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30 Rezo Cut Hairstyles You’ll Love in 2024

If you have curly hair, you know it’s hard to maintain a consistently beautiful hairstyle. In this article, you’ll learn all about the Rezo cut, a hairstyle that will almost definitely make you appreciate and embrace your curly hair!

What Is a Rezo Cut?

The Rezo cut is a haircut style/technique invented by Nubia Suarez, who felt like people didn’t appreciate curly hairstyles. She aimed to fix that by creating a new haircut that made even complex curly hairstyles look effortless. 

A Rezo cut leaves you with an even cut around your entire head, with the specific goal of maintaining both length and volume of hair. Other styles for curly hair are too heavy, short, or have broken curls.

Yet, the Rezo cut manages to give those who have curly hair the best of everything. The benefits of a Rezo cut include:

  • Even curls throughout your hair
  • Straightened hair will still look even
  • Great shape, length, and volume

While the Rezo cut is similar to the DevaCut, the DevaCut style is more about framing the face, and the Rezo cut is all about evenness.

By having an even length around your head, a Rezo cut looks great in multiple styles, even when you straighten your hair. The technique for a Rezo cut, which involves cutting the hair curl by curl while it’s dry, is complicated and requires proper training.

If you’ve been struggling to find a better way to cut your curly hair, it is worth the effort to find a specialist who can give you this unique haircut. 

30 Ways to Rock the Rezo Cut

If you’re still on the fence about whether the Rezo cut is right for you, these examples will show you how much variety exists with this haircut. Between different lengths, hair textures, and curl types, you should be able to find something that matches your style.

1. Standard Rezo Cut

Standard Rezo Cut Hairstyle

Dmitry Bakulov/Shutterstock

This example showcases a standard Rezo cut with full-volume curly hair and an even length around the entire head. The highlights of this woman’s hair blend perfectly with her skin tone, and altogether this haircut screams gorgeous curls! 

2. Short Brunette Rezo Cut

Short Brunette Rezo Cut Hairstyle


The previous example showcased a Rezo focused on showing off the curls, but this example is more subtle. The cut is much shorter and draws less attention to the curls and more attention to the face. 

3. Afro Rezo Cut

Afro Rezo Cut Hairstyle


The Rezo cut is all about embracing curls, but it is also about embracing certain hair textures as well. As this example shows, blending the Afro hairstyle with the Rezo approach can be a fantastic look.

4. Subtle Rezo

Subtle Rezo Haircut

Maria de Vicente/Shutterstock

While many people love to show off their curls by drawing attention to them, you can also embrace the Rezo cut in a more nuanced way. This example shows that you can still embrace the evenness of a Rezo style without making your hair the main feature.

5. Rezo With Latin Hair

Rezo Cut With Latin Hair

Lucia Romero/Shutterstock

Every hair texture will respond to the Rezo cut differently, and this example showcases what the hairstyle looks like with Latin hair. The small curls are even all the way around and give this woman’s hair total volume and thickness.

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6. Medium Rezo

Medium Rezo Cut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Now that you’ve seen a few examples of the shorter Rezo cut check out this example of a medium-length Rezo style. The tight curls work great with this style, and the volume on the top is impressive.

7. Rezo With Part

Rezo Haircut With Part

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Although it is subtle, this woman’s Rezo haircut has a slight part over to the right side that looks super stylish. Overall, the evenness of the curls is fantastic, and the parting to the side gives this style extra fun energy.

8. Slightly-Coiled Curls

Slightly-Coiled Curls With a Rezo Cut

Jihan Nafiaa Zahri/Shutterstock

This style showcases the softer waves of curls that are slightly coiled and don’t have too much definition. It takes the evenness of the Rezo cut and gives it a refined and gentle appearance.  

9. Rezo With Afro Hair

Rezo Hairstyle With Afro Hair

Photo Book Pro/Shutterstock

This example is a textbook version of the Rezo cut, both in length and volume. It showcases that the whole point of this hairstyle is to get even curls that have thick volume all around the head, and it works particularly well with this afro-textured hair

10. Uneven Rezo

Uneven Rezo Haircut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

This haircut pushes the boundaries of what can be considered a Rezo cut, but it is worth checking out how the kinky curl style manages to have so much volume. There is less volume on the top with this style, so this style might work for you if you like to part your hair.

11. Rezo With Kinky Curls

Rezo Cut With Kinky Curls

Edson De Souza Nascimento/Shutterstock

This Rezo with kinky curls is both large and beautiful. The long length and full volume showcase exactly why people love this hairstyle, and with the afro-textured hair, it works extra well.

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12. Wide Rezo Cut

Wide Rezo Cut Hairstyle

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

Considering the texture of this woman’s hair, the amount of volume and width that she gets is incredible. The defined waves would typically be too heavy to stay up, but the Rezo cut allows it to have even volume around her entire head.

13. Messy Rezo

Messy Rezo Cut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

While the Rezo is all about exact length, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a messy hairstyle. This example beautifully showcases that you can let your curls go a little wild without looking like you just got out of bed.

