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20 Easy Updos for Long Hair | 10 Minutes or Less!

Long hair looks so gorgeous and chic in an updo, but wrangling and securing all that length poses a real challenge. Try these 20 easy updos for long hair – seriously, they’re game changers! – and learn the tricks to creating fast, simple styles that look a lot more intricate than they really are. 

We found easy updos from breezy and casual to chic and formal so you’ll have amazing styles for every occasion. Fall in love with your length all over again when you try these simple, quick updos that instantly pull your look together. 

What Are the Secrets to Easy Updos for Long Hair?

  • Tuck, braid, roll, and twist your way to cute updos
  • Use texture (waves/curls), accessories, and volume to elevate any updo
  • Use hair ties, clips, bobby pins, and small elastics for security

Updos are so versatile for long hair. They give you awesome go-to style options on days when you have no idea how to wear your hair. They can instantly transform unruly locks into a chic, put-together style. They can be beautifully formal and the perfect look for special occasions. 

But let’s be honest here: Arranging long locks into a pretty updo can be time-consuming, exhausting, and complicated. What we need are easy updos for long hair that can be finished in less than 10 minutes! 

Fortunately, there are tons of easy updos that take only a few minutes to pull together and look gorgeous. If you’re running out of good styles for your long locks or are just sick of wearing it down every day, memorizing a few easy updos for long hair will change. Your. Life! 

The secret to creating pretty updos that are quick and simple is mastering a few techniques to group and secure your strands. Tucking sections with pins, braiding, rolling, and twisting are all easy ways to make long hair look like it’s been intricately styled – minus all the hard stuff. 

Making an updo look polished and pretty is easy when you start with a little texture. Waves and curls will fill out any updo and elevate the look. But if your hair is straight, opting for tons of body and volume will fill it out and give you a great foundation for the style. 

As for the tools you’ll need, the list is blessedly short. You can employ a few hair ties, bobby pins, and claw clips to make gorgeously easy updos for long hair. It doesn’t hurt to have a little hairspray, dry shampoo, and volumizing spray around to really nail your updos!

Statement accessories – flowers, barrettes, scarves, etc. – are one of our favorite ways to instantly upgrade an updo to make it a little more special. Keep scrolling to see our favorite easy updos for long hair and learn how to create them in minutes! 

20 Gorgeous, Easy Updos for Long Hair

If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, you can make any of these simple updos happen. Check out some of the best options for long hair that don’t take an hour to finish and look amazingly chic or casual when you’re done. 

1. Rolled Half-Updo

Rolled Half-Updo, an easy hairstyle for long hair


Rolling your hair away from your face creates a high-volume style that looks polished and chic without much effort. For a half-updo, curl or wave your hair first for beautiful texture.

Grab sections from the front and roll them back toward the crown, keeping the rolls high up near the top. Slide bobby pins in along the rolls for added security. Repeat this on the opposite side and finish with hairspray.

To make this a full updo, just gather the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck and roll it under to form a low, wide roll. Finish with bobby pins along the underside and top of the roll and a spritz of hairspray. 

2. High Ballerina Bun With Curled Face-Framing Tendrils

High Ballerina Bun With Curled Face-Framing Tendrils


Don’t have much time to transform your tresses into a formal-worthy ‘do? The humble coiled bun can easily be elevated with a few curly tendrils in front to frame your face.

Start by creating a sleek high ballerina bun by brushing out any lumps and securing a high ponytail. Leave two small sections out in front.

Twist the ponytail into a coil and wrap it around the base before pinning to secure it. Take a curling iron and wind the two front sections around it to add some texture and make the updo look a little more formal. You’re done!

3. Volume-Boosted Messy Bun

Volume-Boosted Messy Bun, an easy updo for long hair

Dmitry Bakulov/Shutterstock

This is a great updo to try if you’re rocking straight hair. Start by spraying your roots with volumizing spray or dry shampoo on top and massage it through. Backcomb the middle section of the top to boost the volume there, then smooth the hair on top to cover the teased hair.

Slide a few bobby pins in behind the teased section. Gather your hair into a ponytail just below the crown and secure it with a hair tie.

Roll the ponytail into a long coil, then twist and wrap it around the base to form a bun. Secure the bun with another hair tie and gently tug on sections of the coil to loosen it up and add some texture. 

