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Folexin vs. Nutrafol | There’s Only 1 Clear Winner

We’re comparing popular hair growth supplements Folexin and Nutrafol to find out which one is the better value. Take a look at the differences in ingredients, purchase price, reviews, and research-backed effectiveness as we pit Folexin vs Nutrafol to find the winner.

Disclaimer: We sourced information from what we consider trustworthy sources, but we are not doctors. Before taking any supplements, we highly suggest consulting your doctor. This piece is an objective summary of our interpretation of product data and user reviews.

Folexin vs. Nutrafol: Who Wins?

Both Folexin and Nutrafol are popular hair growth supplements that aim to supercharge your body’s natural hair growth process. While both of these supplements claim to make thicker, fuller, and healthier hair growth possible, they contain different ingredients and formulas. 

If you’re in the market for an effective hair growth supplement to restore the health, fullness, and thickness of your mane, you’ve probably heard about both Folexin and Nutrafol. But which one really works? Are either proven to be effective? 

We decided to compare Folexin vs Nutrafol to find out which one actually delivers real, concrete results – slowing or stopping hair loss, restoring healthy, full hair growth, and improving the strength and quality of hair. 

We scoured the results of scientific studies and clinical trials, analyzed the ingredient lists of each supplement, sifted through real customer reviews, and examined price differences to find out which supplement is the most effective. Check out which supplement emerged as the winner in our guide!  

The Short Answer

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Of the two supplements, Folexin has the best reviews (4.45 overall star rating). It also contains all-natural vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients that are proven to curb hair loss and promote the natural hair growth process.

The price of Folexin (as low as $18/bottle) is lower than Nutrafol (as low as $75/bottle), and it works for both men and women. Nutrafol reviews show that users experience some degree of success regrowing hair after hair loss.

But it costs a lot more than Folexin, contains different botanical ingredients, and requires a higher dosage recommendation (4 capsules daily) than Folexin. The large Nutrafol capsule size (some reviewers likened the capsules to horse pills) is another disadvantage.  

Folexin is the clear winner here, but it’s not because Nutrafol is a bad or bunk hair growth supplement. It’s because users rave that Folexin is effective at a lower dosage with a much more affordable price point than other hair loss supplements.

About Folexin and Nutrafol

Folexin and Nutrafol are both hair growth supplements that contain a range of natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts. Both are available to purchase over the counter without a prescription. 

Folexin is offered as a single supplement that works for both women and men experiencing some degree of hair loss or damage.

Nutrafol, on the other hand, is offered as 3 different supplements with options targeted toward women (Nutrafol Women), men (Nutrafol Men), and post-menopausal women (Nutrafol Women’s Balance). 

Both Folexin and Nutrafol supplements are designed to provide the body with specific, targeted ingredients needed in the natural hair growth process.

Neither outright claims to increase the rate of hair growth or make your hair grow faster. Instead, both of these supplements claim to support your body’s natural ability to grow hair by ensuring you don’t suffer hair loss as a result of a simple vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Some of the ingredients in Folexin and Nutrafol are botanical extracts that work by regulating hormone levels that may affect hair loss. 

Folexin claims include: 

  • Supports the overall health and strength of hair
  • Provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body’s natural hair growth process
  • Visibly improve the appearance and quality of hair
  • Improve the density, thickness, and strength of new hair growth
  • Increase hair health through improved growth quality

Nutrafol claims include: 

  • Improve hair health, thickness, and strength
  • Visibly increase scalp coverage
  • Reduce shedding
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients

Both supplements’ claims are backed by research, but it’s a good idea to take a closer look to see which one is the most effective and delivers the most reliable, measurable results. 

Since these 2 supplements contain different ingredients (with some overlap), different dosages, and are offered at different price points, let’s compare them in each category to see which one emerges as the winner.

We’ll start with ingredients to see what makes these supplements effective – and which ingredient blend is proven to be the most effective against hair loss. 

