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What Are Round Brush Curls? | And How to Style Them

We’ve all seen beautiful round brush curls that seem nothing short of angelic, but trying to achieve those luscious locks on your own can also seem nothing short of impossible. Here, you’ll learn how to create the perfect round brush curls.

What Are Round Brush Curls?

Woman making round brush curls in a studio

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Round brush curls are beautifully-shaped, shiny curls that you can style at home with just a brush and a hairdryer.

Jennifer Anniston’s stunning curls are just one example of this glamorous do that undoubtedly raises questions about how to boost your hair game to celebrity A-list status. 

  • What products should I use?
  • What brushes and tools do I need?
  • What steps do I take to shape my curls?

The polished look of round brush curls is never out of fashion, and the bouncy, chic look they create is always on-trend. Suitable for formal occasions or a casual night out, round brush curls seem like a perfect solution to a mane that threatens to go frizzy. 

This overview will take you through everything you could need to know to give yourself salon-quality round brush curls from the comfort of your own home.

We equip you with the tools to stop flyaways and head off bad hair days for those moments when a fuzzy look won’t do. Dig into this handy guide and give yourself the tools and knowledge to stay polished every time.

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Best Styling Products for Round Brush Curls

Many styling products promise to create goddess-like curls the exact moment you apply them, but that isn’t always the case. However, not all styling products are equal either.

We walk you through which styling products are the best for creating round brush curls and what you need to think about to choose the right products. 

Heat Protection Sprays and Serums

Heat-protection or thermal protection, sprays, and serums protect your hair from excessive heat damage from your hairdryer when styling your round brush curls.

These products can significantly impact the long-term health of your hair and the polished look of your curls, but they don’t provide perfect protection. Heat-protection sprays form a protective barrier over your hair that protects it from your blowdryer and other heat styling tools.

These sprays and serums act as sunscreen, so look for products containing refined and lightweight oils and silicones to protect your tresses before getting out your hairdryer.

Best Styling Tools for Round Brush Curls

Smiling woman making curls with her round brush


The extensive list of modern hair styling tools can be overwhelming for a beginner who is just trying to dip their toes into the world of round brush curls.

But, don’t stress! From blowout brushes to blow dryers, we take you on a tour through the surprisingly complex world of hair styling tools for round brush curls.

Blow Dry or Blowout Brushes

Multiple brush characteristics can impact how your at-home hairstyling will turn out, including the material of your brush, the size, and the density of the bristles.

The larger the diameter of the hairbrush, the larger the curls will turn out, so bear that in mind when choosing your brush size. Hairbrushes with larger barrels are better for smoothing and straightening, while the smaller brushes create a more definitive curl shape.

Look for brushes that use boar or natural bristles. These bristles are firmer, denser, and create more tension when drying your hair. In turn, this creates more volume and lift at the ends of your hair while also creating shinier curls.

Thermal brushes often include metal or ceramic cores which hold heat. This type of vented brush is the best for heat distribution and can help you create the most defined curls.

Curling Brushes or Hot Air Brushes

Hot air hairbrushes are hybrid heating tools that include attributes of blowdryers, curling irons, and flat irons. Combined, these elements allow you to dry, smooth and style your hair all at once. 

As with brushes, be cautious of the barrel size when choosing a hot airbrush – the bigger the diameter of the barrel, the bigger the round brush curls. Also, look for ceramic or metal cores to hold heat while smoothing and drying your hair quickly.


Using excessive heat or the wrong blowdryer can cause your hair to go frizzy and change the curl pattern you are trying to achieve with round brush curls. Look for a hairdryer with multiple heat settings and attachments and a high wattage.

A high wattage hairdryer includes more power and will decrease your drying time and limit heat damage to your hair.

Ionic hair dryers give off a negative ionic charge which repels the positive ionic charge in your hair, allowing your hair to dry more quickly. This negative ionic charge prevents water from absorbing into your hair shaft and is more easily dried, preventing frizz and damage. 

How to Get Round Brush Curls

Achieving the perfect round brush curls relies on multiple factors: tools, timing, techniques, and products. Follow this step-by-step walkthrough, including essential caveats and need-to-knows, to create your own flouncy, loose curls from start to finish.

