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20 Easy Hairstyles for Women Trending in 2024

Easy hairstyles that look cute and don’t take a lot of time will totally transform your mornings. If you don’t have a repertoire of pretty, ready-to-go styles you can pull off with minimal tools and products, get in here! Grab some simple new style ideas that take 10 minutes or less in our easy hairstyles guide. 

What We Love About Easy Hairstyles

  • Simple styles take less time to do so you’re out the door faster
  • Cute, casual looks that are perfect for work, school, and running errands
  • Reduce damage to strands with less daily heat styling

Rarely are we excited to try out new, complicated styles that require a lot of time, tools, and patience to pull off. But quick, easy hairstyles? We’re always on the hunt for cute looks that we can pull together fast! 

Easy hairstyles are every woman’s jam. Only have 10 minutes before you have to be out the door? Trying to think up cute styles but pulling a blank? Sick of dealing with strands that have a mind of their own and won’t cooperate?

Then you’re going to love the easy hairstyles we’ve compiled for you in this guide. When we say easy hairstyles, we’re talking about cute hairstyles that are simple to do. You won’t need a ton of skill, time, tools, or products to do any of the styles here.

All you need is a few minutes – usually less than 5, but it’s great if you have about 10 minutes to spare – and a couple of common hair accessories, like hair ties, bobby pins, clips, or barrettes. 

Saving time and making mornings easier aren’t the only benefits of having a vast repertoire of simple hairstyles. These looks are super versatile, with many being appropriate for work and just about any casual occasion you can think of. Some can even be worn for special occasions! 

These simple styles can also help you prevent damage to your strands from daily heat styling and washing too often. By relying on your hair’s natural texture more, choosing quick updos and half-updos, and making use of second- (and third, and fourth…) day hair, you’ll avoid unnecessary damage to your strands. 

Sold on the value of easy, quick hairstyles yet? We thought so! Take a look below to see some of our favorite fast styles that don’t look like an afterthought.

20 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Less Than 10 Minutes

Your morning – heck, your life is about to get easier with these easy, cute hairstyles. If you’ve got 10 minutes or less, you can rock a pretty style that looks like you spent a lot more time. We won’t tell – check out these simple styles! 

1. Half-Up Messy Bun

Featured image of a woman wearing an easy hairstyle with a top knot and long curtain bangs, an easy hairstyle for women

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

Half-up styles are always fast and easy to do, making them one of our favorites! Try a half-up messy bun to rock natural, air-dried texture or second-day heat styled hair. Separate the top half of your hair and smooth it back into a ponytail that sits at your crown.

Secure the ponytail with an elastic, then twist and coil it to form a messy bun. For a more intricate look, braid the ponytail before twisting it into a bun! Pull out a few face-framing strands to make it a little more laid-back. 

2. Loose Side Braid

An easy hairstyle for women titled Loose Side Braid

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

Side braids take very little time to do and are such a quick way to manage and style messy strands. This style is a great option for second-day hair and takes on a casual vibe. Part your hair to your preferred side and gather your hair below your ear on the thicker side.

Loosely braid down most of the length, leaving a few inches at the end to keep the look casual and slightly undone. Pull out a few face-framing strands and tug on the braid to add texture and finish the look! 

3. Statement Claw Clip Updo

Statement Claw Clip Updo, an easy hairstyle for women

Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

Wearing your hair up makes styling oh-so-simple for rushed mornings and days you don’t want to heat style. A claw clip and a minute to twist and secure your hair is all you need to pull this pretty style off. 

Gather your strands in a low ponytail and twist it into a coil. Twist the coil upward toward the crown and bend the ends downward before securing with the cutest claw clip you’ve got for a fast statement style. 

4. Quick Baby Braids and Waves

Quick Baby Braids and Waves, an easy women's hairstyle

Ekateryna Zubal/Shutterstock

Baby braids take so little time to do and dress up air-dried texture really well. It’s a quick and trendy style that’s perfect for casual, everyday looks. It also helps keep strands from hanging in your face! 

If you don’t have natural waves, twist your hair into 2 rope braids the night before and secure them with scrunchies to avoid kinking the hair. Take 2 small sections from each side of your middle part, braid down ¾ of the way, and secure with clear elastics to complete the look!

5. Half-Up With Teased Crown

Half-Up With Teased Crown, an easy hairstyle for women


Half-up styles are super easy and quick to pull off. If you can spare a little more time to tease the hair at the crown for extra volume and height, you can quickly upgrade this basic style and make it a little fancier! Gently backcomb the hair at the crown using a little hairspray for extra grip.

Form a bump by pushing the teased strands upward toward the crown and pin with bobby pins. Smooth the top layers over the teased hair bump and secure it all with a barrette in a half-updo. 

6. Headband Pony

Headband Pony, an easy women's hairstyle


Pull out a cute headband or scarf and upgrade a basic ponytail in seconds! Choose the ponytail height you like best – high, midi, or low – and secure with a hair tie. Make it messy and spunky or smooth out the bumps and texture for a sleek, posh ponytail. 

