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18 Plus Size Hairstyles for Double Chins for 2024

Not all styles will help you slim, sculpt, and minimize a double chin…but these will! We found 18 of the best plus size hairstyles for double chins that help create a flawless contour. See the types of styles and cuts that minimize face fat while highlighting your best features in this jam-packed guide! 

The Best Plus Size Hairstyles for Double Chins

  • Height and volume on top make your face look longer and leaner
  • Face-framing layers, bangs, and loose pieces create a slimmer silhouette
  • Focus on texture from the chin down to contour your face

We’ve all been there – tried a trendy new hairstyle only to find that it makes our face look wider, fuller, and puts a glaring spotlight on that lovely double chin. It’s not just a plus size problem, either.

Plenty of dainty, wispy lil’ things also struggle with the accumulation of not-so-flattering fullness under the chin and find that certain styles somehow accentuate it. 

While it always helps to know you’re not alone, nothing fixes a good ol’ double chin despair moment like finding a bunch of new, face-slimming plus size hairstyles for double chins. 

That’s right – just like there are styles that put your double chin on blast for everyone to see, there are also tons of hairstyles that use strategic layers, texture, and angles to visually contour, sculpt, and slim your face.

And they do it without requiring mewing, “kissing the sky,” and other so-called double chin exercises that we’re sort of convinced are made-up.

The keys of these miracle hairstyles that minimize and camouflage a double chin are (thankfully) pretty simple. First, you want height and volume on top. This handy little element will make every style you try more flattering and slimming.

From ponytails with pumped-up volume on top to top knots, blow outs with lifted roots, and full-glam curls with big volume, you can’t go wrong with a little boost and lift on top. Second, you want to find a way to soften up your style and create a more slender silhouette using hair to physically frame your face.

This can be with one of the many types of bangs, pulling out a few loose strands when wearing your hair up, leaving thicker sections down in front, or getting soft, face-framing layers that hit near your jawline and taper down from there. 

Third, you need to focus on adding texture below your chin. Texture fills up the open space under your chin and creates plenty of interest to keep the eye scanning across. 

We love sleek, straight looks as much as the next gal, but unless you’ve got gradual layers around your face, they can make a double chin more apparent. Instead, focus on fluffy volume or curled ends in straight strands, loose beach waves, soft curls, or tight, polished ringlets. 

Since “how to find plus size hairstyles for double chins 101” isn’t taught in school, let this guide teach you all the tips and tricks plus size models and influencers seem to know intrinsically. We’re going to show you some of our favorite styles for plus size ladies and anyone sporting a little extra chin padding next!

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These Plus Size Hairstyles Will Flawlessly Contour Your Face

If you want a leaner silhouette, we’ve got plenty of style options to contour and slim your face. These double chin-deleting ‘dos will visually lengthen and sculpt your face shape to minimize the appearance of any under-chin chub. You’ll be amazed at how big a difference a simple style switch can make! 

1. Shoulder-Length Glam Spiral Curls

Shoulder-Length Glam Spiral Curls as a featured plus size hairstyle for double chins

Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock

Magicians use distraction to keep your eyes where they want them – and away from where they don’t. Use the same principle with big, voluminous glam curls that cascade down the lower portion of your strands. Bright, fiery red color is another element that grabs attention and really makes this style a show-stopper! 

2. Medium-Length Trendy Loose Waves

Medium-Length Trendy Loose Waves as a featured plus size hairstyle for double chins


Loose ribbon waves (achieved by flat-wrapping small sections of hair around your curling iron barrel) create soft, lived-in texture. With bends and curves winding through medium-length tresses, all the focus is on your strands.

Volume and fullness can help physically cover the sides of your chin and jaw to create a smaller window of visibility that reads as a slimmer lower face. Part your hair on the side to create a slimming angle across your face!

3. Feathery Chin-Length Bob With Blended Layers

Feathery Chin-Length Bob With Blended Layers

Cuts that hit right at the lowest part of your chin offer great double chin camouflage, especially with a side part and long bangs pushed off your face. Your cheekbones will pop! If you’re rocking light hair color, a darker shadow root will help draw the eye upward in a casual style like this. 

4. Midi Bob Curls With Ballerina Top Knot

Midi Bob Curls With Ballerina Top Knot


A midi bob is such a flattering length for plus size women and it looks so chic and pretty with a coiled top knot! Curling a medium-length bob does create volume on the sides.

