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20 Trendy Medium Layered Haircuts to Rock in 2024

Medium layered haircuts are the go-to style for women who want to look chic with an effortless, stylish vibe. See some of our favorite shoulder-length cuts with layers that add tons of movement, lightweight body, and texture to cute medium-length styles in this style roundup! 

From chic, wavy midi bobs with texture to airy shoulder-length lobs with lightweight layers full of movement and swing, we’re going to show you the many ways you can rock medium layered cuts with style. 

What Are Medium Layered Haircuts?

  • Medium length falls somewhere between the chin and shoulders
  • Layers – subtly sliced to bold and choppy – characterize the style
  • Lightweight, airy cuts with tons of texture and movement

Medium layered haircuts are medium-length cuts with subtly sliced or bold, choppy layers throughout. These cuts can be just beyond chin length (medium-short), shoulder length (medium), or slightly past the shoulders (medium-long). 

Medium-short bobs hitting just past the chin and lobs (long bobs) that fall between mid-neck to just past the shoulders are the most popular types of medium layered haircuts.

These cuts are universally flattering and look great on every face shape and hair type. There’s a reason these chic cuts are always in style! The medium length is just one characterization of this type of haircut.

Medium layered cuts also feature layers throughout – but this is where you get to be creative. You can adapt your layers to suit you and create the look you want. 

Go for subtle, sliced layers that seamlessly blend into the cut to make the cut more lightweight with lots of movement and swing. Opt for strategically-placed layers that break up the length and create staggered length around the face for a flattering touch.

Or go big with bold, choppy layers that give the cut a messy, playful look that’s airy, lightweight, and fun to style! Medium-length layered cuts are one of those trends that never goes out of style.

It’s one of our favorite looks for women seeking a change! Taking off a little length to shake things up can totally transform you. Adding lightweight layers will help remove some bulk, introduce some movement into your cut, and completely reinvigorate your style.

See some cute layered medium-length cuts to inspire you next. Then, we’ll talk about choosing the length and layer type that will best suit you below! 

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20 Cute Medium Layered Haircuts to Try

Ready to take off a little length, get layered up, and unveil the new you? Start with a little inspiration to see some of the different ways medium-length layered cuts can be worn! These are some of our favorite examples of cute medium layered haircuts. 

1. Voluminous Wavy Midi Bob

Voluminous Wavy Midi Bob, a trending medium layered haircut

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

A deep side part and wavy texture are the best ways to achieve a voluminous, playful style with a layered midi bob. Waves help separate and fan out the layers to make the shortest lengths stand out and break up the shape of the cut. 

2. Swing Bob With Short Layered Ends

Swing Bob With Short Layered Ends

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

A swing bob is slightly shorter in the back with longer pieces up front. With layers cut in near the ends, you get to keep the fullness while shaping and stacking the hair for a little more movement. Shorter layers around the face will make this cut ultra-flattering on all face shapes.

3. Lightweight Lob With Heavy Layers

As a featured style for a piece on medium layered haircuts, a woman wears a Lightweight Lob With Heavy Layers


While we love the seamless look of well-blended, subtle layers, there’s something really lively and fun about heavier layers like this. With a highly textured wave pulling those layers out and putting them front and center, this asymmetrical bob is super feisty and lightweight. 

4. Shoulder-Length Curly Layers

Shoulder-Length Curly Layers

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Cutting layers into curly hair requires expertise – you don’t want to chop off a curl at the wrong point and mess up the curl pattern. But there’s nothing sexier than a shoulder-length style with big, spiral ringlets tumbling down in gradual, sliced layers like this! 

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5. Effortless Angled Lob With Layers

Effortless Angled Lob With Layers, a featured medium layered haircut


Chic and glam not quite your style? Medium layered cuts can be as low-key and casual as you want. Pair your layered, angled lob with long layers throughout and graduated layers around the face for an easy, effortless look. Wear your natural waves or use a curling iron to add in random curves for a cute touch.

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6. Midi Bob With Long Sliced Layers

Midi Bob With Long Sliced Layers


Hitting just past the chin, a good midi lob is a great way to makeover your look without going too short. It’s very flattering on heart, oval, and square faces – leave the length a touch longer for a round face. Long, sliced layers remove bulk and give this bob tons of swingy movement. 