4. Quick Braided Bun Updo

Quick Braided Bun Updo, an easy updo for long hair


It takes no time at all to create a loose, messy ponytail with a side part. Who knew it could be the base for a quick and pretty updo that can be as casual or chic as you want? Start with a side part along your favorite side and gather your hair into a midi ponytail in the back. 

Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and braid down until you reach the ends. Use a small elastic to hold it. Pinch and pull on each section of the braid to loosen it up and pancake it out.

Wrap the textured braid around the base of the ponytail and pin with a few bobby pins. Tug out a few face-framing pieces in front, pinning a larger section from the front so it sweeps upward. 

5. Simple Criss-Cross Rolled Bun

Simple Criss-Cross Rolled Bun

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

This looks complex and totally gorgeous, but it’s actually a very quick style to pull together. Part your hair down the middle and separate two thin sections from the front 2-3 inches.

Leaving those sections out, gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Roll the ponytail upward toward the base until it forms a complete roll. Slide bobby pins in along the top and bottom of the roll to hold it.

Separate both thin sections from the front into 4 thin pieces each. Bring the pieces back, starting with the one closest to the crown, and pin in place in a criss-cross fashion. Finish it up with a little hairspray. 

6. Easy Headband Scarf Updo

Easy Headband Scarf Updo


This look is super simple if you happen to have a stretchy wide headband around! A hair scarf works as well when you bring it around your head and tie it up in the front, tucking the extra fabric in for a neat look. 

Once your headband or scarf is in place, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Loosely twist your hair and wrap it around the base to create a voluminous, messy bun. Slip another hair tie around it or use bobby pins to secure the bun in a few places. 

7. Cute Hair Bow Updo

Cute Hair Bow Updo, an easy updo for long hair


It looks difficult, and it is a little more involved than some of the other styles here. But once you get the hang of the technique, you’ll return to this updo again and again! You’re basically creating a big looped bun, then using the hair “tail” from the bun to create the bow knot. 

Pull your hair up into a sleek high ponytail, leaving a side-parted section of the front out. Secure it with a hair tie and don’t pull the hair all the way through on the 3rd wrap – this creates a loop bun with a little extra hair sticking out of the loop at the bottom. 

Split the loop in half to form the bow, then bring the extra hair up from the bottom of the loop and wrap it around through the open middle. Pin the “knot” section and secure the bottom pieces of the bow with more bobby pins. Smooth the hair in front and tuck it behind your ear, pinning the ends if needed. 

8. Sleek Ponytail With Loose Braid

For a roundup of easy updos for long hair, a woman wears a Sleek Ponytail With Loose Braid

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

The sleek look of this high ponytail creates a really chic and fashionable style. Adding a thick, loose braid bumps up the volume and really makes the style. It’s super easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Smoothing your ponytail to make it sleek will be the most time-consuming part! 

Gather your hair into a sleek high ponytail, ensuring you don’t leave any bumps in the style. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and split the tail into 3 equal sections.

Loosely braid the ponytail down until you’re near the ends, then wrap it with a small elastic. Gently pull sections of the braid apart to perfect the look and pop it over one shoulder for an easy style. 

9. Low Coiled Bun With Statement Headband

Low Coiled Bun With Statement Headband, a great option when searching for easy updos for long hair

Ina Art/Shutterstock

Statement accessories are such a quick way to liven up any updo for long hair. Pull out your favorite headband and you’ll be amazed at how simple and fast this look comes together.

Start by parting your hair down the middle in front of the crown and smoothing it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Twist the ponytail into a tight coil and wrap it around the base to form a coiled bun.

Slide bobby pins in around the bun for security. Nestle your headband into the style about 2 inches back from your hairline, making sure the ends disappear into your hair. 

10. Messy Bun With French Braid Accent

Messy Bun With French Braid Accent, an easy updo for long hair

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re good at French braiding, you can create this pretty style really quickly and dress up a basic messy bun in such a cute way. Start by making a side part and French braid from the front down over the ear into the back.

Pull out a few loose pieces in front. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Create a hanging 3-strand braid (no need to French braid this one) and cap it off with a clear elastic.

