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15 Kpop Hairstyles for 2024 | Two Block Cuts & Mullets

Korean pop stars are setting the trends in men’s hairstyles and cuts these days. You don’t have to be a big fan of the music genre to start taking pointers from trendy Kpop hairstyles!

Check out the latest and greatest hits in Kpop hairstyles in this guide. 

From the trendy two block cut to the misunderstood mullet, there’s a range of looks for you to consider in the Kpop universe. We think you’ll love how you look rocking one of these cutting-edge styles!

15 Trendy Kpop Hairstyles for Men

Trendy Kpop Hairstyles explainer image on a tan background

Kpop hairstyles give you a clear guideline to follow if you want to rock trendy, edgy styles that haven’t been done to death in the U.S. (oh hey, pompadour fade, didn’t see you there).

These are styles for guys who like to experiment with different looks, get sick of the same old styles, and love to stand out. Mens’ hairstyles have historically been a little limited in how far they can go and what boundaries can be pushed.

Compared to styles for women, men just seem to have fewer options and a couple of basic hairstyle templates to choose from.  

Maybe that’s why Kpop idols’ throwing-caution-to-the-wind looks have become the unlikely hairstyle heroes that you didn’t even know you needed. These guys are out there pumping up massive crowds of screaming fangirls (and guys) with their syrupy-sweet sound and danceable beats.

But we think their enduring fame and presence has a lot to do with their hair – which is somehow always, always, great. Check out the 15 most popular and unique Kpop hairstyles for men below.

Maybe you’ll get inspired to try something radically different for you, or you might find a look that will go perfectly with the length and cut you currently have. Buckle up, boys – these are the greatest hits of Kpop hairstyles, and we’re playing this album straight through. 

1. Layered, Tousled, and Tapered

Layered, Tousled, and Tapered kpop hairstyle


If we had to describe Kpop hairstyles with 3 words, they’d be layered, tousled, and tapered. These are the main tenets of the most popular Kpop styles because together, they always create a trendy and modern look that’s flattering. 

Get some long layers through the top, keeping the bangs one length and brushing them forward. Tousle it up with a little gel to get this easy-breezy texture. 

2. Sophisticated Sweeping Fringe

Sophisticated Sweeping Fringe kpop haircut


For a touch of class and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with big volume paired with a little extra length. Long bangs are blow-dried with a round brush and volumizing gel to get this characteristic lift at the roots. 

Create your side part at the most flattering point – it may be off-center, far over to the side, or even right down the middle – and let your longer bangs tumble forward naturally. 

3. Messy Two Block Cut

Photo of one of the best kpop hairstyles, the Messy Two Block Cut, pictured on a guy in a grey shirt

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

This shaggy, tousled version of the popular two block haircut is a Kpop staple that looks good on everyone. If your hair has a few inches of length on top, get the back and sides cut short with clippers to pull this look off. 

Use a little gel to help create texture in your hair while it’s damp, then scrunch with your fingers to encourage waves and a messy, tousled texture.

4. Center Part With Curtain Bangs

Center Part With Curtain Bangs, a popular kpop hairstyle, on an Asian guy in a tan jacket


The Kpop movement borrows elements from classic, grunge, alternative, and sophisticated styles to build unique and modern looks. This easy Kpop hairstyle is a perfect example!

If your hair is naturally straight, all you’ll need to do is part your hair and take care to dry the bangs to sweep away from your face. That’s it! 

You’ve got the trendy curtain bangs (very flattering on most face shapes, by the way) curving away from the face to highlight the jawline, a dead-center part to elongate and open the face, and a flattering almost-shoulder length to balance the look. Try it out if you’ve been growing your hair out! 

5. Debonair Deep Side Part

Debonair Deep Side Part, a favorite kpop hairstyle

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Look the part with a classy style that keeps your hair out of your eyes and opens up your face. You’ll need good length on top – at least 4-5 inches – with shorter sides to copy this style, and the thicker your hair, the better. 

Bulk it up with volumizing gel or texture spray while it’s damp, then blow dry in a deep side part using your fingers to create a slightly tousled texture. 