Pop in your headband or fold and knot a scarf of your choosing before tying and tucking the loose ends. Instant casual chic! This is a great second-day look to try if you curled or waved your hair the day before – ponytail texture really elevates this look. 

7. Half-Back Braids

Half-Back Braids, an easy hairstyle for women, on a thin and petite blonde

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

This is a great, simple look that works with bangs and face-framing layers. You can create this style in just a few minutes if you can do a 3-strand braid. All you need are a few small elastics or bobby pins to hold the style together! 

Take small sections above your ear and leave out a few strands in front. Braid the sections (loose braids, not French braids) toward the back of your head and secure with small elastics or bobby pin each one in place to secure the ends. 

8. Elegant Low Bun

Elegant Low Bun, a quick and easy women's hairstyle, on a woman in a black strapless shirt

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Pulling off posh styles quickly is super easy when you have a few tricks up your sleeve! Face-framing pieces make any updo a little more polished, and low buns are a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. 

Gather your hair into a low ponytail just off-center. Twist the hair and coil it around the ponytail base to form a quick bun, then secure with an elastic and a few bobby pins. Tug a few face-framing pieces loose to instantly class up the look and adjust the bun to fill it out a bit. 

9. High Braided Ponytail

High Braided Ponytail, an easy women's hairstyle

Trifonov Igor/Shutterstock

A high ponytail slicked back always looks chic, and you can dress it up with a simple 3-strand braid. This style works best with hair beyond shoulder length. 

Comb your hair up into a high ponytail, making sure to eliminate any bumps to keep it sleek. Secure the ponytail and braid it all the way down before securing with a small elastic. Tug on the braid to make it look fuller and you’re done! 

10. Half-Up Top Knot

Half-Up Top Knot, an easy hairstyle for women, on a lady in a plaid shirt


When you think you’re out of easy hairstyle ideas, the half-up top knot always comes to the rescue! It’s a very quick look to put together and works with any outfit. The best part is that you can make it messy, sleek, or big and voluminous to suit your look for the day. 

Separate a section of the top layer of your hair and smooth it into a high ponytail. Coil the ponytail and twist it around the base to form a quick top knot. Secure it with an elastic and slide a few bobby pins in for extra hold. Pull out a couple face-framing tendrils to complete the style. 

11. Heatless T-Shirt Roll Curls

Woman with slightly curly hair pictured with her hair waving down her face


Heatless T-shirt curls are one of our favorite TikTok hair trends because they make styling a cinch in the morning and look amazingly glam and voluminous! 

Roll a cotton t-shirt up, tie or secure it around your head like a crown, and wrap sections of your hair around and behind the roll. Gather more hair into each wrap as you move around your head and spritz with water before going to sleep. Take it down for voluminous curls in the morning!

12. Quick Space Buns

Quick Space Buns pictured on a woman in a white shirt for a piece on quick hairstyles for women

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Turn a bad hair day around with quick space buns that look cute whether your hair is oily, frizzy, or flat-out refusing to cooperate. Since this look coils and secures all of your hair, it’s ideal for those rough mornings when you’re rushing to get out of the house. 

Split your hair down the middle and smooth each half into a high ponytail. Adjust the height of the ponytails according to where you want the buns to sit. Secure with an elastic, then twist each ponytail into a coiled bun. Slide in a few bobby pins for extra hold.  

13. Half-Up Barrette Style

Half-Up Barrette Style pictured or a guide to easy hairstyles for women


Wearing your hair half-up is a quick, last-minute style that can be as sophisticated and sleek or messy and tousled as you want. Customize this look with your favorite barrette or clip to dress it up. Separate the top section of your hair and loosely gather it in the back, just below the crown.

Secure it with a small hair tie if needed, then add a pretty barrette or hair clip to finish the look. Tug on individual strands to fluff it out and make it looser, or keep it sleek for a polished touch. 

14. Boho Rope Braids

Boho Rope Braids

Lil Maria/Shutterstock

This 2-in-1 style will become one of your favorite easy hairstyle secrets. You get to rock cute, casual rope braids on the first day and take them down for gorgeous beach waves on the second day! Part your hair down the middle and split each side into 2 sections. 

Twist the sections away from your face, then wrap the twists around each other in the opposite direction to form rope braids. Secure with elastics and tug on the braids to fill them out and get that carefree, boho vibe. On day 2, you’ll have beautiful loose waves to sport! 

15. Half-Back Rope Braids With Inverted Bubble Braids

Half-Back Rope Braids With Inverted Bubble Braids, a quick and easy hairstyle for women


This easy hairstyle looks put-together but takes only a couple of minutes to do. Take 2 sections of hair from the front of each side. Split each section into 2 and twist both sections in the same direction (away from your face).

Then, wrap those twisted sections around each other in the opposite direction, twisting toward your face. Join the rope braids together in the back, secure with an elastic, and add an elastic a few inches down the tail.

Push the bottom of the tail through the bubble you’ve created, then repeat with 1-3 more inverted bubbles to finish the style. Tug on the rope braids to pancake them for more texture.

