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Nutrafol Reviews: Pros, Cons & User Reviews

Looking for Nutrafol reviews from real, verified customers? You came to the right place. Read on to see how customers rate Nutrafol and which of their 3 supplements seems to be the most effective.

Disclaimer: We sourced information from what we consider trustworthy sources, but we are not doctors. Before taking any supplements, we highly suggest consulting your doctor. This piece is an objective summary of our interpretation of product data and user reviews.

Looking for Nutrafol Reviews?

For a piece on Nutrafol reviews, a phone with a bottle of the product sits next to a graphical version of a real user review

Want thicker, healthier hair? Don’t we all! You might be considering Nutrafol, a 100% natural supplement that is supposed to increase hair thickness, growth, and health.

But if you’ve looked into this supplement, you know that a bottle isn’t cheap. At nearly $90 a bottle, you want to be sure you’re going to love the results before you buy it. 

The best way to get an accurate look at a supplement’s effectiveness is paying attention to reviews. We’re not just talking about the glowingly positive 5-star reviews that you sort of suspect were written by the company’s CEO.

We’re talking about real reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly – that tell you about a user’s honest experience with this supplement. So that’s exactly what we went on the hunt for.

We found and analyzed some of the most helpful Nutrafol reviews so you can review them before you decide if this is the right product for you. We’ll show you Nutrafol’s supplements, what they contain, and how they work before we share these helpful reviews.

Read on to learn whether this hair health supplement really works for the men and women who have used it, and, if you read the whole thing, you may learn that we have even hooked you up with a cheaper alternative. 

Best for Ingredients
Nutrafol Natural Hair Growth Supplement

Be sure to choose the men's or women's version from the Nutrafol store (there are a few options).

  • Products formulated for both men and women, quality sourced ingredients, clinically proven to be effective.
  • Frequent dosage, high cost, results aren't immediate.
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What Is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a company that makes natural dietary supplements intended to support better hair growth, fullness, and health for men and women. Nutrafol makes 3 different supplements and each targets a different group of people who commonly experience hair thinning, breakage, and loss. 

  1. Nutrafol Women: Improves hair growth, strength, and overall thickness
  2. Nutrafol Women’s Balance: Supports the hair growth process and improves hair thickness in the perimenopause and post-menopause stages
  3. Nutrafol Men: Supports healthy hair growth while increasing thickness and scalp coverage

Users are directed to take 4 Nutrafol capsules a day in order to see visible results in anywhere from 3 to 6 months. And one thing to note is that Nutrafol’s supplements are not FDA approved.

They are not prescription or over-the-counter medications, so they don’t need approval. But they are manufactured in an FDA-certified facility using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). 

Nutrafol Claims

Graphic table highlighting what Nutrafol reviews from around the web say the product does against blue background

So, what exactly does Nutrafol tell customers their supplements will do for them? Nutrafol claims that their 3 supplements do the following:

  • Improve hair growth
  • Visibly increase hair thickness and strength
  • Visibly increase scalp coverage and hair count
  • Reduce shedding
  • Help you grow healthier hair with proven effective ingredients
  • Use 100% natural ingredients

Let’s take a look at the key ingredients in Nutrafol supplements and how they’re backed by science to see if these claims are realistic. 

Nutrafol Ingredients

Nutrafol ingredients from the company website displayed on a laptop with a blue background

Nutrafol’s supplements contain slightly different formulas to help them target gender and age-specific hair thinning and health issues. All Nutrafol supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients that are clinically tested for effectiveness. 

Nutrafol’s natural ingredients are blended to signal the body to extend the hair growth phase – the anagen phase – and therefore delay the start of the normal shedding phase, or the telogen phase. 

Some of the key ingredients you’ll find in all Nutrafol supplements are saw palmetto, collagen, horsetail extract, and resveratrol. 

Saw palmetto has been proven to increase overall scalp coverage and hair count in men, though the research is lacking for women. This plant may work to combat hair thinning and improve hair health by lowering levels of DHT, a follicle-shrinking hormone associated with male pattern baldness. 

Collagen is a well-known protein source that encourages hair growth and health (along with improved skin elasticity and texture and delayed graying). Increasing your collagen intake with a supplement like Nutrafol or Folexin (more about this later) provides your body with plenty of essential and non-essential amino acids it needs to grow hair. Nutrafol uses Norwegian cod as a collagen source.