Folexin vs Nutrafol Ingredients

Folexin and Nutrafol both contain a range of natural ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts with scientific links to the body’s natural hair growth process. Here’s a look at the active ingredients in each supplement and how their effectiveness against hair loss varies:

Folexin Ingredients

Ingredients in Folexin to help illustrate the differences when considering Nutrafol vs Folexin

  • Proprietary blend: A range of research-backed ingredients that have been shown to slow or reverse hair loss while improving scalp coverage and hair density are in the Folexin proprietary blend – including saw palmetto (hormone regulator), horsetail extract, bamboo extract, peony root, spirulina, alfalfa, and the amino acid L-tyrosine for collagen production.
  • Folic acid: Synthetic form of vitamin B9 involved in cell growth; deficiencies in folate are linked to premature graying and hair loss.
  • Biotin: Vitamin B7 helps manage energy, metabolism, digestion, and nerve signaling in the body; deficiencies can cause hair loss; clinical studies indicate it’s effective in increasing hair fullness, thickness, and volume in a period of 90 days.
  • Fo-Ti: Also known as Chinese climbing knotweed, Fo-Ti is a botanical extract used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries; it has been shown to be as effective as Rogaine (minoxidil) against hair loss in clinical trials.
  • Iron: Essential mineral found in red blood cells and muscle cells; deficiencies are linked to hair loss and thinning; has been proven to stimulate healthy blood flow to hair follicles for improved growth quality.

The ingredients in Folexin are backed with scientific and clinical evidence that supports their ability to reverse and curb hair loss while improving and supporting hair regrowth. 

Nutrafol Ingredients

As an image for a comparison of Nutrafol vs Folexin, a bunch of ingredients listed on the company website

  • Saw palmetto: Hormone-regulating saw palmetto (also in the Folexin formula) has been shown to lower levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that are linked to male pattern baldness; research has shown it increases scalp coverage and total hair count in men, but the data for women is severely lacking.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: A form of protein that is needed for optimal hair health and growth; Nutrafol uses cod fish as the protein source for their collagen.
  • Horsetail extract: This plant extract contains high levels of silica, which is an essential mineral for hair and nail strength to reduce breakage and improve the appearance of hair growth.
  • Fo-Ti/Resveratrol: A component of Chinese climbing knotweed (also included in the Folexin formula), Fo-Ti or resveratrol increases blood circulation and flow and has been found to be as or more effective than the main ingredient in Rogaine for men.

Which Ingredient Blend Is Better – Folexin or Nutrafol?

The ingredients in Nutrafol’s 3 different supplements are shown to be effective for the most part, but we noticed a glaring problem with Nutrafol formulations. 

Nutrafol’s supplements, even those designed for women, contain a higher ratio of ingredients that have only been shown to be effective for men (specifically against male pattern baldness). These are the botanical supplements like horsetail extract, saw palmetto, and Fo-Ti. 

Folexin contains those same botanical ingredients that are proven effective for men, but also contains a blend of ingredients that are proven to be effective for both men and women.

Folexin also contains a higher ratio of the tried-and-true vitamins and minerals that can curb hair loss due to vitamin/mineral deficiencies and even reverse it.

In addition, Folexin contains more vitamin and mineral ingredients that are backed by years of scientific research on their roles in the body’s natural hair growth process. For these reasons, Folexin emerges as the most effective and science-backed formula for both men and women. 

Folexin vs Nutrafol Pricing

Folexin and Nutrafol are over the counter supplements that do not require a doctor’s prescription, so the cost of these supplements (not covered by insurance) is very important to most users. We compared the pricing of Folexin vs Nutrafol to see which costs more. 

Folexin Pricing

We looked at the price of buying Folexin directly from the website (not Amazon, where the price is higher) for this comparison. Here’s what you’ll pay for Folexin:

  • $24.95 for a single 60-capsule bottle (a 30-day supply)
  • $22.48 ($44.96 total) for two 60-capsule bottles (120 capsules, 60-day supply)
  • $18 per 60-capsule bottle with the buy 4, get 1 free bundle 

With the price ranging from $18 to $24.95 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you buy, the price of Folexin is very affordable compared to other hair growth supplements. 

Nutrafol Pricing

Nutrafol pricing direct from the website is much higher than Folexin. Here’s what you’ll pay for Nutrafol: 

  • $88.00 per 120-capsule bottle (30-day supply)
  • $79.00 per 120-capsule bottle with monthly auto-delivery signup
  • $75.00 per 120-capsule bottle ($225 total) with 3-month auto-delivery signup

The lowest price you’ll pay for a bottle of Nutrafol is $75, but to get this price you must purchase a 3-month supply. So you’ll pay $225 upfront to get the $75/bottle price. 

