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20 Trending Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyles in 2024

Looking for straight hair men’s hairstyles that will suit your unbending strands? We’ve got a list of 20 trendy looks for you to try.

Find out which straight hair type you are, see great styles that work with your hair type, and learn a few tricks to styling straight strands along the way. 

4 Keys to Master Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyles

Explainer showing what all straight hair men's hairstyles have in common


Straight hair requires a little boost from layers, products, and extra length on top to look its best. Otherwise, it tends to lie flat and limp against the head and make styling difficult.

You’ll also need to know which type of straight hair you have – 1A, 1B, or 1C – to really master the styling techniques for straight hair.

Here’s a closer look at the 4 keys to straight hair men’s hairstyles:

  1. Layers: Blunt-cut, single-length styles are great for making thin hair look thicker, but they don’t offer much in terms of movement and volume. Without waves or curls to shape the hair, straight strands need help from layers. Layers that gradually lengthen are key to “break up” the length in straight hair and create a choppier effect with more visual interest. Layers can also add volume and texture to hair that wants to lie flat! 
  2. Styling products: Since straight hair may not have as much volume or shape as wavy, curly, or coily hair on its own, hair products become essential to create trendy styles. It’s not necessary to invest in a ton of styling products for straight hair men’s hairstyles. Just grab the essentials: Volumizing mousse, a lightweight pomade, a texturizing root lift or sea salt spray, and hairspray or setting spray with light hold should have you covered for a range of styles. 
  3. Length on top: With the exception of long hairstyles for men, straight hairstyles on guys typically need a little extra length on top to look their best. A longer top with a shorter back and sides helps create some visual contrast in straight hairstyles for men and takes a lot of the work out of styling. Tapered haircuts, all types of fades, pompadours, and crew cuts are haircuts that feature more length on top and are great for straight hair. 
  4. Know your hair type: Every head of hair on the planet can be typed according to a simple numbered and lettered system. Straight hair is considered type 1 and features three subset types. First is type 1A (pin-straight, fine to medium strands, shiny, tends to get oily fast), then type 1B (straight with very slight bends near the ends, medium-textured strands, oily roots), and type 1C (mostly straight, coarse strands, prone to frizz, and slight bends from the midshaft to ends). 

It’s really important to hone in on your specific hair type before you start choosing the straight hair men’s hairstyles you want to try. The more texture and coarseness you have, the easier styling will be.

For very flat, pin-straight hair (1A), products are even more important and heat styling may be required to nail certain looks.

You’ll have an easier time styling 1A hair using a round brush and hair dryer in combination with volumizing mousse, layers in your haircut, and a dab of pomade for control.

Slicked back styles work well for 1A hair, as do pompadour styles and looks that keep the top brushed over to the side. For straight hair with bends near the ends (1B), layers are key.

You can create borderline wavy looks with this hair type as long as you’re using the right products and have layers sliced into the longer top section. Volumizing mousse, sea salt spray, and a touch of wax or pomade at the ends can help you create messy, tousled styles. 

For mostly straight hair with a coarser texture and bends that can resemble loose waves (1C), you won’t have a hard time styling your mane at all.

You’ll still need help from products and layers to get the best results, though. We really like messy, tousled styles on this hair type, but straight, brushed-back looks are also great with this coarse texture. 

20 Trendy Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyles 

With these styling tips fresh in your mind, let’s take a look at how they can be used to create a range of straight hair men’s hairstyles.

These examples highlight some of the trendiest ways to style and wear straight hair to create different looks. You’ll find options that suit all straight hair types – 1A, 1B, and 1C – below. 

1. Brushed Back Pompadour Fade

Brushed Back Pompadour Fade


Haircuts with their own defined shape are great for straight-haired guys, and the trendy pompadour is at the top of the list. The sides and back are cut very short for contrast, while the top is left long enough to brush back. 

Master this look by blow drying your hair with a round brush to get extra lift at the roots, then slicking the top back with a little pomade.

Finish with a quick shot of hairspray for staying power. Light hold is best and allows your hair to move a bit, letting a few pieces fall forward for a natural look.  

2. Brushed-Back Tapered Mid Fade

Brushed-Back Tapered Mid Fade

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

A tapered cut is really versatile for straight hairstyles and allows you to style your hair brushed back, over to the side, parted down the middle, or even brushed forward.

We love how a brushed-back look pairs with a drop fade at the mid level (not quite a high or low fade).  With extra length on top, brushing the hair back creates a boost in volume and makes a neat and tidy look for the style.