Horsetail extract is clinically proven to make hair and nails more supple, reducing brittleness and breakage due to its high silica content. Silica is a mineral our bodies need to strengthen nails and hair. 

Resveratrol is a compound found in the medicinal Chinese climbing knotweed plant. It’s known to improve blood circulation to the scalp to encourage healthy, fast growth. It can also act as an antioxidant that absorbs free radicals in the body that can lead to hair thinning. 

These are the key ingredients you’ll find in Nutrafol, and we were impressed that each one is backed by a number of scientific studies and evidence. So far, their claims are holding up!

Best for Ingredients
Nutrafol Natural Hair Growth Supplement

Be sure to choose the men's or women's version from the Nutrafol store (there are a few options).

  • Products formulated for both men and women, quality sourced ingredients, clinically proven to be effective.
  • Frequent dosage, high cost, results aren't immediate.
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Nutrafol Pricing

Nutrafol pricing is good to know before we look at real user reviews. These supplements cost $88 per bottle if you choose to buy without a subscription. Each bottle contains 120 capsules and is intended to last one month. 

Nutrafol supplements can be more affordable when you choose an auto-delivery option for a discount. You’ll pay $79 per bottle if you choose auto-delivery each month.

This comes out to about $75 per bottle if you choose auto-delivery of a 3-month supply. Boosters that target specific hair and scalp issues are also available for purchase through Nutrafol for $10 per bottle. 

Nutrafol Reviews

When in doubt, always check the reviews! We’ve analyzed and compiled some of the most helpful Nutrafol reviews. There are many great reviews for all 3 supplements, but some are better rated than others. 

  • Nutrafol Women has the most ratings on Amazon with more than 4,600 women chiming in to tell others about their Nutrafol experience. It has an overall rating of 4.3 stars.
  • Nutrafol Women’s Balance is rated 4.4 stars with more than 1,500 reviews currently.
  • Nutrafol Men is rated with 4.2 stars out of 1,200+ reviews.

We collected a range of reviews for Nutrafol supplements so you can get a complete look at how real customers view these products.

We chose to look at Amazon reviews, not customer testimonials on the Nutrafol website, to get the best, unbiased look at how well these supplements work. You’ll see reviews from one to five stars here. Let’s dive in! 

5 Star Reviews

Nutrafol 5 star user review summary

“This is an honest, unpaid review. I bought this on a whim. I’ve taken it consistently for a month and a half. I can tell you that I see more volume, dramatically less shedding and hair loss. I don’t notice growth as much, but I will keep taking to see how it affects me.” -Vidhu Bhatnagar

“This is by far the BEST THING you can ever do for your hair. I really did not think this would work but my thinning hair is growing back nicely and I have only been using this product for the past 4 months.” -Ariane

“I am a 69 year old woman, post-menopausal for about 15 years, have always had thick hair. A year or two ago, I noticed I was shedding more hair every day, and that the rate of shedding was increasing. Hair all over the floor after brushing, big mass of hair in the drain after shampooing—I worried I was going to end up bald! I ordered some Nutrafol and very quickly, the hair loss decreased to a normal amount. If you are experiencing this problem, I encourage you to try it, and do give the Nutrafol a fair trial of at least a few months.” –VT Reader

“Love. Love. Love Nutrafol!!! I’ve been taking Nutrafol 4x day religiously now for almost 3 months. I have baby fine hair & am going through menopause. My hair is silkier, thickening, & growing faster! I am getting compliments on how terrific my hair looks. Buy yourself a small pill pack & throw it in your purse. That makes it SO much easier to never miss “4x a day”! Thank you Nutrafol for allowing me to feel great about my hair again!!!” –Kelly A.

4 Star Reviews

“I”m on my fourth month. I want to say that my hair looks and feels fuller but I don’t know if it is wishful thinking or not. I don’t seem to be shedding much at all. I will give it a few more months as the ingredients are natural and there are no side effects. It is kind of pricey but if it does deliver, it will be worth it.” –Edward B.