If you want to buy a single bottle of Nutrafol to try it out, you’ll need to sign up for monthly auto-deliveries to get the lowest price of $79 per bottle. If you don’t want to commit to monthly deliveries, you’ll pay $88 per bottle. 

Which Supplement Is More Affordable?

Nutrafol is much more expensive than Folexin. Even when we look at the lowest possible price for each of these supplements, Nutrafol costs 316% more than Folexin – and you have to take twice as many capsules per day to achieve the correct dosage. 

Looking at the raw cost per bottle with no discounts, Nutrafol (at $88/bottle) costs 253% more than Folexin ($24.95/bottle). If budget is a key part of your decision, Folexin is the clear winner here. 

Folexin vs Nutrafol Reviews

Both Folexin and Nutrafol have been around for a while and each has collected thousands of real user reviews. Since customer reviews are an important consideration of any purchase, we wanted to listen in to what real users are saying about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of each of these supplements. 

Which supplement actually promotes more hair growth? Which has the most noticeable, visible effects? Which one stops thinning and hair loss in its tracks? Are both supplements equally effective? Let’s take a look. 

Folexin Reviews

Various 5 star reviews of Folexin to help readers determine if they want to buy Nutrafol vs Folexin

Folexin has a combined 4.45 star rating when you factor in reviews from their website (4.8 star average) and Amazon reviews (4.1 star average). This is an excellent rating average for any product, and it’s especially promising for a hair growth supplement. 

The high star rating users give Folexin is attributed to the visible results Folexin users achieve. A majority of reviewers stated that Folexin increased scalp coverage, began filling in thin or bald spots, increased the number of baby hairs, and improved the health and overall quality and appearance of the new hair growth. 

Folexin users did note that results are not immediate – most saw the best results after 2 months or 2 bottles of the supplement. Many of the poor Folexin reviews were from users who took the supplement for less than one month and stopped before seeing results. 

Overall, Folexin reviews are incredibly positive and excellent across the board. Many similar hair growth supplements have lower star ratings on Amazon, indicating that people are achieving better results with Folexin than with other similar supplements. 

If you’d like to read actual user reviews on Folexin, check out Folexin Reviews.

Nutrafol Reviews

Nutrafol 5 star reviews to help compare Folexin vs Nutrafol

Nutrafol is a little more difficult to analyze in terms of user reviews for two reasons:

  1. They offer a few different supplements for different groups (men, women, and post-menopausal women). We gathered review data on all 3 Nutrafol supplements to compare with Folexin review ratings. 
  2. They don’t allow direct user reviews on their website – they act as a gatekeeper, only publishing testimonials without users directly adding or uploading reviews 

With this in mind, we took to Amazon to find real Nutrafol reviews. Here’s what we found. 

  • Nutrafol Women has a 4.3 average star rating with 6,300+ reviews
  • Nutrafol Women’s Balance has a 4.4 average star rating with 2,700+ reviews
  • Nutrafol Men has a 4.2 star average rating with 1,600+ reviews

Overall, Nutrafol reviews are 4.3 stars on average. While the Women’s Balance formula has the highest rating (4.4 stars), it has fewer user reviews than Nutrafol Women. Nutrafol Men has the lowest overall rating and number of reviews, indicating that it’s less popular than their womens’ supplements and potentially less effective.  

Which Supplement Has the Best Reviews Overall?

Folexin has the best overall review rating, earning 4.4 stars across Amazon and the Folexin website. On the website, users give it 4.8 stars on average. On Amazon, users give it 4.1 stars on average. This makes it the review winner when compared with Nutrafol. 

Nutrafol gets similarly good reviews on Amazon, earning 4.3 stars on average when you combine the reviews for Nutrafol Women, Women’s Balance, and Men. 

However, Nutrafol has no ratings on its website, which is a red flag for savvy consumers. Why does Nutrafol need to gate-keep reviews and testimonials on its website, only publishing those that paint Nutrafol in a positive light? If transparent practices and honest reviews are important in your purchase decision, this is something to consider. 

So, Which Is the Winner – Folexin or Nutrafol?