14. Extreme Volume

Extreme Volume Rezo Haircut


This woman has an impressive amount of volume to her hair–something that would likely not be possible without the Rezo cut. The kinky curls are even all around the head, allowing for this much volume without weight.

15. Soft Curls

Rezo Cut With Soft Curls

Olga Ekaterina/Shutterstock

You might think you need a kinky style of curls or afro-textured hair to make the Rezo cut look good, but this example shows that the style can work with soft curls that lack definition. You’ll probably want to stay on the shorter side.

16. Highlights

Rezo cut with highlights


Here you can see that the Rezo cut works with highlights. The thick volume of darker hair makes the blond highlights particularly noticeable, and the haircut somehow looks both casual and professional at the same time.

17. Super Round Rezo

Super Round Rezo Cut

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

This style of Rezo is on the longer side, but the texture of hair and the curls allows it to maintain its volume around the head. If you think the round look will fit your face, you should consider going long and round like this example.

18. Super Short Rezo

Super Short Rezo Cut

Here you can see an example of what the Rezo cut looks like with super short hair. Especially with these super kinky curls, it is a great way to have voluminous hair even though it isn’t long.

19. Professional Rezo

Professional Rezo Cut


The Rezo is more of a fun and stylish haircut, and for some, it might be missing that air of professionalism they want at the workplace. However, this example showcases that a medium length with less volume and a small part in the middle can be plenty professional. 

20. Messy Waves 

Rezo Cut With Messy Waves 

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

Some hairstyles or textures naturally have tight and well-defined coils, but this example shows that the Rezo can work with wavy curls. This haircut is all about embracing your curls, so if you have loose/messy curls, why not go for a long Rezo and just embrace it!

21. Blonde Rezo

Black woman with a Rezo cut dyed blonde on top

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

If you like to highlight or completely color your hair, the Rezo cut is still an option for you. This example shows that the complete volume on the Rezo style only makes color differences within your hair look that much better.

22. Redhead Rezo

Redhead Rezo Cut on a cheerful woman

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you’re wondering whether the Rezo style would work with the classic redhead hair color and texture, this example proves that it can. She has classic curls that get an impressive length and volume.

23. Short, Curly, and Blonde

Short, Curly, and Blonde Rezo Haircut

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

This gorgeous model shows a beautiful blend of short curls and good volume. The blonde hair color is a unique detail that tops off this look.

24. Soft Rezo

Soft Rezo Cut

While many Rezo cuts involve hair with a firm texture, this maintains its volume but has enough weight to fall to the sides gently.

25. Business Casual

Business Casual Rezo Hairstyle

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

This woman’s hairstyle is an excellent blend of business and casual. The hair is long enough to have significant volume but not so long that it looks unprofessional.

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26. Rezo With Corkscrews

Rezo Cut With Corkscrews

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Corkscrews this long are bound to hang down under their weight, but the Rezo haircut manages to keep a surprisingly even volume around her entire head.

27. Giant Rezo

Giant Rezo Cut

Olga Brik/Shutterstock

This blonde woman is showing off how great the Rezo cut can look with super long hair. While technically longer on the sides, it still has impressive volume on the top.

28. Super Kinky Curls

Super Kinky Curls Rezo Haircut


The part on the side of this cut isn’t standard in the Rezo cut, but the super kinky curls and even volume all around the head are textbook Rezo!

29. Lush Red Hair

Lush Red Hair Styled as a Rezo Cut Hairstyle

Galina F/Shutterstock

The corkscrew curls of this redhead’s hair and the part in the middle is a unique take on the Rezo style.

30. Spiral Curls

Spiral Curls Rezo Cut


Spiral curls tend to be heavier and might not stay up evenly in all directions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for the even length of a Rezo cut!

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Rezo Cut 

As these examples show, there is a lot more variety to the Rezo cut than you might think. The basic idea behind the style is always even length, but some details can vary greatly. 

So let’s explore some of these specific things you should consider before deciding for sure on the Rezo cut.

  1. The first consideration is where to get this haircut. There is an entire niche of curly hair specialists, and since this haircut is highly technical, you’ll want to find one of these specialists specifically trained to do this haircut. 
  2. Secondly, consider choosing something similar If your hairdresser isn’t confident doing a Rezo cut. A good option is something that’s technically easier, like the DevaCut.
  3. Rocking a stylish curly hairstyle isn’t just about the haircut—great-looking curly hair also needs maintenance. Feel free to ask your stylist, but it is also worth reviewing this list of curly hair maintenance tips
  4. Wash your hair with your hairstyle in mind. Keep hair moisturized to avoid frizz, wash with conditioner only, and don’t wash on humid days.  
  5. The Rezo cut is all about showing off your hair. While other haircuts frame and highlight the face, this haircut is all about being proud of your curls and showing them off. 

So if you choose to go with this haircut, be confident and have fun with it!

Is the Rezo Cut for You?

Hopefully, you now have a solid idea about how the Rezo cut works and the wide range of styles that work with it. If you want to embrace your curly hair while also staying open to straight hairstyles, the Rezo cut might be the perfect haircut for you!

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