“I took the first two bottles consistently for two months and noticed new growth coming back and less hair fall out around month 2. I then scaled back during month 3 and began to notice my fallout returning. Since going back on a strict regimen I’ve noticed the shedding has stopped and my hair is looking so much thicker around my scalp!” -Kate 

“This is a great product! I’m on my second bottle and have seen a lot of baby hairs and more volume. I will keep using it and hope it continues to improve my hair. However I can’t give five stars, the packaging is a joke. The bottle comes in a very thick, hard deluxe box, very heavy. It gets thrown out immediately and has to be expensive which is probably why it cost $88. The box needs to go. Reduce the price so more women with thin hair can afford this!” -L. Anderson

“I have been using this product for the past three months and during that period there has been a substantial reduction in shedding. There has also been some growth along the hairline which had begun to thin as well as the crown of the head. This product works and I have recommended it to others. However, at an annual cost of $1,056, the price is excessive. The packaging, too, is excessive and unnecessary as, once opened, it is thrown into the recycling bin.” -Dawne G.

3 Star Reviews

“Yes it does work but not any better or worse than a generic brand without strategically marketed ad campaigns, tons of doctors probably being paid to back this product and just a plain and simple brand image…But take my advice and save your money, unless pretty packaging is extremely appealing to you and you have too much money to care.” -Betty

“I’ve been taking this product for 1 month and there has been no change in the density of my hair. I’m committing to 3 months only. At that point, if there’s not some level of change, there never will be and it’s too expensive.Will update after the second and third bottle. Update: I’m just over 2 months in and I’ve seen quite a bit of new growth in the temples and scalp. So far I’m happy with it.” -JJ

2 Star Reviews 

“I have used Nutrafol religiously for 10 months. I have female pattern hair loss. For the first couple of months I wasn’t sure how well it worked because I was using other products for hair loss and so couldn’t determine which product was working or not. I stopped taking one product (Monat) and continued with Nutrafol for 6 more months. I wanted so badly for this to work, but I still lose massive amounts of hair when combing out of shower and blow drying, and new balding areas still are appearing.” -Marenie C.

“I have purchased several bottles of this and have taken them religiously. But to be honest, this one doesn’t have any effect to intensify my hair. I am very disappointed with this product. And the price is really high. I think it is a waste of money and doesn’t worth $88.” -Ashley

1 Star Reviews

“Absolutely no changes in hair growth. Yet another waste of money and scam. Very disappointed.” -S.W.

“Finishing up my first month of Nutrafol and my hair loss has not slowed at all. I know the company recommends to give the product 3 months minimum, but it’s just way too expensive to keep buying without proof it’s working. For $88 I should get SOMETHING, but I didn’t. Thanks for the expensive letdown, Nutrafol.” -Laura M.

Summing Up the Reviews

Nutrafol reviews from real users from Amazon listed on a laptop in graphical form

Here’s what we learned from reading through thousands of Nutrafol supplement reviews. 

Nutrafol Women is the most popular supplement of the 3, with more than 4,600 reviewers giving their opinion. However, it has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, which indicates that some people who try it don’t believe it works or have problems taking the supplement as directed. 

We saw many reviewers state that they didn’t have the patience, money, or time to continue taking Nutrafol Women for more than a month or two when they didn’t see results right away. Since Nutrafol results are supposed to be visible within 3-6 months, it’s possible that some of the more critical reviews came from users who just didn’t use the supplement long enough. 

Nutrafol Women’s Balance has the highest rating – 4.4 stars out of 5 – of all three Nutrafol supplements on Amazon. However, it does have a lot less reviews than Nutrafol Women with only around 1,500 reviews currently.

The fact that the Women’s Balance supplement has a slightly higher star rating than Nutrafol Women could indicate that the difference in ingredients here is more effective. Or, it may take more reviews for this supplement to get the most accurate star rating. 

Nutrafol Men has the lowest star rating – 4.2 stars out of 5 – of all the Nutrafol supplements on Amazon. But it also has fewer reviews overall with less than 1,300 ratings.

Why are there fewer and poorer reviews for this one? It’s possible that Nutrafol just isn’t as popular with men as it is with women, or that this supplement’s different formula may not work as effectively as the other Nutrafol supplements. In any case, there were still a large number of positive reviews for Nutrafol Men, just less of them.

Best for Ingredients
Nutrafol Natural Hair Growth Supplement

Be sure to choose the men's or women's version from the Nutrafol store (there are a few options).