7. Weightless Lob With Blended Layers

A featured medium layered haircut titled Weightless Lob With Blended Layers

Shumskaya Tatiana/Shutterstock

Anyone with fine, thin hair or super-thick hair in need of a good thinning should consider a weightless lob with heavy layering from the midshaft to ends. The layers are well-blended, so they won’t look choppy or messy. With smooth waves adding some texture, this is such a versatile look. 

8. Shoulder-Length With Soft Long Layers

Shoulder-Length With Soft Long Layers, a trending medium layered haircut

Nemova Oksana/Shutterstock

Curls are one of the easiest ways to make your layers pop while smoothing them out a bit and helping them blend into the rest of your length. Long, soft layers break up this shoulder-length cut and make it a little lighter and more playful. 

9. Medium Shag With Choppy Layers

Medium Shag With Choppy Layers

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

A medium-length shag haircut or wolf cut is a great way to work in some choppy layers and big volume. The ends are heavily layered to thin them out, focusing all the volume and texture on top. A split French bang is the icing on the cake with this edgy, choppy layered look!

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10. Thick Shoulder-Length Cut With Graduated Layers

Thick Shoulder-Length Cut With Graduated Layers


Graduated layers gradually get longer toward the ends and form a cascade effect when the ends are curled or curved under. This is a great way to layer up thick hair without sacrificing too much of that lush fullness. Styling with a round brush and hair dryer will give you salon results every time! 

11. Coily Past-the-Shoulders Cut With Tapered Layers

Coily Past-the-Shoulders Cut With Tapered Layers, a medium layered haircut on a black woman


Coily hair is the perfect match for tapered layers. These layers use the texture and volume of the natural coils to prop themselves up and visually break up the length of the cut. Tapering the ends keeps the hair from being bottom-heavy and adds a little lightweight movement.

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12. Airy Lob With Razored Ends

As an example of a trending medium layered haircut, a woman wearing an airy Lob With Razored Ends


If you have hair on the fine or thin side, getting heavy layers can leave you with too-thin results. Try razored ends instead, where long layers are sliced in at an angle to add texture and blended length transitions in the hair. Long layers around the face are a super-flattering finishing touch.

13. Shoulder-Length Wavy Lob With Subtle Short Layers

Shoulder-Length Wavy Lob With Subtle Short Layers

One of our favorite tricks to making shoulder-length hair look super full and thick is simply curling the ends up. The roundness and texture of the curls physically takes up space in the lower half of the style and layers keep the look from being too weighty on the bottom. 

14. Curly Tapered Lob With Soft Layers

Curly Tapered Lob With Soft Layers

Elena Kharichkina/Shutterstock

Graduated layers around the face create a gradual change in length that adds a lot of interest and movement to a shoulder-length, tapered lob like this. With big, curly texture, it takes on a playful and casual vibe that feels light and airy.  

15. Chic Shoulder-Length With Face-Framing Layers

Chic Shoulder-Length With Face-Framing Layers

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Blunt ends with a very subtle U-shape keep this style polished and precise, but a soft layer sweeping back from the face is the star of the show. The sliced layers around the face break up the medium-long length that falls just past the shoulders. 

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16. Past-the-Shoulders Cut With Blended Layers

Past-the-Shoulders Cut With Blended Layers


The blended layers in this smooth, past-the-shoulders cut are sliced in so seamlessly, you may not notice them at first glance! If you want to add movement without having the look of choppy or obvious layers, this is a beautiful option. Curl the ends under to finish the look – lavender ombre not required! 

17. Midi Bob With Short, Choppy Layers

Midi Bob With Short, Choppy Layers

Sophie Hartmann/Shutterstock

On the opposite end of the spectrum from those seamless, blended layers are thick, choppy layers. This type of layer is perfect for adding texture and “mussing up” a medium-length cut so it doesn’t look so polished and perfect. Style with waves done in alternating directions for a messy look that’s still put-together. 