1. Section Your Hair

An essential part of styling your round brush curls isn’t to panic and take your time. Separate your hair into at least four main sections and subdivide these into at least two smaller parts, adjusting to allow for your unique hair texture and length.

It is best to use small manageable sections; if sections are too large, you will likely need to redo some or all of your round brush curls.

Another helpful tip is to use vertical sections of hair which give your curls space to move. Horizontal sections can create layers of denser curls and contrast with the tousled look of round brush curls.

2. Rough Dry the Front of Your Hair

Before applying any heating tools or brushes to your hair, air dry it until at least 75% dry. The front may be rough-dried to get rid of excess moisture.

Don’t use a blow dryer on your hair until it is almost entirely dry. Styling is time-consuming and can also damage your hair if you begin when it is still soaking wet.

3. Choose Your Brush and Apply Product

Choose your brush once you section your hair and dry enough to style. Which brush you choose will depend on the look you are trying to achieve and the type of hair you have.

Check out our earlier section on the Best Styling Tools for Round Brush Curls for more information and tips on choosing your brush. If you are using a round thermal brush, heat it with the blowdryer before using it to twist and style your hair.

Before using a brush or blowdryer on your hair, apply a heat-protective spray or serum of your choice to prevent damage during the drying process.

4. Twist and Angle Your Hair When Drying

Turn on your hairdryer; a medium setting will be best for most but adjust the heat settings to suit your hair texture and needs. Place the brush from midway down the length of a section of hair and begin twisting hair around the hairbrush as you brush and blow dry downwards.

Blow drying your hair while twisting it around your brush will give your hair smooth curls as it dries.

Try alternating holding the hairbrush vertically and horizontally as you dry your hair to help it lie smoothly without being flat. Ensure that the hot air from your blow dryer is always parallel to the brush to prevent damaging your hair cuticles.

5. Finish and Seal Your Style

Use your brush to maintain consistent tension and style your hair into the perfect round brush curls. You can set your round brush curls by going over your hair with cool air once it dries.

This colder air will reduce frizz, close the hair cuticle, and help your hair hold its shape. Use a holding spray, if desired, to lock in the wave of your round brush curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lady getting round brush curls with a gold round brush

Robert Przybysz/Shutterstock

Besides understanding how to create your round brush curls at home, you probably have some specific questions about how to apply these techniques to your beautiful and unique hair

These frequently asked questions will dig into specific styling tips and guide you through tackling certain situations and different hair types to help you stay glamorous, no matter the occasion.

How do I curl short hair with a round brush?

Follow the general steps for creating round brush curls, but pay particular attention when sectioning your hair.

If your hair is short, use a thinner round brush with a half-inch or one-inch barrel to create shapely curls in your shorter lengths. To create lasting volume, use a round brush to blow dry your hair in different directions if you have a pixie cut.

How do I curl wet hair with a brush?

Curling wet hair can be time-consuming and cause hair damage. Rough dry your hair or allow it to air dry to get some of the moisture out of it before you begin styling. Keep your blow dryer at least 5 inches away from your hair to prevent harming it.

How do I curl short hair with a hairdryer?

If you have short hair, you can create curls without using a brush. After towel-drying your hair, you may comb it through to remove any tangles and apply a curl enhancing cream as you need.

For tighter curls, use your fingers to twist small sections of hair into individual waves by starting your fingers at the bottom of the hair section and wrapping the hair around. The larger the sections of hair, the bigger the curls you will create.

How do I curl long hair with a brush?

Section your hair below the ear and divide it into long, workable sections while dividing the crown of your head into separate, workable sections.

At the end of a section of hair, roll or twist the hairbrush until the hair locks on. The rest of the section of hair should be taught and can dry as you brush and twist.

How do I curl hair with a hot air brush?

Hot air brushes resemble a combination of a hairdryer and a flat iron. After sectioning your hair, turn the hot air brush on and carefully slide the brush down a section of hair.

Then hook the end around the brush. Curl the airbrush back towards your head and hold it there until the wrapped strand of hair gets hot and you can unwrap it.

So, What Are Round Brush Curls?

As a simple styling technique, round brush curls offer a look that packs a punch. In this guide, we outlined the tools and products needed to create the perfect curls at home, while also providing some helpful tips and tricks to give you a stylistic edge. 

Hopefully, you now have the skills and confidence you need to wear round brush curls you styled yourself that is sure to have you making waves.