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20 Elegant Mother of the Bride Hairstyles for 2024

Wondering how you should wear your hair for your daughter’s wedding day? Check out 20 of our favorite elegant mother of the bride hairstyles that’ll suit all types of weddings.

Whether she’s having a lavish ceremony or a low-key celebration, you’ll look beautiful by her side in these stylish options. 

What Are Mother of the Bride Hairstyles?

  • Moms should choose styles that echo the theme or formality of the wedding
  • Polished texture (waves or curls) are a must for the mother of the bride
  • Half-up styles, updos, and sophisticated accessories will make your style special

Once your daughter shares the happy news that she’s getting married, a million things run through your mind. As the mother of the bride, you’ve got a laundry list of things to do to prepare and plan the wedding of her daughter’s dreams! 

Since you’re playing such an essential role in her special day, it’s never too early to start thinking of your own outfit and how you’ll wear your hair for the occasion.

What mother of the bride hairstyles will be appropriate, elegant, and fitting for her wedding? It’s a good question and one that deserves plenty of thought and consideration on your part.

As the mother of the bride, your hairstyle should fit right in with the theme and formality your daughter has chosen for her special day. Mother of the bride hairstyles are typically elegant, sophisticated styles that are understated and simple.

The spotlight is on your daughter for this special occasion, so it’s traditional for moms to wear beautiful, classic styles that aren’t too intricate or complex. 

Focus on adding polished texture to any mother of the bride hairstyles you choose – half-up, updo, or down – with elegant structured waves or curls. A voluminous blowout with curved-under ends is perfect if you don’t want waves or curls.

Add accessories, like metallic or jeweled barrettes, subtle floral accents, or decorative pins, to make any style a little more special. Since you’re letting your daughter’s wishes and wedding theme take the lead, it’ll be easy to choose styles that suit the occasion perfectly.

Keep scrolling to take a look at some of our favorite mother of the bride hairstyles that’ll make you feel beautiful as you celebrate and enjoy her special day! 

20 Elegantly Chic Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

You’ve got lots to check off on your wedding to-do list as the bride’s mom, but this list of chic and elegant looks for the wedding will make yours a bit simpler!

Browse through 20 of the best mother of the bride hairstyles below to start figuring out your style for her big day. 

1. Low Chignon With Boosted Crown Volume

Low Chignon With Boosted Crown Volume for a piece on mother of the bride hairstyles


This smooth and sophisticated look is perfect for the bride’s mother at a more formal wedding. A voluminous chignon bun is placed low with teased, boosted volume at the crown. Sections from the front sides gently drape backward and curve up to pull the look together. 

2. Loose Twisted Half-Up Waves With Pearl Combs

Loose Twisted Half-Up Waves With Pearl Combs, a great mother of the bride hairstyle


Casual and semi-formal weddings may not call for a full, intricate updo, but the mother of the bride can still get glam with a pretty half-up look like this.

Structured-yet-casual waves are done throughout for texture. Thick sections from each side are twisted loosely and pinned below the crown with small pearl-adorned hair combs. 

3. Glam Soft Brushed Waves

Glam Soft Brushed Waves, one of our favorite mother of the bride hairstyles


This loose, soft style brings old Hollywood to mind and is great for casual to formal weddings. Big structured waves are cooled and brushed to blend their textures together and create a cohesive, softly waved look that’s vintage and gorgeous for the mother of the bride. 

4. Criss-Cross Low Gibson Tuck

As an image for a roundup of mother of the bride hairstyles, a woman wears a Criss-Cross Low Gibson Tuck


The Gibson tuck is a gorgeous low, rolled hairstyle that keeps every strand in place and has a chic, formal look. This style is criss-crossed and pinned in the back for a little more texture before the ends are rolled upward and secured. Leave bangs (if you have them) and a few loose pieces out for a lovely touch.

5. Tousled Pinned Wavy Bun

Tousled Pinned Wavy Bun, one of the best mother of the bride hairstyles


Understated and posh, this is a mother of the bride look that can suit casual or formal weddings with ease. Waves are the foundation and form plenty of texture and volume for a bun placed below the crown. Waves are rolled and pinned in front for a little flattering lift and texture. 