Loosely twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base to form the messy bun, tugging on random pieces to fluff them out and make the bun look a little lived-in. 

11. Loose Low Bun With Side Part

Loose Low Bun With Side Part, a great easy updo for long hair


Try a side part with your updo for a flattering way to shake up the style and make it come together quickly. Splitting your hair down the side before gathering it into a low bun couldn’t be easier, and adding a few curls around the face really elevates the style. 

Create a side part on your preferred side and gather your hair near the nape of your neck into a ponytail. If you have face-framing layers or long bangs, let them softly fall around your face and pin any extra pieces back along the sides.

Create a low bun by coiling and wrapping your hair around the base. Finish by curling a few of the face-framing pieces and spritzing with a little hairspray. 

12. Sleek High Wrapped Pony

Sleek High Wrapped Pony, an easy updo for long hair


You can “cheat” your way into a quick and easy updo with a sleek ponytail. Place it up high for a voluminous, spirited look and keep the look sleek by smoothing your hair carefully to remove any lumps. Gather and secure your hair at or near the crown with a hair tie. 

Take a small section from your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to cover it up and give this updo a more formal look. Pin the ends under the ponytail with a bobby pin or two. Finish by curling your ponytail in a few sections for a quick and easy updo. 

13. Upside Down French Braid to Bun

Upside Down French Braid to Bun


If you know how to French braid, you can make this a relatively quick style that feels really secure and looks gorgeous. The most challenging part is creating an upside-down French braid in the back, but it gets so much easier with a little practice! 

Flip your head upside down and brush it out to remove any tangles. Start with a section from the nape and begin French braiding upward toward the crown, gathering hair as you go.

Once you reach the crown, secure the braid with a hair tie. Wrap the ponytail around the base without coiling it to form a full, chic bun that looks sleek and smooth. Slide bobby pins in around the bun to hold it tightly. 

14. Rolled Grecian Goddess Headband Updo

Featured easy updo for long hair featuring a Rolled Grecian Goddess Headband Updo


The secret to this beautiful style is a stretchy headband! Brush your hair toward the back or part it in the front however you’d like. Nestle the stretchy headband (the thinner the better) down over your hair so it stretches across your forehead and down near the bottom of your head in the back. 

With the headband in place, begin bringing up small sections of hair and wrapping them around the headband. With the remaining “tail” of each section, gather a little more unwrapped hair and include it in the next wrap.

Once you reach the middle of the back, repeat the process on the other side. Use bobby pins to fully secure the roll. Bring the front of the headband up onto the top of your head to finish and add barrettes to dress it up! 

15. Chic Low Side Chignon

Chic Low Side Chignon, an easy updo for long hair


Keeping an updo low seems to make it easier and gives the style a very polished, elegant look. Try a low side chignon for a unique and gorgeous updo that doesn’t take long to do.

Part your hair with a deep side part and brush it over to the thicker side. Gather it into a loose ponytail just behind your ear. Roll your hair upward toward the base of the ponytail and keep the chignon smooth as you work.

Pin the bun into place with bobby pins along the top, sides, and bottom for extra security for long hair. Pull a few face-framing pieces out and add a pretty barrette to dress it up!

16. Voluminous Claw Clip Ponytail

Voluminous Claw Clip Ponytail

Jaco Bothma Empire Photo/Shutterstock

You can use a claw clip to add big volume and a touch of spunk to your ponytail. It’s enough to transform a basic ponytail into an updo!

Go with subtly curled ends as shown here or amp it up with big, bouncy ringlets to make it look a little more formal. Start by smoothing your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

You can use any type of claw clip for this style, but a wide octopus clip seems to work best and won’t show as much through the hair. Hold your ponytail upward and close the clip over the underside of the ponytail before letting your hair fall down over it. 

17. Rolled Twists With Low Chignon

Rolled Twists With Low Chignon


This is a deceptively simple updo to create with long hair and looks a lot more intricate than it really is! Section off two wide pieces from either side of your middle part and clip them up to separate.

Split the back portion into two sections and grasp a section from the top, rolling inward toward the middle. Pin with vertical bobby pins as you go like you would a French twist. Repeat for the other side.