6. Volumized Two Block With Curtain Bangs

Volumized Two Block With Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs can take on completely different looks when you adjust the length. Here, brow-grazing bangs take on a drape-like appeal with lots of volume at the roots of this two block cut and a prominent wave that flatters facial features. 

Boost volume with volumizing mousse or spray in your hair while it’s damp, then blow dry with a large round brush to get the swooping wave going on. Tousle the sides and back, leaving the front open in a side part to draw attention to your eyes. 

7. Brushed-Forward Two Block With Bottleneck Bangs

Brushed-Forward Two Block Kpop hairstyle With Bottleneck Bangs

Apiwan Borrikonratchata/Shutterstock

Two block cuts are so versatile – no wonder they’re such a staple in Kpop hairstyles. You can see how this style is brushed forward from the crown with a little wavy texture to liven it up.

The bottleneck bangs are opened up into an A shape that draws attention to your eyes. Use texturizing gel or spray in your hair while it’s damp to set the stage for this Kpop style.

Concentrate on creating volume at the sides top. A little tip: Using a flat iron on 1-2 inch sections and curving it inward in a C shape will help you create faux waves just like this! 

8. Tapered Razor Cut With A-Line Bangs

Tapered Razor Cut With A-Line Bangs

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

We’re getting Link from the Legend of Zelda vibes here! This tapered cut is heavily razored to make it shaggy and not-too-neat. Pin-straight texture is going to work best with this style if you want the sharpness and points that make it Kpop. 

Add razored bangs that open up into an A-line shape and keep a little length in front of the ears to nail this trendy look. It can work for men and women looking to rock a trendy, short style!

9. Middle Part With Open Curtain Fringe

Middle Part With Open Curtain Fringe, a favorite Kpop hairstyle


If you’ve got some length to work with on top (keep the lower sides and back clipped short), this Kpop-inspired look will be perfect. A little gel or pomade in your damp hair will help you set the look into this shape. 

Blow dry the top with a round brush to create the signature volume at the roots for this style. Create a middle part, or go slightly off-center, and adjust the curtain bangs in front to keep it nestled at the sides. 

10. Tapered Cut With Blown-Back Bangs

For a piece on popular Kpop haircuts, a Tapered Cut With Blown-Back Bangs pictured on a guy in a plaid black shirt


Love rocking unique styles that you won’t see on every other passing guy? Try this blown-back look that is sure to stand out! It works best with a taper fade that’s shorter toward the bottom. 

Brush the front forward, then use your fingers and a little wax or pomade to style the center up and backward toward the crown. Get messy with it, creating lots of texture and not trying to make it neat and perfect. 

11. Bleached & Side-Swept Kpop Pixie

Bleached & Side-Swept Kpop Pixie Hairstyle on a guy in a blue room

Stock Holm/Shutterstock

Pixie cuts may bring feminine styles to mind, but Kpop is all about pushing the boundaries and using elements from many different looks to create modern styles. Bleached hair cut into a razored, layered pixie brushed and styled toward the face is a perfect example. 

If you’re rocking bleached strands (or are thinking about it), this male pixie is a great way to accentuate the color. Create a side part at the crown and brush the hair forward, sweeping it slightly to the side to style the bangs. Earring optional, but hey, why not?

12. Side-Swept Top Drop Fade 

Side-Swept Top Drop Fade 

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Korean pop idols know that clean fades with length for contrast is an instant recipe for a great hairstyle. Have your barber buzz the sides in gradually shorter lengths using the drop fade shape that dips down in the back. 

Leave the top long and use pomade or wax to bulk it up with volume and texture. Sweep the hair over to the side to complete the look!

This can work with other types of fades, like skin fades and low fades. Just don’t try it with a high fade, which won’t leave you with enough long hair on top to work with. 

13. Kpop Inspired Modern Mullet

Kpop Inspired Modern Mullet

Olga Vasilkova/Shutterstock

Korean hair texture is typically straight with thick density, so the mullet takes on a unique and modernized look without the usual curls you’d see with mullets back in the day.