The sides and back gradually shorten toward the bottom but aren’t cut down to the skin. This makes the look a little lower maintenance than a skin fade. 

3. Over-and-Back Tapered Cut With Side Part

Over-and-Back Tapered Cut with Side Part

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

This is a great look for 1B or 1C hair with a little bend in the strands, but it also works for 1A hair. A clean tapered cut seamlessly shortens the hair around the sides and back while keeping the top long enough to style over and back to create a neat look. 

Use a little volumizing mousse in your hair while it’s damp, then brush it over and slightly back while you let it dry.

The sides and back should be brushed straight down. Finish with light hold hairspray for more staying power. For extra volume, try blow drying instead of air drying. You can use a round brush to get extra lift at the roots.  

4. Straight Comb Over Fade

Straight Comb Over Fade

Hryshchyshen Serhii/Shutterstock

comb over fade is perfect for short to medium straight hair that you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling. This easy look keeps the top longer than the back and sides for some nice visual contrast.

It only requires you to part your hair and brush each side over to finish the look each morning. Adjust the height of your comb over fade based on your preferences. You have tons of options here!

Go for a high skin drop fade that dips downward in the back (as seen above), take the fade lower to mid or low level, opt for a burst fade around the ears, or keep the faded sections longer without cutting down to the skin. 

5. Classic Side-Swept Crew Cut

Classic Side-Swept Crew Cut


A classic crew cut is slightly longer on top and shorter around the back and sides. You can style it in a number of ways, but we’re partial to the side-swept, clean-cut look. This look is made for straight hair and subtle layers can help bring out a little texture in the ends. 

Use mousse while your hair is damp to give it extra hold and make it easier to shape. Brush the top over to the side from the temple zone. To finish this look, brush the tops of the sides forward toward the face. 

6. Messy Two Block Cut With Burst Fade

Messy Two Block Cut With Burst Fade

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Kpop hairstyles have become really trendy as of late, and the iconic two block haircut is one of the most popular for straight hair. It features long hair in a mushroom or bowl shape on top and shorter, buzzed hair underneath.

This version is unique thanks to the burst fade cut in around the ears. If you’re already rocking a two block cut and have the 1B or 1C hair type, this look couldn’t be easier to style.

Work in a little mousse while your hair is still damp after washing and muss your hair up with your fingers. Let it air dry naturally to accentuate any bend in your hair for a messy, tousled look. 

7. Lifted & Texturized 90 Degree Burst Fade

Lifted & Texturized 90 Degree Burst Fade

Minerva Studio/Shutterstock

A burst fade with the back left intact creates an edgy look similar to a faux hawk. This look is best with a tapered cut and lots of texture in the hair to keep it from looking too neat.

The 90 degree burst fade refers to the shorter sections cut in a right angle around and above the ears. Start with a small amount of volumizing mousse in your damp hair and work it in. Dip your fingers into your pomade and rake through in a zig-zag motion to start building texture.

Once it’s dry, you can follow up with a little wax and twist the tips to really define the spiky texture. Brush the back downward and you’re done! 

8. Brushed-Forward French Crop Fade

Brushed-Forward French Crop Fade


A French crop is a great haircut for guys with straight hair looking for a trendy style. It’s really simple to style – all you have to do is brush the front forward! The back and sides are kept very short to give you less hair to worry about managing. 

In this particular look, the back and sides are buzzed down to skin to create a bald fade.

In terms of styling, it doesn’t get easier than this unless you shave your head. It can be a little high maintenance, requiring trims every two weeks to a month to keep the sides and back shaved. 

9. Styled-Up Faux Hawk Taper

Styled-Up Faux Hawk Taper

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Faux hawks are great for all types of straight hair because they don’t rely on hair texture to create the unique shape of the style. The shape is cut right in! If you’ve got a haircut with a longer top, you can style this look easily. 

Brush the sides and back of your damp hair downward, then brush the entire top forward from the crown. Add a small amount of volumizing mousse to the top section and work it in with your fingers.

Brush the front upward and toward the center to create the faux hawk lift and blow dry to help set the shape. The hair near the crown should be brushed forward to meet with the lifted front. 

10. 50’s Inspired Pompadour

50’s Inspired Pompadour

Milos Vucicevic/Shutterstock

If you’ve got a pompadour cut, you can have a little more fun with it by trying a 50’s inspired look one day. The short sides and back are brushed downward while the much longer top is volumized and gelled into place with plenty of height. 

There are a few ways to achieve this look on straight hair.

The easiest way is teasing your hair by backcombing the middle section of the top with a fine-toothed comb. Brush the unteased hair in front over the teased sections and spray with hairspray to finish. 