6. Understated Low Chignon With Crystal Pins

Understated Low Chignon With Crystal Pins


This is a classic mother of the bride hairstyle that you can’t go wrong with. Placed low with a few tendrils pulled out, the chic chignon is perfectly wrapped and tucked for an elegant and understated look. Crystal hair pins are added along the sides of the chignon to dress it up a bit. 

7. Shoulder-Length Soft Waves

Shoulder-Length Soft Waves


Medium hairstyles don’t have to be intricate to look beautiful and appropriate for a wedding. Simple, soft waves will perfectly complement a casual to formal mother of the bride outfit and add lots of velvety texture to your hair for the special day!

8. Classic Coiffed Updo

Classic Coiffed Updo, a great hairstyle for mothers of the bride


Fans of chic, timeless styles will love the classic coiffed updo for a formal look that’s very elegant and refined. The hair is gathered into a loose high bun with strands separated, pinned, and sprayed perfectly in place. Loose pieces are left out in front and curled to complete the look. 

9. Criss-Cross Low French Roll

Criss-Cross Low French Roll, a great mother of the bride hairstyle

Juice Team/Shutterstock

This unique updo is a fresh take on a classic French twist and is perfect for the mother of the bride! Thick sections from each side are crossed in the back and pinned along the way. The hair at the bottom is rolled in a French twist and secured for a perfectly formal style. 

10. Short Voluminous Blowout

Short Voluminous Blowout, a hairstyle for mothers of the bride

Hyung Min Choi/Shutterstock

Straight, short hair can easily be dressed up enough for a casual to semi-formal wedding with a voluminous blowout. Make sure you have a few soft layers in your cut to make the most of this light and chic blowout look with lots of volume! 

11. Low Textured Updo With Crystal Accents

Low Textured Updo With Crystal Accents, a featured mother of the bride hairstyle


Low updos are always a beautiful option for the mother of the bride as they keep things simple, chic, and classic. Lots of polished texture in your strands with all-over curls is key.

Curled sections are brought back toward the nape of the neck and pinned loosely to avoid pulling the curl out. The rest is gathered into a low, loose bun secured with bobby pins and finished with a few dainty crystal pins. 

12. Formal Curled Bun With Loose Pieces

Formal Curled Bun With Loose Pieces for a piece on mother of the bride hairstyles

Pelevina Ksinia/Shutterstock

This look is a must for moms of the bride who want a style perfect for a more formal wedding. It looks intricate and flows smoothly thanks to pinned curly strands that hide the actual structure of the bun. This style is made to look intentionally loose, but it’s actually tightly secured with pins to stay put all night. 

13. Soft Glam Shoulder-Length Curls

Soft Glam Shoulder-Length Curls, a mother of the groom hairstyle


There’s no rule that says the mother of the bride has to wear an updo or half-updo for her daughter’s wedding day. For a less-intensive style that still looks beautifully formal, try glam curls with volume. 

14. Polished Sleek Pixie

Polished Sleek Pixie, a mother of the bride hairstyle we love

Popova Tetiana/Shutterstock

One of the beautiful things about super-short cuts like a pixie is how seamlessly they can mesh with different looks. If you’re rocking short strands as the mother of the bride, you can dress up your pixie with sleek texture and a little root lift combined with a side-swept style. 

15. Pinned and Curled Low Decorated Bun

Pinned and Curled Low Decorated Bun


A low bun formed with curls pinned in sections of various sizes creates a gorgeously formal hairstyle for the mother of the bride.

This look is ideal for a more formal wedding and starts simply with curled ends gathered and individually pinned into a bun. Add a little decoration with a jeweled barrette or hair pins to complete the look!

16. Chic Knotted Chignon

Chic Knotted Chignon, a great mother of the bride hairstyle


Sleek, straight hair is the basis for a lovely formal style that is timelessly elegant and classic. Criss-crossed sections are kept smooth and sleek to join into a low knotted chignon with a distinctly French flair. It’s a perfect choice for the bride’s mother at weddings from semi-casual to formal. 