Gather the hair at the bottom and create a tucked chignon bun, securing with a hair tie and bobby pins as needed. Finally, drape the two front-side sections over the top of the chignon and secure with bobby pins before spraying to set the style. 

18. Sophisticated Voluminous Bun

Sophisticated Voluminous Bun

Olga Brik/Shutterstock

Long hair can be wrapped up into a big, voluminous bun for a simple and quick updo that looks super posh and sophisticated. Start by creating a little boost of volume on the top in front of the crown with backcombing and hairspray.

Bobby pin the teased section to really shape the “bump,” then smooth the hair over it for a sleek look. Gather the rest of your hair into a midi ponytail just below the crown and smooth the sides carefully.

You can use a hair donut to really fill out your bun, try a sock bun and roll it down toward the base, or simply coil and wrap your hair before fluffing it out a bit with your fingers. Secure with an elastic and bobby pins for the most staying power. 

19. Loose French Braid Rolled Updo

Loose French Braid Rolled Updo, an easy updo for long hair

Dragon Images/Shutterstock

This is one of those easy updos for long hair that works even better on second-day hair. You can use the leftover texture to help create volume and fill out your low updo for a beautiful style.

Start by creating a side part and French braiding down the thicker side toward the lower back of your head. Don’t secure the braid – just take the ends and gather the rest of the loose hair from underneath in one hand.

Tuck the ends and roll upward, keeping the roll big and voluminous without rolling too tightly. Pin the roll in place with bobby pins and tug a few strands loose in front to finish the style. 

20. Chic Loose Low Rolled Updo

Chic Loose Low Rolled Updo


A loose ponytail at the nape of your neck is a simple way to create this updo style for long hair. Tilt your head back to gather your hair in the back as low down as you want it. Make sure to leave the ponytail loose!

Secure it with a hair tie and use your fingers to pinch and pull a few strands loose for added texture. Roll the ponytail upward at a slight angle to form the rolled bun. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and for this style, a messy roll is ideal!

Once you reach the base of the ponytail, pin it on the top, bottom, and sides with a few bobby pins. Pull a few strands out around the front and sides of the style to loosen it up and give it a breezy, casual vibe.

Tips, Tricks, and Things to Consider

Creating cute, easy updos for long hair is a whole lot easier when you’ve got a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here’s what we’ve learned to help make long hair updos stay put and look gorgeous. 

  • Instantly add texture and interest with twists. If braiding takes too much time and you want to create a quick, pretty updo, try twisting sections of hair and pinning before continuing to the bun or roll. Experiment with tiny twists, medium, and jumbo twists to see the different looks they create. It’s a quick way to add texture and interest to a simple style. 
  • Criss-cross your bobby pins for updos. For the most security and control, you’ll want to make sure your bobby pins use the buddy system. After sliding one pin in, slide another in at an angle to intersect with it so their ends “click” and overlap. This gives your style a lot more staying power. 
  • Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before using. Another trick to get a little more grip and security with your updos is spritzing each bobby pin with hairspray before you use it. Don’t try to spray all your bobby pins at once – you’ll need to spray each one, give it a second to get a little “tacky,” then slide it into your hair. 
  • Try U-shaped hair pins for easy hold on thick, long hair. Bobby pins are smaller and clamp shut tightly, while hair pins are U-shaped and open at the ends. You can use hair pins to secure a long, thick ponytail into a bun fast! Insert a hair pin up into the bun from the bottom, then point it toward your head and turn it downward to push it all the way in against your scalp.
  • Good-quality hairspray is a must for updos. Easy updos for long hair aren’t so easy if you’re working with hairspray that doesn’t adequately hold and secure your hair. You need a good, quality setting spray to ensure your “hard work” (okay, fine, it took 3 minutes) stays put all day long. 

Memorizing a few easy updos for long hair will seriously transform your hairstyle game. Not only will you have more style options every day, but you’ll also help reduce the damage you’d do by heat-styling your long hair on a daily basis.

It doesn’t hurt that these quick and simple updos are absolutely gorgeous, either! Whether you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for cute hairstyles for long hair or just want a few more pretty looks for different occasions and events, these styles will be a welcome shake-up to your current repertoire.

And if you’re really feeling froggy, you can check out some 30 Long Haircuts for Women to shape and layer your length for a totally transformed, more lightweight mane!