18. Asymmetrical Lob With Swing Layers

Asymmetrical Lob With Swing Layers for a piece on medium layered haircuts

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Swing layers won’t visually break up the length of your cut, but they’ll work in some extra movement and swing that’s super flattering. This lob follows an asymmetrical line and is a little longer in front. The seamless layers make it lightweight and keep the ends lying flat.  

19. Past-the-Shoulders Layered Curls

Past-the-Shoulders Layered Curls, a featured medium layered haircut


A thick head of curls can benefit from all-over layers that gradually lengthen from just off the root all the way down to the ends. Not only will this highlight and accentuate the curl pattern, but it will also remove some of the bulk and weight that can make curls flat and heavy. 

20. Shoulder Lob With Blended Face-Framing Layers

Shoulder Lob With Blended Face-Framing Layers, a featured medium-layered haircut

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

If you want a medium layered haircut with a well-blended, seamless look, face-framing layers are the perfect choice. Sliced in at an angle around the face, these layers are soft and blend into the longer length well so you won’t have a choppy, obviously layered look. 

Tips and Things to Consider

We’ve talked about what medium layered haircuts are, what they can do for your hair, and checked out some gorgeous examples. What else should you know about getting a medium-length cut with layers? Here are our best tips and considerations to keep in mind. 

  • Pick the right type of layers for you. Layers can be soft, blended, and subtle all the way to choppy, bold, and heavy. You’ll need to consider the types of layers you can choose from to land on a medium-length layered cut that’ll work for you. Do you want long layers around your face? Short layers at the ends to make your hair look thicker? Long, sliced layers that blend well and remove bulk from the ends? Consider these things while you browse photos to see which layer type you like best. 
  • Consider the length you’ll like the best. Medium-length cuts are more of a range than a specific length. What length appeals to you the most? You can opt for a bob slightly past the chin, one that hits mid-neck, a lob that falls right at the shoulders, or one that hits just past the shoulders. If your hair is long right now, you may be looking for a major change and opt for a cut slightly past the chin. Or maybe you’re after a subtle transformation with a longer medium-length cut that falls past your shoulders. Think about this while you’re checking out inspiration photos to see what you like best! 
  • Think about how it will suit your face shape. Once you have an idea of the general length you like best, you need to consider your face shape to come up with the most flattering option. Oval faces can rock any length well. Round faces should look at mid-neck and shoulder lengths to visually slim the face, and these lengths suit square faces well, too. Heart faces look best with cuts that hit just past the chin to fill out that area. Length slightly past the chin is great to soften a square jawline as well. 
  • Plan out the styles you can do with your new cut. Think ahead to what your style options will be with the new cut. You don’t want to find out too late that you can’t make some of your favorite looks work with the new, layered length! For example, heavy, choppy layers will change the way ponytails, buns, and braids look in your hair. Certain layer types, like graduated layers, will need to be styled with a round brush or curling iron to look their best. Are you willing to put in the time to make your new cut look great? It’s definitely worth thinking about ahead of time. 
  • Ask your stylist about maintenance. The more layers you get – and the shorter they are – the more trims you’ll need to maintain the look. Likewise, with medium-length cuts, you’ll need regular trims to keep your hair at the right length (unless you plan to grow it out). Once you’ve settled on a medium layered haircut you love, talk to your stylist about the maintenance requirements to make sure it’s going to be a good fit. 

Is a Medium Layered Haircut Right for You?

Medium layered haircuts are always going to be popular because they’re just so versatile and flattering. Everyone looks good with medium length and layers can work for any hair type, thickness, and cut! 

If you’re beyond ready to shed a little length and reinvent yourself with a cute new ‘do, trying a medium-length cut with layers is always going to be your best bet. It won’t be short enough to shock you, but you’ll be able to take off a bit of length to lighten up your mane and transform your look.

Layers can be the best thing that ever happened to your hair – or the worst. Pay attention to the different types of layers and consider the overall look you want to make sure you love your newly layered look.

Keeping the maintenance and styling requirements of your chosen layer type in mind is key! A medium layered haircut will help you get rid of bulky weight in the ends of your hair, shape your mane to perfection, and flatter your best features.

The question isn’t really “Should you rock a medium-length layered cut,” but more like “What are you waiting for?!” We think you’re going to love the way these simple changes shake up your look.