But it doesn’t make the face appear wider thanks to the height the top knot creates. Pull out a couple strands to frame your face and you’ll see how slimming and sexy this easy style can be. 

5. Dressed-Up Pony With Face-Framing Tendrils

Dressed-Up Pony With Face-Framing Tendrils for a piece on the best plus size hairstyles for double chins


A little volume, a slightly tousled texture, and flattering loose pieces hanging down to frame the face? Yeah, this look is a winner and will make your face look nicely sculpted and contoured.

Lightly tease your hair on top and add a little volumizing spray, then gather your hair in the back at the height you prefer for your ponytail. Leave out two chunks to frame your face and see how this easy updo slims you! 

6. Half-Up Braids With Face-Framing Pieces

Half-Up Braids With Face-Framing Pieces

AS Photostudio/Shutterstock

Coily-haired women rocking braids, dreads, or faux locs can try a simple half-up style to really contour and slim the lower face. Gathering some hair into a small, high ponytail on top creates flattering height that lengthens the face.

Leaving a couple braids or locs down to frame the face makes it look slender and contoured along with the hanging length left down on either side. 

7. Soft Layered Curls With Long Curtain Bangs 

Soft Layered Curls With Long Curtain Bangs , a great hairstyle for plus sized women with double chins

Max Kegfire/Shutterstock

Soft curls look casual and lived-in for a fun, more natural look. Wrapping larger sections of hair (around 2”) will help you achieve these pretty, loose curls for slimming texture that minimizes your chin and lower face. Soft layers and feathery curtain bangs sweep back from the face to reveal a more oval shape for built-in contouring. 

8. Layered Straight Texture With Curled Ends

Layered Straight Texture With Curled Ends

Oleksandr Nagaiets/Shutterstock

If your strands are straight, you can take advantage of the slimming effect of texture without rocking all-over curls or waves. You’ll need staggered layers around the face to make this look work best! Curl only the ends of your hair toward your face to bring the hair in underneath the chin. Part your hair just off-center for a breezy, casual look. 

9. Blow Out With Soft Face-Framing Layers

Blow Out With Soft Face-Framing Layers

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

If you’re rocking longer strands and want a way to conceal a double chin without doing anything too drastic, try getting some soft, feathery layers around your face.

Placing the layers just below the chin encourages them to curve inward with a smooth blow out. That helps create the illusion of a slimmer chin and lower face. 

10. Chic Loose Side Chignon

Chic Loose Side Chignon, a great plus size hairstyle for double chins

Aila Images/Shutterstock

A loose side chignon is one of our favorite plus size hairstyles for double chins and full faces. This voluminous look is chic and polished without being too precise or uptight.

Curl the ends of your hair to create big volume and texture, then gather it loosely into a ponytail on one side. Pull out a few tendrils on the opposite side to create a little balance. Pin pieces of the ponytail underneath to create a chignon shape that’s loose and carefree. 

11. Ponytail With Face-Framing Tendrils and Teased Volume

As an example of a plus sized hairstyle for a double chin, a woman wears a Ponytail With Face-Framing Tendrils and Teased Volume

Stock Image/Shutterstock

Add some height to a ponytail to make it visually tighten and slim your chin when your hair is up. Keeping a few tendrils loose to frame your face can help create a slim “window” for your lower face that makes the area appear smaller. Teasing at the front back to the crown adds flattering height and volume to draw the eye upward, too.

12. Curved-Under Bob With French Bangs

Curved-Under Bob With French Bangs

Teerasan Phuttigorn/Shutterstock

Curving the ends of a short or medium-length bob under toward your chin helps take up space in the area, making your chin appear smaller and more sculpted.

A quick blow dry can be followed up by curving the ends under with a flat iron or large-barreled curling iron. French bangs split off-center open up the face and create a pleasing diagonal line of sight that minimizes width.  

13. Vintage Hollywood Brushed Curls

Vintage Hollywood Brushed Curls

Reviaka Ina/Shutterstock

Vintage curls were often down toward the face – the complete opposite of the way we typically style curls today. Brushed curls that curve toward the face have an added benefit of tucking under in a way that helps minimize and shape a double chin for a slimming effect. Plus, who doesn’t want to channel their inner vintage movie star?

14. Headband and Curls With Pumped-Up Volume

Headband and Curls With Pumped-Up Volume, a great plus size hairstyle for double chins

Aila Images/Shutterstock

Pop your favorite headband on to create an easy and super-flattering style with curls, waves, or blown-out texture. Lightly tease the front section of your hair to create some lift and smooth a thin layer of hair over it to cover.