11. Short Taper With Brushed-Forward Bangs

Short Taper With Brushed-Forward Bangs hairstyle for men with straight hair

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If you’re sick of parting your hair to style it, try foregoing the part altogether and brush it forward instead! This is an easy way to create a different look with your current cut without making any major changes. 

Since a tapered cut is seamlessly, gradually layered around the top, back, and sides, it does most of the work for you.

Brush the longer top forward to create the bangs and use a small amount of mousse to hold the shape. Mousse gives you hold without the crunch or wet look of gel. 

12. Spiked-Up Tapered Drop Fade

Spiked-Up Tapered Drop Fade Straight Hair Men's Hairstyle

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

A tapered drop fade is a good look for straight hair as it creates a seamless transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter back and sides.

If you’re not a fan of perfectly-coiffed, neat hairstyles, try spiking up the top for a little lift and a more casual look. Mousse is usually the best product for creating shape and hold in straight hair, but if you have 1B or 1C hair, you may need to use a slightly-stronger gel to nail this look.

Work it into the top and use your fingers to create little spikes and peaks throughout. Make sure to pull the hair on the sides downward a bit to make the style look seamless. 

13. High Fade With Rolled Quiff

As a featured straight hair men's hairstyle, a High Fade With Rolled Quiff is pictured on a guy talking on his phone


A quiff is a longer section in the front, much like bangs, that is typically styled to stand apart from the rest of the hair. Paired with a high fade that begins around the temples, this is a great look for straight hair.

It creates a lot of visual interest in the front without requiring a ton of styling. While your hair is still damp, add a little volumizing mousse to the longer quiff section in the front and part it to the side.

Nestle the teeth of a comb into the quiff at the roots, slide it down about an inch, and twist the comb repeatedly while sliding it down the length of the quiff. 

When you reach the end, pull the comb downward to leave your hair coiled into a twisted roll. Let it dry and you’ll have this look mastered. 

14. Shaggy Brushed-Forward Taper

Shaggy Brushed-Forward Taper hairstyle on a guy with straight hair

Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock

Play around with the extra length you have on top to create a tousled, shaggy look. This one is casual enough to be cool, but neat enough to be versatile for all types of events and settings.

Layers in the longer top break up the length and create a choppy, messy effect without a lot of styling to get there. Work some volumizing mousse into your damp hair and create a deep side part all the way back to the crown.

Use your fingers to drag the hair forward and slightly to the side from the crown in zig zag lines. Using this motion will keep the look from being too neat. Brush the lower sides and back downward to keep all the focus on the shaggy top. 

15. Side-Parted Top With High Fade

Side-Parted Top With High Fade

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

The high fade look works with all lengths on top, but we love the look paired with a little extra length for contrast! The fade begins high up around the temples, progressively shortening toward the neckline.

The longer section on top extends to the temples and back to the crown. Style the long top with a deep side part and comb it over to one side for an easy hairstyle.

Finish with a little pomade or hairspray to fix the look in place. We like a light hold product for this look as it allows a few pieces to fall forward attractively to frame the face. 

16. Subdued Spikes With Frosted Tips

Subdued Spikes With Frosted Tips for a piece titled the Best Straight Hair Men's Hairstyles


Spiky hairstyles don’t have to be wild if you want a more grown-up look for straight hair. Subdue your spikes by directing them over to the side and slightly back instead of straight up. This look can be as casual or debonair as the occasion calls for. 

Spikes are one of the easiest looks in terms of straight hair men’s hairstyles. Your hair already has the texture and shape needed for spikes, so all you need is a little gel to set them in place. 

Add some medium-hold gel to your hair and pull straight up with your fingers, pinching small sections to create spikes. Push the top back and slightly over to the side to finish the look and lay the spikes down. 

17. 90s Curtain Hairstyle With Curved Layers

90s Curtain Hairstyle With Curved Layers


The 90s curtain hairstyle is back for guys, and it’s a trendy look for longer hair in need of some shape. The look is simple – create a center part and style the face-framing layers to create some bend in the ends. 

The right layers can make this style even easier to pull off.

If you get long graduated layers that begin around the cheekbones and continue to the ends, your hair should naturally curve to create the face-framing swoop of this style. You can also accentuate the curve with a round brush and hair dryer if your layers aren’t cooperating.

18. Pompadour Ponytail

Pompadour Ponytail, one of the best straight hair mens hairstyles


Straight-haired guys with a pompadour (or long hair that you’re ready to cut) can try a pompadour ponytail for an easy hairstyle. All it requires is a few inches of length (typically 5+ inches) on top – enough to create a small ponytail.

