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How to Grow a Mullet | Step-by-Step Guide

Growing a mullet has been popular throughout time, and several different celebrities have shown off this style. It may appear to be a complicated hairstyle, but all you need to do is grow out your hair and cut the top and sides short. It isn’t difficult to learn how to grow a mullet.

How to Grow a Mullet: A Summary

Growing a mullet starts with letting your hair grow long. Once it grows out, you will cut the top and the sides, or you might have a stylist do it for you. You just need to be patient and follow a few simple steps:

  1. Grow Out Your Hair
  2. Divide Your Hair into Sections
  3. Cut the Front
  4. Trim the Sides
  5. Cut the Top
  6. Blend the Sides with the Top
  7. Comb the Back
  8. Trim the Back
  9. Blend the Back with the Sides
  10. Style Your Hair

The key is to be patient, wait for your hair to grow, and follow the steps. If you find it difficult, you always have the option to go to a stylist. Most stylists have plenty of experience with this hairstyle.

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How to Grow a Mullet in 10 Steps

How to Grow a Mullet Infographic Image

Step 1. Grow Out Your Hair

When you decide to grow a mullet, you need to start by growing out your hair. You need to decide how long you want to grow your mullet, with the minimum being between two and six inches. The end result should show a contrast where the back is around four inches longer than the front. It’s important to grow all of your hair out because this will allow you to shape it better.

Step 2. Divide Your Hair Into Sections

Once your hair has grown out, take clips and create three sections on the top of your head. One should include the top from your forehead to the middle of your head, right where it begins to curve.

The other two sections are each of the sides. Take any part of your hair that you plan to leave long, and separate it from these three sections with another clip.

Step 3. Cut the Front

The first part to cut is the front. Take the top section of your hair, let it out, and comb it down over your forehead. Cut the front as short as you want it. Choose any style; some people cut the bangs straight across, and others cut them at an angle.

You might even want to buzz the front and top. Start here by cutting the bangs, and remember that you will shape the style later in the process. As you cut your bangs, break them down into smaller sections. If you try to cut it all at once, it will look scraggly.

Start on either side and grab a section of hair. Then, trim it from the center towards the outside. Don’t be afraid to leave some length, as it’s easy to trim it again. If you cut too much off, you are stuck with it until it grows out. If you want your bangs to fall off to the side, keep your scissors at an angle as you trim the hair.

Step 4. Trim the Sides

When you finish the front, move to one side. Take the hair and comb it forward. Bring the hair over your bangs, and cut the sides at an angle. You want your hair to be longer on top, and it should be shorter around the ears. Comb the hair straight down to trim the hair around your ears.

Cut a little bit of hair at a time, and go slowly. Create a tapered look by using vertical cuts. Make sure that you cut no more than a quarter of an inch at a time. When you finish one side, do the same on the other.

Step 5. Cut the Top

Now take the section that is on top of your head. Comb the hair straight up and grip it around the center. You will want to match the bangs or front of your head with this hair.

It’s important to go slowly so that you make your hair even and match it up. Start with the front and work your way to the back. The key is to know what style you are trying to achieve so that all of these sections come together.

Step 6. Blend the Sides With the Top

Now that the entire front section of your hair has been cut, you need to blend the top with the sides. Look at the places where the top meets the sides, and determine where you need to cut. Take a comb and bring your hair up and out, and cut any sharp angles so that the hairs blend together.

You don’t want any lines or sections, and you should try to create the style in front that you prefer. Comb through your hair and trim any areas that look messy until you achieve this look.

Step 7. Comb the Back

Once you have finished cutting the front, move to the back. Remove the clip and let your hair down. Then, comb through it so that it’s smooth and lies flat. This will make it easier to cut it evenly.

Step 8. Trim the Back

When you trim the back, be sure to go through it in sections. Take your comb and comb the hair up and away from your head at an angle. Trim a very small amount at a time to make sure that it’s even. If you still have longer hair from the top of the back of your head, make sure that you combine these sections. 

Work your way around the back until you have cut all of the hair. By flipping the hair up and away from your head as you trim, you’re creating some layers of length around the back. Check to make sure that you like the length before you move on.

Step 9. Blend the Back With the Sides

Next, move to the back sides of your hair. You need to blend the back with the sides so that it looks natural. Start by looking for any jagged edges and trim them until your hair looks smooth and tapered.

Some people create a shaggy mullet by adding layers to the sides. But make sure that you don’t include the bottom. You want the bottom to have a blunt cut even if you have layers on the sides.

Step 10. Style Your Hair

Once you finish cutting your hair into a basic mullet style, evaluate how you want to style it. Some people are looking for this basic style, where you have a traditional haircut in front and long hair in the back.

Others want a more drastic look, such as shaving the sides of the head while leaving the back long. You need to decide which look appeals to you. One of the current styles is to shave the sides of your head. People keep the top long, and they grow the back out to be a bit longer.

This is a future option because your hair will grow. Simply shave the sides of your head, leaving a strip of hair on the top. Blend the top with the back of your hair.

The end result will have the hair on top of your head resembling a mohawk, and the back will be long. In fact, some people leave your hair longer on top and create a mohawk for a unique look. If your hair is curly, you might want to buzz the top.

Curly hair is more difficult to blend yourself, but it’s fairly simple to buzz it and let the back stay long. It’s also easier to maintain. You have a lot of choices as you style your new mullet.

Things to Consider

Things to Do:

  • Divide your hair into sections before you start
  • Take your time
  • Consider different styles
  • Grow your hair out evenly before you start
  • Take extra time to blend your hair
  • Consult a stylist if you are having trouble

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t cut your hair all at once
  • Don’t try to make a mullet until your hair is long enough
  • Avoid leaving sharp angles in your hair

So, How Do You Grow a Mullet?

Should you grow a mullet graphic showing things to do and thing not to do when growing one

The key to growing a mullet is to start off with your hair long. You need to be patient and allow it to grow out. It should be at least one inch long all the way around. Divide your hair into sections and address them one at a time.

Make sure that you have hair clips to hold the sections out of the way. Blend the front, the sides, and the back after you cut each section. If you are having trouble or find that you made a mistake, you always have the option of going to a stylist to touch it up.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Grow Mullet?

Mullets can take a while to grow, but the time it takes primarily depends on the type of mullet and your hair type. It depends on how quickly your hair grows, so it's hard to say how long it will take. Although, most people require at least six months to grow a mullet.

Are Mullets Coming Back in 2021?

The "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyle is back in 2021. The mullet was popular from 1980 to 1990, but it has recently been seen on fashion runways and in magazines, so there's no doubt that it is back in style. If you're looking for a change and want to go bold, then you should grow a mullet in 2021.

Can People With Straight Hair Grow a Mullet?

Yes, people with straight hair can grow a mullet. Mullets can be worn by people with all hair types and textures, including straight hair. Mullets are versatile and can be styled in various ways, so it's a great style for people with straight hair.

How Do You Give Yourself a Mullet?

There are a few ways to go about giving yourself a mullet. One way is to use hair gel or wax to create a temporary style. If you want to cut your hair into a mullet, you can use electric hair clippers to do the job yourself by cutting the front section short and leaving the back longer.

How Do You Take Care of a Mullet?

Maintaining a mullet haircut is easy. All you need to do is keep the hair on the top of your head, and the sides trimmed short, and let the hair on the back grow long. You can trim the sides and back yourself with clippers or go to a barber to get them cut professionally.

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