Pin with bobby pins if needed, then put your favorite headband on behind the volume bump. The added lift lengthens the face while texture down the sides conceals a double chin perfectly. 

15. Upswept Formal Updo With Crown Volume

For a piece on plus size hairstyle for double chins, a woman wears a Upswept Formal Updo With Crown Volume cut


Arranging your hair in an upswept style creates visual lift and directs the eye along the curve of the hair. With a bump of volume at the crown for a little more height to lengthen the face and soft tendrils curling on either side, the face is perfectly framed and contoured for a sculpted look. 

Part your hair down the middle in the front and arrange each side into a sweeping curve before pinning and spraying in place. Tease the hair at the crown for volume and pin in place, then twist and pin the rest of your curled hair into a low bun or ponytail at the back.

16. Straight Midi Inverted Bob

Straight Midi Inverted Bob, a great plus size hairstyle for double chins

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Inverted bobs are so great at creating a contoured silhouette on a fuller face and have serious slimming power. Midi length around the mid-neck level and hanging down to the shoulders in front is perfect for visually lengthening your neck and minimizing the chin. Straight, sleek texture works well with this style since the shape of the cut does all the contouring. 

17. Air-Dried Texture With Deep Side Part

Air-Dried Texture With Deep Side Part


You don’t have to go full-on glam to camouflage a double chin! Natural air-dried texture, whether it’s straight, wavy, curly, or coily, is a great foundation for simple styles.

The real star of the show here is the deep side part, which creates a ton of volume and lift on top while directing the eye in a diagonal line across the face. That’s a super-slimming effect that minimizes a double chin easily. 

18. Multi-Textured Curls With Zig Zag Part

Multi-Textured Curls With Zig Zag Part, a plus size hairstyle for double chins


Creating a lot of texture and interest in your style will always help you conceal a double chin better than sleek, straight looks. Create a precise zig zag part and lift the roots at the crown with a little volumizing spray or powder.

Curl and wave the ends with a curling iron, using a few different curl-wrapping techniques to create different curl and wave textures. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Camouflaging a Double Chin

Now that you’ve seen some of the gorgeous hairstyle options you’ve got to work with, here are a few helpful do’s and don’ts for covering up and minimizing a double chin. 

  • Do opt for soft layers around your face – they break up the length, swing in to cover a double chin, and make your face look longer when they start around your lower cheeks or jawline. 
  • Don’t go for a collapsed bob or any cut that leaves the hair below your chin thinner than the rest. This creates a stark visual contrast that makes the lower face appear wider than it is and lacks balance.
  • Do find ways to add texture to your hair for any style. Whether you’re wearing it down and loose, half-up, or up in a bun or pony, texture will draw the eye and fill out any open space for a more slimming look. Big volume on straight hair, waves, curls, crimped hair, and braids woven into any style are great ways to add texture. 
  • Don’t get full, heavy blunt bangs. Covering up your forehead takes away roughly a third of the open space on your face. That will instantly make your face look shorter and wider – the opposite of what we’re trying to do here. 
  • Do get softly layered bangs. You want to lengthen your face, so opt for wispy short bangs, angled split bangs (like bottleneck bangs or curtain bangs), or layered long bangs to keep your face open and draw the eye upward. 
  • Don’t forget to add volume. Even naturally full, voluminous hair can use a lift! Use root-lifting spray, volumizing/texturizing powder, and dry shampoo to incorporate more volume on top. Lifting your hair while you blow dry helps, and getting comfortable with teasing is key. 

So, What Is the Best Plus Size Hairstyle for Double Chins?

Any hairstyle can look great on a plus size woman, but if you’re on a mission to conceal a double chin, there are definitely some styles that work better than others.

Remember the basics and you’ll find that there are thousands of ways to create different looks for any occasion. The looks you saw here are just some of our top favorites! Adding height and volume on top will lengthen your face to make it appear leaner.

Getting soft layers around your face, adding bangs that aren’t heavy and blunt, and leaving a few face-framing pieces out with updos will change the game entirely.

Using texture to your advantage is another key element to minimize a full lower face. It’s a quick way to fill in the open space under your chin and adds interest that draws the eye to either side – away from your jaw area in the center. 

With a whole new repertoire of these new slimming, face-contouring styles to try, you’ve got a lot of experimenting and styling to do. Use the looks you’ve seen here as a jumping-off point, but don’t be afraid to get creative and develop some cute contouring styles of your own!