Let’s recap the categories we compared Folexin vs Nutrafol in to see the overall winner emerge. 

Most Effective Ingredients: Folexin

For ingredients, Folexin is the top hair growth supplement because it contains a blend of ingredients that target hair loss due to biological deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals and botanical ingredients that target hair loss due to hormonal imbalances. 

All of the key ingredients in Folexin are backed by scientific studies and clinical trials. (However, the product itself has not been clinically tested). The dosage of Folexin is 2 capsules/day because the amounts of the ingredients included are greater. 

Nutrafol supplements also contain essential vitamins and minerals, but their formulations focus more on botanicals (like saw palmetto and horsetail extract) that seek to adjust imbalanced hormones. 

Since hormone-regulating ingredients have been shown to work better for male pattern baldness than diffuse hair loss throughout the entire head, the effectiveness of Nutrafol’s ingredients is somewhat limited for women. The dosage of Nutrafol supplements is 4 capsules/day because the of the lower amounts of active ingredients included in each capsule. 

Most Affordable Pricing: Folexin

Folexin pricing is much more affordable than Nutrafol – as much as 316% less when you buy the Buy 4, Get 1 Free bundle. The base price for a bottle of Folexin is $24.95. The cheapest price per bottle is $18 with the bundle.

Since each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for 30 days’ supply at 2 capsules per day, you essentially pay about $0.41 per capsule of Folexin. Nutrafol pricing is much higher than Folexin at $88 per bottle – a one month supply. Each bottle of Nutrafol is bigger, containing 120 capsules instead of 60.

However, the dosage recommendation is 4 capsules per day. So while you’re getting more capsules in each bottle, it’s still only a 30-day supply. Since each bottle contains 120 capsules, you’ll pay around $0.73 per capsule of Nutrafol.

This makes Folexin the clear winner in the affordability category. 

Best User Reviews: Folexin

User reviews are one of the most important ways you can analyze a product as an informed consumer. Folexin reviews are as high as 4.8 on average (on their website) and have an average overall star rating of 4.4 from all Folexin reviews across the web. 

Nutrafol reviews are harder to analyze because they offer a few different products and don’t allow real user reviews on their website. Across Amazon reviews, Nutrafol emerges with a 4.3 star average – slightly lower than Folexin. 

The lack of transparent user reviews on the website is a red flag when you’re seeking out real, honest user reviews. For these reasons, we’re naming Folexin as the winner in the reviews category. 

Overall Winner: Folexin

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Folexin | Natural Hair Growth Support Formula

The lowest price on Folexin. Period.

  • Impressive 4.45-star average rating.
  • Way more affordable than competitors.
  • Impressive mix of natural ingredients.
  • Unique blend of Biotin and Fo-Ti.
  • Well-known and established brand.
  • Diet changes can cause temporary bloating.
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We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

Second Disclaimer: As always, talk with your doctor before starting any new supplement. We’ve done our research and strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information available, but our information is no substitute for a medical professional’s advice! 

With the most proven-effective ingredients, the lowest pricing, and the best user reviews, Folexin emerges as the clear winner in the Folexin vs Nutrafol comparison. 

If you want a hair growth supplement that can slow or stop hair loss and breakage, promote healthier new growth, stimulate growth in bare or thinning areas of the scalp, and increase overall fullness and thickness, Folexin is a great choice. 

Even if you’re still on the fence about the user reviews and effectiveness, the affordability of Folexin makes it the supplement most people are more willing to try.

After all, who wants to shell out $88 for a bottle that they’re not 100% sure will work to regrow hair, make it thicker, or stop hair loss? It’s much more palatable to spend less than $25 to try Folexin and see if you can achieve the same hair growth results as thousands of reviewers online have.

While $25/month isn’t cheap by any means, the pain and anguish of losing hair on a daily basis can be debilitating for those dealing with continual thinning, shedding, and hair loss.

If you can eliminate the shedding and supercharge your body’s natural hair growth process with an affordable supplement like Folexin, $25/month (or less!) may be a comparatively small price to pay. As always, we strive to provide the most accurate and research-based evidence on any supplement or product we analyze.

However, we are not medical professionals and this is not a substitute for personalized medical advice! We encourage you to speak with your doctor or a medical professional before starting any new supplement. 

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