17. Curly Twist-Back Mid Bun

Curly Twist-Back Mid Bun, a fantastic mother of the bride hairstyle


For a style that fits a semi-casual to formal wedding, moms of the bride can wear a curled mid bun placed just below the crown like this.

Two sections from the front are tightly twisted and draped back to meet the textured, curly bun secured with pins. Boost volume at the crown with light teasing and a few bobby pins for flattering lift. 

18. Sleek Curved-Under Bob

Sleek Curved-Under Bob


An inverted bob can be a beautiful hairstyle for the mother of the bride when it’s worn sleek with the ends slightly curved under. This smooth and polished look won’t take up too much of your time on the big day – perfect for a mom that’s busy getting everything ready!

19. Loose Twisted Chignon With Floral Accents

Loose Twisted Chignon With Floral Accents, a featured mother of the bride hairstyle


A low, twisted chignon decorated with a small floral-accented barrette is ideal for the mother of the bride. This style is loose with a few face-framing tendrils left out.

This makes it appropriate for events from semi-casual to formal. The chignon should be placed low with sections of the hair in front tugged on to create a more voluminous texture. 

20. Middle Part Updo With Crown Volume

Middle Part Updo With Crown Volume

Alena Zamotaeva/Shutterstock

A bun placed below the crown with pinned curls surrounding it makes a gorgeous mother of the bride hairstyle. Boost the volume at the crown with a little teasing and part the front section down the middle, draping those pieces back and up into your bun. 

Tips and Things to Consider

Helping your daughter’s wedding go smoothly without a hitch is a lot easier when you’ve got all your hairstyle and outfit needs figured out ahead of time.

Planning ahead is essential, and with your special role in the wedding, it’s great to know a few helpful tips and considerations in advance. Here’s what other moms of the bride wish they’d have known ahead of time! 

  • Figure out where you’ll be getting ready. Your daughter may want you to get dressed and have your hair and makeup done with her and her bridesmaids, but it’s smart to talk it over and find out in advance. If she has a large bridal party and you’re worried about overwhelming the stylists and makeup artists with limited time, you may want to make appointments of your own for the big day. Whatever suits your family’s needs!
  • Leave plenty of time to help your daughter get ready. It’s one of the proudest and most emotional times of a mother’s life – you don’t want to miss out on helping your daughter get ready for her wedding. From helping her with her gown to putting on jewelry and shoes, these moments are the precious memories that you’ll both look back on for the rest of your lives. Make sure your hair, makeup, and outfit are finished in time to make these memories!
  • Don’t think beige is the only color you can wear. Traditionally, the mother of the bride would wear beige. Today, that rule is dated and your options are so much more varied. Try to choose an outfit that compliments the wedding colors without perfectly matching the bridal party. Updated neutrals like charcoal, plum, blush, and periwinkle are always beautiful options. 
  • Team up with the mother of the groom to discuss outfits and hair. It’s traditional to go over outfit and hair ideas with the mother of the groom to help create a cohesive, seamless look for the two most important women in the happy couple’s lives. It’s also a great way to chat and get to know each other better! Call her up and discuss potential outfit ideas, collaborate to find hairstyles (send her this link!), and go shopping together for dresses or outfits that complement each other. 
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your wedding day look. The wedding is a wonderful day all about your daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law. Don’t get stressed about pulling off the perfect dress or outfit, intricate updo, or a magazine-ready makeup look. You can make even simple, understated styles look amazing and perfect for the occasion. Focus on making this a memorable day for your daughter and let go of the pressure!

You’ll be beaming with pride on your daughter’s wedding day, especially when you’re wearing one of these beautifully chic mother of the bride hairstyles. From casual looks for laid-back weddings to glamorous styles that suit the most formal ceremonies, you’ve got tons of options for your baby girl’s big day. 

As you’re working through the wedding preparations – including finding “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – you’ll feel accomplished knowing you’ve settled on your own style as the mother of the bride. That’s one more thing checked off that mile-long list! 

And as you step into this most prestigious, honored role, your daughter will be delighted with the careful thought and consideration you’ve put into looking your best on the happiest day of her life. Just don’t forget the waterproof mascara! 

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