16. Scarf-Tied Low Pony

Scarf-Tied Low Pony, an easy hairstyle for women


Hair accessories can easily dress up a basic hairstyle like a ponytail. Placing it low near the nape of your neck gives it a classic, sophisticated touch. Choose your favorite scarf or use a scrunchie/scarf combo to quickly create this style.

Gather your hair into a low ponytail loosely to give the ponytail a casual look. Secure it with a hair tie and tie a hair scarf into the ponytail so it hangs down each side. You’ll have an instantly fashionable look that’s a little more polished than a basic pony!

17. Casual Low Rolled Updo

Casual Low Rolled Updo, an easy women's hairstyle


Low updos are one of our favorite easy hairstyles because they can be tweaked for so many looks. You can make them as polished and elegant or as messy and casual as you want! This low rolled updo takes on a tousled, messy look that’s still put-together.

Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Roll the ends upward (it doesn’t need to be perfect, since you’ll fix it up with bobby pins) to the base of the ponytail.

Slide bobby pins in along the underside of the roll and down through the top. Tug lightly on the roll to add texture and fill out the shape. Pull a few pieces loose in front for a breezy, casual look! 

18. Quick Curl Shortcut

For a roundup of the best easy women's hairstyles, a woman wears a Quick Curl Shortcut while standing in a bra looking away from the camera

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

Curling your hair may take a while, but it’ll be super fast and easy with this trick! If you like loose curls or waves but hate individually curling every section, you’ll use this hack again and again. It all starts with a basic ponytail! Pop your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head.

Use a curling iron to roughly curl big sections – you may only need to do 5-8 to fully curl your ponytail. Let the curls cool briefly, then take your ponytail down and smooth your hair out with your fingers. Quickest curls ever! 

19. Half-Up Hanging Braid

Half-Up Hanging Braid

New Africa/Shutterstock

French braids take more time, but hanging braids are a simple alternative that makes styling easier in the mornings! We love how a half-up braid looks and it’s super easy to do if you’re familiar with 3-strand braids. 

Separate the top section of your hair and smooth it toward the back. Split the top into 3 sections where your hair is gathered and braid down as far as you want. Secure the braid with a small elastic. For a twist on this style, coil the braid into a bun and bobby pin it in place! 

20. Fast Wrapped Ponytail

Fast Wrapped Ponytail, an easy hairstyle for women, on a model in a violet room


This is one of those deceptive styles that looks like you spent more time than you did – and we especially love these looks! Who knew that the simple act of wrapping hair around the base of your ponytail could elevate the look so much?

Gather your hair into a ponytail at your preferred height. Place it high for a spunky look, just below the crown for a polished vibe, or low for a chic ponytail.

Secure it with a hair tie and grab a small section from the side of the ponytail. Wrap the hair around the base several times before pinning the ends under the ponytail to hide them. 

Style Tips and Things to Consider

With the looks above, you’ll find that you have plenty of cute options for every day of the work or school week for a full month! Take these tips and considerations to make the process even easier. 

  • Make it look like you spent more time than you did. Special touches can make a quick and easy style look high-effort. This is the kind of sneaky we like! Quickly curling your ends, teasing for a boost in volume, adding a cute statement accessory, or taking a minute to fluff/pancake/texturize your braid or ponytail will make a huge difference in the final result. 
  • Get a partial perm for simple styling. If your hair’s natural texture is straight or unevenly wavy, get a partial perm – one of the many types of perms – at your ends to make things easier. Perming your ends will give you perfectly-styled curls that don’t require as much upkeep or management as all-over permed curls. Say hello to wash and go! 
  • Master overnight heatless curls. Heatless curls change the styling game completely and you’ll find it takes almost no time in the morning to finish the look. Coiling your hair in buns, twisting into rope braids, or rolling it up into a t-shirt or robe tie before bed will give you gorgeous, heatless curls in the morning. Bonus: You’ll prevent a ton of damage from heat-styling and keep your strands supple, soft, and healthy! 
  • Keep dry shampoo and volumizing powder on hand. Dry shampoo is every woman’s best friend for transforming second-day hair. Volumizing powder is another secret to giving your hair a little more volume and grit. It helps even baby-fine strands hold up in volumized styles and makes any look a little more glam. 
  • When in doubt, go low or half-up. You can always make your hair look great by pulling into a low ponytail/bun or creating a quick half-up style. If you ever feel like you are totally out of ideas, choose one of these options and tweak to make it your own. You can add a braid, tease for more crown volume, twist and invert your pony, or wrap with a small section of hair to upgrade the style. 

Transforming your morning style routine to make it a lot simpler is so freeing. You don’t need to deck your mane out in full-glam curls, heat-styled waves, or sleek flat-ironed texture every day.

Adding a few quick and easy options to your style repertoire will make your mornings so much simpler! Whether you’re rocking fresh and clean strands, second- or third-day hair, or just coming up short for pretty styles that don’t take an hour of your time, you’ll love having simple looks to turn to.

These easy hairstyles are options you’ll return to again and again – especially once you see how gorgeous they can look with a small amount of effort!