While it’s definitely not a look for every guy, if you’re all about pushing fashion and style boundaries, you have to give it a go!

If your hair is pin-straight and long enough, brush it forward from the crown and sweep it slightly off to the side. Brush the back straight down to nail this Kpop inspired modern mullet.

14. Off-Center Swooping Curtain Bangs

Off-Center Swooping Curtain Bangs for a piece on the best Kpop hairstyles


Create a look worthy of Korean pop idols with swooping curtain bangs parted just off-center like this. It’s a quick and easy style that can work with a variety of haircuts (like the Kpop-inspired two block cut here). 

A round brush, blow dryer, and volumizing root spray will be your tools to create this easy look in less than 5 minutes.

Create your part, then spritz your volumizing spray at the roots and brush it through. Use the round brush to lift the front sections as you dry, curving the bangs to create the signature swoop. 

15. Low Twisted Man Bun

Low Twisted Man Bun on a guy in a dark black trenchcoat


The high man bun may have had its time in the sun, but Kpop is reviving the style by placing it down low at the nape of the neck. This is a low-effort style that can work for longer hair of any texture. 

Brush your hair straight back and gather it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Twist the hair clockwise, then wrap it in a tight spiral around the base of the ponytail. Secure with an elastic and you’ve got a simple style that looks trendy and neat. 

Things to Consider

What else should you think about and consider before you go? Here are a few tips and considerations to keep in mind before you start rocking your new Kpop-inspired style. 

  • These looks can work for guys of all ages. Kpop hairstyles are versatile and most of the looks we’ve shown you can work for guys of all ages – from boys to men, if you will. While the best boys haircuts will be easy to style without hair hanging in the face, you’ll find that many of the looks on this list can be just as perfect for your rambunctious kid as they are for you.
  • Get a basic cut that works with many Kpop styles. If you want to try several of the trendy Kpop hairstyles, you’ll want to be sure you’re starting off on the right foot. Get a simple two block haircut, which is the base for many Kpop styles. If you’re partial to your length and have been growing your hair out, try getting some simple curtain bangs that hit at the jawline to make it more modern. Fade-lovers will want to leave the top long and maybe get some layers to make more Kpop styles possible. 
  • Mind the texture and hair type. There are 3 basic hair types: Asian, African, and Caucasian. Asian hair, which includes Korean, is typically made up of almost-perfectly round strands that are thick, straight, and dense. Most Kpop styles are built to suit this hair type, so if your hair is much coarser, finer, curlier, or thinner than Asian hair, you may need to add products or try a straightening treatment to make your favorite looks work. 
  • Find out which styles will look best on you. It’s hard to picture yourself in a new hairstyle, especially if it’s radically different from what you’re used to wearing. We built an app to make it easier to see yourself in a new style – literally! Our app lets you virtually try on hairstyles so you can see what works and what doesn’t without so much as adjusting a hair on your head. Give it a try to see which Kpop styles will look best on you!
  • Invest in a few new tools and products. Kpop hairstyles typically require lots of volume, feathery texture, and staying power to keep them in place. If your cabinet is pretty bare when it comes to hair tools and products, you only need a few basics to start rocking Kpop looks. Grab a hair dryer, a good hair brush (round brush), a heat protectant spray, and a few starter products. We like Biolage Whipped Volume Mousse for all-over lightweight volume, Color Wow Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray for root volume, and a sea salt spray (you can even mix up your own) for texture. 

Is the Kpop Hairstyle Right for You?

Kpop hairstyles have taken the world by storm, and if you’re itching for a new look, we recommend starting here.

You’ll be able to bring your mane to life with a refreshing new look that’s anything but tired. Make sure you bring in photos of your favorite styles (bookmark this article to make it easy) to show your barber if you’re going to get them done professionally.

If you’re planning on experimenting with new Kpop hairstyles at home, be bold and fearless! You’ll find lots of styling tips and how-to guides right here on our site. 

You may not be playing to a crowd of millions tonight or anytime soon, but you can look the part with an edgy-but-classic Kpop style. We think you’ll get some great feedback when you do!