  • Products formulated for both men and women, quality sourced ingredients, clinically proven to be effective.
  • Frequent dosage, high cost, results aren't immediate.
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Pros and Cons

You’ve learned all about Nutrafol, its key ingredients and claims, and real customer reviews. Now let’s sum it all up with a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether it’s worth trying. 

Nutrafol Pros

  • Ingredients proven to be effective: Multiple scientific studies have shown that the ingredients in Nutrafol supplements, like saw palmetto, collagen, horsetail extract, and resveratrol, are effective for combatting or reversing hair loss and improving hair growth and health. 
  • Visible results: Nutrafol claims you’ll see visibly thicker, stronger hair within 3 to 6 months of taking their supplements as directed (4 capsules per day). So you’re not just getting hair that “seems” thicker or stronger, but results you can actually see. 
  • Formulas for everyone: Nutrafol makes formulas for men and women, and we really like that they created a unique formula for women entering or exiting menopause. This way, hair thinning and slow growth can be targeted no matter the cause – male pattern baldness, changing menopausal hormones, nutrient deficiencies, stress, dieting, etc. 
  • Standardized dosage: You don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body when you take a Nutrafol supplement. They use standardized dosage to ensure you get a consistent amount of active ingredients in every capsule. 
  • Auto-Delivery options: You can either buy a single bottle of Nutrafol or sign up for monthly or tri-monthly auto-delivery for a small discount on each bottle. We like the flexibility and potential to save money. 

Nutrafol Cons

  • Expensive: The cost of Nutrafol is one of the things users complain about the most. At a base price of $88 per one-month supply, this is not a cheap supplement to take. And since Nutrafol says you’ll need to take it for at least 3 to 6 months to start seeing results, you could potentially spend $264 to $528 only to learn it’s not working for you. 
  • Dosage recommendations: Nutrafol recommends taking 4 capsules each day to get the desired results. Many users considered 4 capsules a day to be excessive and hard to remember. 
  • Capsule size: Many reviewers complained about the large size of Nutafol capsules. Coupled with the recommendation to take 4 of these large capsules a day, this is definitely a disadvantage. 
  • Results take time: Getting results can take anywhere from 3-6 months, which is a long time to wait for some users. Since Nutrafol supplements are 100% natural, they work by supporting and driving your body’s normal hair growth process. They don’t speed things up, but rather make sure your body has all the ingredients available that it needs to grow healthy, strong hair. So it might be 3 months before you notice a drop in shedding or new growth beginning to emerge. 

Cheaper Nutrafol Alternative

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Folexin | Natural Hair Growth Support Formula

The lowest price on Folexin. Period.

  • Impressive 4.45-star average rating.
  • Way more affordable than competitors.
  • Impressive mix of natural ingredients.
  • Unique blend of Biotin and Fo-Ti.
  • Well-known and established brand.
  • Diet changes can cause temporary bloating.
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We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

Overall, Nutrafol gets good reviews and may indeed help you grow healthier, stronger hair. But if the expense is a major turn-off, you should check out Folexin instead. It’s the best alternative to Nutrafol and it’s much cheaper. Folexin uses many of the same clinically proven ingredients and has excellent customer reviews.

It gets an average of 4.45 stars from customers, which is higher than all 3 of Nutrafol’s supplement review averages. You only have to take Folexin twice a day (compared to 4 times a day with Nutrafol). And the price difference between Folexin and Nutrafol is insane!

While you’ll pay around $88 for a one-month supply of Nutrafol, you can get Folexin as low as $18 per bottle when you take advantage of Folexin’s Buy 4, Get 1 Free deal. Want to learn more about this supplement, how it works, and what real users have to say about its effectiveness?

Read The Full Folexin Review

So, Should You Use Nutrafol?

Nutrafol products laid out at an angle for a piece on Nutrafol reviews

After reading real-life Nutrafol reviews, the big question looms – should you use it?

The right choice for you will depend on your current health and physician recommendations. But if you’re in good health and have noticed thinning, flat, or slow-growing hair, we say yes!

Nutrafol can be a great product to include in your daily routine. But, to be on the safe site, use common sense and check with your healthcare provider before you start taking it.

That said, we love Nutrafol because of its ingredients and overall positive reviews. Want to try it out? Just click the button below to get started growing thicker hair!

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