that Edgar-looking haircut arrested immediately.
— Joshua Richards (@jr_xxi) May 12, 2021

While his signature cut may take the cake, it’s not the only style he’s worn that has stirred the proverbial pot. His short-lived braids made quite a splash on social media earlier this year when a photo of his new look went viral.

Some loved the look, commenting in support of his new braids. Hoop Central tweeted “Just give Tyler Herro the ROY already” in reference to his new braids and Instagram model girlfriend Katya Elise Henry. 

Others…not so much. From allegations of cultural appropriation to comparisons with dorky white TV show characters wearing braids, the amount of negative attention he received online prompted him to go back to his good ol’ fade.

Tyler’s haircuts and styles may be polarizing, but if you dig his signature fade look, you’ll want to know how to ask for it at your local barber shop. Here’s what we’ve found out about Tyler’s signature haircut. 

What Kind of Haircut Does Tyler Herro Have?

Tyler Herro changes his look up often, but he seems to favor a high bald fade with a few inches of length on top. So the hair on top is left a few inches long, tapered in length around the top sides to fade down to the skin.

Since the fade begins high up on the head, it’s considered a high or (depending on the version of the cut) mid fade.

The most famous version of his haircut features a short fringe or bangs at the front, giving it that Edgar haircut look and a slight bowl cut effect when viewed from the front.

Image featuring the classic Tyler Herro Haircut

Close-up of a guy getting a Tyler Herro Caesar haircut

To illustrate the Tyler Herro haircut, a guy sprinkles powder on a lad's hair

He’s also been known to rock a messy-casual undercut without the Edgar-style bangs. For that version of the style, the hair on top was left long with a clean, blunt line instead of a fade transition.

Man with a Tyler Herro haircut looks straight ahead and stands in a blue room


And we’ve seen Tyler sporting a messy fade with a long top that is styled forward instead of to the side or slicked back. The example below is slightly shorter – Tyler usually leaves a few inches of length on top.

The hairdresser cleans the neck of a young guy with a brush with talc after a haircut against a brick wall background


How to Get the Tyler Herro Haircut

If you want to rock Tyler’s bold style, you just need to know how to ask your barber for the right haircut. Tyler Herro’s haircut is a high bald fade (sometimes called a skin fade) with a few inches of length left on top.

If you want the Edgar version with bangs, you can ask for a line up and indicate where you’d like the line of fringe to fall on your forehead. It may be helpful to brush your hair forward as you show the barber how long you’d like the bangs to be.

For this style, keep them short. Knowing how to ask for it is great, but the best way to ensure you end up with the cut you want? Bring a few inspiration photos to show your barber.

Point out any features in the photos that you do or don’t want to help your barber fully understand the look you’re going for.

Will You Rock the Tyler Herro Haircut?

Whether you love Tyler’s hair or love to hate it, there’s no denying that this rookie is making waves in the NBA and the barber scene.

Will you be jumping on the bandwagon or leaving the wild styles up to Tyler? His hair choices may be unconventional, but his career in the NBA looks promising and we’re rooting for him!