The look contrasts nicely with the shorter hair on the back and sides. Brush your hair backward toward the crown and gather it in a bundle.

Tie it with a small elastic and leave it as a ponytail, or pull the bundle halfway through to create a looped bun. This is a great style to keep straight hair out of your face while you’re working out or just running errands. 

19. Clean Taper With Styled-Up Front

Clean Taper With Styled-Up Front


Creating height and volume in straight hair isn’t always easy, but gel and mousse make it simple. With tapered sides cut shorter than the top, the look is seamless and suave. A little texture in the top gives it an edge. 

Apply a dab of light to medium-hold gel to the top and work it through in a zig-zag motion to create some texture.

Use a comb to lift the front section straight up and bring the comb toward the crown once you reach the ends. Finish by combing upward and toward the center along the edges of the longer top. 

20. Tousled Taper With Brushed-Forward Bangs

Tousled Taper With Brushed-Forward Bangs as a featured straight hair men's hairstyle


Tapered cuts that gradually get shorter on the back and sides are always a good fit for straight hair, and we really like the look of brushed-forward bangs to highlight the eyes.

You don’t need to do much to style this look since it takes advantage of your naturally straight texture. Use a little mousse to muss up your mane while it’s damp, then tousle it with your fingers for extra messy texture on top.

Brush or comb the front sections down and forward onto your forehead, directing the hair in one direction slightly to the side. Finish with hairspray once it’s dry. 

Final Things to Consider for Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyles

We’ve covered the 4 keys to men’s styles for straight hair and shown you 20 different looks you can try to mix up your daily style regimen. What else should you know to make your straight strands look their best? Check out these tips before you experiment with some of the styles from our list. 

  • Take advantage of your natural texture. If you’re a 1A with zero bend in your hair, don’t opt for styles that need a lot of texture. Likewise, a 1C with a little bend in the midshaft and ends shouldn’t rely on styles that need pin-straight texture. Make the most of your natural texture and choose styles that accentuate it, rather than styles that will require a lot of heat styling or excess product usage to nail the look. 
  • If you’re using heat of any kind, you need a heat protectant. Even if you only blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair once in a blue moon, you need to have a heat protectant spray on hand. It’s even more important if you have 1A or 1B hair, which is usually fine or medium in texture and easier to damage. Any heat being applied to your hair can be enough to damage it, leading to more dryness, split ends, breakage, and frizz. This guide explains how they work and lists our top 5 favorites: Best Heat Protectant | Top 5 Picks & Buying Guide
  • Control oil with the right hair care regimen. Straight hair tends to get oily faster than wavy or curly hair types due to the shape of each strand. You can control your scalp’s oil production with shampoo for oily hair, limited use of conditioner (and only on the ends), using clarifying shampoo once a month to remove buildup, and cleaning your brushes and combs on a regular basis. Find more tips to control oil here: How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair | Step-by-Step Guide & Things to Consider
  • Deep condition or use a hair mask once a month. Using a moisturizing hair mask once a month will keep your scalp healthy, hydrate your strands, reduce frizz and tangles, improve shine, and strengthen your hair. Since damaged or dry straight hair is hard to hide without any bend or texture in the hair, it’s very important to keep your mane moisturized. Doing a hair mask or deep conditioning once a month won’t make your hair greasy or weigh it down.
  • Get a professional haircut. Men’s hairstyles for straight hair will always look better on hair that’s been properly and professionally cut. If you typically cut your own hair with clippers, you’ll see a major difference by getting your next cut from a skilled barber. You can get seamless layers that add texture and volume, ensure an even and flattering shape for your cut, and get pointers and tips for styling your hair this way. Even if you don’t plan to get your hair cut professionally every time, a single expert cut can make big positive changes for your ‘do. 

Which Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyle Is Right for You?

With so many straight hair men’s hairstyles out there, you’ll never run out of new ways to style your hair. Whether you’re rocking a super-short crop or shoulder-length strands, your straight texture makes a wide range of styles available to you. 

Take steps to keep your hair healthy (regular hair masks, controlling oil with the right regimen, preventing damage, etc.) and you’ll see how much better your hair looks in any style. 

Whatever you do, avoid falling into a style rut where you wear the same look day in and day out.

Stay creative and experiment with different part lines, brushing your hair forward, back, or to the side, playing around with products to get spikes or lifted styles, and more. You’ll find that your straight strands are much more versatile than you ever believed!